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  1. Hazel Bobosky says:

    I would like to know what your opinion is on the fact that you only have male success story pictures. I am a 5″2 160 lb. female. I have just went to an ear nose and throat doctor, and I’ve learned that I have some specific seasonal allergies, which are in particular, I am allergic to maple, and (nonseasonal) cats. So, recently ran across an article in a magazine of your diet, which caught my interest to the fact that you talk about wheat sensitivities. Well I thought that maybe I can be wheat sensitive. What do you think?

  2. Jone says:

    I can”t wait to live wheat free.

  3. lin win says:

    Are you an Asian-American, Dr. Davis? Just curious. _May God and the saints bless you mightily_, as you have revolutionized my life!!!!!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Yes, my mother was Japanese.

      She died in 1995 of sudden cardiac death. That is what finally made me change the course of what I do from heart procedures to preventing heart disease and death.

  4. laura says:

    i was told about wheat belly by one of my friends at work and she says that i should read it, i have always struggled with my weight and now post menopausal at the age of 46 i happen to look like im about 8 months pregnant. In the past year and a half my diet mainly consists of bread, pasta, veggies and meat, i would love to make the change to wheat free diet unfortunately my hubby refuses to give up his pasta which he truly loves and since he does all the cooking im finding it a little bit difficult. For people like myself who are on a very limited buget (horse groom) how do i make this change to fit the money situation?

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Easy, Laura: Eat real food.

      Eat vegetables, grow them in your own garden or purchase at farmers markets, meats, eggs, cheese, etc.

      Also, note that the wheat-free person consumes, on average, 440 calories less per day. It means that you save money in requiring far less food.

      And let your husband notice just how great you look after several weeks or months of following this lifestyle, then he’ll start asking how you are doing it.

      • patty says:

        this is another thing that really gets my goat— why does EVERYONE (not me) think that if you eliminate wheat you pay more for food? since when by going gluten free do you stop eating salads, veggies, meat, eggs etc…? didn’t you eat this before?? so the idea is to stop the UNHEALTHY foods–duh !!! you know like the stuff you should have not been eating before anyway like potato chips, cokes, cookies etc…. sheesh

  5. Alysa says:

    Dr Davis,

    How would you compare no wheat to paleo? My primary goal is weight loss.


    • Dr. Davis says:

      Lots over overlap, Alysa.

      But Wheat Belly is not really a diet. It is primarily an articulation of the perverse changes introduced into modern wheat in the name of increasing yield. Its many unique effects, such as the effects of the gliadin opiate on appetite, explain why so many diets fail when they add back grains.

      Paleo, Primal, Atkins, South Beach phase 1 . . . all succeed in the beginning because elimination of wheat is the starting point. Unfortunately, NONE of these put their finger on precisely WHY.

      • Jay G says:

        With respect, Dr. Davis, I’m surprised you’ve lumped paleo and primal in with Atkins and South Beach. Mark Sisson, author of The Primal Blueprint and blogger extraordinaire with Mark’s Daily Apple, has favourably referred to your work several times (even before Wheat Belly), most recently in this post:
        Primal Blueprint Law number 9? Avoid Poisonous Things (wheat and other grains, among other things).

      • Jennifer says:

        I also tried The 17 Day Diet and it eleminates all carbs at first too but gradually brings them back. I felt great at first but as the carbs came back the weight loss slowed down and my general feeling half sickish came back and so did my cravings!! I didn’t realize then it was all tied to the wheat!

  6. Eddie says:

    Any chance wheat is also contributing to the “growing” incidence of BPH?

    • Boundless says:

      Presuming that you mean Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia:
      A family member that just went through the false-positive PSA annoyance says, anecdotally:
      He is now challenging whether having been wheat free and low carb for over a year might further eliminate the need for saw palmetto in managing BPH discomfort, having had no episodes in quite some time.

      Dr. Davis can tell you that the standard blood lipid tests and standard thyroid tests are worthless. I can tell you that the PSA is also close to worthless (both due to false positive and false negs). Until kallikrein tests (or something comparable) become widely available, a biopsy is probably the most informative tool.

      In the meantime, ditch the wheat, fructose, and fast carbs generally.
      Do this whether you have a prostate or not :).

  7. Shannon says:

    What about using gluten free products such as gluten free flour as a substitute or gluten free cornmeal?

  8. kathy says:

    Hello Dr. Davis,
    I have been wheat free for 3 weeks, had a couple of slip ups though. I really miss, salty crunchy crackers with my hummus. I like the Mary’s Gone Crackers and the Sticks and Twigs. Are they completely wheat free or only to be consumed in moderation?
    Thank you,

  9. Karen Jeffery says:

    What about using winter squash? I don’t see it anywhere in your books.

  10. cecilia says:

    Hi, I asked a while ago about a Korean translation. Is there any update?
    Thanks, Cecilia

  11. Sue Austin says:

    Dr I came across this blog by chance for 5 years I have suffered from strange symptoms – joint pain /swelling -mouth lesions – poor vision – bloating -urticaria etc etc I have seen just about every “ologist” possible, had extensive tests been 95% diagnosed with lupus , carcinoids until final results returned negative. 6 months ago the depression kicked in, i was fat and felt so unwell I decided to diet, I lived on low fat yoghurt, lots of protein foods and water. The weight loss was great but ALL my symptoms went. I concluded that the wheat had been the problem, my mother has coeliac disease , I tested negative. I wish I had read about you 5 years ago thank you for a marvellous blog I lost faith in doctors, I hope many people suffering as I did have the good fortune to find you, I know now that it wasn’t all in my mind as they said it was I’ve had
    a blow out for a few weeks and it’s all coming back , after reading your blog I know I must stay wheat free.

