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Wheat Belly was released August 30, 2011.

It is available at Amazon, Barnes and NobleBooks a Million, and Indiebound.

You can also order the Wheat Belly audio CD from Amazon.

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  1. Frank L. Arcieri says:

    Are whole or rolled OATS acceptable in this plan?

    • Dr. Davis says:

      I ask my patients to eliminate all oats, as they trigger sky-high blood sugar, Frank.

      It is a somewhat different issue from wheat, but the effect is quite marked.

      • Frank says:

        Thanks for the information!
        I’m on my way to Barnes & Noble, to get your book….I’m sure my other questions will be answered in the book. I am 74yr.old, 5’9″ @ 179, BMI-25. I experienced a 98% blockage in my LAD, back in Sept.1996. Stent (non-medicated type) inserted and I’ve had no problems since. Have eaten the “Heart Healthy” diet as prescribed by the Texas Heart Institute and worked out at gym three evenings a week (cardio and weights) and while it has worked fairly well, am looking for a change in diet. See and hear how successful Bill O’Reily on FOX News has been with your ideas….why not? He looks good. I believe if I am successful with your life-style idea my wife may show an interest. She’s a stroke and/or heart event looking to happen at, 5’1″ @ 206-lbs. on a small frame.
        I love Oatmeal, but can easily give it up to get ride of my belly fat.

      • Jennifer says:

        I’m so sad to hear that I have to give up oatmeal. I love it so but my health is more important and I am sure I will find something that I love just as much!

  2. Hector i says:

    Dr. Davis what would be the title for the book in Spanish? Or has it been published in Spanish? I need my dad to read this…and my whole family. I think I’m going to give them the book for x-mas. I started the wheat free journey this past month and I’m seeing the difference. Please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      In the works, Hector.

      I have not yet seen the translated version, so I’m not sure what the title will be yet.

      • Hector i says:

        Thanks Dr. Davis.

      • chanah says:

        Have you considered publishing in Hebrew? Or at least getting your book sold in English in Israel? There are TONS of diagnosed and undiagnosed celiacs as well as wheat sensitivity types here in Israel. Ashkenazi Jews have a higher rate of celiac as well as breast and colon cancer, but it is a general issue, and diabetes occurs in all populations.

        While pita, pizza, challah, Russian bread, and bourekas are common fare, many have a Mediterranean diet and eat healthy with great veggies and fruits as well as olive oil. So, it’s typical to see otherwise healthy people with wheat belly. (Hey, the army pants still fit for reserve duty if the guy buckles up under the gut!) But I think we are better conditioned to eat healthy, and many would be open to learning what you have to share.

        For now we will order from Amazon, but I think it’s a shame not to be in the local market–and we are a nation of voracious book buyers, if you look at the stats.

      • cyro says:

        Dear Dr. Davis,
        Any chance we have it in portuguese?
        best wishes

  3. NANNETTE says:

    Hello Dr. Davis,
    I just saw you on CBS 2 news morning show in NYC and you left me speechless. I will be ordering your book but I have a question as I am completely stunned. I have been a vegan for the past 13 yrs and obviously don’t eat any animals or animal by products. All of my meals are plant based and incllude all organic foods and legumes. You advised someone who asked you about rolled oats/grains to eliminate that from her diet. I usually start my morning with a bowl of organic oatmeal but if you don’t feel any rolled oats are good what can someone like me eat for a hearty breakfast. Thanks for the knowledge!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      While oats lack many of the adverse effects of wheat, such as appetite stimulation, intestinal destruction and “leakiness” to foreign substances, and allergy, oats send blood sugar sky-high, a phenomenon that leads to heart disease, diabetes, accumulation of visceral fat, hypertension, cataracts, and arthritis.

      I used to have my patients check their blood sugar 1-hour after consuming any food, including oatmeal Result: Sky-high blood sugar 1-hour after eating organic, stonegrond oats, no sugar added. Oats are awful.

      If you can eat eggs, you are golden: scrambled, fried, omelettes, frittatas, quiches (wheat-free, of course), along with nuts, seeds, cheeses, chia, vegetables (yes, for breakfast!), and some fruit, especially berries for their high nutritional content with low “net” carb exposure. Be sure to see the recipes on this blog so that you can have cookies, muffins, and brownies for breakfast, too!

      • Neicee says:

        When I was a youngster in school my mom used to make me have oatmeal for breakfast occasionally. I spent those mornings jittery, jumpy, and starving by 10 AM. Haven’t eaten it since. Even oatmeal bread used to do it. Now, eggs/bacon or sausage and I was good to go until lunch – sometimes skipping lunch so I could spend more time on the playground. ;)

  4. David says:

    Dear Dr. Davis,
    Independent of your research, I, a long-time vegetarian who eats fish and seafood have
    stopped eating all flour products, potatoes, rice, etc a year ago, and as you describe, have lost 16 lbs,
    look years younger, have more stamina, improved acid reflux 60%, joint mobility improved, etc.
    Regarding your statement about the way wheat is grown now, do you happen to know if it’s the same in Europe?
    England, France, Italy are very heavy consumers of wheat products culturally.
    The question is whether growing wheat in Europe is the same as it was in the US pre-1960s, or do they use
    the same techniques there as they currently do in the US?
    Thanks very much for your reply.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      It is a problem worldwide, though there is something of a tendency in France and Italy to cling to the older strains to some degree.

