Wheat Belly LIVE in Canada!

I will be speaking on a Canada-wide tour starting November 1st, 2013:

Toronto November 1st
Niagara November 2nd
Brantford November 3rd

Montreal November 16th

More information and tickets can be found here.

I’ll be introducing some new information that I’ve not discussed before! Nutritionist Julie Daniluk author of Meals that Heal Inflammation, will also be speaking at the events.

More dates and cities to be set in future.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Terri S.

    I would have loved to have attended, sadly too far away. I hope sometime you can come to Alberta or western Canada.

  2. Meredith Waite

    Please come to Vancouver.
    There have been so many that I speak to who are doing or trying to live this way.
    I know this is my desired way of living but have struggled due to a very small income. I would as I am sure many others would benefit from attending.

    Thank you so much for everything you have and are doing.

    Meredith Waite

  3. Stephanie

    Excellent news Dr. D! Please come to Halifax again – I missed it the last time you were here.

  4. Hey Doc!! Canada doesn’t end at the Ontario border… LOL!!! Would you consider some western destinations such as Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary (or, Red Deer is very conveniently halfway in between Edmonton and Calgary), Saskatoon and Winnipeg?

    I operate a nutrition company in Edmonton and would love to welcome you here!

    Barb Herbert
    CEO, Enlightened Solutions Ltd.
    Edmonton, AB.

  5. Bailey

    Dr. Davis,
    We would love to have you here in Atlanta, Georgia!
    I am on target to be down 50lbs by New Years. Sleeping better, Brain fog is gone, appetite is regulated, loving Intermittent Fasting and enjoying learning so much about this woe. I’ve shrunk several pants and Shoe sizes and had to move my Driver’s seat in the car closer! My Cholesterol and Blood pressure are slightly elevated, but coming down. Thank you for doing what you do!

  6. Brigid Skelton

    So glad to see the “more dates coming soon…” on the website, because Ontario and Quebec do not really qualify as a “Canada -wide” tour! ;)

  7. Ri

    Not Fair!! why don’t you come to Edmonton Alberta!! We are very health conscious here and would love to have you come here and speak! And can someone pleaseee tell me if Rice Works (Gourmet Brown and White Rice Crisps) are wheat belly approved snacks?? they are gluten free but I know Dr Davis doesn’t advise eating gluten free snacks as they can raise your blood sugar levels but these tasty snacks are made from rice flour not the other gluten free flours that are usually found in gluten free snacks and what about rice crackers?? I need a list of wheat belly approved snacks that are gluten free! thanks!!

    • Neicee

      If it’s advertised as gluten free, chances are it’s filled with substitutes carrying tons of things you don’t want nor need to consume. If I have rice I cook it at home. A 1/2 cup of uncooked rice will yield 2 servings each for my husband and I when cooked and dutifully measured out. It’s rare in our household. I had able 10 lbs. to lose but for the first year into WB I dropped all grains and then Dec. 1st of 2012 I dropped all sugar. Since then I don’t even want something sweetened like stevia/truvia. It’s still pretty much meat, eggs, vegetables, good oils, a small portion of approved fruit and a fistful of nuts – and heavy whipping cream added to coffee or sauces.. I watch the amount of nuts too to fit my hand clinched. Always full and rarely eat before noon, but the coffee is great to sustain energy.

    • Barbara in New Jersey

      Why don’t you read the nutritional label on the package for guidance on the amount of carbs. You probably will find that these snack foods are still rather high carb since rice flour is a starch.

    • > … if Rice Works … are wheat belly approved snacks?

      Not really.
      One serving (5 chips) is 18 grams net carbs, which is 3 grams over the entire-meal/6-hour limit. Also, they contain adverse fats (omega 6 seed oils). Despite the “whole grain rice” claim, they contain rice flour, so if you consume more than 5, they probably raise blood sugar materially.

      > I need a list of wheat belly approved snacks that are gluten free! thanks!!

      Well, any WB-approved food will of course be GF.
      You can see:
      but there are precious few packaged snacks on the market that provide a reasonable macronutrient profile, and omit all adverse ingredients (gluten-bearing grains, sugars, hi-gly starches, soy, adverse fats, GMO). At this moment in history, we all need to learn how to read NF panels and ingredient lists.

      Quest bars are mostly harmless, if too low in fat.
      They’ve been informed.

  8. Leigh

    How can you call it a Canada-wide tour when you’re only in the Toronto arena and Montreal? Please add Edmonton!

  9. Neicee

    I’m seriously jealous! Not only being able to see Dr. Davis give a seminar but to enjoy and savor Quebec. It’s splendid. Great food and scenery. Enjoy…..