  12. sheryl balak says:

    I purchased your book and am having a hard time finding out what I can and can’t eat. Like fruit like mellons, and lettuce. Do you have a do’s and dont’s liks to follow?

    • Barbara in New Jersey says:

      Look at the left side of this blog for WB Quick and Dirty for the 3 part list. Your goal is to eat about 15 carbs per meal (6 hour period) and 50 carbs per day. Do an internet search for the general amount of carbs each food item contains. The chart will give you the portion size. Fruits, vegetables and nuts have carbs, so does sugar. This will give you an idea of portions to eat.

  13. eCharleen says:

    Any benefit for gout sufferers to go wheat-free? We try to manage my husband’s gout through diet but are at a loss as to the causes of his major flare-ups. It seems that each site has a different opinion on what’s good/bad for gout sufferers. Medication tears his stomach up. Any gout success stories or advice will be appreciated.

    • Boundless says:

      > Any benefit for gout sufferers to go wheat-free?

      Yes, and there are many reports on this blog, although not easy to find.
      Use the “Search the Wheat Belly Blog by Keyword” at:

      In addition to setting grain consumption to zero, also drive fructose to near zero, and I see advice to avoid alcohol. You’re probably familiar with those last two.

      Avoiding fructose is not just avoiding high-fructose fruits, but sugars generally, most particularly HFCS. If a gout sufferer is also obese, avoiding wheat is key, as wheat is the #1 dietary source of fructans, and the obese commonly have a bacterium that converts it to fructose (in addition to the long list of other problems wheat causes).

  14. Rebecca London says:

    Dr. Davis,
    I’ve been reading your book and it’s very interesting. I have been totally wheat free for two years now by means of doing the Modified Atkins Diet (Low carb, high fat, moderate protein) for epilepsy. I’m only allowed 20 grams of carbs per day. I was wondering if it would be worth it for me to purchase the Wheat Belly cookbook. As you know even if foods are wheat free they can still contain a lot of carbs and I didn’t want to make the purchase only to find too many carbs in the recipes for me to consume.

    Thanks for your time,
    R. London

    • Boundless says:

      > I’m only allowed 20 grams of carbs per day. I was wondering if it
      > would be worth it for me to purchase the Wheat Belly cookbook.

      The recipes in both the Wheat Belly and 30 Minute cookbooks show macronutrient breakdowns (unlike the recipes in the original WB book). All will be near or below 15 grams net carb per meal, many well below.

      > As you know even if foods are wheat free they can still contain a lot of carbs.

      Yep. “Gluten Free” usually means high-gly junk. The WB recipes, even if higher than your target, would all be a useful starting point for crafting a fully ketogenic meal.

  15. Dorreen says:

    Why can’t I lose weight? I see all these inspiring weight lose results. But I’m not losing any weight. I’ve been wheat free for over a year and don’t eat sugar. I only eat organic veggies, organic eggs, grass feed beef all from the farmers market, I eat only 1-2 serving of fresh fruit a week. I cook with coconut oil and grass fed butter. I don’t eat anything processed, only real fresh food. I don’t drink soda and I do drink 1 cup of organic coffee black, drink about 90 + ounces of water a day….Nothing taste better then plan water. But I’m not losing weight. What am I doing wrong? I am 49, 5’4 and 150. I just want to lose 10-15 lbs, and be comfortable in my size 4 pants. I was 200 lbs, and dropped to 130 size 0 when I was training for a Ironman. I know that is not a practical size for me. I’m just looking to lose the belly!!

  16. JOANNA says:

    What went wrong? I tried NO wheat diet for five weeks, I increased meat consumption,added cheese, nuts and coconut oil to my diet, added some more vegetables .I had my cholesterol level checked, and it went UP from 290 mg/dl, (HDL92 , LDL=92,TRI=96,non LDL cholesterol=198) to 328mg/dl (HDL=100,LDL220, TRI =42mg/dl,non LDL 228) I am 5.4″ tall,wt= 126 Ib , BMI=22, with 30 % fat. I do exercise at least 3x/wk and walk about 4.5 miles /day at work (nurse ) I gained about 1lb. To much cheese ???..PLS HELP! Thanks -

  17. chris says:

    I have read your book, and have been off of gluten for 25 days now. I have seen no weight loss at all. My TSH level is 2.27.
    Nothing makes me loose weight. Will I eventually loose with this gluten free diet? I’m eating clean clean fish, chicken no process foods and not replacing my wheat with other corn based foods. I can’t for the love of me loose 1 lbs…im frustrated! Help.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Then it’s not the diet, Chris. It’s marginal hypothyroidism and/or another factor impeding your success.

      Have you viewed the three videos I posted here? Also, hypothyroidism should not be diagnosed based on TSH alone. You may need a smarter doctor.

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