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  1. Neicee

    Good for you! That little acorn grew from a tiny seedling into a huge tree with many branches. I’m betting you’ve already got a dozen more ideas in your head for more. Congratulations.

  2. Denise in NJ

    The Japanese title is closest to “Wheat–Don’t eat it!” I lived there for several years and although I saw some overweight people (not many), I don’t ever recall seeing the Western version of a wheat belly. Still, I expect it will be very popular over there, Dr. Davis. The Japanese really take to new nutritional advice and information. Now, if you were to ask them to completely give up rice……
    Oh, and “Weizenwampe” is my new favorite word.

  3. Frankie

    I recently dropped bread from my diet to see if it would help my reflux. It did! But my BP also fell from around 149/89 to a normal 119/82. I am delighted. I already restrict carbs having lost 20lb a few years ago on a LC diet. After giving up bread I did not lose weight, as I ate small amounts of rye crisp read, oatcakes and rice cakes instead. I am not too strict as I also eat occasional cookies & cake. In searching for an explanation for my BP changes I came across your blog and found it interesting and think it may offer an explanation.
    I do however have a query: Bread in the UK where I live is made from ‘strong’ flour which I understand has traditionally been imported from the USA, whereas cakes, pastries etc are usually made from softer European wheat. Do you know whether the European wheats have been subjected to the same hybridisation and breeding changes you describe for wheat in the USA? If not, presumably they are less harmful and mean that in the UK simply dropping bread but not all wheat products can achieve significant health benefits.
    Thank you.

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Frankie–

      ALL wheat shares the adverse effects of the wheat grown in North America. There are subtle differences in gliadin structure, for instance, but for all practical purposes, wheat is wheat. They virtually all derive from the high-yield, semi-dwarf strains.

  4. Soul

    Congratulations on the world wide sales! Hope the list keeps growing. And for what ever reason another of many reference I’ve seen of late on Australia.

    Avoiding wheat has been good to me. Seems, maybe once and for all I might be becoming well from a chronic illness. What a miserable disease. Who knows, with continuing progress I might actually get to experience a fun day in the future! That would be lovely. Adios!

  5. Patti

    Congratulations Dr. Davis. It will be a year in November since I gave up wheat. I am better for it.

  6. Tale

    Interesting that they changed the graphic for most of the editions. Bagels don’t have resonance in the places where it was changed?

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, I was a bit puzzled by that, too. I fear the language barriers make discussing such things a bit tricky!

  7. unterderlaterne

    Dr.Davis, now that you are on the World’ s stage and becoming an international known Physician : Time to learn some German LOL.
    Ich gratuliere ihnen von ganzen Herzen zu ihrem grossen Erfolg! Ich wuensche ihnen weiterhin alles Gute!
    Sie haben so vielen Menschen geholfen! Vielen Dank, Ihre Barbara.

    • BarbinNC

      Ich schliesse mich den Gruessen und Glueckwuenschen an!!

      Noch eine deutsche Barbara? Hallo!!

      Are you in Germany or living in the US – I’m guessing the US like me. The Germans I know in Germany make bread the main staple of their breakfast and dinner. I think this will take a long while to sink in over there, but I see much more obesity when I visit, than even 20 or 30 years ago. At least now there is a book I can point to, when talking about why I am wheatfree in a country that prides it’self as the “bread country” ….!

      • unterderlaterne

        Hello Barbara in NC!
        Ich lebe in San Franzisco. Obwohl ich die ganze Welt gesehen habe bin ich noch nie in NC gewesen. meine beste Freundin Inge lebte in NC und fand es schwierig, den sie war eine Army Frau, frisch aus Deutschland!
        Gibt es eigentlich viele Deutsche in NC? Wie lange sind sie schon in der US?

        Ich bin getreide frei seit dem Mai und habe nur 2 Pfund abgenommen. Ich habe aber nicht viel abzunehmen, aber 10 Pfund waere ideal! Ich bin in dem Alter wo man schlank ist aber Fett um den Bauch hat, wiederlich! Meine Bekannte ist Haut und Knochen , hat aber auch den Bauch!
        Ich freue mich auf eine Antwort! Tschuess Barbara S..

    • Dr. Davis

      I took 2 years of German in college, so I can understand most of what you said. (Even tried translating some original German medical studies years ago, when I wanted to better understand the observations surrounding Wolfgang Mozart’s death!)

