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The Acne Miracle: 2

Meredith added her story of relief from years of severe acne by eliminating all wheat. I noticed a huge difference in my skin after going wheat-free. When I was a teen, I had hardly any acne. But after having my … Continue reading

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Pizza Face: How wheat can ruin an otherwise perfectly fine teenager

Who doesn’t have fond memories of teenage years? Youth, the promise of a bright future, blossoming interest in the opposite sex. But we all know that it was not all a bed of roses, either: Struggles with mom and dad, … Continue reading

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Hey, Bagel Face

Anyone who has teenagers, or was once a teenager herself, knows what a nuisance acne can be. Who hasn’t anticipated going out on a date at age 17, only to have a red hot zit spring up right on the … Continue reading

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