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How quickly does wheatlessness unfold?

Wheatlessness: the happy, healthy state achieved by not eating wheat. A frequently asked question: Once you eliminate wheat, how fast do the benefits occur? Well, it depends. It depends on what health issue we are discussing, what organ system, and … Continue reading

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Shut Yer Pie Hole

I regard most of the people who have read the Wheat Belly book and/or follow the discussions in this Wheat Belly Blog and Wheat Belly Facebook page as the early adopters in this new lifestyle. Although we now number in … Continue reading

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Quit your whining!

Wheat Belly Blog reader PJ is back, this time with an emotionally unedited version of her letter. I feel PJ’s frustration. You can show somebody the answer time and time again, but some people just never accept it or follow … Continue reading

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P.S.: Don't eat the fruitcake

Wheat Belly Blog reader, PJ, left this wonderful letter in the comments to the last post, Wheatlessness and the New “Normal. I can scream, yell, and write nasty things about this thing called “wheat” until I’m blue, but the message … Continue reading

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The Wheat Deficiency Syndrome

Beware the dreaded Wheat Deficiency Syndrome. This is what will happen to you if you eliminate wheat, the food that the USDA and U.S. Dept of Health and Human services tell us, through their Dietary Guidelines for Americans, to eat … Continue reading

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The South Beach Diet . . . improved

In the South Beach Diet, Dr. Arthur Agatston brought legitimacy and mainstream popularity to the limited-carbohydrate notion. Cast into the spotlight of trendy, sexy South Beach, Miami, along with the weight-losing advantages of an Atkins-like carbohydrate restriction, many people lost … Continue reading

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It takes a village . . . to be wheat-free

Say you live in a village. And in this village, everyone drinks water from the same well in the center of town. Everyone brings their own bucket, lowers it, brings it back up and carts it home to have water … Continue reading

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Shaun's wheat-ectomy success

Wheat Belly Blog reader, Shaun, related this incredible story of wheat-free success: I have a double success story here, with my wife and myself. Being a life-long keep-fit enthusiast, I had never had any trouble staying lean. Health is another … Continue reading

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