      But I periodically pull out some CDs of German to refresh it. I’m thinking of doing that again, along with my French, Spanish, and Italian. And Vielen Dank for the reminder!

      • unterderlaterne

        German is a very difficult language to learn, you are courageous Dr.Davis! I speak French also but English was the easiest language to learn with its simple grammar !

      • BarbinNC

        I’m very impressed too, Dr. Davis, that you speak German! Grammar is indeed a big problem with German, but I find it’s not a big barrier, it takes practice to the the “der-die-das” right, but I think it’s great to make yourself understandable in the country, when visiting. I also took French, and some Italian in high school, a long long time ago, and would like to refresh those languages again.

  8. The Brazilian Portuguese edition made me believe it had finally been translated into Spanish! Looking forward to seeing it in Spanish someday!

  9. Barbara in New Jersey

    If anyone has any doubt about the grain/sugar effects on our health, consider the notion that all these foreign language editions would never have been printed if there wasn’t a demand for them.

    What are the other 7 language translations?
    Is there a way to order these translated books?
    Also, I somehow missed the classification of Australian as a non-English language. When did this happen?

    • > … Australian as a non-English language. When did this happen?

      I took it to be either a semi joke (English edition now on sale in Australia), or it was supposed to be Austrian.

      • stephen ottridge

        Australian definitely a joke as there are several posters on the blog who are Aussie. As for Austrian , who was the US politician who thought that was a language?. Are you related.?

        • Neicee

          Haha, isn’t there something like 5-6 different dialects of German spoken in Austria? Perhaps they’ll need 5-6 different versions too. Yea, my jaw dropped when the POTUS dropped that stunner about the language spoken in Austria.

        • Dr. Davis

          Yeah, there’s a very funny guy on the Wheat Belly Facebook page named Dannie. I was just ribbing him.

        • unterderlaterne

          Austrians speak German with an absolutely charming melodic accent, I could listen to it all day!

    • Bea Pullar

      Actually we Australians have to translate from American all the time! We use different spelling for many words – “travelling”, but more importantly, we use different units. For convenience I have some conversion tables in my desk diary so I can quickly convert test results, weights, temperatures etc – so it is possible that these things have been altered in the Australian edition. I also have the relevant conversion tables stuck in the Wheat Belly Cookbook.
      However, what often happens is that the book is published by an Australian publisher – without any such conversions or alterations. So I will be interested to see what has been done.
      Yesterday I looked up the Australian edition – but it is only available on pre-publication order. As I have extra copies to lend to people I don’t need one for myself, but will encourage people to buy the Australian edition when it comes out.

      • Dr. Davis

        Actually, I was just kidding, Bea. The Australian edition is the U.S. edition, no difference.

    • Dr. Davis

      I was joking, Barbara!

      I don’t have my list with me, but there are several more Slavic language versions and Swedish. Spanish likely coming soon.

      Given the Wheat Belly book, the Wheat Belly Cookbook, and the soon-to-be-released Wheat Belly 30-Minute Meal Cookbook, each receiving requests from international publishers, I lose track!

    • Barbara in New Jersey


      The book was just published. Give it a chance.
      People all over the world will look for answers to their questions about their failing health and maybe some will even just try to avoid the bad health issues by eating “better”. Trying to define exactly what “eating better” means is what Dr. Davis clearly describes and defines in his book and on this blog.

      As you found, embracing this way of eating dramatically changes your health for the better and lessens the symptoms of many diseases. You really don’t have to keep publishing your blog site here.
      People do read it even if they haven’t left a comment. Make me wonder about the real reason you wrote that lengthy article.

      • BarbinNC

        I actually think it’s a good idea to keep posting it, I for one don’t have a chance to read every day, and play catch up when I get online time, so I would not have found the link, if he just posted it once, and I happened to not read back that far. It’s a fabulous blog, and I look forward to reading future entries. I left him a comment in German, because it was obvious that the blog is German based, and he wrote back that he is working on part two of the last article. I have found so many great blogs and recipe sites through this blog, and hope more people share their info, it all helps.
        One of my favorites is gourmet girl, her recipes are so good, and she posts beautiful pictures of her creations, I’ve gotten so much inspiration and good ideas from her. She only posted her link once, and I found it because I’ve been reading here for quite a while … but newbies might come in and not see it. Oh, another one is Gretchen, of ggiswheatfree – amazing recipes!!

