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Modern Wheat: A Terrorist’s Delight

Modern wheat is the perfect disrupter of bowel health, a creation that even Al Quaeda couldn’t top. Let’s put aside issues like celiac or gluten-sensitivity triggered by the new gliadin proteins (such as the Glia-alpha9 sequence in most modern wheat), … Continue reading

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Wheat can kill worms

Alright, alright: I hate to do it. But occasionally I have to admit that wheat can have its good side, truly beneficial effects. There aren’t many, but there are a few. Since the Wheat Lobby refuses to see that there … Continue reading

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The Battle for Control of Your . . . Colon

Your colon–yes, that 4-foot long tube residing in the deep recesses of your abdomen, ugly, slimy, kind of smelly, hardly something you’d think would represent the spoils of any battle–is a battleground. The combatants? Bacteria. Billions of bacteria live, work, … Continue reading

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