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Weight gain, acne, asthma, collapse . . . could it be wheat?

Mia posted this story describing her experience with the uncommon Wheat-Dependent Exercise-Induced Anaphylaxis, or WDEIA: Over the past several years, I have struggled with an occasional bout of asthma, while never really understanding what was triggering it or how to … Continue reading

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A family’s life is transformed

I met Jason at a lecture I did a couple of months ago. He described his family’s story of health transformation to me, including relief from a range of conditions, after everyone eliminated all wheat/gluten from their lives. So I … Continue reading

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Weight loss is just the start!

Lucas posted his story, describing his turnaround in health that went beyond “just” weight loss. He reminds us that wheat elimination is not “just another low-carb diet.” It is a condemnation of this thing put in our food called “wheat,” … Continue reading

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Just think of the enormity of the impact of wheat consumption on the human condition. Consumption of modern high-yield semi-dwarf wheat leads to: –Weight gain–especially visceral fat in the abdomen, i.e., inflammatory fat –Diabetes, pre-diabetes–via the appetite-stimulating effects of modern … Continue reading

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