Success Stories

In just a matter of 2 months (since 9/3 to be exact), I feel unbelievable and quickly losing the gut just by dropping wheat.

Here is the before and after in just a matter of 8 weeks.










I would remember when I start with one sandwich and eat 3 to 5 sandwiches and dont want to stop.
There is no way I would ever eat bread again. This reminds of the first time they told me that packaged mashed potatoes is fake. Same thing with bread.
The stunning part for me is I have exercised like a maniac for years and never noticed a difference in weight. By dropping wheat and exercising like usual, I have quickly noticed the difference. Yay, I’m 185 pounds again. It takes courage for a Doctor to go the unconventional route and expose this problem.









Progress report at 3 weeks: Lost 4 pounds around my middle (and thighs), body aches have disappeared, my previously distended, uncomfortable belly has deflated, can go for 6 hours without feeling hungry, I feel so energetic and practically spring right up a flight of stairs, sleep like a baby with no hip pain waking me up, no longer feel depressed because I was slowly gaining weight despite being a runner and person who doesn’t overindulge.

This book has changed my life for the better and I hope you give it a try! I did not have that much weight to lose, but it was unhealthy weight nonetheless and made me miserable . . .



I’m a 48 year-old woman. The pic on the left was taken in April, when I was at my heaviest – about 169 lbs. My A1C had gone from a 5.4 in December to 6.5 in April, as my weight ballooned. I found that I had intense carb cravings. If I went out to eat and started in on the bread on the table, I would literally keep eating it till the main dish came, or until I’d finished the basket of bread. Same with cookies, pasta (couldn’t just have one serving!), basically anything with wheat or sugar in it.

I realized that I was on the verge of diabetes, which runs in my family. I felt tired and sluggish all the time, despite working out three to four times a week. I had acid reflux to the point that I was taking Prevacid every day. Headaches were a regular occurrence – in fact, not to have a headache was the exception. Intestinal distress was “regular” for me “:-)

I read Gary Taubes’ book “Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It” and realized that carbs were killing me. I decided to cut out anything “white” in my diet. I added Jorge Cruz’s Belly Fat Cure idea of only eating 15g of sugar and 6 servings (about 120g) of carbs per day, but I did not like his addition/inclusion of wheat toast. I knew that if I ate one slide of bread, all bets were off.

From April through June I slowly weaned myself off most carbs, and all white flour products. I ate mainly meat proteins, eggs, cheese and nuts, and high fiber veggies like broccoli. My acid reflux disappeared almost immediately. Headaches became rare occurrences. I started losing weight. But I’d have an occasional bite or two of pasta, or a brownie. Usually I would get a headache or acid reflux, but I was losing weight (10-15lbs at that point), so I didn’t really care.

Then, for my birthday in June, I decided to “splurge” at dinner. I had a steak, sweet potato, and two (or maybe three!) dinner rolls. I also had cake for dessert. Before I even got home, I had a splitting headache. I crawled into bed feeling like I just wanted to sleep for a year. But I woke at 3am – feeling like I had tied one on the night before (I’ve been alcohol-free since August 2008). The next morning felt like a hangover. Headache, brain fog, sluggish. Awful. Terrible diarrhea for two days (I called it the diarrhea diet, but wouldn’t recommend it to anyone!).

At that point I scheduled an ALCAT food sensitivity blood test with my doctor; I knew that something in my dinner had almost killed me. Two weeks later, in July, I got the results – extreme gluten intolerance. The gluten intolerance found in my blood test only confirmed what I had already suspected (I’m also highly intolerant of high-fructose corn syrup!). At that point, I got serious about being wheat free. No more cheats. I was dead serious about losing weight. Even by July, on my 90% wheat-free diet, my A1C had dropped to 5.8. I had lost almost 20lbs, and I was feeling better than ever.

By late September, when the pic on the right was taken, I had dropped more than 25lbs. My A1C was down to 5.7, and my doctor pronounced me out of danger of diabetes.

I recently found out about “Wheat Belly” through a friend who works at a bookstore in Canada. I immediately read your blog. It made total sense to me. I would love it if we could convince the FDA that their food pyramids and plates are killing us. People can’t believe that all I did was cut wheat out of my diet, along with other high-glycemic carbs like rice, and cut back my sugar to 15g or less a day (they don’t realize that there is hidden sugar in everything – I have to thank Jorge Cruz for that one – who knew yogurt was so full of sugar? Natural (if you eat the right stuff) but still sugar. Bananas? ditto… milk? same thing).

So – NO wheat, limited carbs and VERY limited sugar, and I’m now down 33 lbs. I weigh 136 lbs. I am starting to recognize the woman in the mirror as the same slim woman who was in the Army 30 years ago! I think I can get to my “fighting weight” of about 130lbs with no effort if I just keep eating the way I am. I figure my body will stop losing weight when the fat is gone. That’s one thing I learned from Taubes’ book – our weight should be self-regulating, like that of wild animals, if we are eating the right foods and not messing up our hormones with sugar and carbs and gluten and gliadin.

That was probably way too much info. But I want people to know that they too can lose the weight, and feel like they’re young again. It came off almost effortlessly for me. I haven’t looked at calories or fat, just sugar and carbs, and I don’t touch wheat or other gluten-containing products. Even with the “gluten-free” pastas, etc. I either eat VERY small portions (which wasn’t possible for me with wheat-pasta) or skip it. Gluten-free cookies, etc. still contain as much sugar as regular cookies, and I don’t want to spike my blood sugar, so I look for those sweetened with stevia or just skip them. I find almond butter or peanut butter on a lentil cracker (low carb yummy goodness) or even on a piece of 85% dark chocolate is enough of a treat for dessert.

I feel as if I’ve gotten a degree in nutrition over the last six months. My friends tell me I look 10 years younger (and the pics attest to that), and I feel younger and better for sure! This is not a diet. This is a lifestyle change for me! Thanks for filling in the final blanks with “Wheat Belly”!

Among a few other health issues, one that was troublesome, but I thought, manageable was wicked PMS. I’m talking about relationship-threatening, everybody leave me alone, don’t even think about talking to me PMS, a full week every single month. It was easy to recognize, and it was usually the first temper tantrum each month that had my family, mostly hubby, running for cover. I would also be bloated, and tired and constipated.

When I bought your book two weeks ago, and started wheat-free, I actually didn’t even think about this part of my health. Guess what….NO PMS this month! A little edgy for a day or so, but work was hectic, and I sure wasn’t paying attention to the calendar.

At dinner tonight, I asked my husband and 14 year old if they had noticed PMS for the past week. The 14 year old is brutally honest, and would have come out with it. She said no right away. Hubby noticed the slight “edge” for two days, again attributing it to work. I am simply amazed. Having accepted this as who I was for the last 30-something years, I am astounded that this simple change has made all the difference. My family thanks you, Dr. Davis! Stay tuned for the continuing successes I hope to have.


Here’s a small list of things that have occurred since being wheat free for the last three months:

Weight reduction from 162 pounds down to 143.
Sleeping better and no more leg cramps waking me up in the middle of night.
Sinus and nasal allergy issues are gone.
I no longer need meds for heartburn and indigestion.
I don’t require eating something every 3 or 4 hours to keep from feeling like I’m going to pass out.
My skin no longer looks dry and cracked. I believe this is because less of my daily water intake is needed for digestion of food since wheat products are no longer consumed. I would also attribute this to the leg
cramps disappearing.











Update: Weight now 140 lb. after 16 more days:








Mary Beth
I’m not really sure if this should be considered a success story, maybe more of a triumph!!!!

