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Tom Naughton’s Diet, Health, and the Wisdom of Crowds: Brilliant

Tom Naughton, filmmaker of Fat Head fame, gave this presentation at Springfield College in Massachusetts. I don’t believe that I have ever heard these concepts of the wisdom of crowds, combined with a brief history of nutritional “science” gone wrong, … Continue reading

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The monetization of obesity

It’s all over the news: The American Medical Association released a statement recognizing obesity as a disease. Obesity advocacy groups hailed the decision as a major victory. AMA Board Member, Dr. Patrice Harris, said, “Recognizing obesity as a disease will … Continue reading

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Dough: Obesity as Economic Opportunity

This brief post launches a series of musings about the role of wheat and other grains, especially corn and soy, in the big picture: feeding the world’s population, the impact of growing demand for meat with farmers reliant on grain … Continue reading

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