        Just my two cents! ;)

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, a very excellent discussion!

      I’m told that the Germans are not too far behind the U.S. in 1) wheat consumption and 2) obesity and diabetes.

      • unterderlaterne

        Germany is famous for its breads. I think we have 185 varieties! No other country has so many choices!
        When I came to America, a hundred years ago, only white soft bread was available and I was in agony and dreamed about the good dark heavy bread! Too bad the wonderful grain is altered now! And most people are not even aware of it!

  10. I only lost two lbs in first week ! I’m following diet and don’t seem to be loosing help is there a nutritionist I could ask to help me out ! A wheatbelly specialist in Toronto canada?

        • > How much did you loose in total?

          20 pounds in the first 2 or 3 months. I didn’t change my diet to lose weight, as I didn’t think I needed to lose any. It just happened anyway, and basically reset my weight to what it was 40 years ago, where it has remained for a year and a half now.

          One of the great aging myths that WB is bulldozing into the landfill is the expectation of getting heavier and fatter as we age. Nope. Other than intentionally adding muscle mass through exercise, a sane diet is more likely to arrest weight increases at about age 20 years.

          • Barbara in New Jersey


            Everyone reacts differently when changing over to grain and sugar free eating. The rule of thumb is: 15 carbs per meal in a 6 hour period, about 45-50 carbs total daily intake. Drink plenty of water. Your body will adjust and start burning fat when your liver is ready to do that. The kind of carbs you eat are very important. Drinking anything alcoholic will delay your liver from burning fat for energy rather than sugar so you really don’t want to drink anything alcoholic while your are in the weight loss mode. Every time you eat grains or sugar you delay the improvements for days to a week or more, depending on your health and the amount of ‘never eat”. Check the list for suitable foods (WB Quick and Dirty) if you are still unsure. Even better is to read the book as it will answer your many questions.

            2 lbs. in the first week is nothing to complain about! Why on earth are you concerned?

    • Dr. Davis

      I would just stick it out before you have to go through all sorts of contortions and expenses, Abbey. It’s still pretty early in your experience!

    • Linda

      I lost weight initially, almost 30 pounds but stalled for 4 months. I felt so much better health wise the lack of weight loss didn’t deter me from remaining free of grains, legumes, sugar and vegetable oils. I did investigate all the potential weight loss issues, including thyroid because of my Hashimoto’s. Those numbers looked good on my last blood test — so I was stumped and discouraged. Then I decided to investigate the last known variable — the warfarin (blood thinner) that I had been on for a year because of a thrombosis and a PE. Well, through online research I discovered several sites with hundreds of testimonials of weight gain, stalled weight, and bloating due to warfarin. All the contributors said their doctors had totally rejected a connection between weight and the treatment. Well, I went off it and have started to lose weight quickly and effortlessly. So discouraged warfarin users take heart.
      By the way, I did see the hematologist , who told me I was crazy and that all I needed was a low fat diet and some will power. I told him it was my body, my decision and I would be back in six months for a follow up appointment.

  11. Interesting thanks , just downloaded app! The original wheatbelly diet book has no carb listing but the cookbook does ! How many carbs would be in walnut bread??i followed recipe and made 12 muffins out of it with apple sauce ?

    • Barbara in New Jersey

      You look up the carbs in the ingredients you use for the amount used. Total the amount. Divide the total by the number of muffins you made. This gives you the basic amount of carbs per muffin.

      Most people make a written list of carbs in typical ingredients used. The container will often list the amount. The number you use is the total carbs – (minus) the fiber grams listed.

      • Tony

        For what it’s worth I use and the phone app to keep the accurate track of what I consume, including carbs and fiber, very quick and convenient. If you enter your own recipes once it’s even faster the next time.

    • Dr. Davis

      Actually, Wheat Belly has been available in French for over a year, though it came from a Quebec publisher.

      • Amanda

        What about Spanish?
        Mexico overtakes USA as world fattest country in the world according to a report by the United nations.
        We need to educate everybody!

