Experience Wheatlessness Tour in Montreal!







The Experience Wheatlessness Tour comes to Montreal!

I will be speaking at the:
Théâtre Symposia Theatre Montreal
1000 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, QC H3A
Saturday, November 16, 2013 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (AST)

I will discuss how and why the wheat-free movement has taken North America by storm and why it will continue to dominate nutritional thinking in the 21st century . . . and how you can take part in this astounding health transformation if you haven’t already done so!

For more information and to purchase tickets, go to Autopoetic Ideas Festival. See you there!

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  2. Neicee says:

    Dr. Davis, as they say in the entertainment industry, “break a leg” – which doesn’t seem very appropriate when saying that to a doctor. Please let us know when you post the video or we’re all going to mutiny. :)
    P.S. – enjoy such a beautiful city and it’s many culinary delights. We’re all jealous.

  3. Oui’….French cuisine is much more WB friendly!

  4. reader1 says:

    Could you comment on the new guidelines of the American Heart Association . I think they are recommending even higher doses of statin drugs. They would not recommend any weight loss program though they said they looked at thirteen of them.

  5. Rpaulson says:

    Sent an email to contact.
    Good luck in Montreal.


  6. Jean Bush says:

    Dr. Davis,
    I have been reading the Fat Head The Movie blog and also more of the work of Gary Taubs and have easily gone mostly carb free now.
    The greatest advantage so far is no hunger between meals.

    The following PDF book, “The Vegetarian Myth,” is required reading for everyone, I think. If wheat is the enemy, then agriculture is it’s brain. It’s a bit over 300 pages long but well worth it.

    Good luck with your tour, I know you will change thousands of lives. You have mine, as well.



    • Jean,
      I agree…..it’s definitively on my top ten list!

      • Loekie says:

        I don’t think vegetarian food is the problem. I am the only vegetarian in the family. And I am the only one without a diagnosed heart disease. All my four brothers, my father and mother were heartpatients. I think that meat and wheat is not a very good combination. Vegetarians are eating a lot more vegetables, don’t forget that. There are also vegetarians who do eat fish, like myself.

  7. Tyrannocaster says:

    Not to change the subject, but I was just researching a blog post I’m writing and I found that the Grain Foods Foundation has removed their review of Wheat Belly, along with the 250-odd negative comments it produced. (And the two positive ones, LOL.) That was probably the only way they could do the “Will someone not rid me of this accursed priest?” business; for completists, it used to be here: http://www.sixservings.org/2011/08/500/

  8. darcy says:

    I suffer from kidney stones. Dr. Davis, do I need to make any alterations to the wheatbelly diet? Any outcomes from other readers related to relief from kidney stones as a result of following the wheatbelly diet. Thanks

    • Dr. Davis says:

      This is a fairly complex conversation. It requires that you 1) have your stones analyzed, and 2) factor in some of the dietary information that should have been given to you depending on stone composition.

    • Barbara in New Jersey says:


      At least this is a start. I don’t think that Sweden has a large grain industry like the USA has so it is somewhat easier for them. I saw a 33% figure about Americans who are now avoiding wheat. Granted, they are mostly substituting the highly glycemic gluten free items lining our grocers shelves,
      but as their blood sugars go up and they feel sick, they will be embracing the WB WOE.

      Since I started WB 11 months ago, I am now seeing many more clean food products available. More grass fed beef and dairy products, low temperature, non homogenized dairy and raw milk cheeses. More free range chicken and eggs too. The market is certainly providing! Prices seem to be coming down too. This is from local supermarkets and co-ops, not from farms.

      Unfortunately, our country has to contend with the entrenched subsidies and tax advantages given to big ag and big pharma. Not only is the political landscape draining our financial resources, but our soil is depleted, our fish farms pollute our waters even more and our meats are produced inhumanely. Our corporations and chemists have figured out ways to increase production and shelf life without a care about its effect on us humans or the soil, water or energy needed to produce their product. There is a book: Empires of Food: Feast, Famine and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations by Fraser and Rimas that discusses how nations fare when they overreach their food supply.

      • Dr. Davis says:

        Excellent thoughts, Barbara!

        What part of New Jersey, by the way? I grew up in Lake Hiawatha and Lake Hopatcong.

        • Barbara in New Jersey says:

          Dr. Davis,

          I live in northern Bergen County, bordering NY State, 10 miles south of Suffern, NY. Pretty, scenic country with lots of hills and rivers, winding roads, but fewer lakes than your former area.

