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Eat, Pray, Push

Newcomer to the Wheat Belly lifestyle is JM, who posted this request for some feedback on bowel experiences: I am a 54 yr old male. Former high school and college athlete. Strong, and look quite a bit younger than my … Continue reading

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The happy wheat-free intestine

Happy bowels are central to overall health, aren’t they? Eliminate the gliadin protein of wheat and it can no longer trigger activation of inflammatory T-lymphocytes in the intestinal lining. Eliminate the lectin of wheat, wheat germ agglutinin, and this direct … Continue reading

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Opera tenor does Wheat Belly

Jon, an attorney, left this wonderful story of newly-discovered relief from the plagues of acid reflux sans wheat: I have been wheat-free for the last 6 weeks since reading your book. I am a 43-year old male and have suffered … Continue reading

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Do you have food poisoning?

Okay. Now it’s time to fess up. Did you have a wheat indulgence–intentional or inadvertent–over the Christmas holiday? I’m now hearing about the aftermath of those “Oh, come on, just one gingerbread cookie!” indulgences. Or the wheat flour exposure from … Continue reading

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Diabetes: Cured

darMa left this great story of diabetes reversed–CURED–in the Wheat Belly Blog comments. Diabetes is generating double-digit revenue growth for the pharmaceutical industry in the midst of a recession. It is a booming industry, doctors writing prescriptions for Actos, Januvia, … Continue reading

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Pizza Face: How wheat can ruin an otherwise perfectly fine teenager

Who doesn’t have fond memories of teenage years? Youth, the promise of a bright future, blossoming interest in the opposite sex. But we all know that it was not all a bed of roses, either: Struggles with mom and dad, … Continue reading

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Wheatlessness and the New "Normal"

Eliminate wheat from the diet and multiple facets of health improve. Health improves so much that I believe we have to reconsider what we regard as “normal”–normal health, normal aging, feeling good. If we accept the current state of the … Continue reading

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The Wheat-free "Movement"

I have seen bowel health improve in the majority of people who say goodbye to wheat. But one observation I have not purposefully tracked is constipation. I have indeed seen constipation improve in many people, but it’s simply not part … Continue reading

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Shaun's wheat-ectomy success

Wheat Belly Blog reader, Shaun, related this incredible story of wheat-free success: I have a double success story here, with my wife and myself. Being a life-long keep-fit enthusiast, I had never had any trouble staying lean. Health is another … Continue reading

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