  12. unterderlaterne

    Dr.Davis, it was a real treat to have you so engaged with us today and tonight! This was great!
    I wanted to ask you for a long time why in some of your recipes you use low fat cream cheese(Neuchâtel )
    *Classic Cheesecake with wheat less Crust)*
    Page 263 in the Wheat belly Book. I thought that was a NO! NO! That is confusing!
    What say you!
    Thank you! Barbara.

  13. Culinary Adventurer

    Dear Dr. Davis,

    Seeing the image of your book in many different languages was fantastic! How cool is that? We are incredibly happy for you – congratulations! What a great feeling you must have knowing how many people you are helping around the world! You write in a language that translates into human understanding and action, wherever people live on this good earth.

    It is inspiring to be both witness and participant in this critical dietary evolution. As I visit your WB blog and read through the entries, I am endlessly impressed with the creativity, free thinking, courage, and clarity of purpose that people demonstrate. Though many of us have long searched for ways to resolve our health issues, we might not ever have been inclined to make such simple and effective changes had it not been for you. You have helped us understand our bodies again and our minds. You have presented ways for us to change direction from our collective and historic dietary wrong choice. We can now begin again but this time on our right path. Our journey holds possibility and we can move ahead freely toward good health, liberating ourselves from recent schemes that harm us all.

    For my own journey, it has been just ten months since I stopped eating wheat. In just the first four days my life changed incredibly and for the better. Since then it has improved more than I could have ever expected. Like so many others, I wish I could have known about this decades ago! At my last annual check-up I had great results and was able to express one simple truth to my physician: that in decades, and not since childhood, have I ever known that I could feel SO good. To my delight, on my record, my physician wrote these four wonderful words: “Does Not Eat Wheat”.

    Thank you for all you are doing. You have my encouragement, respect, and deepest gratitude. Your efforts have changed my life for the better in so many ways I never thought possible. It is without question the most delicious journey I have ever taken.

    Best to you and for your continued good works, Dr. Davis

    P.S. My physician now has my lending copy of WB.

    • Ken Corey

      It might be world-wide, but you have apparently made someone at Amazon angry.

      I was going to read the next chapter today only to realise that it had been removed from my kindle software on both my iPad and my Nexus 4. (I didn’t see a refund of the money either).

      Now /that/ made me angry.

      Dr. Davis, have you made someone in the Military-Industrial complex in the US angry?


      • Barbara in New Jersey

        Even so, she still recommends that only LIMITED amounts of wheat should be eaten. Cookies and cakes are a special treat. She doesn’t address any other issues about wheat, fat or sugars. Nothing about why people feel better when they don’t eat wheat. Why their joints don’t ache anymore and why their elevated blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol went back to normal levels. She even goes on to imply that after 2 or so years, you will gain all the weight you lost back because the diet is too restrictive.

        Her opinion is just that: her opinion. She doesn’t back it up with any studies or even a suggestion of exactly what she means by “limited amounts”. She certainly didn’t interview anyone who has followed WB eating style and inquire why they think they are benefiting.

        Thanks for posting!

        • enoch drebber

          Jones is essentially saying that the marketing and product placement strategies will eventually wear you down and you will eventually start eating wheat again.

          Jones is no better than a drug pusher trying to get people addicted to the drug she is selling.

    • Neicee

      tw, I’m a regular over there as well and read the article about 6AM…though JWR is not a blog site you can leave msgs. for the authors of most articles. My BP went through the roof while reading it but decided I was not going to get anywhere, so why bother? I have never yet found a recipe there that was usable. Check out if you’re looking for things that fit our lifestyle. Other than that, it’s a great site.

  14. Greg

    Hi Dr Davis,

    I read your book several months ago and have read much more since. It is extremely rare to find any kind of ancestral health or paleo-esque literature in Chinese. I’d really like to share some of this information which has certainly changed my health with some of my inlaws in China. Do you have any idea where or how I’d be able to get hold of a copy (paper or ebook) of the chinese translation of your book?


        • > Any news about the chinese name or where to find it?

          Well, doing a search restricted to gets lots of promising hits, but I can’t get any pages to load (NSA must be busy today).

          The picture in the article here is apparently the Japanese, and not the Chinese edition.