          You would be astounded at the development in Lake Hiawatha and Lake Hopatcong! Still beautiful, but no longer even semi-rural. The long awaited connection from Interstate 80 to the NY State Thruway (I-87) was built and with that came development of Passaic, Morris and Sussex Counties.

          • Dr. Davis says:

            No kidding?

            I haven’t been back in something like 30 years, but have been meaning to see what it looks like.

            Thanks, Barbara!

  9. Ri says:

    wish i was going! :(( can anyone tell me dr perlmutter and dr davis differ about as far as diet, supplementation and achieving overall health go? ive read wheat belly currently reading grain brain i know they’re pretty well on the same page but are there any differences as far how much fat we should consume or dairy etc? im glad they are unanimous about no wheat which is great! loving grain brain so intriguing but dr d’s writing style made me laugh hes got a good sense of humour which made reading his book anything but dry and boring !

    • RI,
      Both books are closely aligned in regard to dietary strategies with insignificant differences (in my opinion).As far as macronutrient content, while Dr. Davis has never, to my knowledge,defined the numbers, he advocates high healthy fat, moderate protein and low carb. His initial list of recommended supplementation focused on the easing of wheat withdrawal but has since (throughout this site) made additional recommendations for other specific maladies. Dr. Perlmutter’s list of supplements is more of a prophylactic for neurological disorders. His suggested macronutrient ratio is: 60 – 70% of calories from fat, 20 – 30% from protein, and 10- 20% from carbs, which, as far as I’m concerned is pretty much on target with Dr.. D.

  10. Ri says:

    @ Jan in Key West-thanks for your response! i wasnt sure because i thought Dr D had said there were some things they didnt quite agree on but yeah i just wanna try to follow both doctors recommendations and that they dont conflict with one another

  11. GrainFree4Ever says:

    Are you thinking of doing a tour in Australia? We need you down here. I did take your book and Grain Brain to my son’s Doctor’s appointment and recommended he read them. He hadn’t heard of them and did write down the names of the books so I’ll ask him when next we go if he did actually read them.

    One other thing my son’s pupils are still dilated. We have been off grains for nearly 1 month. We have been off dairy a few days (we were having raw goats millk or raw cows milk). Does anyone know what would cause the pupils to be still dilated. Will the elimination of dairy stop it? I have added cod liver oil, vitamin d and a probiotic (dairy free). Would the healing of the leaky gut stop the eye dilation? We are also about to go on a GAPS diet to eliminate some foods to see if that is the problem.

  12. Beverly says:

    I have been wheat free, sugar free and low carb since nov 2004 so I don’t understand why i’m getting fatter again. Could use your help Dr. Davis.

  13. justamom says:

    Can someone PLEASE tell me why it is people have such nasty reactions and take up to a month to recover when they detox from gluten and then later get contaminated or ingest by mistake??? Can’t understand how after being gluten free for months…someone can suddenly get so sick from ingesting just a small amount. It can put someone in bed for a month and fry their brain. Mind-boggling stuff! NOBODY can explain this to me…and it is hell living this way…always in fear of getting cross contamination. (cannot bring myself to eat in any restaurants again since)…anxiety is too high due to fear of it happening again.

    • Tyrannocaster says:

      Well, duh – in over simplified terms, you are ingesting a poison to which you had built up a certain immunity, and you lost whatever immunity you had built up when you stopped ingesting it regularly. Is it so surprising that the symptoms return with a vengeance? In any case, does it matter WHY it is happening as much as it matters that you know it DOES happen? The answer seems clear; I have to avoid eating anything related to wheat and you probably do, too.

      • justamom says:

        Tyrannocaster, YES it is surprising why it now totally fries my brain, when BEFORE it did not. Even ingesting the poison for years, i was able to function and cook a meal for 10…a simple task of cooking for 3 was more than i could handle after i detoxed myself and then accidentally ingested the poison due to cross contamination. (Took a MONTH to recover and get back on track). Plus, NOBODY ELSE that i know gets this reaction…
        And it is obviously not so simple for most people to understand , as EVERYONE i know asks me the same question.
        P.S.: I started with Wheat Belly and gluten free…but found i needed even more since i was so badly reacting to ALL grains and starch. (corn starch will put me in a coma for several hours (and drool all over my pillow)…then i wake up and slowly get over it, feeling like someone slipped me 5 tranquilizers. THUS, the GAPS diet. Between these 2 amazing books, i am still searching for more answers that Dr’s just can’t help me with….which is NOT surprising.