Today was just one of those dumbass days. Tough day at work, tough day with thinking about my stepdaughter being so far away in Rhode Island in law school (thou so proud of her). Tough day with the thought of my “baby boy” going off to the ARMY (again, very proud mama) in November. A day where being an office manager for a construction company was hectic, and everyone wanted something. Just a sucky day!!! I wanted nothing more than to go off and get like this huge triple stacker greasy burger with fries etc. at lunch.

But, my day got too busy and didn’t have time to take lunch break. (Good thing I had my stash of cucumbers, raw nuts and other veggies to swear at while I was eating them to get me thru until I left the office after a 9 HOUR DAY sitting at my desk!!!) I start at 6am every morning so at 3:00, I was sooooo ready for that burger. Stop at the store to get some ibuprofen (I’m out of it), go home, veg in front of the TV with my lounge pants on and eat, probably even doze off watching a rerun of Oprah.

So, I get home and I’m irritated that, after I put my lounge pants on, they are driving me crazy because they keep falling down past my waist, so I pull the strings tighter from where they are knotted, and I stomp into the living room to watch Oprah and take a little nap. This is when I realize that the show is over, I drove right by Wendy’s on my way home, didn’t stop for ibuprofen, (I’ve been out of it since I read your book, I haven’t needed it ) my pj’s are loose on me, and I’ve kept myself busy with some things to cross off my to do list, (that is STRICTLY for weekends, beacause I have no energy to do stuff when I get home form work).

Dr. Davis, I guess I’m posting this as a success story because since I’ve read your book, I feel better!!! I didn’t need the comfort fast food after a bad day, I’ve been bringing healthy stuff with me to work, (my poop by the way has been normal, even with no benefiber). Remember, I’m the girl that was terrified of another diverticulitis flare up). My clothes are much looser, still working on my wheat belly, but I’ve noticed that when my husband hugs me, he can get his arms around my waist, and he kind of pats my butt, so I gotta love that, I guess it’s because he can reach it again.

So, I guess for me, after this day I had, It IS a success story. I’m thankful that you wrote it, I’m thankful for reading the article in Women’s World, I’m thankful I bought the book, and I’m thankful that I think you may have changed my life,. Now, if you could just do something about my baby leaving for the ARMY!!!!! (By the way, I’m going to see my daughter at the end of next month and am going to buy her a copy of this book, and bring it to her. She has been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease a couple of years ago, and struggles with severe intestinal issues, joint pain, and is now on Remicade infusions because of her flare ups….Never mind… I am going to send her a copy TONIGHT, because I have the energy to get dressed, go to the book store, then go to the post office and mail it to her.




Wheat-free, down 31 pounds.












Starting weight 288, Current 222 Target 190. Short, intense workouts 3 days a week (each approximately 20-30 minutes) I started with cutting back on sugar, salt and fats, and lost 35 pounds in 8 months. After stalling out and getting frustrated, I came across the concept of removing grains, sugar and sweeteners from my diet. Then did things take off! 31 additional pounds in 2 months, increased energy, ambition and stamina. I have to say the removal of grains has had the greatest impact. I have even added the occasional sugar free sweetener, salt and dairy back, with no ill effects. From a complete reversal of Irritable bowel syndrome (no meds now), to leveling of moods, completely ending the high/low 90-120 minute cycle of hunger, snacking, joint pain, complete disappearance of chronic rashes, completely off acid reflux meds (I had been diagnosed with 2 ulcers as well). The only thing I take is a multivitamin and a probiotic. I have to attribute all of this to one thing: No more grains, particularly wheat!

For the first time in my 15 year marriage, I am the one agitating my wife to go on 4 mile daily walks, to driving her to exercise more, talking to friends about nutrition and exercise (also the occasional total stranger. Yes, I am one of those folks!) I have even decided to begin training in (good) nutrition and fitness, so I can better get the word out there of how just a diet change can have such a huge impact on anyone’s life. Dr. Davis book is absolutely the real deal. For those that think it does not work, try it. You will be amazed at not just the results, but also how easy it is to live without these modified grasses. I can walk through the middle of a bakery, and not even feel tempted. I just smile at what I was like before I gave those items up. I would not go back to the old me for anything!


I have always had allergies and asthma, as early as age four I have memories of struggling to breathe. In my 30′s I decided to walk three miles each day, eat a healthy diet, lose weight and get my asthma under control….and felt the worst ever in my life. I added whole grain pasta, whole wheat bread, bagels etc. to my diet and progressively felt worse. My asthma was out of control (daily medication), the skin rash/bumps on my skin were more defined than ever, itchy I was constantly taking Benadryl. Going to the DR gave me more medications, which seemed to give me more side effects, or only help for a short time. No one was treating what was causing my asthma, headaches, exhaustion, itchy skin and generally unwell feeling, only treating the symptoms!

I decided to keep a daily/food journal and record what did, I ate, the time eaten and how I felt through out the day. I’m not sure why, it just felt like a last resort. Come to find out within an hour or two of eating wheat, or corn products (sometimes sooner) my asthma would act up and I would need my fast acting inhaler/allergy meds. Next I cried (it felt like grieving), I had no idea how to remove wheat and corn from my life, that is all I ever ate…pastas, bread, etc. My comfort food. How do I socially eat with friends at dinners, restaurants??? (It seems to be in EVERYTHING!!!)

Still, I thought maybe just a test, I’ll remove it for a few weeks and if there is no difference… nothing lost, nothing gained. To my surprise I had headaches at first, worse than ever…but by week two, I had some really great side effects. Headaches went away, I lost 7 pounds without trying. By the third week, I was still losing weight and my skin was glowing and clearer than ever. By week four, my joint pain and aches that I thought were caused by walking, or ‘doing too much’ went away (no more daily pain meds) and I was sleeping better through the night.

By week 8 I lost over 20 pounds, no longer needed daily asthma medication and my exhaustion seemed to disappear. I started this the last week of December, and total I have lost 30 pounds, and feel great. (maintained it too!!!) The skin bumps on the back of my arms are GONE, I’ve had them all of my life and had no idea they could ever just be GONE! (Even went to the DERM several times, nothing worked.) I’ve learned not to cheat either, immediately my wheezing, mood, itchy skin and exhaustion return with just a slice of pizza. It’s not worth it!

I was excited to read your book, and hear that while I stumbled across this by accident, there are others that understand how I felt, and how great I feel now. My children have their mom back, and my husband is excited and noticed all of the positive changes too.


I have been wheat-free for 9 days after reading the article in Woman’s Day (which I NEVER pick up — don’t know why it struck me that day to read it). I cannot believe the PROFOUND DIFFERENCE in my life.

I have spent 43 years in the throws of what I will call a “food addiction” problem. The CONSTANT fight to win the battle of not eating too much, not eating the wrong foods, not eating, exercising more, etc. has taken a toll on my life and is time wasted I can never get back. But my husband described this best when he said “it’s like you’ve been a wheelchair and can walk again.” Cravings have been ELIMINATED. I mean COMPLETELY ELIMINATED. The ability to recognize ACTUAL HUNGER is so foreign to me that when, in the past eight days, it happened, my husband and I were GIDDY. I actually KNOW when I am hungry. I have NEVER KNOWN what hunger felt like.

PERFECT EXAMPLE: We were at a ballgame and there were few options available and I was, as my husband, GENUINELY hungry. So I ordered a sauage and peppers without the bun and the fries that came with it. Now, I have NEVER EVER EVER LEFT FRIES on a plate and called them a “trigger food” for me for years. But, with out the wheat trigger in my life, I easily knew when I was full and, lo and behold, half the fries were left. NOW LET ME BE CLEAR: I am not saying I’ve replaced bread with french fries, I get that carb-porn/fried or otherwise can be problematic and I am eating plenty of vegetables, lean meats, brown rice and healthy choices, but when I was in a situation where real genuine hunger and VERY limited choices made a poorer choice the only option — without WHEAT, I was able to eat like a NORMAL human being, recognizing the signs of FULL and not feeling depriviation or the need to “WILL” myself not to finish the fries. I have NEVER had that ability!!!!!!

