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Wheat Belly was released August 30, 2011.

It is available at Amazon, Barnes and NobleBooks a Million, and Indiebound.

You can also order the Wheat Belly audio CD from Amazon.

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  2. sue says:

    Dr. Davis,
    Will your new cookbook contain the nutrional breakdown for the recipes?? Love the recipes but would like to see this information included as well so they can be adjusted for the number of diners. Thanks for all your excellent work!!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Yes, it will, Sue.

      I originally purposefully left out nutritional analyses because I wanted to discourage calorie counting.

      But I know appreciate that many people want to quantify carbohydrate grams. So I compromised and nutritional breakdowns will be included.

  3. Patti Hester says:

    I have been wondering for sometime about the amount of wheat I consume. I have been on several diets with not so good results. I am going to give the Wheat Belly diet a try and see what happens. Hopefully I can talk my husband into trying it. Will let you know how it works out.

  4. Glenda says:

    Dr Davis, is there a version of your recipe book that has metric measurements, rather than pounds and ounces?

  5. Porschalyn Nnadi says:

    Finally the truth comes out. I have been trying to lose my stomach weight for so long, the rest of my body almost looks pitful and no matter what I try, my belly still just hangs around. I seen you on DR. OZ and as soon as you meantioned Frankenwheat, a smile came on my face. I am looking forward to reading your book. And I would like to thank you for being bold enough to come forward and share your findings with us. My husband and I have made an agreement to start cleaning out the pantry and going wheat free. I am very excited about this.

  6. miss says:

    Getting rid of wheat is difficult when many products contain them – Do you suggest eating oats as an alternative? Besides millet bulgar and ?? what other grains are safe? What are your views on soy and corn? you suggested coconut flour, Does this include use with dairy or non dairy products? organic or non organic ? Your suggestions are welcomed. Thank you

  7. Caroline Q says:

    Dr Davis,

    Thank you for opening the eyes of so many people with your book. I’m so glad still have good professionals out there who truly care about others.
    I talked about your book to many friends already, however being from Brazil I wish I could spread the word even more. I wonder if you are doing or have done translations to other languages? I would love my parents to read you book but they don’t speak any English.

    Thank again,

    Caroline Q.

  8. Michele says:

    I have started reading your book. I have not had wheat for a week and it already shows. Having a large well developed chest has always made me look slimmer that I was. At 5′ 7″ and 232 I now weigh more than I did when pregnant with any of my 4 children. I have been resigned to just be the fluffy grandma, having refused to do the yoyo dieting thing because it has been harmful to so many people that I see. I can now look down and not see my belly!! That is quite a start!! I wish the cookbook was out. I really need it for the holidays. I can still eat almost all of what we have though.
    Thanks for this tremendous book.

  9. cecilia says:

    Hi. I have been on a gluten free diet since I was 9 month old (celiac decease). I had terribly bad acne as a teenager… regardless of the no intake of wheat… I am however now 36 and even though I’m not any longer suffer from acne, I start to think that I have and maybe always have had a hormone unbalance. I had a terrible pregnancy and difficult birth 3 years ago… I put on 30 kilos during pregnancy, say 10 kilo normal baby-making-weight, 10 kilo water retention…and then 10 kilos extra as I couldn’t be as active as I wanted to as I was so ill and sore all the time. I have since birth also had big struggles especially at the time when I gave up breastfeeding at 15 months time. I also have a fibroid and come from a family history with fibroids. I have seen numerous GPs, but no one seam to be able to help me… and in the end I looked for alternative care. I had acupuncture and stopped eating/drinking : coffee, sugar, dairy and meat for a while as well as I took herbs from my chinese doctor. I immediately felt better. However after 3-4 moth I saw it as I now was ‘cured’ (as I did not fully understand how exclusion of these foods made me feel better) the and went back on ‘normal diet’ (still gluten free). This is now approximately 1 year ago. And I’ve been well… I think… just a bit fat I thought… could not loose those extra 10 kilos from child birth but I thought that maybe it was my age… and constant tired… but I thought that was normal for parenthood… Anyhow now a year later I just recently came down with very bad lower back pain (i could not walk for a week). My GP was/is convinced it is due to my fibroid. I have researched fibroids a lot and I find it astonishing that no one knows why so many women get them, especially as they are responsible for so many hysterectomies. As I knew my ‘problems’ became better last time I gave up sugar and coffee I decided to do the same thing now. After 2 days (!!!) all my pain was gone! And I also noticed that my wrists all off the sudden was much skinnier. So it appears that I suffered/suffer from water retention and I have now idea how and if its related to coffee and sugar – but it worked! It was in the same time I came across this wheatbelly page and I thought – I KNEW IT! So I have now stopped all grains and restricted dairy. I eat only organic veg, organic chicken free range organic egg… I however cant afford organic meat. Anyhow, I was just going to ask a few questions but I thought a background info was required: 1. Im wondering good to eat meat if its not organic? (especially if you have a hormonal unbalance) – 2. Could this ‘diet’ be applied to the whole family? Would a 3 year old suffer from not eating grains/potatoes? 3. What oils are recommended – I read olive and coconut – any else? What’s the best oil to fry in. Helpful for some advise. Thank you! (from Australia)

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Hi, Cecelia–

      1) Just eat organic, free range meat whenever budget permits. We can only try our best. It doesn’t have to be perfect with the meats.

