The new Wheat Belly 30-Minute (or Less!) Cookbook now available!

The newest cookbook to help people navigate the healthy Wheat Belly wheat-free lifestyle is now available!

I wrote this cookbook with time and ease in mind. But I also applied many of the lessons learned over the last 2 1/2 years since the original Wheat Belly was released.

For instance, I learned that many people, increasingly wary of salad dressings, mayonnaise, and sauces, for instance, were interested in making their own. So you will find recipes for healthy Creamy Moroccan Dressing, Tomato Cilantro Dressing, Barbecue Sauce, Thai Red Curry Sauce, and Creamy Pesto Dressing. I also tried to cover a range of ethnic choices, such as Thai, Italian, and Mediterranean.

I’m especially proud of my Mini Chocolate Eclairs and Key Lime Cupcakes!

None of the recipes in this cookbook, of course, rely on the junk carbohydrates used by the gluten-free industry. You will only find healthy wheat-free, grain-free, no-added-sugar ingredients here.

You can find the Wheat Belly 30-Minute (or Less!) Cookbook at Barnes and Noble and other bookstores,, and

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72 Responses to The new Wheat Belly 30-Minute (or Less!) Cookbook now available!

  1. Ri says:

    I just finished watching this documentary called Globesity about the growing obesity epidemic in other parts of the world-Brazil India China and especially Mexico-its scary and so very sad I teared up a few times watching some peoples stories-the fat and the sick feel so lost and helpless and depressed its heartbreaking. A lot of people in different parts of the world are so uneducated about nutrition they are getting fatter and sicker by the day especially the poor since junk foods and fast foods are cheaper and more readily available. It breaks my heart to see a pudgy kid I used to think they were cute but now I just think they are being set up for a very difficult life- being bullied for their weight and being at risk for developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Something needs to be done. Mexico is to subsidizing stomach stapling surgery but a lot of people who have that end up gaining the weight back because they never did learn about proper nutrition and adopt good habits. It was surprising to hear that many of the adults in India who have type 2 diabetes don’t even know it! It seems like big food companies like nestle and coca cola are becoming so powerful and are taking over in impoverished cities that now have their products as a staple in their diets-babies with coca cola in their bottles its just not right. And of course what an expecting mother consumes while the baby is still in the womb will have a bearing on that child’s health and development as well as their marked risk factors for developing diseases like diabetes in their lifetime that’s why I believe that knowledge is power. To educate people about proper nutrition is key and to stop feeding school children slop for lunch at their schools needs to happen. To do otherwise is to not give a child a chance in life and if their family members like mother and father are fat and sick that impacts them greatly as well-I think it starts with the mother as the matriarch of the family who usually prepares most meals to make the necessary changes. I hope these changes happen in my lifetime. There is nothing worse than poor health and no greater blessing than good health and without your health you have nothing. These companies are all about the bottom line and cashing in they don’t care the impacts their having on peoples quality of life.

  2. Roxanne W says:

    Hello Dr. Davis,

    I noticed in your new 30-minute cookbook that you suggested using a tortilla press. I definitely second that !!!
    It makes life so much easier to be able to take a ball of dough and flatten it into a perfectly round, thin tortilla in just a couple of seconds instead of trying to make a circle with a rolling pin, struggling to get it to an even thickness. After searching locally and finding no tortilla press, I ordered the IMUSA VICTORIA 8” Cast Iron Tortilla Press from (I found the link through Maria Emmerich’s website, where I was using her “Healthified Tortilla” recipe, coconut flour version:

    I am so grateful to have found this new tool. It has to be “the best purchase of the year” for my kitchen!

    (Helpful Hint to Canadian shoppers: I was able to purchase from, and get a better price, even with shipping to Canada included, than the basic cost of the same item from

    I have seen many recipes in your new cookbook that I am eager to try. Thanks so much Dr. Davis for all that you do to help so many people!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Roxanne!

      Yes, tortilla presses are terrifically simple devices. Love them!

  3. Cindy says:

    Dr. Davis:
    As this year comes to a close, I want to express my sincere thanks to you for having the courage to speak out against eating grains and your continued efforts to provide us with more and improved recipes. There is a learning curve to eating and cooking this new way, but it does get easier the longer we follow this grain-free lifestyle. I will soon be purchasing your latest cookbook and am anxious to try the recipes. Maria Emmerich’s website is another great resource. At the end of March it will be one year since I became aware of this blog and read Wheat Belly. I will be retesting NMR, thyroid, and insulin numbers at that time. Even if there isn’t as much improvement as I hope, the difference this way of eating has had on my lifelong depression is motivation enough to continue. I am feeling the best I’ve felt in many years with increased mental clarity as well. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! God bless you for your work, and I wish you and yours peace, continued good health, and safety in 2014!

