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  1. Kate Brooks says:

    Hi Dr. Davis,
    Just finished the book and have been wheat free for about a week – feeling great! One question I have – I am 33 years old, no health problems, active, and NOT even close to overweight, but always felt like I ate too much. Since eliminating wheat, I have lost a HUGE portion of my appetite, I am just not that hungry anymore. Activity level is the same – is this a normal reaction? Thanks, Kate.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      VERY normal, Kate.

      Minus the mind-active opiate, gliadin, in wheat, you eat food for sustenance, not to satisfy the whims and desires of Nabisco, General Mills, and Kraft.

      This is among the most common reactions to elimination of wheat. You are liberated from its hold!

  2. Gail says:

    Dr. Davis, I’m going to assume you’ve seen this but just in case:
    American Journal of Gastroenterology has a study published July 31, 2012, by Alberto Rubio-Tapia, MD, from the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Mayo Clinic, saying celiac is much more common than previously thought.

  3. Caroline Henk says:

    Dr. Davis,
    I am a friend of Maria Emmerich’s and she has helped me become more healthy than I have ever been. My cholesterol numbers are high and unfortunately, Maria is not a cardiologist, but she is extremely knowledgeable and helpful!
    I am in a battle with my Dr. and Lipid Specialist about my cholesterol. They think my numbers are too high (Tri – 50, HDL – 105, LDL – 261 A is 10, B is 188) and would like me to give up coconut oil, go on a low fat diet, a statin drug and get a CT scan of my arteries.
    YIKES!! I need more help than Maria can give me! I am sure you are too busy to help but would you have a recommendation for a great cardiologists in the area. (River Falls, WI/ Minneapolis/St. Paul area)
    I really believe in everything you say and am trying to live by it, but this road block is scary and I need help fighting it!!
    I appreciate your time!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Hi, Caroline–

      You likely have an apo E4 genetic variant or a milder case of heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia. Decisions should NOT be based on lipids, such as the values you provide, but on lipoprotein analysis, e.g., NMR, GGE, or VAP.

      This is beyond the scope of the Wheat Belly Blog, so I would urge you to read the extensive discussions of such topics on my Heart Scan Blog.

      Sorry, I don’t know of anyone who truly understands nutrition and its application to cardiovascular health in your health. There really are so few who try to use nutrition and not drugs. You might start with a functional medicine physician, however.

  4. Caroline says:

    Dr. Davis,
    Whoops, I am not very computer savy and I thought this was an email not a blog post. Sorry for the personal information!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Hello. I’m a 37 year old female, 5′ 7″ 252 lbs (obese). I’ve been addicted to wheat my whole life until the discovery of your book this past weekend. I’ve been wheat-free (along with my 18 year old daughter) since Monday (so, 4 days). I feel terrible, she feels great. I can best compare how i’m feeling to the way i felt when my psychiatrist took me off paxil (which I had been taking for over 6 years). The symptoms are hot/cold flashes, headache, mild nausea and joint pain. I’m wondering if this is possible, could the wheat detox have this affect? Any thoughts?

    • Neicee says:

      You’ve spent your entire life dealing with the addictions of wheat and various carbs. It may take you longer than you’d hoped to overcome the after effects of an addiction. My daughter was further down the road to celiacs than I was, but since she’s half my age she’s lost way more than I have and we’re very close in size. I still cannot allow myself the indulgence of eating real sugar. About once a week I treat myself to frozen berries smothered in real whipped cream with a sprinkling of stevia. Sets up just like ice cream, without the junk in it. Amazing how good it tastes when you don’t treat yourself every day. It will get better.

      Oh, and don’t forget the ultimate treat is bitter chocolate.

      • Stephanie says:

        I’m prepared to beat the addiction to wheat even if it takes longer than a week or two!! I was just concerned my reaction was not normal. I just quit smoking 3 months ago as well, i’ve decided it’s time to turn my life around! Thanks for your words of encouragement!

  6. Frank L. Arcieri says:

    Are the two books, “Wheat Belly” and “Lose the Wheat/Lose The Weight”, the same book but with different titles?