  15. Graham

    I really can’t believe there will never be an Italian version but it feels like I’ve been waiting so long. I have told so many friends about Wheat Belly and many are dying to read it. I do have some contacts at one of Italy’s biggest publishers and would be happy to put you or your agent in touch, you can just imagine the controversy it would cause in the land of pasta and pizza :-)

  16. Hajnal Sinka


    Congratulations, this book is so important, I am very glad to hear that is already translated in so many languages.

    Thank you!


  17. Kathleen

    Today is my one year anniversary. Started reading the book and by chapter 2 my mind was made up and haven’t looked back. No regrets, just happy health and 20lb loss. It only took 7 months to convince Hubby, now he preaches as though he wrote the book, LOL

  18. Speaking of worldwide, US Committee on Foreign Investment yesterday approved the acquisition (postured as a merger) of Smithfield Foods by China’s largest meat producer, Shuanghui.

    This affects brands: Armour, Carando, Cook’s, Curly’s, Eckrich, Farmland, Gwaltney, Healthy Ones, Kretchmar, Margherita, Morell, and Smithfield.

    Many of these brands produce no products of no interest to WB followers, but some produce a few. What this implies for product quality and safety going forward is anyone’s guess.

    This was probably a timely deal for Smithfield, because the pork market is in chaos at the moment due to Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDV) speading in US herds for the first time. That’s why bacon prices have gone into orbit. No one is predicting how it will resolve, or when.

    • BarbinNC

      Boundless, thanks for sharing this info. Very upsetting, and I guess I will just be giving up bacon too. And pork … what can we eat anymore? I’ve been buying the Smart Chicken, which says it’s Certified Organic, and tastes the way chicken used to taste years ago … very clean and juicy and just good. Also been getting grass fed steaks from New Zealand, at Trader Joes. they are individually frozen and again, very clean and fresh tasting, none of that crappy after taste you lately get when eating beef from the grocery store. I have to see if I can find a butcher around here, it’s not easy these days, esp. if there is little time left for shopping. I wish we could move to a farm or smaller community with farmers who still raise chickens and live stock who graze all day and sleep in clean stables etc. Is that still around anywhere in the US??

      • Barbara in New Jersey

        This is the same virus that decimated China’s pig farms in 2010 or before. China is not exactly known for their cleanliness, healthy animal feeds and humane farming methods. Seems that most of the herd decimating viruses start in that country.

        If US animals are getting sick, one questions the living conditions and just how “healthy” the animals our actually are. Perhaps Mother Nature is telling us something?

        • BarbinNC

          This is a wonderful resource, Jan – thank you so much for posting this … I’m close to NC and SC and have lots of choices I see.
          I will be logging into the forum soon, and look forward to reading and learning, and hopefully sharing!


  19. Andrea Reda-Salyer

    I’ve been tryin to find this book in spanish without success, this would be great gift for my mom it can help her to manage her bones issues. Can anyone give me a few pointers wheer to find it?????? It would be greatly appreciated :-)

  20. David

    I love your pizza and pancake recipes. The bread tasted great too, but to me, it seemed like something better for almond or peanut butter rather than a deli meat. But anyway, thanks so much! I lost ten pounds of flab very quickly and feel better than ever. Do you know if any restaurant chains plan on incorporating Wheat Belly recipes into their menus? I so wish I could buy the pizza at a cafe or in a frozen food section.

    • > Do you know if any restaurant chains plan on incorporating
      > Wheat Belly recipes into their menus?

      At the moment you’ll be lucky to find any that have just landed on the outer islands of “gluten free” – and they think they’ve discovered the whole of the New Food World. It’s going to take some time before they realize there’s a huge continent that’s not just wheat-free, but sugar-free, low-carb, high-fat, balanced omega 3/6 (DHA&EPA), soy-free, trans-fat-free and GMO-free.

      > I so wish I could buy the pizza at a cafe or in a frozen food section.

      Same story. You can GF pizza in the GF freezers at trendier markets, but as with the GF pizza parlors, it’s all high glycemic junk.

      • Neicee

        Hi Boundless, seems every newbie here has heard of Julian’s Bakery (sp?) and ask if it’s OK to buy. Doc over at has taken them head on and there is a ridiculing article up at his site where J’s has filed suit against a woman that is diabetic and had their products independently researched by a lab, and found them to be, umm, stretching the ingredients again.
        I do not buy gluten free products period and would advise anyone wanting a taste of former favored foods to think about it….and pass on it.