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Surviving wheat withdrawal

Wheat withdrawal can be unpleasant business. Read the many thousands of comments on this blog describing the physical and emotional turmoil that develops in the first few days of wheat avoidance and you will come to appreciate just how awful … Continue reading

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Truth in labeling?

This label on Kraft Macaroni and Cheese from the U.K. was brought to my attention by Wheat Belly Facebook follower Jennifer. While the warning about effects on “activity and attention in children” was meant to warn parents about the potential … Continue reading

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Don’t develop Grain Brain!

I call the last 100 years “The century of grains and sugar.” Over that time period, we’ve witnessed an astounding proliferation of grains, especially wheat and corn, along with sugars (sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup), in the diet of modern humans. … Continue reading

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Steph: “Wheat is not worth it”

I asked Wheat Belly follower and success story, Steph, to share some of her wheat-free experience: WB: What prompted you to eliminate wheat? Steph: I had tried a “controlled carb” diet years ago and had some success. Of course, still … Continue reading

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Winner of the first Wheat Belly Challenge!

Melissa Ann is the winner of the first Wheat Belly Challenge that I posted on the Facebook page for Wheat Belly! Take a look at what she accomplished:                   Isn’t that an … Continue reading

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Dunkin’ Donuts to the rescue?

Dunkin’ Donuts has announced their new line of gluten-free donuts, such as gluten-free Cinnamon Sugar Donut and a gluten-free Blueberry Muffin. If it’s gluten-free, it must be good! Right? Wrong. Fatally, irreversibly wrong. Dunkin’ Donuts is not the first to … Continue reading

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