  7. Bob Quinn says:

    Dear Dr. Davis:

    I just recently finished reading your Wheat Belly book which I found very interesting. We introduced Kamut brand khorasan wheat to health food markets 26 years ago starting with just a hand full of grain. (Kamut is a trademark we use to market the ancient grain which guarantees the grain is always organically grown and pure with no modern grain in it and also having other quality guarantees) From the first 1.5 acres we grew on our farm in 1986, the project has grown to over 80,000 acres planted this year by over 150 organic farmers in Montana, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Over 2000 products are now on the market (mostly (90%) in Italy).

    From the very beginning customers with severe wheat sensitivities have told us they could eat this grain with no problem and most said they felt better after eating it. It you would like to have me send you small sample to try for yourself, I would be glad to do it. In Italy most naturpathic doctors are recommending it as a substitute for modern wheat to their patients, hence explaining why Italy is over 60% of our market now. For the last 5 years we have been sponsoring research in Italy to understand the reasons for the difference between Kamut brand khoransan and modern wheat. We finally have 3 papers published and expect about a dozen more to be published during the next year or so.

    What was astounding to me was how many of your clinical observations are verified by our controlled research studies. When compared to our ancient wheat We found modern wheat has been changed in the following ways: antioxidants have been reduced in number and diversity, the antioxidant capacity of the modern wheat has been reduced, anti-inflammatory capacity has been completely lost and now may be a source as you say of inflammation, the ability to reduce fat is an other aspect that has been completely reversed, just to mention a few of our results. If you are interested, I would love to meet with you to discuss these results and our plans for further research. I would value your suggestions and insights for further research that we might sponsor. At this time we have a cardiovascular experiment which is nearly complete with very interesting results from the University Hospital in Florence and we are also working with them on an experiment with those with irritable bowel syndrome. We are working with the University of Bologna doing cell culture studies looking at diabetes and other diseases.

    I have a PhD in Biochemistry from UCDavis but for the past 34 years have been a farmer on a 3rd generation farm in north central Montana. I have been 100% certified organic for 22 years and am constantly involved with research projects on our farm. It has only been the past few years that we have been able to sponsor clinic studies and choose to work with several universities and hospitals in Italy because of their interest in working together. I hope very much to hear from you soon. My address and phone number is 333 Kamut Lane, Big Sandy, Montana 59520 and my phone number is 406-378-3105 (cell number 406-868-5603) Sincerely – Bob Quinn.

  8. Jana Jones says:

    Hi Dr. Davis,

    I have endometriosis and PCOS, and have recently heard about the benefits of cutting out wheat for someone with these issues. I am thoroughly enjoying your book, and reading it has strengthened my resolve that eliminating wheat will be beneficial for my health. Especially for all the risks associated with PCOS. Just wondering if you have any info on how & why eliminating wheat is good for someone with these issues.

    Thanks very much!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      BIG issue, Jana, for people with PCOS in particular.

      PCOS is associated with marked insulin resistance and potential for diabetes. What food makes it far, far worse? Yup: wheat.

  9. Ryan says:

    I’m a typical 40yr old family man with a full time job. I read the wheatbelly last July, was intrigued — and started following the advise. Three weeks into now, and I’m finally starting to lose the last 20 pounds that I’ll never been able to get off. My appetite is diminishing and my biggest challenge is breaking the habit of thinking that I need to eat every 2-3hours. I sat down for dinner last night at 6:30pm and I caught myself asking the question, why am I eating? I’m not hungry. Wow.
    I caught a segment from Dr. Oz yesterday afternoon (8/16) in Milwaukee. The topic was a 4-week diet for weightloss plan. He included some single ingredient foods that were inline with the wheatbelly, then I’m got puzzled as to why he was encouraging products with wheat, like breads and pastas? It seems to me that if he/they are trying to promote a more healthy society, then he/they should be covering all types of lifestyle food changes. Maybe I missed that episode…..


    • Dr. Davis says:

      I fear it is the influence of advertisers, Ryan.

      I do not envy being in his position of notoriety, but having to echo a message that he is surely aware is destructive because his sponsors say so.