    • Ri says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more Cindy! Dr Davis and Dr Perlmutter are my heros for 2013 their books are literally life changing and clear up so much confusion about food and nutrition I once had-health and happiness to you as well in the coming year :)

  4. Ri says:

    and Boundless thanks for always answering questions in such a timely manner :) im not sure if you work on this blog for Dr Davis but either way the knowledge you impart is valuable and appreciated

    • Boundless says:

      > … Boundless thanks for always answering questions in such a timely manner :)

      You’re welcome. It’s worth pointing out that I’m not a medical professional. That means that ordinary people can figure all this diet stuff out, and understand it thoroughly enough to explain it to other ordinary people.

      > … I’m not sure if you work on this blog for Dr Davis

      If I worked for Dr.D, I’d disclose it when indicated. My role, to date, is still as described at:

      • Barbara in New Jersey says:


        Your statement of ordinary people being able to figure out the diet and explain it to others is right on the money! Whatever the cause of indifference by the medical community to our health woes, the fact that all of us here on WB are improving our health, while decreasing our reliance on a health care system out of control will keep getting attention until dietary changes actually occur.

        Globesity has been coined on YouTube. A fat, roly poly Statue of Liberty picture is appearing in the media with more frequency. Perhaps even our doctors will start to pay attention as their patients don’t need as much followup visits. The more print, the more this WOE will become commonplace. As a take off from Animal House:
        “Being fat, sickly and diabetic is no way to go through life!”

        Happy New Year to you and yours!

  5. Ri says:

    could some one please explain the difference If any between high carb and high GI-are they interrelated what s more important to watch out for high carb or high gi? ie. a gluten free rice cake has only 7 grams of carbs which I suppose could fit into a healthy active lifestyle but its higher up on the glycemic index -55 I believe?i know dr davis has talked rice cakes makin your blood sugar levels skyrocket but what if you just eat one and top it with turkey mayo mustard tomato some creamy boursin cheese a little flax and pepper-doesn’t the fat and protein slow down how fast the sugars are absorbed-please explain!

    • Boundless says:

      > … difference If any between high carb and high GI

      Well, ya gotcha glycemic load, glycemic index, net carbs and total carb. sez:

      Glycemic Index (GI): The Glycemic Index is a dietary index that’s used to rank carbohydrate-based foods. The Glycemic Index predicts the rate at which the ingested food will increase blood sugar levels. A detailed explanation of Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load can be found on Nutrition Data’s Glycemic Index page.

      Glycemic Load (GL): Glycemic Load is equal to the Glycemic Index of a food times the number of grams of carbohydrates in the serving of food that’s being eaten. Glycemic Load is believed to correlate more directly to blood-sugar level changes than Glycemic Index. A detailed explanation of Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load can be found on Nutrition Data’s Glycemic Index page.

      Net carbs is total carbs less fiber carbs, and is a simple way for most people to assess a food’s blood sugar provocation potential. This is because TC and FC are listed on NF panels, whereas GI and GL usually are not.

      Total carbs is just that. It’s worth mentioning that some interest groups (ketotic dieters and type 1 diabetics) don’t trust the net carb concept, and rely only on total carbs to assess intake.

      “… believed to correlate more directly to blood-sugar level changes …”
      When blood sugar matters, you measure it. The primary purpose of GI and GL seems to be to keep diabetics diabetic by fooling themselves.

      > … a gluten free rice cake has only 7 grams of carbs …

      If you’re keeping your net carb intake below 15 grams per meal or 6-hour period, that rice cake isn’t much of a hit (nor much in the way of nutrition, as would be the case for 7 grams of glucose).

      > … but what if you just eat one and top it with … -doesn’t the fat and protein slow
      > down how fast the sugars are absorbed …

      Modern munchie myth? People advance this theory of slowing absorption periodically here, but they never provide any sources for why they think it’s true.

  6. Ri says:

    thanks Boundless im still a little confused about it all so if we keep carbs below 15 per meal or every 6 hours we should be fine -it doesn’t matter than what the GI or GL is? and when you say ‘fiber carbs’ is that just the fiber as shown on the label??how does GI or GLkeep diabetics diabetic?

    • Boundless says:

      > how does GI or GLkeep diabetics diabetic?

      The carb pushers are giving them the idea that anything with a GI less than 100 is good. Dr. Davis says we should shoot for a GI of zero.

      NuGo bars, just to grab a random example, tout their 45-55 GI. The “certified low-glycemic” Vanilla Yogurt bar, for example, is 23.5 grams net carb, or 157% of the WB whole meal guideline. I’d like to see the 6-hour 30-minute interval blood sugar and triglyceride response to that.

