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Gluten-free is for sissies

Gluten-free means avoiding the diverse group of proteins lumped together as “gluten.” Being gluten-free means avoiding foods that contain either gluten proteins or other proteins that cross-react (immunologically) with glutens. This includes modern wheat, spelt, and kamut; barley; rye; and … Continue reading

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Wheat Belly Buster: Carrot Flaxseed Muffins

If you need a secret weapon to persuade that person in your household that life without wheat is still worth living, then pull out some of these delicious carrot flaxseed muffins. While wheat-free, low-carb bread recipes that are included in … Continue reading

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Toast to wine

Thank goodness: Wine is a safe haven for those of use who wish to be wheat- and gluten-free. We all know that single-ingredient foods that occur in nature are wheat- and gluten-free: cucumbers, olives, basil, cranberries, etc. It’s when humans … Continue reading

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Got that warm feeling?

A condition called cerebellar ataxia is one manifestation of wheat’s effect on the human brain. This illness usually affects adults, average age of onset 48 years, though children can be affected, too. Symptoms consist of incoordination, falling . . . … Continue reading

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The Holy Grail: Gluten-free . . . but low-carb

Thanks to the inventiveness of food manufacturers and people with celiac disease, there is no shortage of foods and recipes devoted to the gluten-free concept. Gluten-free cookies, pretzels, pizza, etc., all marketed to the gluten-free community. Problem: The cornstarch, potato … Continue reading

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Jelly beans are gluten-free

Yeah, you knew that already. Most jelly beans are made of corn syrup, sucrose, corn starch, food coloring, and flavorings. So, if jelly beans are gluten-free, you should eat lots of them. Right? You should eat them for breakfast, lunch, … Continue reading

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