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Weird wheat re-exposure reactions

As the world of people who are wheat-free continues to grow, I am witnessing a range of weird re-exposure reactions when people, intentionally or inadvertently, get re-exposed. Among the peculiar reactions: Congestive heart failure–A woman with a clear-cut syndrome of … Continue reading

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Fatal mistake

Craig related this story of inadvertent wheat re-exposure: I’ve been wheat-free for just about three months. Last night, I went to my niece’s wedding reception (some of you can see it coming, can’t you?) and I knew I’d have to … Continue reading

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On again, off again; on again, off again

A reader who calls herself “Geisha” left this interesting comment on the Wheat Belliers Share Their Wheat Re-Exposure Experiences blog post: It’s been enlightening reading this blog again–after 6 months absence. I started wheat free early 2012, lost lots of … Continue reading

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Deja ewww!

It’s peculiar but instructive: re-exposure phenomena triggered by wheat exposure after being confidently wheat-free. The exposure can be intentional, as in “Just one won’t hurt!” or it can be inadvertent, as in “That gravy looks okay.” Typically, someone will be … Continue reading

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Do you have food poisoning?

Okay. Now it’s time to fess up. Did you have a wheat indulgence–intentional or inadvertent–over the Christmas holiday? I’m now hearing about the aftermath of those “Oh, come on, just one gingerbread cookie!” indulgences. Or the wheat flour exposure from … Continue reading

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