Oh — and I’ve lost eight pounds in the eight days.


When I was in my mid 50′s I started having problems with blockage of my LAD [left anterior descending coronary artery]. I had multiple stents that failed and went on to bypass in 2000. After bypass I still did not feel well. In 2003, I was having SOB [shortness of breath] and pitting edema of my lower legs. My cardiologist suggested that I have another angiogram to see if there was more blockage.

At that time I was also experiencing terrible pain from small fiber peripheral neuropathy. My energy level was down to “0″, My skin, eyes and mouth were dry. I had many other symptoms. All these symptoms along with the SOB and edema, and I thought I was dying.

Because my doctors had no answer for my peripheral neuropathy(PN), I turned to google. I found a forum and was told to read the articles of Dr. Hadjivassiliou about the connection between gluten and PN. Although I asked my doctors to test me for celiac disease, they all refused so I used My tests were positive for antibodies to gluten and a tissue transglutaminase reaction to gluten. I stopped eating gluten the day I received my tests results and within 3 days I knew I was on the right track. The first symptom that disappeared was my knee pain.

After a few weeks of living without wheat, barley or rye, I noticed that I was no longer had SOB or pitting edema. My energy level was improving too. I called my cardiologist and told him that I saw no reason for further tests at this time.

Over time my diet has changed even more. I am still very strict about gluten. The slightest amount will cause symptoms for up to 7 days. It did not take me long to figure out that I am also sensitive to yeast and that I feel better totally grain free. I am now on a paleo/primal diet that is low in carbohydrates. Keeping my carbohydrates low keeps my blood sugar from rising. Yes, turns out I also have T2DM [type 2 diabetes mellitus]. My fasting blood glucose is “normal” but my postprandial BG can easily spike over 200. My doctors were not concerned about this because of the normal fasting levels.

I have been gluten free for almost 8 years and low carb/primal/paleo for a little over 2 years. I feel my health is doing great – I feel great and have energy. Oh yes, as far as my PN, all that is left is mild residual numbness without pain. Recently I have been getting more temperature sense back.


John K. from Texas
I was some kind of wheat belly slob. My health was terrible. I was on an express lane to early death. I found myself in the hospital and had a stent inserted into the infamous “widow-maker” artery. After the surgery I began asking questions as to what I needed to do to improve my health. I was told that if I have any difficulties to let them know. I really expected at least something about preventative measures, etc. Nope. That began my journey to find solutions. I found Dr. Davis and TYP (Track Your Plaque) and so began a new journey.

So, I am glad to share how it all began — eliminating wheat and grain!

Since eliminating wheat & grain from my diet in 2007, I went from 265 lb pathetic slob to 180 lbs., down 85 lbs! I was taking ToprolXL, Benicar for high blood pressure and Tricor for triglyceride. Diagnosed: hypertriglyceridemia. I am embarassed to say that I could not even bend over to tie my shoes; I had to sit-squat. Look at that huge wheat belly (pix below)!

Then (02/2006):

LDL = 89
HDL = 30
TG = 360
Total Ch = 191

Wt = 265 lbs

I stopped eating all wheat and grain products and I dropped a huge amount of body fat — and that ugly wheat belly. Gone! In the beginning I thought I would miss wheat and grain but never did. The transformation was like a miracle. That 265 lb wheat-belly slob is but a distant acquaintence today. And, look what happened to my lipids!

Now (03/11):

LDL = 62
HDL = 67
TG = 94
Total Ch = 148

Wt = 180 lbs

After losing my “wheat belly” I truly regained my youth! I am 69 years old and feel like I am in my 20s (energy, stamina). I am in great physical condition. I no longer need BP medication or tryclyceride medication.

My health insurance has a preventative care program and a nurse would call me to check on my health, diet, etc. They abandoned me long ago — I no longer fit their profile. My cardiologist jokes with me, asking me why I even come to see him.

I am busy with all kinds of interesting projects and even going back to grad school to take courses, just for the fun of it. This summer I am hoping to skydive once again (used to do that regularly years ago).


It is difficult to imagine that THAT wheat belly dude was me a mere 4 years ago!





As a person who formerly owned a wheat belly, I can tell you this works. I was a 5’8? 162 pound woman whose blood sugars were verging on prediabetic and triglycerides were at Lipitor levels. And I had that soft, squishy, grandma belly. March 1, I gave up wheat and its cousins, rice, oats, and corn. By June 1, I had lost 32 pounds, my blood sugars are in a 15 point range from 85 to 100 at all times, my triglycerides are normal, and my squish is gone. I lost my GERD [gastroesophageal reflux disease], my urge for afternoon naps, my gnawing hunger, and my IBS [irritable bowel syndrome] along the way. I never counted a calorie, just read labels and checked blood sugars to make sure I was on track. Easiest diet ever.

I’d take a look at the trackyourplaque blog as well. I read every single post…and a lot of the replies. I learned to “eat to my meter.” Dr. Davis has a couple of great posts about that. I’d add a food, test my sugar, repeat for each new food, at first. I learned what I could and could not eat. As long as my 1 hour blood sugar stayed under 110, I lost weight by the pounds per week, sometimes as many as 4. Not sure what the directions would be for a diabetic on meds, though, as far as a desirable 1 hour post-prandial sugar. There will be some medication adjustment that would have to go on there if you follow the diet. But basically, what made the difference for me was getting rid of wheat, rice, corn, and oats. I just don’t eat them. And they are in almost everything you pick up that is processed in any way.

I’ve relearned how to cook, thanks to a lot of folks in the low-carb community, many of whom are diabetic or prediabetic and are managinng without medication. I’m embarrassed to say I’m a nurse who helped teach cardiac patients “how to eat.” (At the behest of the doctors I worked for, no less.) Now I have the urge to call them all and tell them just how wrong I was. Eating whole grains put 30 pounds on me and raised my blood fats. Eating without grain took off the weight, normalized my sugars, and lowered my blood fats. My wheat eating friends, who are all my age, keep telling me I’m “too skinny” now. But I’m the only one who is playing tag with the grandkids, and not sitting around complaining of being too tired to go anywhere, so I figure I’m ahead of the game.


Frank of Low-Carb Age
My doctor recommended reducing carbohydrates in 2009 to lower my triglycerides. This was a last ditch attempt after several years of trying to lower it with a low fat diet, fish oil, niacin and, briefly, a triglyceride lowering drug. The combined pharmaceutical approach resulted in only a modest decrease from 440 to 344, and I developed an allergy to the drug. With a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome, my insurance company recommended I start Metformin, a blood sugar management drug. It seemed like my future was predetermined; I would follow the other members of my family into type II diabetes and eventually become insulin dependent. But six weeks after starting the low carb diet, my triglycerides fell to 106, well below the 150 reference standard. My blood sugar stabilized at just over 100, and has been under 100 for the past year.

Along the way, I lost 50 pounds, started sleeping through the night, stopped taking Prilosec for my GERD [gastroesophageal reflux disease] and quit nearly falling asleep during my afternoon commute. Other than sugar, wheat represented my biggest carbohydrate load, as I loved bread, pastries and other “healthy whole grain” foods. I do know that if I eat wheat, even staying within reasonable daily carbohydrate limits, my GERD returns. Dr. Davis’ research through the years, combined with his real world experience in treating thousands of patients, has helped me understand the contribution wheat made to my health problems. Today, I no longer fear the onset of type II diabetes, as I have eliminated the markers for metabolic syndrome.


I have a double success story here, with my wife and myself.

