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A drug for every wheat condition

Nina posted this tale of an entire family’s health gone sour, treated with medication after medication, only to discover that it was wheat at the bottom of it all. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your book. So many … Continue reading

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“Gluten is killing all of America” Yeah, gluten-free is definitely NOT the message. But this mainstream sitcom depiction of gluten-freedom is a huge step in the right direction . . . because modern wheat is unsuitable for consumption for ANY human!

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Hey, kid, wanna ride?

Beware of┬ástockbrokers hawking the next big winner,┬ástrangers offering car rides, and beware of “gluten sensitivity.” Let me explain. The Wheat Lobby has acquiesced to the notion that there is indeed a disease called celiac disease. How else can you explain … Continue reading

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