    • Barbara in New Jersey says:


      First, make sure you drink a great deal of water to help rid your system of the poison. You should be taking the supplements that Dr. Davis has recommended, especially the probiotics. These should help your now healthier system cope with the poisoning and decrease the reaction.

      Concerning eating in restaurants, I found that calling in advance to make sure they can accommodate your needs usually is helpful. Once there, I make sure the server knows that I am highly ALLERGIC to grains, sugar and MSG. I show him a card with the emergency phone numbers of the local ER, my doctor and people to call. On the back side of the card I have a list of ALL the foods I do not eat any longer. I tell the server to take the card into the kitchen and show the chef. This has worked like a charm. I have been told what not to eat! Suggestions made of what I should order! I have not been re-wheated since.

  14. justamom says:


  15. Dan says:

    Hi Dr. Davis,
    I work in the grain industry (Government, actually) here in Canada and came across this news story about how radiation is used to induce mutations in plant breeding, and since it supports what you have said in Wheat Belly I thought you might be interested. Sorry if this is off topic!


    • Boundless says:

      This would be the topical thread for that:

      Chemo-mutagenesis was also used, yet the super villains of Big Grain pretend that these are “traditional” breeding methods, and not GMO, which they narrowly define to mean explicit gene insertion.

      Explicit gene insertion is at least partly predictable. You know approximately what the gene did where it came from, what you expect it to do in the new organism, and you probably test to see that it does that – of course, if you are Big Grain, you don’t bother checking for side effects, and certainly not for long term health consequences.

      Radio- and chemo-mutagenesis are by comparison “random gene insertion”, which in a responsible organisation would create an even greater obligation to check for adverse and long term side effects, given that the spectrum of possible consequences are vastly greater. But that’s apparently inconsistent with the B.G. business model.

      On the up side, B.G. execs probably swallow their own propaganda,
      and consequently probably swallow their product.
      Seems fitting.

  16. Maggie says:

    The work in Canada has a long way to go!

    “A mom who thought she was properly parenting by sending her two young kids to school with a homemade, whole-food lunch was shocked to find a penalty note from school officials informing her that the lunch of roast beef, potatoes, carrots, oranges and milk she provided was “unbalanced” and therefore had to be supplemented with Ritz crackers.

    She was also fined $10.”


    • Dr. Davis says:

      Yeah, plain awful, Maggie. Plain awful.

    • Ri says:

      Maggie i seen that story and was shocked! the mother had it right and the daycare had it so very wrong! ritz crackers for a grain??wtf! no wonder kids are so hyperactive and have adhd disorders and learning impairments and those daycare workers looked fat and unhealthy themselves- its so sad -this morning on the train i seen a mother feeding her kids ritz crackers with the cheese or peanut butter filling and i thought how terrible to start off their day like that instead of giving them real nutritious food. For moms who say they cant afford to feed their family well i think thats a load of crap -if you buy in bulk freeze meats and veggies and plan ahead you can make great meals and healthy wonder foods like eggs are so inexpensive. My single mother raised me and my three sisters on minimum wage salary and made it happen. i think it comes down to laziness and just having something quick easy and convenience to give the kids at the expense of their health and well being.

  17. WheatFreeinAtlanta says:

    Dr. Davis, thank you so much for the GPB program! I hope you will do an expanded version. Although I have the WB book, my DH has not read the book (he loves your recipes, though!). He watched the program with amazement and wanted to know if we should be taking iodine and probiotics. I already have us on magnesium that I started for my calf cramps.

    Anyway, I hope you will come to Atlanta. Would love to see you in person and shake your hand.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Thanks, WheatFree!

      I’m looking forward to the full-scale production that is scheduled to roll out nationwide in the summer of 2014. I believe it will make a real splash!

  18. Olena Harasymowycz says:

    I’m sorry I missed this event!
    Dr Davis, I come from a family with higher cholesterol levels and I am looking for a cardiologist
    who does not follow the traditional establishment protocol in treatment (ie: I ideally do not want to take statins).
    Could you recommend a doctor in the Montreal area or somewhere in Canada who agrees or has a similar approach to yours with regards to heart health?
    I feel very alone in my quest and would like to find a doctor who would take the time necessary to look at other alternatives with me.
    Thank you so much,

    Olena (from Montreal)