      2) I believe this diet is appropriate for ANY human of any age. Kids have more leeway in carb intake, however, e.g., fruit, some non-wheat grains like rices, buckwheat, etc.

      3) Best oils: coconut, extra-virgin olive, extra-light olive, walnut, flaxseed, butter.

      • cecilia says:

        Thank you for your quick response. I will be ordering your cook book for myself but Im also giving all my family a copy for xmas. I suggested to my mother to go off gluten 3 month ago and sure thing – her eczema has eased and so has her joint pains. Now i’m going to get them all off sugar and cut down on the grains and dairy! Thats a true xmas gift! :) Lucky my parents are coming to stay for 5 weeks – so I’m going to put them all on this ‘diet’… going to be hard to get the husband and father stop drinking beer though :) Thanks again!

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  11. Sharon says:

    Hi Dr Davis,
    I have recently discovered I have some food intolerances – wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, eggs and yeast are my main ones. Does your cookbook contain some recipes without these ingredients?
    Thank-you for spreading the word on Frankenwheat!
    Regars, Sharon

  12. Amy Lambert says:

    Dr. Davis,
    I basically combined the Paleo Diet with the Wheat Belly diet and now I am interested to buy your cookbook.
    I recently watched the movie Forks Over Knives and now I am interested in reducing meat and dairy intake with the goal of eliminating them completely from my diet.
    Like many of the testimonies I read about from the Wheat Belly Diet, I too can say I lost 27 pounds and feel so much better. It all took about 2.5 months.
    Now I am interested to know what foods you may suggest for a vegetarian! I will check your books for more answers.
    Thank you very much – your work has made my life better!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      You will have to maximize what remains in your diet, such as nuts, seeds, chia, legumes, olives, olive oil, coconut products, etc.

      However, bear in mind that the China Study is an awful misinterpretation of diet that can lead you down the wrong path. I support vegetariansims for humanitarian purposes, but not for health purposes, certainly not for the reasons that are offered by Colin Campbell.

  13. Marge says:

    Dr. Davis,

    I have been following the Wheat Belly diet and feel great! It has been a process and now my husband and kids are also eating mostly wheat free. I am really interested that my mom converts to a wheat-free diet. She has arthritis and fybromialgia and I am convinced that if she changes her diet, she will feel better and probably get rid of her awful pains! It is hard to get through someone that has been eating wheat all their lives!

    Are there any translations of your book in Spanish. Where can I get it in Mexico? My parents live in Mexico City and I have looked everywhere so I can get a copy in Spanish. I would like to spread the word and change the lives of my family in Mexico. Help!

    Your book has been a blessing! Thank you.


  14. jOtero says:

    is there a spanish version of your book?

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  17. Silva says:

    Dr. Davis, WB has changed my life forever. I often wish your message had come in time to save my mother’s life, but always I’ll be grateful I got it in time for me. The rest of my immediate family are not yet plagued by the effects of their poor eating habits, but they all clearly see my health returning. My mother in law in Mexico really needs Wheat Belly, and wants it! When will it be available in Spanish? It can not be too soon. My sincere thanks, Silva

  18. Tim Sneed says:

    I don’t know if this is the spot to leave such a message but I was just wondering how critical is it to read the whole book? Did anyone else have such a hard time READING it? I am not in the medical profession and there is a TON of medical terminology and methods and stuff, I just wonder if I can pass over some things? I did buy the book. The back of the book, I guess the review from Rodale, says the book is “Readable…” Lol. Well, I guess when it has to SAY that, it’s not true! I am college edumacated but heck, that book is pretty tough to get through! It’s definitely NOT readable. It’s almost like a textbook. I’m thinking about sitting down, taking notes, and sending it the Dummy book people! “All that you REALLY need to know about this book!”

  19. Stewart Simpkins says:

    I lost almost 50 lbs in about 5 months from going wheat free, controlling my other carbs, and mountain biking a few times a week. I am still wheat free for 95% of the food I eat. Sometimes I get stuck somewhere that I end up eating small amounts. I used to be a big fan of wheat beer and have only had maybe 6 or 7 since June. I drink mostly gluten free beers or ciders and watch the sugar content of the ciders. Some ciders are full of sugar, and some dont have too much. Its been worth it!! Commit to it and you will see results like you never imagined!! It may end up saving my life, since in 2011 I had an artery collaspe in my head and had several mini-strokes. I feel great now compared to June!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      That’s terrific, Stewart!

      As you have learned, losing the wheat is the BIG first step. Everything else is secondary to this crucial step that we ALL need to take.

  20. Lorie says:

    Fianlly, a doctor who has exercised and maintained his medical Code of Ethics–not something others are willing to do. Those who are trying to debunk Dr. Davis are only in the profession to get richer, while literally killing their patients, or they are severely ignorant and not keeping up. Dr. Davis–with your research (I hope is continued) and book, you will literally save thousands of people’s lives, mine included. THANK YOU!

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