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Wheat, stalking, codependence and other abnormal relationships

Audra tells this tale of romance gone sour: Leaving wheat is like one of those break-ups where you still have to work with the person or maybe even remain roommates. In this example, wheat is a man, and we will … Continue reading

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Breaking bread and beating wheat

An anonymous commenter left this post on Amazon: I wanted to post this review because I am absolutely shocked at how quickly and easily the no-wheat advice worked (which I just did as an experiment that I was SURE would … Continue reading

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Pizza Face: How wheat can ruin an otherwise perfectly fine teenager

Who doesn’t have fond memories of teenage years? Youth, the promise of a bright future, blossoming interest in the opposite sex. But we all know that it was not all a bed of roses, either: Struggles with mom and dad, … Continue reading

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Wheatlessness and the New "Normal"

Eliminate wheat from the diet and multiple facets of health improve. Health improves so much that I believe we have to reconsider what we regard as “normal”–normal health, normal aging, feeling good. If we accept the current state of the … Continue reading

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Wheat and Depression: 2

Unfortunately, the question of wheat’s relationship to depression is very poorly charted in the medical literature. We do know that people with celiac disease experience more depression and commit suicide more often than the general population (a big issue all … Continue reading

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This is your brain on wheat

There is so much more to wheat’s effects than gluten intolerance. Among the most darkly fascinating (and creepy) are the effects of wheat on the human brain. Wheat’s effects can show up as difficulty concentrating or behavioral outbursts in a … Continue reading

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