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Corn Belly

Say you’re starting from scratch and contemplating some change in diet. You suffer with heartburn, your joints hurt, your feet are swollen after standing on your feet for 8 hours. On your last visit to the doctor, your blood pressure … Continue reading

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Your liver is fat

Wheat Belly Blog reader, Denise, posted this question: My doctor has prescribed a low fat diet due to a barrage of tests that ended up showing I have a very fatty liver. I am overweight, have high blood pressure, IBS … Continue reading

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Jelly beans and ice cream

What if I said: “Eliminate all wheat from your diet and replace it with all the jelly beans and ice cream you want.” That would be stupid, wouldn’t it? Eliminate one rotten thing in diet–modern high-yield, semi-dwarf wheat products that … Continue reading

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The Gliadin Effect

Gliadin is a protein found within wheat gluten. It is, from a cold scientific viewpoint, a fascinating issue, a protean protein capable of incredibly varied biologic effects in humans. Among the things we know about gliadin: –Gliadin is the most … Continue reading

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Pre-diabetes cured, 2 dress sizes down . . . and "gravy"

Roz tried to leave this comment on the blog, the blog for the Grain Foods Foundation. (I say “tried” because they are censoring some of the comments, including my recent comment/question about the drug industry affiliation of one of … Continue reading

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Can I eat quinoa? Carb counting basics

It’s a frequent question: Can I eat quinoa . . . or beans, or brown rice, or sweet potatoes? Or how about amaranth, sorghum, and buckwheat? Surely corn on the cob is okay! These are, of course, non-wheat carbohydrates. They … Continue reading

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What's wrong with that banana?

This post initiates a series of conversations about how to manage carbohydrates in the diet once you’ve eliminated the ugliest, smelliest, rottenest, most foul carbohydrate of all: wheat. Wheat Belly, of course, exposes the disastrous effects of widespread consumption of … Continue reading

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1985: The year the dough hit the fan

In 1985, the National Cholesterol Education Panel delivered its Adult Treatment Panel guidelines to Americans, advice to cut cholesterol intake, reduce saturated fat, and increase “healthy whole grains.” Congress followed suit with legislation requiring that the USDA provide dietary advice … Continue reading

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Jelly beans are gluten-free

Yeah, you knew that already. Most jelly beans are made of corn syrup, sucrose, corn starch, food coloring, and flavorings. So, if jelly beans are gluten-free, you should eat lots of them. Right? You should eat them for breakfast, lunch, … Continue reading

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