  10. brian j scrocca says:

    Hi Dr Davis,

    Just found your site through Valuable information here. Was already on a supposedly Gluten Free diet but unaware of the pre-pkgd items still having high glycemic ingredients still in them.My main battle has been a slight case of eczema over the last few years.Armed with new information I’m very excited about the prospects of eliminating it completely. I have noticed it going away to some degree as I continue to eliminate WHEAT in my diet. Do you think you can also do a study on MSG? Congress has now passed 30 ingredients the food companies can hide it in. Sort of a clean up label program. This hybrid form of MSG is enginered to lower your metabolism. The worse culprit being “Natural Flavors”. Not so natural I find out.


  11. Sherie says:

    Hi Dr. Davis,
    My twin sister and I have read (and thoroughly enjoyed) your Wheat Belly book. There is so much good information in there and while we were already low-carb, we have realized that removing excess wheat and various “frankenfoods” from our diet was also a necessity! We’ve been wheat-free, gluten-free and sugar-free for a few weeks now.

    My question is this. We are both signifcantly overweight, at only 5’4″ and over 180 lbs. While we certainly feel much better without all of the excess junk in our diets, we’re still having significant trouble losing weight. In fact, the scale barely seems to budge. A typical day for us includes gluten-free steel cut oats, boiled eggs, and coffee w/hvy. cream for breakfast, a big salad for lunch (peppers, tomatoes, spinach, feta, avocado, and some meat), a tbsp of nautral Peanut Butter for an afternoon snack, and usually a high-protein (steak / pork) dinner. We snack on some fruit (berries) at night and occasionally some very dark chocolate. We have a few glasses of red wine a couple nights a week. We also use splenda in our coffee and oatmeal. We exercise for 20-30 minutes maybe 2 times a week (I know we just do it more often!)

    Is there anything else that you you can think of that may be contributing to our stubborn inability to lose weight? We’ve eliminated processed nuts and cut back on cheese. Could we just be overdoing our portion sizes or might there be another food allergy/sensitivity that we are missing? Do we just need to exercise more? Thanks for any insight you can give! We are willing to try anything to finally get rid of this excess weight and get healthy!

    • Sherie says:

      Not sure if it’s helpful or not, but also wanted to mention that we currently take a Kelp supplement (Iron, 390 mcg / Iodine, 400 mcg / Sodium, 20 mg / Kelp (whole thallus) 660 mg) and are considering adding an EFA Omega-3 Fish Oil supplement (neither of us likes fish much!)…

  12. Martí says:

    Hello Dr. Davis!

    My family, girlfriend and I have been wheat free and low carb now since late April and its dramatically improved all of our health, and as such I’ve been happily promoting the change in diet to all my friends. Recently one of my friends I’d mentioned the diet to was afflicted with a severe flare-up of his Crohn’s disease. After talking to his girlfriend she told me that his doctor’s recommended diet (when he’s not in a flare up and actually capable of keeping down food) is to consume mostly large amounts of “healthy whole grains” as well as plenty of vegetables, and minimal fat. The reasoning behind this is fat is harder to digest in the small intestine and places too much stress on it, causing inflammation. However, from what I’ve seen and experienced myself the opposite seems to be true where diet is concerned, with sugars causing inflammation. I was curious if you knew any scientific articles that could verify the connection between high carbs/wheat consumption and Crohn’s, as well what your perspective is on the matter, as their doctor’s advice contradicts what I would say, and I need to have a solid case and evidence to help convince them (or, should I be wrong, at least do no harm) before I proceed.

    Best wishes!

  13. Geraldine says:

    Dear Dr. Davis,

    Jon Gabriel from The Gabriel Method is hosting the first-ever
    Mind-Body Weight Loss Summit next year (early 2013) and
    he’d love for you to join us!

    Current guests include Joe Cross, Dr. Mercola, Khaliah
    Ali,… and hopefully you!

    The focus of the teleconference series is to share holistic weight
    loss approaches with the world.

    How the Mind-Body Summit Works:

    1. Your teleconference with Jon would be prerecorded and
    broadcast live during the event (prerecord makes scheduling
    very easy) . Your photo, bio, and link to his site will be visible
    and accessible to everyone throughout the entire event (should
    be great traffic for you).

