Wheat Belly video FAQs: I lost the wheat, but didn’t lose the weight, part 3

Other issues to consider for weight loss: sleep deprivation, intermittent fasting, and, least important of all, exercise.

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View the video here.

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      • Greg

        Hi, same for me but I tried a workaround. Just go into YouTube website from your internet browser and type in “wheat belly part 3”, you should see the matches in a list and you’ll see the video. I clicked on it and it worked fine. Not sure why the direct link in these from the WBB website aren’t working???
        This same thing happened for me on Parts 1 & 2 videos as well. Hope this helps.

  1. Mina

    Hi Dr. Davis,

    Could you please include answer to this question: “I lost the wheat, but didn’t lose the arthritic pain and stiffness in my knees, hands and shoulders”?

    Thank you!

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, good idea, Mina.

      I just submitted a monstrously large manuscript that addresses this and related issues, due out in September, 2014.

      In the meantime, manage bowel flora: probiotics, prebiotics, fermented foods; correct vitamin D; fish oil; consider other food intolerances.

  2. Pam

    I’ve been wheat free one year, my husband began a couple of months later. We’ve both been amazed at the loss of inflammation, I’m able to sleep soon after I lie down, the brain fog has lifted and we remember the names of people and places and memories flood back. We’ve lost weight; I was delighted when buying clothes for the first time last week – both at the change and at the look. You speak of fasting in this video and one of my concerns / questions is about health. We can no longer look at the “food pyramid” as a guide to follow – what do we NEED to eat? We eat Salmon and fish regularly and vegetables – but don’t want to overdo (as you mentioned about the salt). Since we’re not hungry, it would be easy to skip meals – but will we know if we’ve overdone?

  3. Sheri Thornton

    Dr. Davis: can you please give me your views on juicing ? I know sugar is an issue if using more than one serving but are the veggie carbs too high as well? I heard about the many benefits of juicing and wanted to get your opinion – I haven’t seen anything on your blogs about it . Thanks

    • Dr. Davis

      Juicing is wonderful, but it tempts people to overdo the fruit.

      Go very lightly on the fruit, preferably berries, and no more than a handful.