  10. Brian

    There is only 1 community in Canada and North America for that matter that voted in a member of the Green party to represent them and you just know that’s where you will have a very receptive audience! Vancouver Island is beautiful in the fall and we don’t grow wheat here (well not much).

  11. Annick

    I read your book this summer in less than 3 days, it was fascinating, informative, and a real eye-opener! Ever since (about two months now), my father, mother, and I are WHEAT-FREE! We have been making homemade bread with local einkorn wheat but that’s about it for “wheat” in our diets.

    It would be AMAZING if you came to Winnipeg, Manitoba. I’m sure many other people would agree! Spread awareness on wheat-free diets as much as possible right? I would love to be able to hear more about living wheat-free and your experiences and learning more about using different varieties of foods that do not have wheat and knowing just how much is out there that is available for us wheat-free people to eat!

  12. Vivian

    I, too, vote for Dr. Davis to expand his Canadian tour to the west (yes Ri)…why does the east get all of the attention, they may be more populous but I feel we are more informed and motivated! Sadly, Ri, any of the commercially available and promoted GF crackers etc. are driven by market demand and are really not what one should be consuming if following the “Wheat Belly” way (I too strayed). They are higher GI and will eventually lead you to consume too much of them, for the crunch factor. Yup, no gliadin but no weight loss either. We must learn to love the celery “crunch” and the glory of carrots…the richness of hummus, in moderation…almond flour crackers, handsful of almonds etc. Research is the key…you must make your own INFORMED decisions…there is lots of advice on this site. There are no easy, “delivered on a silver plate” answers…read labels, calorie counts and decide for yourself. Good luck,

  13. Ri

    I never shop in the gluten free aisles in grocery stores but I happened to find these at the bulk barn and they just happened to be gluten free and the ingredients didn’t look like your typical gluten free ingredients because they are made with rice but I decided to give em a go and they were delicious I have to admit and I didn’t overdo it I probably could of but I closed the bag and then ate lunch but i really cant wait for there to be snacks on supermarket shelves that are stamped with the wheat belly approved slogan and Viv as much as i love celery and carrots sometimes a girl needs something crispy, crunchy and seasoned and chip like – i really hope Dr Davis and his team can have wheat belly approved snacks hitting supermarket shelves soon! i know its best to stick to whole unprocessed foods but if i want something out of a package i wanna make sure im doing too much damage

  14. Janknitz


    When you need something crispy and crunchy, search the web for recipes for grain-free crackers made with almond flour. They are simple to make and you can flavor them up any way you want. My trick to getting them really crisp is to roll the dough out on baking parchment and laying the parchment over a cooling rack on the baking sheet so the air circulates all around them in the oven. So delicious, and it really hits all those crunchy and savory buttons for me.

    Waiting around for commercial manufacturers to catch up to making truly healthful grain-free products is futile. Look what they’ve done to gluten-free products! We are much better off Making our own food where we can understand exactly what’s in it, and IMHO, the effort of making these things helps me appreciate and ration my portions carefully because I know it’s going to take effort to make more.

  15. Beth Vause

    I love your book, have celiac disease and other auto-immune disorders. I am highly allergic to Flax … What would be a good alternative?



    • Dr. Davis

      Many of the nut and seed meals and flours can be useful, Beth.

      You will see them used in many of the recipes.

  16. Do you have any opportunity with your schedule to come to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island in May to do a talk. We have a very successful natural food store with a large following for wheat and gluten free products and would hope to attract over 300 people and have supplier support.
    Yours in health,
    Rhonda; Island Natural Market

  17. Linaya St Hilaire

    I saw Wheat Belly Live last night in Vernon BC. It was so nice to see Dr. Davis come to a smaller town like ours. I just found out a couple of months ago that I’m highly allergic to wheat among a few other foods but wheat is the worst. I was confused about the difference between wheat and gluten allergies. Thanks Dr. Davis for explaining things in detail as I left the auditorium feeling like I had really learned something. The ironic thing is that I had bought the cookbook long before I knew I had wheat allergies. I’ve been feeling so bad over the years that I decided to ask my Naturopath for allergy testing. No sooner I’m getting used to the fact that I have to eliminate wheat, I hear you’re coming to Vernon. Love the timing!
    I also hope you enjoyed your stay at Sparkling Hill (I think that’s where you two authors stayed). It’s beautiful there and I know that because I live in the neighbourhood that surrounds it.

    Thanks again!

    • Dr. Davis

      The Okanagan audiences were open, engaged, and wonderful to interact with, Linaya!

      And what a beautiful part of the world!