    2. Your message will reach an audience of 200,000+ health conscious
    readers worldwide (we have a list of 145K and our partners are
    mailing to an additional 55K, and possibly 2-3x that many)

    3. All attendees can join the live event for FREE

    4. Optional recordings/archives of the event will be available
    for purchase for those interested in owning the replays (and
    of course, you’ll receive 50% of all sales from your referred

    If you’re interested, it’s very simple. We’ll script 7-10 questions
    for you to approve before the call, then we’ll setup a 45-60 minute
    recorded call with you and Jon, and that’s it!

    Let me know what you think, and we can move forward quickly.
    Thanks in advance,

    Gabriel Method
    Tel: 310.982.6594

  14. Greg Aurand says:

    Dear Dr. Davis,

    I sure wish you were closer to San Diego! My uncle has congestive heart failure, and I’m wondering if getting him off of wheat will make a significant difference? He picked up a staph infection about a year and a half ago while having prostate surgery. He’s been on dozens of doses of IV and oral antibiotics, but his doctors tell him that the infection has settled into 3 of his heart valves, and at age 87, he is not a good candidate for valve replacement surgery (especially since he had a quadruple bypass surgery 15+ years ago).

    Have you seen any improvement in heart valve performance as a result of the dietary changes that you recommend in your book? My uncle is Italian, and he cherishes his pasta and bread above most things in life! But more than life itself? We may have to find out, but I’m not sure would be up for the fight unless you can give me some sign of hope.

    Thanks sincerely,

    • Dr. Davis says:

      I fear that, when you get to the point where your grandfather is, it may be too little, too late, despite the power of wheat elimination.

      However, there is no harm in trying. I have seen people with congestive heart failure have easier control over fluid status with this dietary approach.

      We cannot expect, however, his heart valves to respond. The only factor I’ve seen helpful for valve health, though not endocarditis (valve infection), is vitamin D “normalization,” i.e., achieving a 25-hdyroxy vitamin D blood level of 60-70 ng/ml, which usually requires 6000-8000 units (gelcap) per day.

  15. My husband and I watched your Video clip on a TV programme in New Zealand ,we ordered your book “Wheat Belly” and were absolutely shocked with what we read,,I am dealing with Fijian people who emigrated to NZ,they are all horribly Obese,.given huge Bag of bread from Bakery .It now adds up .Thank you very much Dr Davis .Can we become Distributors of your materials informing others of your research here in Austalasia .Dr Janna Jones and Eric Jones

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Hi, Dr. Janna–

      Yes, this mess has failed to touch few people worldwide.

      There is really nothing to distribute for this message. There is the book, of course, obtainable from Rodale, the U.S. publisher. You might try their Customer Service.

  16. Robert McGowan says:


    You can’t be thanked enough for such an informative,interesting, life-changing book! At 20 years old, I feel smarter than most if not all adults when it comes to nutrition! I have dealt with bi-polar disorder,high-cholesterol,acne,confusion, and more. Ever since I have adopted the wheat free diet, I have lost at least 12-15 pounds after already loosing 40 this year. It’s easy to loose weight when you have high body fat but mine was around 12%. That says alot. I also can FEEL that my cholesterol has lowered. Instead of relying on alcohol/smoking like other teens to have a good time, a nice a nutritious wheat-free meal makes me feel like I’m floating on cloud 9 ! You have changed my life completely. I recently moved to Los Angeles and thought it would be a brilliant idea to open up the first ever “Wheat Belly” restaurant/delivery service! As the popularity of your book grows, people are going to stop searching for gluten-free and start looking for wheat-free! Hopefully you love the idea and I can be apart of it somehow! Thank you so much!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      That’s great, Robert!

      Please let us know if you fulfill your dream with opening a restaurant. We can help you have a line outside the door and around the block, waiting to eat your healthy food!

  17. Stephen Laudenslager says:

    Dr Davis
    I am a 71 year old male. I have been on the Wheat Belly/Lose the wheat/Lose the Weight life style since Jan 2, 2013. I was 249lbs when I started and am down to 211.6lbs today. l am feeling much better and still losing weight, I hope. I also only eat foods that are healthy as outlined in Rich Food, Poor Food by The Carltons. Overall I never felt better I am having a problem with gout. Had a bad problem two weeks ago in my left foot and it is still lingering. .Is there anything I can do to lessen or avoid instances of gout attacks? I am losing weight, I exercise 4-5 days a week, I do not smoke or drink alcohol, I started drinking tart cherry juice every day and try to drink plenty of water every day..