  5. Carol says:

    Just want to say that I’ve been trying to eat wheat free since late July, after reading Dr. Davis’ book. I am a 51 year old mom of two teens. I have chronic inflammation, colon polyps (the bad kind), asthma, bad knees, frozen shoulders, rosacea, and ruptured tendons in my feet. One thing I have noticed is that my abdominal issues…gas, bloating, debilitating pain, hot inflamation….gone. Completely gone. Not even one episode of IBS. I am completely amazed by this. I have not lost much weight by eliminating wheat, but my clothing is fitting better and my body feels good…I am, so to speak, body happy! Without a physical exam, I know that my inflammation is going away because I can feel it from the inside out. I have incredible energy and I am re-engaging in my day to day life again. Plus, food just tastes better! I don’t get “sweet” cravings like I used to and even spicy food is spicier. I am sure the weight loss will come with stricter adherence to lowering my overall carbs. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Davis. Nothing else helped with the IBS pain. Trust me, if you know what IBS feels like, you need to try this. If I can do it, anybody can. Get this book!

    • Ginger says:

      Carol- I am now wheat free too – wonder if you notice any change in the Rosacea – because that is one thing that seems to now be worse! Not sure if it is added stress I have now in my life or what but curious how yours is…other than that complaint I feel fantastic – 52 year old woman – 5’4 and now weigh about 118….feels great.

      Thanks – Ginger

  6. bob thompson says:

    Poorly arranged web site. Hard to read and figure out what is going on.
    Is the only way for me to get info to drive 56 miles to a book store and buy the book.
    No, I never ever buy anything over the internet.
    SCAMs got me twice. Twice burned, twice cautious.

    • Boundless says:

      You can find a lot here by using an external search engine, such as Google, restricting search to this site. For example., you can find all the discussions of soy with a string of:

      Try your local library for the book.
      We’ve purchased any number of copies from with zero issues.

  7. Andrea G says:

    Hello Dr Davis,
    I’d like to purchase the book to help with my hyperthrodism. Have you any reports on the impact of wheat elimination in this condition?

    Thank you,

    • Boundless says:

      Use the “Thyroid disease” link at lower left engine to locate these two articles:
      Thyroid Tune-up Checklist
      An Iodine Primer

      You can also use an external search engine, such as Google, restricted to this site, to find all discussions about thryoid. A typical search string would be:

  8. Kim Mitchell- McFadden says:

    Hello Dr. Davis,
    I have hypothyroidism,arthritis,also fatigue,not to mention belly fat ,what foods can I start eating for breakfast.plan to order your book after writing this.


  9. Ruth Fowler says:

    Is Ezekiel Bread allowed?

  10. T. Fowler says:

    DR. DAVIS,

    • Boundless says:

      My take on corn:
      It’s a high GI carb, so limit intake. Look for non-GMO (and “organic” may be merely additional symbolic frosting once you find corn that is non-GMO). In prepared foods, watch out for trans-fats and stealth wheat.

  11. Veneita Apple says:

    A friend is losing weight by following this plan. I plan to get the book this week. My question is this–is it hard to start? I admit I don’t like any seafood and am a picky eater.

  12. Anne says:

    I purchased some kosher 3-grain German bread called Feldkamp. It is wheat free, and the primary ingredient in whole grain rye kernals. Do you recommend this?

  13. Donald Megna says:

    Thanks for this book. I’m generally a fit person, but like many of your patients I was unable to lose those extra 10 -15 lbs. I continue to exercise and eat whole foods, but it’s the elimination of wheat and other starches as recommended in your book that are dropping the pounds.
    I have been talking to people about what I have been calling the “wheat belly diet” but surprisingly many people don’t see your program as a diet. This is confusing to me but the major diet plans, Atkins, South Beach etc. specifically call themselves a “diet” and so people who are only interested in weight loss rather than overall health are drawn to them.
    It is unfortunate that people are missing out on all the benefits that following the dietary measures in “Wheat Belly” can realize.
    May I suggest that you design and publish a book specifically titled “The Wheat Belly Diet”? I think this would open the door to thousands of people who seek only to lose weight.
    I realize there is a Wheat Belly Cookbook, but alot of people do searches using the keyword “diet” and unless they see that word somewhere in the title, then any dietary program, regardless of how successful or beneficial will not cross their radar.
    Thanks again, for making my life better.

  14. Ruth Fowler says:

    Are Stevia and Agave’ Nectar allowable alternatives for sugar?
    Garbonza beans are hard for me to digest. Would this mean that I should avoid Garbonza flour?
    I have been trying to follow the food plan for Type A; should I continue once I start following your program?
    Thanks so much. I cannot wait to get started. Ordered the book yesterday.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Stevia: yes

      Agave: Absolutely not! It is, in effect, a poison.

      If you have had issues with garbanzo, it is an easy matter to avoid, including when specified in these recipes.

  15. Doris says:

    Can you explain how the “Track Your Plaque” works? Is my doctor involved? Thank you.

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  17. Doris says:

    What would be a good substitute for garbonza bean flour?

  18. nicole says:

    Can you eat quinoa?

  19. ramonda says:

    i just came from my follow up appointment with my dr…2 weeks ago i had my gallbladder removed….its been a hard road….i just ask my dr ….how will i live the rest of my life?…his comment as we are parting in the hallway…..”go home, buy the book “wheatbelly” and live it”… this really going to help me?

  20. Kathy says:

    What about Ezekiel bread?

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