Being a life-long keep-fit enthusiast, I had never had any trouble staying lean. Health is another matter, though; I had habitually suffered from sinus problems (and pretty serious infections) and joint pain; however, I always attributed the latter problem to 25 years of contact sports and intensive training. It wasn’t until last September (the 13th to be precise), when we cut out all cereal products that I was leaping out of bed with no neck, back or knee pain whatsoever. This was the first time in years that I was able to get up without a prolonged mobilization session. Incredible!! I was to experience many, many more advantages to wheat-free living over the following weeks and months…

Being very active, I found myself in a prison of sorts. To fuel my hiking, kayaking, cycling, running etc. I had to be practically living in the kitchen. Bagels, OJ, toast, pasta etc. were the mainstay of my refuelling. I was constantly ravenous, bolting down “heart-healthy” breakfast cereal at 6 am before walking the dogs, then returning home to wolf down a few slices of low-fat toast . . . and on and on it went, all day having to top up with all kinds of wonderfully healthy wheat products. I never stopped to think that this might be my body’s way of screaming “Shaunito, there’s something seriously amiss here, you’re not nourishing yourself adequately!”
I just continued stuffing my face and then, low and behold, despite being the most active person amongst everybody I knew, I started gaining a lot of podge.

How could this be?! I was spending all my free time training and yet I was gaining body fat. Ahh, it just gets harder with age, I was told. An inevitable aspect to aging . . . and then I came across people such as Dr. Davis and their very cogent explanations regarding the deleterious effects of wheat. I immediately knocked all cereals on the head and discovered the joy of living without the horrible, gnawing hunger that had previously accompanied me throughout my entire existence. Now, I eat once or twice a day and never suffer the type of hunger that makes one miserable. I savour my food, rather than just see it as fuel. I can do as much as I like and still go an entire day without even thinking of food. Oh yes, I effortlessly dropped 12 kilos [26 lbs] and my wife 10 kilos [22 lbs] over the first few months.

All of these things were tremendous findings, but the most mind-blowing success for us was what happened with my wife’s fifteen year struggle with colitis. She had started losing a lot of blood when she was a teenager and, despite all the usual medical interventions, this had continued to afflict her into her thirties. During one bad spell she had been taking up to 13 types of medicine (amongst other invasive procedures) and, long story short, had never been close to being “fixed.” It was just too much leafy veg perhaps, or…or…and on she went suffering a very uncomfortable existence.

Fast-forward to last year and our wheat elimination starting in September. After the already mentioned improvements we were delighted to realize that my wife had gone a month without losing blood (previously she had suffered bouts of colitis every few weeks on average), so we were pleased that things seemed to be clearing up . . . then two whole months . . . and after three months we were ecstatic. Then Christmas arrived and although I stayed on the wheat-free path, the little lady got a bit ahead of herself and suffered the consequences. Mere moments after “enjoying” a local wheat-tastic dish she had to run to the toilet and it took her three weeks for everything to clear up and return to pre-Christmas levels of well-being.

Sometimes we need the extreme problems in order to make a change in our lives and this episode has convinced both of us to stay on the wheat-free course for the rest of our lives. On the rare occasion that we unwittingly consume the noxious substance, we both suffer horrendously (me with joint pain and my wife with another episode of colitis), but we merely consider this a reminder to behave ourselves. Our friends (mostly in their thirties and, in their own eyes, unaffected by wheat) virtually all show symptoms of impending problems and, although I do my best to push books and websites on them, they will probably resist until things take a drastic change for the worse. The wheat bellies are growing and the men are increasingly endowed with female breasts, but they insist that they just need to increase the gym visits . . .

Hopefully this knowledge will become more mainstream and everybody can start enjoying the sort of health that me and my wife are currently blessed with, thanks to blogs and books like “Wheat Belly.”

Thanks for all the information that we have been fortunate enough to pick up from you and your blog, Doctor, and we are currently awaiting your book (which will find its way into the hearths and homes of our friends before it’s too late).


1,487 Responses to Success Stories

  1. john hoar says:

    Dr. Davis,

    OK-I need encouragement. To begin with I am a seventy-six year old male dentist. My best friend, a urologist, brought me your book and said, ” you need to do this”. And I did, for one month I have not touched wheat and the other grains which you listed. I am not overly out of shape. I am six feet and weigh 204 pounds. I don’t do much regular exercise during the week but for twenty five years have run about twenty miles every Saturday without fail and at least one formal marathon yearly. I will say I did not have a terrible time in stopping the wheat.

    My problem is this, after one month I weigh 198, but was down to 194 one week ago. Now as you can see I am gaining. I will admit that I still drink a couple of cokes daily and maybe two Hershey bars daily. These have been my only deviation from your regimen. Is this enough refined sugar to neutralize my other efforts?
    Any comments will be appreciated. I really don’t have any other pressing medical issues except paroxysm afib about once a week that lasts a little less than 24 hours. I had hoped maybe that the diet would help with that but I guess not.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.


    • Dr. Davis says:

      Hi, Dr. John–

      Several issues:

      1) Yes, absolutely lose the couple of Cokes and the candy bars. I’m impressed that you are healthy at age 76 on that regimen! You have been victimized by the appeal of Big Food. Have you ever read the incredible descriptions of dental health provided by Weston Price, DDS, in his Nutrition and Physical Degeneration? It was written in the 1930s (and available in reprint form on Amazon). While it will reiterate what you already know, viewing it from the evolutionary perspective brings it into perspective.

      2) If doing #1 doesn’t give you the results you desire, then there is something impeding your progress. See this blog post first: In addition, have your total and free testosterone and estradiol assessed; you may be limited by low testosterone.

  2. Jenna hook says:

    Hi my name is Jenna I was born with bbs Laurence-Moon-Bardet-Biedl Syndrome, I am par chilly sight going blind though light I’m hyper senertive to light, iv been obse since I was 10 and just keep putting it on we don’t have the lippin gland in our brains, I was born with an extra toe I have never lost weight only put on weight I started wheat belly 20 days ago and have lost 10 ponds its a miracle the bbs gene I have is gene 10 and it has been written it is imposbulle for use so I can’t believe the weight loss but the even moth wird thing is I am not hungry I use to be hungry all the time I have no appetite at all I’m eatting abou 1 and harf to 2 meals day I have a jice for breakfast which has nothing bad at all in it a tiny lunch a large diner and a tiny snack
    Ate night and I’m losing about a pond a day I can’t believe this thank you so much I have not had take in almost 3 weeks and befro then we where having it 4 days a week no soda I can’t believe how it easy it is if you had told me I’d lose this much or not be hungry at al would have laughted thank you dr William Davies you are a Genius to think of this way live hope I can be an extrample to other bbs people and my brother he had bad heart and on lots of meds he want listen to me so the only way is to show him as not meany of my family don’t believe I could ever lose weight so if I can do anyone can do this and if it works on my I could maybe help other bbs people thank you Jen

    • Alison Corp says:

      My name is Alison and I too have BBS. I have BBS 1. I am almost totally blind, have motor impairment, type 2 diabetes plus many other of the BBS symptoms. I have always had a weight problem but having met other people with the syndrome I’m one of the lighweights at 159lbs, or 11st 5 lbs.

      I have always appeared to have a dairy intolerance and my allergy tests also show a severe wheat allergy. I’m waiting for blood test results to see if I have coeliac disease. I retch a lot but don’t vomit much food, have awful stomach pains and bloating and suffer from bowel problems. I haven’t been tested for hirschprungs disease.

      If I eat gluten and wheat free foods I stop vomiting and the pain and bloat ease off. Do you have these sort of symptoms? I’d like to feel that I am not alone and I think everyone would like to know if other people with BBS have these digestive problems.

      I’d like to hear from you and compare our conditions. BBS1 seems to be the most common gene found in Europe.

