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Nervous breakdown

Mark related this story of near neurological disaster from wheat. Note that a neurologist failed to properly diagnose this potentially FATAL CONDITION from wheat, with the correct wheat- and gluten-free path revealed by a practitioner of neurological Functional Medicine. About … Continue reading

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Wheat: Brainless Grain

Read Jean’s story of neurological impairment and pain turned around with elimination of modern wheat, the most destructive grain ever devised for brain and nervous system destruction: The Wheat Belly book and the wheat-free diet have saved my life, or … Continue reading

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I’ll bet you pride yourself on living a pretty clean life. It’s doubtful that I’d stumble on you in some alley, track marks up your arms, lying in a puddle of your own urine, unconscious from a night of shooting … Continue reading

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Just think of the enormity of the impact of wheat consumption on the human condition. Consumption of modern high-yield semi-dwarf wheat leads to: –Weight gain–especially visceral fat in the abdomen, i.e., inflammatory fat –Diabetes, pre-diabetes–via the appetite-stimulating effects of modern … Continue reading

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Lose the wheat, lose the . . . addiction

Wheat Belly Blog reader, Ang, left this fascinating comment about her break from wheat addiction: I have been wheat-free for 9 days after reading the article in Woman’s Day (which I NEVER pick up — don’t know why it struck … Continue reading

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Got that warm feeling?

A condition called cerebellar ataxia is one manifestation of wheat’s effect on the human brain. This illness usually affects adults, average age of onset 48 years, though children can be affected, too. Symptoms consist of incoordination, falling . . . … Continue reading

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