Wheatlessness goes worldwide!

The original Wheat Belly book is now in 18 languages: French, German, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Romanian, Chinese, and a few others. And, oh yes, in Australian, too, Dannie!

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  1. Culinary Adventurer says:

    Dear Dr. Davis,

    Seeing the image of your book in many different languages was fantastic! How cool is that? We are incredibly happy for you – congratulations! What a great feeling you must have knowing how many people you are helping around the world! You write in a language that translates into human understanding and action, wherever people live on this good earth.

    It is inspiring to be both witness and participant in this critical dietary evolution. As I visit your WB blog and read through the entries, I am endlessly impressed with the creativity, free thinking, courage, and clarity of purpose that people demonstrate. Though many of us have long searched for ways to resolve our health issues, we might not ever have been inclined to make such simple and effective changes had it not been for you. You have helped us understand our bodies again and our minds. You have presented ways for us to change direction from our collective and historic dietary wrong choice. We can now begin again but this time on our right path. Our journey holds possibility and we can move ahead freely toward good health, liberating ourselves from recent schemes that harm us all.

    For my own journey, it has been just ten months since I stopped eating wheat. In just the first four days my life changed incredibly and for the better. Since then it has improved more than I could have ever expected. Like so many others, I wish I could have known about this decades ago! At my last annual check-up I had great results and was able to express one simple truth to my physician: that in decades, and not since childhood, have I ever known that I could feel SO good. To my delight, on my record, my physician wrote these four wonderful words: “Does Not Eat Wheat”.

    Thank you for all you are doing. You have my encouragement, respect, and deepest gratitude. Your efforts have changed my life for the better in so many ways I never thought possible. It is without question the most delicious journey I have ever taken.

    Best to you and for your continued good works, Dr. Davis

    P.S. My physician now has my lending copy of WB.

    • Ken Corey says:

      It might be world-wide, but you have apparently made someone at Amazon angry.

      I was going to read the next chapter today only to realise that it had been removed from my kindle software on both my iPad and my Nexus 4. (I didn’t see a refund of the money either).

      Now /that/ made me angry.

      Dr. Davis, have you made someone in the Military-Industrial complex in the US angry?


  2. tw says:

    I just saw this on a site I visit regularly. The evidence experienced by a number of people reporting here on wb seems to contradict the so called experts in this commentary.


    • If I’m not mistaken, Julie Jones is ‘hired’ mouthpiece for the grain associations.

      • Barbara in New Jersey says:

        Even so, she still recommends that only LIMITED amounts of wheat should be eaten. Cookies and cakes are a special treat. She doesn’t address any other issues about wheat, fat or sugars. Nothing about why people feel better when they don’t eat wheat. Why their joints don’t ache anymore and why their elevated blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol went back to normal levels. She even goes on to imply that after 2 or so years, you will gain all the weight you lost back because the diet is too restrictive.

        Her opinion is just that: her opinion. She doesn’t back it up with any studies or even a suggestion of exactly what she means by “limited amounts”. She certainly didn’t interview anyone who has followed WB eating style and inquire why they think they are benefiting.

        Thanks for posting!

        • enoch drebber says:

          Jones is essentially saying that the marketing and product placement strategies will eventually wear you down and you will eventually start eating wheat again.

          Jones is no better than a drug pusher trying to get people addicted to the drug she is selling.

      • Her opinions are largely influenced by her affiliations….paid or otherwise.


    • Boundless says:

      This seems to be a sampling of Dr. Jones hand waving. She wrote a much longer hit piece for one of the Grain Lobby publications. There’s a link to it, and a complete dissection at:
      A Lay Review of the AACCI “Analysis” [Part 7 of 7]

    • Neicee says:

      tw, I’m a regular over there as well and read the article about 6AM…though JWR is not a blog site you can leave msgs. for the authors of most articles. My BP went through the roof while reading it but decided I was not going to get anywhere, so why bother? I have never yet found a recipe there that was usable. Check out http://www.elanaspantry.com if you’re looking for things that fit our lifestyle. Other than that, it’s a great site.

  3. JillOz says:

    Awesome Dr D!! Now health can be multilingual too! :)

  4. Greg says:

    Hi Dr Davis,

    I read your book several months ago and have read much more since. It is extremely rare to find any kind of ancestral health or paleo-esque literature in Chinese. I’d really like to share some of this information which has certainly changed my health with some of my inlaws in China. Do you have any idea where or how I’d be able to get hold of a copy (paper or ebook) of the chinese translation of your book?


    • Greg says:

      P.S. Even the chinese name of the book would help then I could search for it myself. Thanks.

      • Greg says:

        Any news about the chinese name or where to find it? :-)

        • Boundless says:

          > Any news about the chinese name or where to find it?

          Well, doing a search restricted to amazon.cn gets lots of promising hits, but I can’t get any amazon.cn pages to load (NSA must be busy today).

          The picture in the article here is apparently the Japanese, and not the Chinese edition.