  3. Sarah says:

    I went to the doctor on Monday this week for my yearly physical. I’ve gained about 20 lbs in the last year just from poor diet and neglecting my exercise schedule. About 3 months ago I started working out consistently about 3-4 days a week and cutting back on eating out, and trying to make better choices by eating whole wheat etc. I have gained 5 lbs in those 3 months! I’ve been so discouraged and told my doctor about my situation. She recommended I read Wheat Belly and told me that she has recommended this book to several of her patients and has actually cut wheat out of her diet and has had great results. I cut the wheat on Monday (with one cheat – a bowl of special k) and I’m down 3.6 lbs already!!! I also noticed that I’m way less gassy then usual! The best thing is that I still have been eating dairy which is something I thought I could never get away with and actually loose weight!

    I’ll be re-posting in a few weeks with an update!

  4. i am sooo passionate about spreading the word about cutting the wheat out!!! iv bought over 10 books and have been handing them out….. im silly but i really got inspired , iv been wheat free for alomst a month all my pains gone away,guts melting and happier than ever! i have a questioon about einkorn wheat?? if i am cutting the wheat out , is this ancient grain ok to eat..will it trigger such opiate responses or unhealthy reactions in mybody???? wondering if some brands have have modern wheat in it so to watch for that? i tried it, it didnt make me feel bad, but ims still learning…..i read ur book about it and it didnt give too clear of an answer on wheather was ok to eat now. please let me know if u have any further insight…..i am weary of wheather or not to eat it cuase i want to stay commited to this wheat free life, but the antient grain sounded nice!!! thank you. soo grateful for you book and all the this valubale information!!!!!! blessings to you!!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      When Cro Magnon and their contemporaries added einkorn and emmer wheat 10,000 years ago . . . all hell broke loose.

      While their predecessors experienced almost NO tooth decay, upon incorporating these ancient grains, they developed explosive tooth decay, tooth loss, tooth abscess, malformations of the maxillary and mandibular bone structures, reduction in height and bone “robusticity,” iron deficiency, malnutrition, and the brain lost about 250 cc in size.

      Grains, most of all wheat, are destructive, no matter what form and in what era of human history.

  5. Judy says:

    I am very interested in this way of eating. I have been suffering so much the past couple of years with severe pain in my muscles and nearly all my joints.. Weight gain even though I am not someone who eats junk, and constipation several times a week… Also high blood pressure, what seems to be gout in my big toes, sometimes so painful I can barely walk, pain in my knees, elbows, neck… I’ve been going to a chiropractor for almost a year every couple of weeks and getting massages once or twice a month… And it has not helped. I have been thinking I have fibromyalgia, but I don’t have the depression or the insomnia… A doctor tested me for celiac disease after I told her my symptoms, and that was negative. I realize it might just be the wheat in my diet making me so sick… Oh and I also am hypoglycemic, and have been off and on the Insulin Resistance Diet…
    I am willing to never even LOOK at another grain product again as long as I live if I can just get relief from this unrelenting pain I am in all day every day. I am also giving up alcohol. I am 5’2″ and am at my heaviest weight right now of 149…with a big belly that I had to squeeze into my jeans yesterday…and I do walk about an hour five or so days a week. Dr. Davies…. Do you think this diet can help me???

  6. Judy says:

    I am very interested in this way of eating. I have been suffering so much the past couple of years with severe pain in my muscles and nearly all my joints.. Weight gain even though I am not someone who eats junk, and constipation several times a week… Also high blood pressure, what seems to be gout in my big toes, sometimes so painful I can barely walk, pain in my knees, elbows, neck… I’ve been going to a chiropractor for almost a year every couple of weeks and getting massages once or twice a month… And it has not helped. I have been thinking I have fibromyalgia, but I don’t have the depression or the insomnia… A doctor tested me for celiac disease after I told her my symptoms, and that was negative. I realize it might just be the wheat in my diet making me so sick… Oh and I also Menopausal, am hypoglycemic, and have been off and on the Insulin Resistance Diet…
    I am willing to never even LOOK at another grain product again as long as I live if I can just get relief from this unrelenting pain I am in all day every day. I am also giving up alcohol. I am 5’2″ and am at my heaviest weight right now of 149…with a big belly that I had to squeeze into my jeans yesterday…and I do walk about an hour five or so days a week. Dr. Davis…. Do you think this diet can help me???

    • Dr. Davis says:

      I’d be flabbergasted, Judy, if this dietary approach did NOT help you.

      Please come back and tell us what you experience.

      • Judy says:

        Only a couple of days later.. I am down almost 4 pounds, my pain level is much lower.. I would say a 5 on a scale of 1-10, whereas before some days were a 10. I was able to get out of bed and walk this morning without hobbling. No gas, no painful bloating, my neck pain is MUCH better, my wrist and ankle pain is almost gone, and the tender points along the outsides of my legs are much less tender today. I am ecstatic! I will post again after a couple of weeks and update, but so far, I feel SO MUCH BETTER! No cravings whatsoever.

  7. Bonnie says:

    Dear Dr Davis,
    I am a young mother of four boys (between ages 4 to 6 months), the three older boys have eczema, my four year old has it the worst. I read your Wheat Belly book and I stopped wheat the next day. We haven’t been wheat free for even a full week and my eldest’s eczema is already clearing up. I am astounded and thrilled! I want to thank you. I also have a questions: I’m worried about feeding almond flour to my 6 month old since babies aren’t supposed to have nuts. What would be the best option for him? I have been giving the boys oatmeal for breakfast but they are still healing wonderfully. They aren’t ‘starving’ all the time and they don’t crave sugar anymore! I have also lost 4 pounds already and that is always a plus. Thank you Dr Davis for all your research into our foods. We the People need more information and less ‘sweeping under the rug’.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I just received my book in the mail on Wed. and am reading it with great interest. I’ve tried about every “diet” under the sun as alot of folks have done. The diets haven’t worked at all or with minimal success. I’m over-weight and don’t like it! I also am insulin resistant, have type 2 diabetes, hypo-thyroid, recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, secondary fibromyalgia AND secondary sjogrens! Yup, I’m a mess!! I went to our farmer’s market this a.m. to stock up with fresh veggies. I have a Nutri-Bullet and I’m set I believe. Last night my husband said he’ll support me in this (not wanting ‘yet’ to commit with me). He said he’d even cook his meals separately. Don’t think that will last for every meal! LOL I will come back with any questions….and keeping my fingers crossed that THIS time it works!
    In the past Doctor, when making smoothies I’ve used a Rice Protein Powder…would that not be legal for Weight Belly? If not…then what alternative would I have. I also use flax seed when I make them.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I forgot to share in my other post. That I exercise by ‘water-walking’ in our neighborhood pool. This is resistance exercise, it’s walking laps and I do it for an hour 3 to 6 times a week. (we live in FL I might add for you northerners) I love it!!!!

  10. SUSAN BRYANT says:

    I have Ulcerative Colitis I have no episodes or flair ups as long as I stay on the wheat belly diet, but ou letme come off wheat belly for even one meal and Im in servere pain. As long as I stay on it Ihave so much energy and I feel awesome.

  11. patricia watts says:

    I am writing on behalf of myself and my sister. We have chronic issues with weight resulting in an eventual diagnosis of hypothyroidism. I have been on synthyroid/levothyroxin for over 10 years yet there have been no changes in weight. My sister was just diagnosed. We have your book and have started eliminating wheat this past weekend. However, my sister thinks we can now eat ‘gluten-free’ products and I suspect this will not result in weight loss. As seriously obese individuals, I am of the opinion that we must lose as much weight as possible before we consider introducing healthy gluten-free products. So, Dr. Davis, do you have any insight as to what specific foods and amounts we should be consuming as women with hypothyroidism? Your assistance would probably be life-saving at this stage. Many thanks.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Oh, boy, Patricia: Several issues!

