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Grain bashing: It’s easy

When I chose to pick on grains, I found it exceptionally easy. There is no shortage of warts, scars, and defects in this class of plants co-opted into the service of the human diet. I chose to pick on wheat … Continue reading

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Experience your inner cow

You mean you’ve got an inner version of the domesticated ruminant, descendent of the wild auroch, deep inside you? You mean that you share many anatomical features with this creature with a gastrointestinal system uniquely adapted to consume grasses–a 4-compartment … Continue reading

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Experience your inner Homo erectus

In many ways, what we are doing in following the arguments in Wheat Belly is returning to the ways of primitive humans. Humans have adapted to life on earth under a range of conditions, from sub-Arctic cold coastal conditions, to … Continue reading

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It’s a Grain, Grain, Grain, Grain World

Worldwide, 20% of all human calories come from wheat products. 50% of all calories come from the Big 3 grains: wheat, corn, and soy. Of all the food choices in the world, from mongongo nuts in western Africa, to seafood … Continue reading

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