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Why we START with wheat elimination

Mixhelle tells us why wheat elimination is the first and essential step in seizing back control over health and weight. “I went wheat-free two weeks ago. And JUST wheat free. I understand the mechanisms of going low-carb for weight loss, … Continue reading

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Weight Watchers no more after 37 years

Carol posted this interesting comment about her weight loss and health success experienced after reading Wheat Belly: “I have been mesmerized by the book. Being a lifetime member of Weight Watchers since the age of 21 (now 58), I am … Continue reading

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Wheat Belly and “Hammer hands”

Read this incisive and insightful editorial on the Wheat Belly Lifestyle Institute website: Hitting oneself in the hand with a rubber hammer reduces pain and swelling, human study finds Author Gary Miller highlights the flawed logic used over and over … Continue reading

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Melissa’s No-Bake Strawberry Cheesecake

                              Here’s a beautifully simple and tasty recipe, courtesy of wheat-free champion, Melissa, of the Satisfying Eats blog. Melissa has her own jaw-dropping wheat-free success story … Continue reading

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Shame on the Chicago Tribune

A blatantly pro-wheat piece ran in the Chicago Tribune that bashes the anti-grain movement. Read it here. Written by dietitian, Marsha McCullough, it is full of the oversimplifications and partial truths echoed by the wheat industry. (So it smells and … Continue reading

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Grain bashing: It’s easy

When I chose to pick on grains, I found it exceptionally easy. There is no shortage of warts, scars, and defects in this class of plants co-opted into the service of the human diet. I chose to pick on wheat … Continue reading

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What’s WORSE than genetic modification?

Genetic modification (GM) is coming under increasing scrutiny, despite the efforts of companies like Monsanto and Coca Cola to squash legislative action to require the labeling of genetically-modified foods. GM refers to the use of gene-splicing technology to insert or … Continue reading

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Diabetes Australia bungles dietary advice

A Wheat Belly Blog reader passed this exchange between his father and a dietitian representing the Australian Diabetic Association onto me. While nearly all of you are no strangers to the ignorance exhibited by defenders of the dietary status quo, … Continue reading

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Ishi: The Last Hunter-Gatherer

One of the last true hunter-gatherers in North America was believed to be a man called Ishi, with a fascinating tale of the clash between indigenous cultures and early 20th century America. But a study of this man provides some … Continue reading

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Wheat Belly in Woman’s World

Woman’s World, Man’s World, Child’s World . . . if you remove something that was changed using peculiar, often extreme and bizarre ways, by geneticists, well, it’s EVERYBODY’s World! Wheat Belly did little more than pull back the curtain on … Continue reading

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