      1) NOBODY should be eating processed gluten-free foods! How about we wage a class action suit against these nutritional crimes, instead?

      2) You are taking the T4 thyroid hormone, but not the T3. This is why you are not losing weight, despite your best efforts. It means, first, getting a new doctor, preferably one who thinks for him/herself and who will help you correct your T3 thyroid hormone, then, second, correct T3.

      It is really very easy, but the conventional answers booby trap your health, more often than not.

  12. Dolores says:

    I have been reading your book and I have started trying to eliminate wheat from my daily diet. I take pro-biotics everyday and I take enzymes.. I have also had low thyroid for 15 years. I have started taking a little iodine, but not consistently. I started out taking Armour Thyroid and that was great! Then Armour was “re-formulated” or something about 5 years ago, so my doctor put me on Levothyroxine. Yikes, I gained 25 lbs on that! And I have been so incredibly, increasingly tired during this time. I have now gone to another doctor and I am back on my Armour and I’m happy to say I have energy! My question though is what to do about having a consistent, hollow feeling in my stomach? A gnawing in my stomach (not hunger at all) and also some reflux. The ONLY thing that seems to make it stop is some sort of bread or cracker…. Is this normal?
    Thank you,

    • Dr. Davis says:

      No, most definitely not normal, Dolores!

      A solid answer really requires a thorough assessment of digestive function from a functional medicine practitioner or naturopath, not something we can achieve on a blog comment. It sounds like there may be an issue not addressed with probiotics and pancreatic enzymes, such as a lack of bile acids or hypochlorhydria.

  13. Jess Lyman says:

    Hello again, Dr. Davis and friends,
    I have written here several times over the past 18 months since reading Wheat Belly, strictly adhering to every aspect of the Wheat Belly principles. In only the first three months of a totally low carb, wheat free, gluten free, grain free, starch free, chemical free (except for sucralose in my coffee) and sugar free lifestyle, I am totally pain free from 30 years of agony with a severe spine disorder whereby every disc in my spine from C1 to L5 is herniated. I was told I’d be in a wheelchair within a year or two and should have a total spinal fusion which I refused.

    Coincidentally, I stumbled across Wheat Belly when I went on a mission to find alternatives to NSAIds, excess exercising and living a life around a disability. For this, I cannot thank you enough. You saved the quality of my life, perhaps my life itself.

    After the first three months with nary a grain of wheat or the above items, I awoke one morning pain free, thinking it was a fluke. Now another 15 months have passed and I’m still pain free, committed to a lifetime of this way of eating. With my husband’s retirement looming this past Halloween, after a year of planning, we sold everything we owned and began a 5-10 year (or more) carefree journey around the world, visiting places I never dream possible.

    Last March we started writing a blog for family and friends to share our adventures and how one can travel the world and eat this way at We had no idea that people from all over the world are interesting in what we’re doing. Our blog has rapidly grown with 10s of 1000s of readers more due to how one can travel the world on such a limited diet enjoying food along the way, than for information about seniors “stepping outside the box.” Goodness, we’ll be in Tuscany all next summer and neither my husband nor I will let a single pasta noodle or slice of bread cross our lips (he’s lost 45 pounds of belly fat!).

    We just spent 23 days aboard two cruise ships, the Celebrity Century and the Celebrity Equinox. I never had a single taste of a food I have chosen not to eat. Their sophisticated chefs totally accommodated me at every meal without drawing attention to myself or my being a “prima donna.” The breakfast buffet was easy: “real eggs” as opposed to their pre-made egg batter that contains wheat plus bacon, sausage, grilled veggies, guacamole, steamed chicken and veggies. Dinner was also easy since their menu was marked gluten free. I asked for a few modifications to maintain the integrity of my choices. They always complied. We were only able to eat two meals a day from lack of hunger. Even with all the food offered around the clock, we never thought about gorging ourselves as we observed the 80% obese population aboard ship averaged four meals a day. There were 1800 passengers on board and the captain stated they served 9000 meals a day.

    I didn’t need to lose weight. I needed to lose pain. I lost it. We arrived in Placencia, Belize yesterday to live for almost three months in a beach front cottage. Driving the long four hour drive on the Hummingbird Highway from Belize City where we left the ship we passed one farm after another, where cows were grazing, roaming freely in the pasture. The farmers use no antibiotics, no chemicals and treat animal humanely. We saw chickens walking about pecking on grass with no grain for feed. We stopped at a grocery store purchasing grass fed steaks and three dozen fresh brown eggs, organic, free range and cage free for $2 a dozen. We purchased non starchy organic vegetables that were picked picked that day, still with bits of the soil on them, not perfectly shaped like the GM veggies we purchased in the US. The banana plantations had rows upon rows of banana trees with the bananas covered in blue plastic bags to keep out the insects and protect the bananas from the elements, an alternative to pesticides. Oh, Monsanto, stop making seeds “Roundup Ready.” Its amongst other GM foods are killing us.

    My husband said we died on the Maya’s predicted date of the end of the world on December 21, 2012 and went to heaven. Yes, this is heaven.

    Being able to bend, walk, ride in a van for a four hour drive, and dance with my husband in a cruise ship ballroom wearing high heels for the first time in years…that’s heaven.

    We have recipes, meal suggestions and lots of information on our blog at : As we experience foods from many parts of the world, we’ll share our meals (we’ll be cooking 85% of our meals), new recipes and the healthy foods we’ll enjoy instead of the toxic foods Dr. Davis so clearly pleads with us to avoid.

    Again, Dr. Davis, thank you. I was on a wait list at for your new cookbook to be downloaded to my computer and phone, receiving it online the day it was released, the exact same day we were going through the Panama Canal, a memorable day for sure.

    Be well.

  14. Adam says:

    I finished reading Wheat Belly about 4 weeks ago. Here is a snapshot of my health situation before reading the book:

    35 years old. 5’11″, 260 lbs. I’ve always been “big and solid”…muscular legs, chest, back, shoulders, arms……but have NEVER been able to rid myself of my big round swollen distended abdomen! I played high school football and hockey in university……..I ate steak and pasta as all the “bodybuilding” magazines advised…..but 1000′s of situps and miles and miles of jogging did nothing!

    I developed anxiety problems towards the end of university that quickly became a problem…I’ve been on Paxil since 2004. I think the only reason I was able to finish university was because of the Paxil…..I was working full time and going to school to full time, and my diet and sleep suffered tremendously. I also began drinking heavily toward the end of university……….a habit I’ve continued. I currently drink every day…….some days it might be 2 bottles of wine, others a 12 pack of beer, and it isn’t unusual for me to finish most of a 26′er of hard liquor, even on a work night. My psoriasis has now spread to cover most of my forearms, elbows, knees, ankles, lower legs, and now is showing in “private areas”.

    My diet has been terrible the last 10 years. I work an office job, so most of my breakfasts consist of a coffee and “breakfast sandwich” from the local drive-thru, and then a burger and fries at lunch. Dinner sometimes consists of nothing (I start drinking when I get home), or other nights a meatball sub sandwich, or a steak on the BBQ, or “food-like substances” frozen and packaged in boxes or bags or cans. I know that my eating habits have been horrific the last 10 years, and notice the decreased lack of energy, enthusiasm, mood swings, and especially inability to concentrate, not to mention continued reliance on anxiety medication and seemingly worsening skin problems and expenditure on psoriasis prescriptions.

    So I read Wheat Belly and cut bread and other “food-like substances” from my diet 3 weeks ago……….here are my preliminary experiences:

    -The first week was difficult. My body was screaming for a sandwich! I wanted to drink gallons of beer! My guts ached, and I was in a very foul mood! I craved pizza and fish & chips and felt tired and agitated! I began eating whole foods…..eggs, meats, vegetables, raw nuts, cheese, fruit…….I had horrible diarrhea in this week, I can only assume that my body was getting “used to” real food after years of processed garbage!

