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Wheat Belly in Woman’s World

Woman’s World, Man’s World, Child’s World . . . if you remove something that was changed using peculiar, often extreme and bizarre ways, by geneticists, well, it’s EVERYBODY’s World! Wheat Belly did little more than pull back the curtain on … Continue reading

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O World Project interview

This is an extended interview I provided while in Toronto for a documentary project called The O World Project, cataloguing unique views on health, science, and other topics. It was a chance to detail the arguments used in Wheat Belly … Continue reading

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Fat Head: Director’s Cut

My friend, Tom Naughton, is a genius for effectively delivering a clear and entertaining message. A former stand-up comic, he can make discussions about issues like prospective, placebo-controlled vs. epidemiologic cross-sectional analyses knee-slapping funny! (No kidding.) He has just released … Continue reading

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Global News interview

Here’s the interview I did with Global News’ Lynn Colliar during my visit to Vancouver just this past weekend. While there, I also gave the keynote speech to the British Columbia Naturopathic Association, an enlightened and health-savvy audience! (Not video … Continue reading

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Interview on Gluten-free School

Jennifer Fugo of the Gluten-free School recorded this interview with me that she will air on Tuesday, October 11th at 7pm ET \ 6pm CT \ 5pm MT \ 4pm PT. Sign-up on the site will be required to access. … Continue reading

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