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Very nice, Stephen! 38 pounds in 3 months deserves a big congratulations!

      It is not uncommon for weight loss to provoke a rise in uric acid, but I do not believe that dietary manipulations are very helpful in this specific situation. I believe your safest bet is to talk to your doctor about the benign agents you can take, such as allopurinol, that block uric acid. As you know, I am no pusher of drugs and prefer natural solutions whenever possible. But the high uric acid has consequences of its own and its part of the weight loss process that is only modestly influenced by diet.

  18. Kate Chimics says:

    Dear Dr. Davis:
    I bought both of your books about 1 month ago and started right away following your program….as of today, I have lost 10lbs and 3 inches off my waist…THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I have been having issues with losing my hair also and now my hair is growing and I can at least walk outside without a wig or hat and not feel so self-concious!! YOU are my Savior at this point!! I got a card in the mail about 3 days after I bought your books…it offered the 3 bonus gifts, Grocery Shopping Guide, the walk one and the sleep yourself thin. is there a way that I can get them????

    THANK YOU again,

  19. Kate Chimics says:

    Kate Chimics says:

    April 24, 2013 at 9:15 am

    Dear Dr. Davis:
    I bought both of your books about 1 month ago and started right away following your program….as of today, I have lost 10lbs and 3 inches off my waist…THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I have been having issues with losing my hair also and now my hair is growing and I can at least walk outside without a wig or hat and not feel so self-concious!! YOU are my Savior at this point!! I got a card in the mail about 3 days after I bought your books…it offered the 3 bonus gifts, Grocery Shopping Guide, the walk one and the sleep yourself thin. is there a way that I can get them????

    THANK YOU again,

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Great, Kate!

      Those “bonus gifts” were the ones that accompanied the Rodale edition of Wheat Belly, called “Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight.” I’m not sure that they are still available, but you can try the Rodale Store online.

      • Chad Statham says:

        Dr. Davis,

        Is there any difference in the two editions other than the cover? I have your Rodale edition and my Aunt has your other more popular cover showing the hamburger buns stacked.

        Thanks in advance,

        – Chad

        • Dr. Davis says:

          Hi, Chad–

          The Rodale edition has some extra recipes and two additional sections: An Eating Out Guide and a Journal.

          They are otherwise identical.

  20. Thank you, Dr. Davis, for this book. As I read it, I am blown away by how it parallels the experience I’ve had and lessons I’ve learned over the last couple years. I have type 1 diabetes (got it at age 11, so I’ve had it for about 20 years now). Two years ago, I started a whole grain bakery business where I used whole wheat flour and less sugar to make baked goods, intending to promote them as “healthy” and “diabetes-friendly”. After trying out new recipes on myself, I realized that my products were not diabetes-friendly (they still caused quite a spike in my blood sugar levels), and caused me to gain weight. I continued to develop new recipes, and eventually realized that my favorite products contained NO grains – these were the most diabetes-friendly (and better for everyone)! I changed the name and focus of my business; all of our products are gluten-free, and we use NO starches (mostly nuts and seeds to replace the flour). Since I literally measure the affect my products have on my body (when I test my blood sugar levels), I feel confident that they are good for everybody. Customers of mine have encouraged me to read your book, and since I picked it up on Saturday, I’ve not been able to put it down. I also have a great story about a few interactions with the ADA that I’d love to tell you more about :) Thank you again – I will definitely recommend “Wheat Belly” to everyone I know!

    • Boundless says:

      > I have type 1 diabetes …

      Might we inquire what steps you are using to manage it?

      > … all of our products are gluten-free, and we use NO starches
      > (mostly nuts and seeds to replace the flour).

      Any chance you could post the NF panels on your web? And how well do they ship? The products look interesting, but I’d want to see a macronutrient breakdown before ordering.

      > … interactions with the ADA that I’d love to tell you more about …

      Oh, do tell. Just taking a peek at their web site today, I see that they conveniently confound T1D and T2D when it suits their apparent agenda, which is to avoid admitting that T2D is arguably not even a disease, but is an entirely optional ailment that is 100% reversible at pre-diabetic and metabolic syndrome, usually reversible after that, and fully manageable with diet unless untreated for so long that the complications are near terminal.

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