  5. Graham says:

    I really can’t believe there will never be an Italian version but it feels like I’ve been waiting so long. I have told so many friends about Wheat Belly and many are dying to read it. I do have some contacts at one of Italy’s biggest publishers and would be happy to put you or your agent in touch, you can just imagine the controversy it would cause in the land of pasta and pizza :-)

  6. Hajnal Sinka says:


    Congratulations, this book is so important, I am very glad to hear that is already translated in so many languages.

    Thank you!


  7. Kathleen says:

    Today is my one year anniversary. Started reading the book and by chapter 2 my mind was made up and haven’t looked back. No regrets, just happy health and 20lb loss. It only took 7 months to convince Hubby, now he preaches as though he wrote the book, LOL

  8. Boundless says:

    Speaking of worldwide, US Committee on Foreign Investment yesterday approved the acquisition (postured as a merger) of Smithfield Foods by China’s largest meat producer, Shuanghui.

    This affects brands: Armour, Carando, Cook’s, Curly’s, Eckrich, Farmland, Gwaltney, Healthy Ones, Kretchmar, Margherita, Morell, and Smithfield.

    Many of these brands produce no products of no interest to WB followers, but some produce a few. What this implies for product quality and safety going forward is anyone’s guess.

    This was probably a timely deal for Smithfield, because the pork market is in chaos at the moment due to Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDV) speading in US herds for the first time. That’s why bacon prices have gone into orbit. No one is predicting how it will resolve, or when.

    • BarbinNC says:

      Boundless, thanks for sharing this info. Very upsetting, and I guess I will just be giving up bacon too. And pork … what can we eat anymore? I’ve been buying the Smart Chicken, which says it’s Certified Organic, and tastes the way chicken used to taste years ago … very clean and juicy and just good. Also been getting grass fed steaks from New Zealand, at Trader Joes. they are individually frozen and again, very clean and fresh tasting, none of that crappy after taste you lately get when eating beef from the grocery store. I have to see if I can find a butcher around here, it’s not easy these days, esp. if there is little time left for shopping. I wish we could move to a farm or smaller community with farmers who still raise chickens and live stock who graze all day and sleep in clean stables etc. Is that still around anywhere in the US??

      • Barbara in New Jersey says:

        This is the same virus that decimated China’s pig farms in 2010 or before. China is not exactly known for their cleanliness, healthy animal feeds and humane farming methods. Seems that most of the herd decimating viruses start in that country.

        If US animals are getting sick, one questions the living conditions and just how “healthy” the animals our actually are. Perhaps Mother Nature is telling us something?

      • Rita posted the following link on WFF….it’s fairly definitive and might be of some help in locating pasture raised/finished meats in your area.


        • BarbinNC says:

          This is a wonderful resource, Jan – thank you so much for posting this … I’m close to NC and SC and have lots of choices I see.
          I will be logging into the forum soon, and look forward to reading and learning, and hopefully sharing!


  9. Artur says:

    I’m not happy with Polish title. It simply means Diet without wheat. Oryginal one is more catchy!

  10. Paula says:

    HOOKED! DOWN 25 LBS….LOVE THE RECIPES…almond choc biscotti..
    So yummy!

  11. Jess says:

    Dr, can you please shed some light on this, please? I just ran across this website and I’m quite bothered by what I’ve read. I’ve been wheat free for a week now and was ready to purchase your recipe book, but now I’m scared as well as confused on the safety of flax.

    Is flax really safe????


    Thank you, kindly!

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  13. Andrea Reda-Salyer says:

    I’ve been tryin to find this book in spanish without success, this would be great gift for my mom it can help her to manage her bones issues. Can anyone give me a few pointers wheer to find it?????? It would be greatly appreciated :-)

  14. David says:

    I love your pizza and pancake recipes. The bread tasted great too, but to me, it seemed like something better for almond or peanut butter rather than a deli meat. But anyway, thanks so much! I lost ten pounds of flab very quickly and feel better than ever. Do you know if any restaurant chains plan on incorporating Wheat Belly recipes into their menus? I so wish I could buy the pizza at a cafe or in a frozen food section.

    • Boundless says:

      > Do you know if any restaurant chains plan on incorporating
      > Wheat Belly recipes into their menus?

      At the moment you’ll be lucky to find any that have just landed on the outer islands of “gluten free” – and they think they’ve discovered the whole of the New Food World. It’s going to take some time before they realize there’s a huge continent that’s not just wheat-free, but sugar-free, low-carb, high-fat, balanced omega 3/6 (DHA&EPA), soy-free, trans-fat-free and GMO-free.

      > I so wish I could buy the pizza at a cafe or in a frozen food section.

      Same story. You can GF pizza in the GF freezers at trendier markets, but as with the GF pizza parlors, it’s all high glycemic junk.

      • Neicee says:

        Hi Boundless, seems every newbie here has heard of Julian’s Bakery (sp?) and ask if it’s OK to buy. Doc over at http://www.dietdoctor.com has taken them head on and there is a ridiculing article up at his site where J’s has filed suit against a woman that is diabetic and had their products independently researched by a lab, and found them to be, umm, stretching the ingredients again.
        I do not buy gluten free products period and would advise anyone wanting a taste of former favored foods to think about it….and pass on it.