Wheat Belly rocks Brazil!

Brazilian rock singer Octavio Godoy of the hard rock band, Metalmorphose, tells his wheat-free success story. (Wheat Belly was recently released in Brazil–19 countries and counting!)

Since I was 20 years old, I started to gain weight. My weight back then was about 76 kg [167.2 pounds]. Now I´m 46 and last year I felt like I was exploding: My weight reached 98 kg [215.6 pounds] for my 1.72 m [67-inch] height.













Octavio, in black, before Wheat Belly.

I started to exercise by biking, but could only lose about 3 kg [6.6 lb]. Then I started swimming, too, but my weight was still high: 93 kg [204.6 lb] swimming almost every day. But my breakfast was bread and butter. For 3 months, I didn´t see a change in my weight, could not lose 1 kg exercising everyday for 3 months.

Well, then I read Wheat Belly and gave it a try. It was incredible. I quit wheat and I burn 1 kg [2.2 lb] in a week. After 3 months without wheat, even drinking beer almost everyday, I lost about 10 kg (22 lb]. Then I felt that beer was not so good for me, and I quit beer, too. Now I weigh 80 kg [176 lb].

I´m a rock singer and you can see the videos: even my voice got better. Blood pressure back to normal, cholesterol about 180. It´s like being born again: I don´t feel cravings, nor feel the need for alcohol (beer), just drink my wine on weekends and relax.












Octavio, center, after Wheat Belly.

This has got to be one of those “It’s got to be two different people!” examples: thinner, less bloated, younger. It’s interesting that Octavio experienced a positive change in his voice–freedom from nighttime acid reflux, less sinus inflammation and congestion, healthier airways.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your story and photos, Octavio. Rock on . . . wheat-free!

Here is Octavio in a recent performance with his band Metalmorphose, singing Maquina dos Sentidos.

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Comments & Feedback...

    • Dr. Davis

      No, not yet. In 19 countries so far, but no Spanish publisher has reached an agreement.

      But discussions are underway!

  1. Jillian

    What an amazing transformation–I never would have believed it was the same guy! Go Octavio!!!!

  2. Culinary Adventurer

    Congratulations to you for your good health and good voice! And for singing the praises of wheat belly.
    I hope this translation says the same:
    Olá! Parabéns para você para você uma boa saúde e uma boa voz! E para cantar os louvores de trigo barriga.

    (I do not speak Portuguese but made this translation on the computer – forgive me if it is incorrect!)

  3. I thought I had to be looking at two different men. Quite a difference! A few weeks ago after I sang, someone came up to me afterwards and said I sounded great – but different. She couldn’t pinpoint exactly why, but assured me my voice sounded better. Had me puzzled. I never attributed it to being wheat free with less congestion and inflammation. Wow! Another benefit to the new lifestyle. Thanks for the light bulb moment.

    • Julia G

      That’s awesome. I too am a singer, so I’m hoping that as I lesson my wheat consumption and change to the wheat belly diet that my voice too will sound better and more resonant.

    • Dr. Davis

      That’s terrific, Donna!

      This is another unexpected new lesson for all of us about the myriad benefits to wheat elimination!

    • JillOz

      I don’t sing yet!) but have been told I sound much clearer on the phone. Was glad to hear it, and this even though I still have a little blockage (probably dairy…?)

  4. Octavio de Godoy

    Anyone who wants to share information with me, can find me Tavinho Godoy in facebook. Thanks for the comments.

    • Trisha

      You look amazing! Your testimony and photos are another inspiration for me to get wheat out of my diet NOW. I’m not overweight, but always struggle with those last few pounds that never want to go. My main goal in going wheat-free is to improve my health! THANK YOU for sharing your story!
      ~ Trish

  5. Julia G

    What a great story. I’m doing some research on gluten free seeds and grains that can be used for flour for a paper for my MBA program. I found the following link and wonder if you could provide some feedback on some of the seeds/grains that aren’t mentioned in your book, such as soybeans, and others that aren’t common.


    Thank you.

    • Barbara in New Jersey

      Julia G,

      Principle concepts in the WB way of eating is having your body burn fan instead of carbohydrates.
      The foods you consume are geared to this. It is strongly suggested that you eat unlimited amounts of
      foods with few few carbs. See “WB Quick and Dirty” archived discussion listed on the left side of this page. Why don’t you spend several minutes doing an internet search of the of the glycemic values of the grains listed in your posted article. This should clue you in about the high carbohydrate value of these grains. While not health destroying like wheat, most people would prefer more than a 1/4 cup of rice for the entire suggested amount of 15 carbs per 6 hour period.

      Another basic concept is providing your body with limited high glycemic foods provided by fructose, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, cane juice, some artificial sugars and alcohols and many others. This is to keep your blood sugar within normal ranges and the destructive glycation process from happening.

      If you didn’t understand the reasons to limit soy and similar grains from your diet, there are many references to this topic all through this blog site as well as references to other published articles and books discussing the reasons. Perhaps you may wish to expend a few more minutes reading the ingredients and carbohydrates contained in the foods you eat to understand the epidemic of wheat, starches, chemicals and sugars in commonly available foods.

      In your studies of nutrition, don’t overlook the role of capitalism in determining the foods commonly available. The notion of making anything look appealing, feel good in your mouth, taste good, be inexpensive and advertised is all important to create a successful product and provide the necessary profits.

      Your learning curve should start here.

    • Dr. Davis

      For ideal health, Julia, my view is that we should not eat ANY grain, wheat or otherwise. Wheat is by far the worst, but it does not mean that non-wheat grains are benign–they are just less harmful.

      Soy is a legume but one that has been genetically modified, introduced great uncertainty in what we are being sold.

  6. Neicee

    Great music and will pass along your you tube video to everyone. Your new look is really incredible too, would not have known it was the same person!

  7. Mike

    Is the book available in Greek? I would be interested in exploring the potential to publish / promote. please let me know your thoughts.