  7. unter der laterne says:

    Dr. Davis, I am in the kitchen preparing the Taco Seasoning Mix, it calls for *GROUND RED PEPPER* as in Cayenne Pepper? Help please! Barbara.

  8. Katricia says:

    Help Please. I have been wheat free for 2 days go me!!!
    My concern is the following, I need to lose a lot of weight and need to know what system to use that will allow me to follow the wheat free diet and maximize healthy weight lose. I am trying Weight Watchers and it seems to be skewed against fat. I know the wheat free diet is about good fat and I am ok with that just want to lose weight.

    So far I love the Book and I am waiting on the cookbook.
    Any suggestions? Thanks

    • Boundless says:

      > I need to lose a lot of weight and need to know what system to use that will
      > allow me to follow the wheat free diet and maximize healthy weight loss.

      Follow the recommendations of the book and cookbook. Shoot for 50 grams net carb daily or less. Make sure none of those carbs are gluten-bearing grains, or products with added fructose (reduce fruit consumption to reduce naturally occurring fructose). Avoid unfermented diary during this period. Cheese is usually OK, unless you have a known or suspected dairy/lactose intolerance.

      A non-trivial fraction of the population has confounding factors that can stall weight less. Be watchful for signs. See:

      > I am trying Weight Watchers and it seems to be skewed against fat.

      Just taking a glance at WW, it is, plus:
      * they fail to assign to carbs the “points” they really deserve,
      * they advocate “whole grain” carbs (big uh-oh),
      * they count calories, which is largely unnecessary when low carb,
      * they credit points for exercise, which is largely ineffective for weight loss, and
      * they provide inadequate guidance on various adverse foods (like soy).
      I didn’t dig deep enough to discover what they think a “healthy” fat is.
      WW is stuck in the “low fat” myth, the “gotta have carbs” myth, the “whole grains” myth, and probably several others. This inescapably leads to the central myth that
      “weight control is complicated and difficult”.
      No. Such. Thing.

      Lose the Weight Watchers to lose the weight.

      > I know the wheat free diet is about good fat and I am ok with that just want to lose weight.

      Eat fat. Lose weight. (as long as you’re also low carb)

    • Jeff G says:

      I like to use (and their iPhone app) to track everything I eat. It’s amazing the ratios of nutrients we’re eating when we’re not really tracking it very closely … you’d be surprised.

      That said, I’ve collected a lot of links for LCHF here:

      You may find it helpful.

  9. Lisa says:

    Hi Dr. Davis, I am very excited about your cookbook as I’m just in the first 30 plus days being wheat free. However I am confused about something. In the kitchen tools section it is mentioned about ice cream and on page 222 there is a homemade version. Thie recipe on this page is for Lemon-pineapple snowballs. This recipe does not mention anything about using an ice cream maker and I was not able to find any recipe for homemade ice cream. Have I missed something?

    Thanks a million!!!

    • Grammie Vi says:

      Hi Lisa,
      Yes, I missed that at first also!! On page 211 (new book) is a recipe for vanilla custard. In the description at the top – the suggestion is made that it can be placed in the ice cream maker. I still want/need to try this; since I am dairy intolerant I will try it w/the coconut milk – I miss ice cream so!!
      Best wishes in your efforts to try new recipes and a new eating plan! If you by mistake ingest something wheat or gluten — be ready to pay the price and it gets worse in time!! Just not worth it!

      • Barbara in New Jersey says:

        Grammie Vi,

        Do an internet search on “paleo coconut milk ice cream” and you will find many other recipes and other flavors. Even “coconut milk ice cream” will give you some recipes. Use coconut milk that comes in a can, not a carton.
        Dr. D’s recipe is delicious and worth making.

  10. Carmen says:

    Acabo de descubrir esta página, estoy encantada, pues yo estoy segura que lo que me tiene inflada es el pan y las harinas, mi pregunta es, ya esta en español los libros?

    • Culinary Adventurer says:

      ¡Bienvenido! No sé si el libro está en español, pero creo que puede ser – comprobar en el Internet por favor. Puedes usar Google Translate para escribir en Inglés, pero – no es una traducción perfecta. Tenga cuidado!
      Culinary Adventurer

  11. Annie says:

    I tried the chocolate peanut butter cake and it was good but it didn’t hold at all…. I think this could be because there is no egg in the recipe…. Is it a mistake?

  12. I attended Dr. Davis lecture at Longevity conference and was very impressed with new info for me regarding grains of all kinds. My question is if Hemp protein and blue green algae are allowed on this diet in reasonable amounts or if they should be limited or not used at all?

    Please let me know. Email