My interview for Jimmy Moore’s Cholesterol Clarity

Jimmy Moore of the Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Show has posted my interview that helps launch his new book, Cholesterol Clarity.

In this interview, as in his Cholesterol Clarity book, Jimmy takes apart the arguments of the Lipid Hypothesis that have been used to justify an entire nation prescribed statin drugs. In addition to my comments, he includes the insightful commentary of Dr. John Briffa, Dr. Ronald Krauss, Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, Dr. Chris Masterjohn and others.

I posted my thoughts as a book review on the book’s Amazon page:

Cholesterol bashing at its finest
Widely-held beliefs, many of them propagated by “official” agencies like the FDA, USDA, American Heart Association, Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition, American Diabetes Association, etc., are crumbling under the scrutiny of informed people uninfluenced by the pharmaceutical industry, agribusiness, or the excessive profiteering ways of modern “healthcare.”

In Cholesterol Clarity, Jimmy Moore, along with the help of a couple of dozen other vocal critics of the Lipid Hypothesis, systematically take apart the flawed logic often used to justify a $23 billion per year statin drug industry. He exposes the overly-simplistic thinking and the “research” used to prop up this example of how far wrong medical care can go when richly funded. Jimmy shows how the fiction that “cholesterol causes heart disease” belongs with other fairy tales like “Cut your fat and saturated fat for heart health” and “Fat makes you fat.”

We live in a time when the messages in health have been distorted by bad science and biases introduced by corporate interests that stand to gain from a campaign of half-truths. In his characteristically genuine and straightforward style, Jimmy helps the reader understand how to navigate the real arguments behind heart disease risk unemcumbered by self-serving financial interests.

High cholesterol causes heart disease, cut your fat and saturated fat, a calorie is a calorie, everything in moderation, eat more “healthy whole grains” . . . the fairy tales of the 21st century!

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59 Responses to My interview for Jimmy Moore’s Cholesterol Clarity

  1. mark says:

    As a person with increased cholesterol I would advise against the usage of statins. Statins are known to produce many side effects. Statins will significantly deprive your organism of Q10, which is needed for production of energy in body cells. Using statins may cause muscle weakening and muscle pain and fatigue. Impairment of muscle is a frequent side effect of using statin drugs. Statins have also been linked to risk of nerve damage in the hands and feet, dizziness, derpession, decreased mental abilities, weakened immune system, etc. Aslo there is a possible link to increased risk of Lou Gehrig disease because of taking statins. If possible, a natural way to lower cholesterol is always the best choice. For example, you can eat food that lowers cholesterol naturally and you can do sports. Here’s a list of cholesterol lowering foods:
    Never take statins, if not in mortal danger and if there is no other way. Hope this helps.
    Regards, Mark

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