    -The second week was much easier! My digestive system seemed to have adjusted to real food, and I found my cravings for sweets and breads and even alcohol was declining. I still experienced an agitated mindset especially in the morning, as my blood/sugar level was perhaps leveling-out at a significantly lower level than the usual spike caused by a sugar-infused coffee and nutrient-defunct breakfast sandwich.

    -This is the third week, and changes are apparent. I find I’m less hungry throughout the day, and small meals such as a handful of raw walnuts or a grapefruit are more than sufficient to satisfy me for several hours. The hunger pangs are also far less severe. In the morning I’ve been making a 2 egg omelet with vegetables and a side of cottage cheese, and this holds me over until lunch with ease. My cravings for bread and alcohol have decreased dramatically, and I’ve noticed a clarity of though and ability to focus at work that are definitely new and welcome! (It’s amazing how the mind is able to focus on other things when not clouded by a sugar buzz or terrible hunger pangs!!!). Two other physical benefits: my psoriasis seems to be declining, especially on my forearms and elbows. The problem areas on my legs don’t appear to be getting worse………and the best part is that my swollen, distended abdomen is noticeably smaller and the long-standing digestive discomforts have subsided!

    I will provide another update in a few weeks as I continue my quest for good health and a wheat-free life!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      You are off to a wonderful start, Adam! It sounds like you are experiencing a genuine life transformation.

      Yes, I would love to hear more about your progress in the coming weeks and then share your story as a blog post. Others with similar struggles (there are millions of them!) need to hear about these experiences from people like you who have come to appreciate just how powerful this simple idea can be!

  15. Abbey says:

    The last few years a lot of my friends have gone gluten free and have ballyhooed how wonderful it is and how good they feel but I had been of the opposite mind, “What? Give up bread and cereal? What’s wrong with breads and cereals? It’s what we’re supposed to eat!” But then stories kept popping up on my news feed on the internet and I would occasionally read them if they had what seemed to be an interesting or new angle. I can’t even remember what article I read over the holidays but it prompted me to download Wheat Belly on my Kindle. I took my time reading it because I really wanted to make myself understand all the science stuff in it and I guess in the back of my mind, I was hoping this wasn’t just another Atkins, South Beach fad (been there done that, couldn’t sustain it.)

    So while I’m reading, I’m thinking ‘What it?” As in, what if all this is really true? You see, in my story, I’m a very active 46 year old woman, who, since I turned 40 has had a bunch of weird things go on with my body and I have felt like I am 80 years old physically for the last 4-5 years. It started with a diagnosis of hip displaysia which resulted in 2 total hip replacements in 3 years. And in between that was being hit head on by a drunk driver and breaking both wrists, my left femur, left kneecap and left heel. In fact my heel is fused with bolts and growth hormone and my ankle doesn’t bend like the other one. I have metal rods, pins and wires all over my body! I walk with usually only a slight limp. But all this mess has caused me to not be able to lose weight because exercise, while I still love it, takes SO much longer to recover from. A five-mile hike takes a full day to feel ‘normal’ again. And we are a Scouting family so we do a lot of outdoor stuff. I hike and kayak with my teenagers, but it has gotten SO HARD.

    Well in my head I’m saying, as I’m reading, “I’ll just do this for one week. Surely I can live without wheat for one week just to SEE how it goes and how I feel. I’m not going to think about weight loss, I just want to know if I FEEL better.” You see, the parts in the book about blood sugar and inflammation are what hit me the hardest – maybe my aches and stiffness getting up in the morning isn’t ‘old age’. Maybe the long recovery after exercise isn’t because of the accident. Maybe I won’t be creaky and wobbly and have to hobble to the bathroom first thing in the morning until I limber up. It’s already hard to put a sock on my left foot because of all the metal in my leg; maybe I’ll be able to bend more easily. Maybe I’ll even lose some weight.

    I really didn’t hold out a lot of hope. I decided I wasn’t going to be OCD about the wheat because I don’t have celiac disease or diabetes. So I just didn’t eat my usual: bread, cereal, pasta, crackers, pretzels, pita chips (my latest addiction), or for the time being, rice and oats. Had my last wheat on Sunday, January 13, 2013.

    On Tuesday morning January 15, I felt VERY DIFFERENT. Already I could swing my legs out of bed, stand and immediately walk to the bathroom, without having to center myself for balance, stretch, hear all the crackling and popping, and hobble to the bath. Very oddly, I didn’t crave wheat. I almost ate a cookie my daughter had made, but I realized that was reflex and I stopped before I ate. I love food so I am not counting calories but just eating mainly whole foods. I love the freedom to eat dairy and fruit! That is so key for me. I even had some (shhhh) candy. But the weirdest thing was that I was NOT craving wheat.

    The next day I exercised and then I WALKED UP THE STAIRS WITHOUT THE HANDRAIL. I have to capitalize that because you just don’t KNOW how major that was. The next day I went to a movie and usually afterwards I have to do the whole, stand, center, stretch, hobble routine that I do after any extended rest period longer than 10 minutes. I got up, walked to the aisle and did not use the handrail to get down the theater steps. Again, I can’t tell you the last time I did that. It’s been YEARS since my legs felt strong enough to do that.

    Now I am almost 3 weeks into my wheat-free lifestyle and it amazingly has not been a bad adjustment. My husband is about ready to try it after seeing MY results. Oh, did I mention my increased energy and sex drive? (tee hee) I don’t miss the wheat at all because I feel so dang good! I’m still amazed and part of me expects the good results to stop, but they haven’t and I am loving it. I have also lost 8 pound without trying. I do have a weight loss goal so I will continue to increase my exercise and strength training now that I don’t fear being incapacitated by exercise. I can’t wait to try a 5 mile hike. I know my ankle will hurt by the end but that will be pure accident-related, not wheat related, and I’ll be just fine with that!

    Thank you so much for this book. Your history of wheat really helped me understand the WHY’S of how we got to where we are and what you said just resonated so soundly in my life. I am so glad I gave it a try.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      You can appreciate why I feel compelled to tell these stories and tell everybody that modern wheat is poison, Abbey!

      Your story is so wonderful that I’d like to post it as a blog post for others to see. Thank you for telling it in such detail!

  16. Dr. Davis, I would like to share my success story. I also have before and after photos that I can share as well. Please contact me if you would like to share this as a success story:

    In 2010, I finally got pregnant after a few years of trying. While I was excited about the birth of my first child, I was bummed about my weight. I weighed 194 when I got pregnant. On a 5’4″ frame, that is already obese. I was scared of gestational diabetes, and all of the other conditions that could arise during pregnancy while being fat. I had already been losing weight by the conventional means, calorie counting, and lots of exercise, and I knew my weight loss plan had to be put on hold. During the first trimester, I gained nothing. I felt sick all of the time, and was able to stomach only a few things. When the sickness subsided in my 2nd trimester, my appetite exploded. I was hungry ALL the time. I ate healthy foods, but I also ate a ton of junk. This led to a weight gain of more than 70 pounds by the time I gave birth. I weighed in at around 270 the day I gave birth to my son. I did not get any of the medical conditions that are associated with being that heavy, thank the Lord!

    Fast forward. After having him, I was able to get my weight down to 230 by walking and eating better. But my weight loss stalled. I was hungry ALL the time. Even after I stopped breastfeeding, I could not control my appetite. I didn’t understand what was going on. I would eat a meal including healthy wheat, and 10 minutes later I felt like I hadn’t eaten in days. I was exhausted even after my son was sleeping through the night, and so I prayed, and asked the Lord to help me. My faith is a very important aspect of my life, and I needed wisdom, and I needed to know what was going on that was causing insatiable hunger when I knew I had eaten a “balanced” meal. I started doing research. Maybe it was having sugar, maybe it was processed foods (I didn’t eat a ton of those, but even the small amounts could have been the cause)…and in the midst of my searching I encountered your book, Wheat Belly. The suggestion that perhaps wheat was the cause of my struggle, my complete exhaustion (even when my son started sleeping through the night), and just feeling like I was in a fog was contrary to all that I had been taught in Biology and nutrition in college. But I was desperate. I weighed it against the idea that IF it worked, IF it were true that wheat did all of these things, would I be willing to live without it if it helped me? I looked at the things in my diet that contained wheat, and analyzed “could I live without this?”. The answer was a resounding YES!!

    I read your book Thanksgiving week of 2011. I started going wheat free naturally the Monday following Thanksgiving. In the midst of office parties, and wheat filled food around everywhere, I figured it was the best time to try because I didn’t need those things anyway. And while most of my coworkers gained the 10-15 holiday pounds, I LOST 15 pounds that month. Once I started, I said I would give it 30 days. within 4-5 days, I noticed the fog lift. I felt like I had energy again. I felt like my brain worked. My appetite decreased. I was no longer hungry after eating a meal. I felt full and satisfied. The 2pm drag at work was not there anymore. While I continued to eat other grains once or twice a day, my weight loss has been gradual. After more than a year wheat free I can honestly say I won’t go back. the few times I purposefully ate something wheaty and “delicious” I found myself sick and in the bathroom soon after.

    Prior to wheat belly, these were my stats (December 6, 2011):
    Weight, 230 pounds
    BMI 39.5
    Body Fat % 44
    BP 106/69
    LDL 80 mg/dl
    HDL 47 mg/dl
    Triglycerides 47 mg/dl
    Blood Sugar 87 mg/dl

    Post Wheat Belly, weight loss in progress (goal weight is 130) (February 1, 2013)
    Weight, 179 pounds
    BMI 30.9
    Body Fat % 39.3
    BP 118/74
    LDL (The machine couldn’t measure because my triglycerides were so low)
    HDL 63 mg/dl
    Triglycerides less than 45 mg/dl
    Total Cholesterol: 142
    Blood Sugar 88 mg/dl

    I have done all of this without calorie counting. Without extreme diets that cause lots of hunger, and without spending hours a day on exercise…all because I gave up wheat.

    So I thank the Lord for you. I thank Him for the wisdom He gave you, and for sharing that with us…with me. My life will never be the same.

  17. Joyce McCabe says:

    I received your book for Christmas and have read most of it although there is alot of medical terms I don’t understand. I am a 60 something woman who has gained approx 20 lbs in the past 3 yrs. Part is boredom. I eat and watch the TV. Do you think I can loose weight if I eliminate all wheat from my diet? I do crave sweets and sometimes give in to the cravings. What about corn products? I”m 5′ 7″ and weigh 180 lbs.
    please help me.

  18. Pete says:

    I am going to add my experience to the other success stories here…I am a 43 year old male, who has been working out for over 4 years, weight training and got back into hiking after a hiatus…my work was sedentary, now I am changing that too…I have a good core, strength and did a decent amount of walking, but could not lose the tummy…that spare truck tire around my waist was too stubborn, even with doing various lateral ab and center ab exercises, nothing worked…So I was surfing around online after Christmas and started to read the blogs on wheat belly, and said ok, I can cut out all forms of wheat…no wheat period. (At first I admit to thinking that the paucity of replacements for wheat would be just a simple calorie reduction but I was wrong…I eat 2000+ calories a day.) I started to notice the difference right away. i have taken my belt in twice now after 3 weeks, i feel really alive, no creaky joint issues, more energy, solid sleep, visible and visceral weight loss, lower leg edema gone, …I admit to still eating potato chips, but my breakfast is usually fruit, bacon and eggs for lunch with potato homefries and a meat and vegetable dinner….I am 5’11″ male who about 8 years ago topped out at 350-360 pounds…a month ago I weighed around 305-310…now I am thinking I have lost 15-20 pounds after 3 weeks of no wheat…i have decent muscle mass but the waistline difference is phenomenal…I read the book wheat belly 2 weeks after I started no wheat because it was so noticable I had to understand more…I have learned so much. .by spring I should be on target to being confident at the beach without whaling ships circling me at the beach…unbelievable…I used to love bread…I have a breadmaker on my table, now I see bread/wheat as poison…the transition was easy…first few days a bit of craving but I generally have good discipline…Doc, if anyone attacks you put out the word, I will be there…

  19. Annie says:

    My friend and I are 74 and 70 respectively (male and female) We went wheat free 4 months ago. He lost 31 lbs and no longer takes arthritis medication. We went cold turkey, emptying out the pantry and going to the store reading labels.

    I lost about 15 lbs, and after keeping extensive blood sugar and blood pressure logs, my doctor has said my diabetes has been reversed and he took me off my oral diabetes medicines and my blood pressure medicines. I have more energy and no longer have to take an afternoon nap.

    Recently I decided “what the heck” and ate a wheat bun with a sandwich. I felt ill for 3 days, mainly diarrhea and intestinal cramping.

    Rather than go through a litany of why, I just say I am allergic to wheat and gluten and when we go out to eat I have discovered many places have special menus for those with allergies and at friend’s homes I usually can find something to eat without making a fuss.

    • James says:

      Hello Annie,

      Same here, after 4 months without wheat, I accidentally ate a lamb meatball during a lunch at my workplace. I usually ask the cook whether he puts wheat flour in the foods he prepares and the response has always been no (sometimes tapioca flour, which I also avoid anyway). But not this time. I felt drained of energy the whole afternoon and evening, and my visit to the bathroom was so different from it is usually (got stomach cramps, gas, and you can guess the rest). So I am no longer tolerant. I used to be a big wheat eater until 4 months ago and would have never guessed the damage it can create. You see, tolerance does not mean immunity and I have had wheat since I was a toddler … so yes, I was very tolerant … but no more!

      James (who just had a BIG chunk of fried liver for diner :) )

    • Dr. Davis says:

      That’s wonderful, Annie! Getting rid of diabetes alone is a HUGE accomplishment!

  20. Mary Ferrara says:

    Dear Dr. Davis,
    I am a 53 year old, former healthcare Administrator who went pre-med, but got sick before my MCATs. It wasn’t until I moved to Atlanta, GA (from NY) that I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I too have a wheat belly. What jumped off the page at me when reading your book was that a protein in wheat “crosses the blood-brain barrier.” That so startled me, that I brought it up at a MS Education dinner last night (while not eating bread!) As you may know, the reason why people have MS is due to destroying cells somehow gaining access and crossing the blood-brain barrier. My thoughts are, could this protein in wheat be causing damage as it crosses, and thus gives entry to the cells that cause the demylination process in MS patients?

    As you may also know, there is a popular diet in the MS Community, The Swank Diet. I always thought that diet was extreme. However, I recently went back on the Atkins diet, and low and behold, within 4 days of giving up wheat and staying strictly with whole foods (rather than processed foods) almost all of my MS symptoms have subsided! I can’t say I remember anything from your book…except the most important thing to me…that a protein in wheat crosses the blood brain barrier!!! I have given up wheat except for the occasional, and I mean occasional, indulgence. It will be fascinating to see my MRIs over the next few years to see if all my lesions remylinate as I stay off of wheat! Thank you for that one very important and crucial statement in your book….a protein in wheat crosses the blood brain barrier!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      That’s terrific, Mary!

      Others with multiple sclerosis have been reporting similar benefits with wheat elimination.

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