I will be speaking in Denver Monday, Aug 19th!

Don’t forget: Wheat Belly is coming to Denver, Colorado, this coming Monday!

I will be speaking at the University of Denver’s Newman Center for the Performing Arts at 7:30 pm on August 19th, 2013. I will discuss all the important arguments underlying the success of the Wheat Belly approach, as well as feature a new video of spectacular success stories! I will also discuss some new strategies to help maximize success once you banish wheat from your life.

Purchase tickets at the Newman Center Box Office (SW corner of University and Iliff) Mon-Fri 10 am-4 pm or order online at www.newmantix.com or by calling 303-871-7720.

Bring your story of wheat-free success with you!

This begins a series that we call The Experience Wheatlessness Tour that will be coming to other major cities in the U.S. and Canada over the next year.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Neicee

    I am so bummed, my husband and I will be connecting at DIA to DFW the following week. Dang. I can’t change our travel plans…that’s the price you pay for booking with no changes allowed. But, please, pwease Dr. Davis, do post a video if possible. Denverites are very health conscious and should be a great audience. And, those that frequent WBblog – do us up proud guys/gals.

    • Dave II

      Yeah, might the good doctor be preaching to the choir? I seem to recall on all those video graphics of the increase in obesity over the past 30 years, Colorado tends to be the holdout state that has kept itself around the 10% mark.

      Here’s hoping he’ll make it to my neck of the woods…

      • > … Colorado tends to be the holdout state that has
        > kept itself around the 10% mark.

        CO may be the most populous of the high plains states (most of the people are living at 5000ft or higher). The low obesity stats could merely indicate that CO is a tough place to breath if you’re overweight.

        Many of them may just move to a low-altitude state, rather than carry around an O2 bottle, or risk early expiration due to exhausting respiration. And people with breathing issues do leave CO. We have acquaintances who lately did just that due to a (non-weight-related) lung problem.

      • Over the past few decades, a lot of Californians moved here for the lifestyle and lower cost of living and brought their culture of health and fitness with them. Others move here specifically for skiing or year-round sunshine. Most of us don’t sweeten our tea, and at least in Denver it’s easy to walk into a random restaurant or go to a street vendor and get low-carb fare.

        • Neicee

          I’ve not had any trouble at the airport restaurants either. It’s getting better all the time and most servers don’t flinch when quietly told you cannot have any wheat/grains and could they help you out with the cook/chef? I ended up ordering a steak in a Mexican restaurant and they changed out the rice/beans with a salad. They got a lovely tip!

  2. Will we get to see the video of success stories and your talk online? There is no way I could get to your presentation but would love to see ans much as I can!!

  3. Karin

    You’re welcome in The Netherlands as well, Dr. Davis. And much needed.
    The Dutch ‘Voedingscentrum’ (organisation that tells us what to eat) is not happy with the advice in your book. The dietary spokesperson says you’ve got it wrong on many points, there’s not enough scientific evidence and there is evidence in some cases that people who consume whole wheat are thinner than those who don’t.
    You can find the (Dutch) article here:

    (The title suggests that your book wrongly puts wheat in a bad light). Luckily, conscious people haven’t been taking this organisation seriously for a while now.

    • Neicee

      Kari, at least when they tire of trashing Dr. Davis they can start in on Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt out of Sweden with his http://www.dietdoctor.com blog. Sweden appears to be getting the message loud and clear and 1 out of 5 are estimated to eat paleo/primal.

          • Neicee

            A couple of us on here take collagen. I’ve been doing that for several years. I can’t seem to keep my nails at the right length, my hair needs to be trimmed about every 6-7 weeks instead of every two months, and my joints feel better. Placebo? But, then I use Moroccan Argan oil on my hair and coconut oil on my skin – who knows? :)

  4. Culinary Adventurer

    Dear Dr. Davis,
    Wherever you are going and speaking we wish you well and much success! What you are doing has been life saving and life improving for millions of people! We are looking forward to the responses of those who hear you speak, in Denver and elsewhere! Best to you!

  5. Neicee

    Under ‘News’ – Dr. Jeffry Gerber MD on http://www.Denversdietdoctor.com has a great flyer up dated 7/30/13 advertising Dr. Davis’ appearance the 19th and how to get tickets. Dr. Gerber is in Littleton, CO and I may try and see him one of these days….his blog and articles follow the rules of eating as we know it and may be closest to where I live.

  6. Deanna

    Dr. Davis, can you help? Suddenly a couple of days ago, the wheatfreeforum.com site is not available. This is the message I get when I try to access it:
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare DropDownQuickSearch() (previously declared in /home/wheatfre/public_html/Sources/Load.php(2170) : eval()’d code:675) in /home/wheatfre/public_html/Sources/Load.php(2170) : eval()’d code on line 743

    I posted this same message on your Facebook page when the problem started, but now YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE WON’T COME UP. The message says “CONTENT NOT FOUND”. I’m wondering what’s going on???
    The problem is I don’t have an email address for anyone on the forum (don’t even know their last names). I was wondering if you could address this in a new blog so some of us could contact each other? Most, or all, of us follow your blog. Thanks for any help!!

    • Hi Deanna ( and everyone else from the wheatfreeforum that might be checking )

      It’s Rita. Sorry about the WheatFreeForum.com site being down at the moment. I was making some updates to improve the site. The update ‘mods’ were not compatible and did something to the database. I’m not good with databases, so I have to get a coder for that. I do have a coder that I work with periodically on other projects, however I don’t think he’s going to be able to fix it until tonight ( Sunday night).

      So sorry for the downtime. I’ll have it up as soon as we can get it fixed.


      • Linda

        Thanks Rita……………..
        Good to know what’s happening, we’ll all try and be patient [LOL] while you work on the fix.
        Miss you guys!

        • Deanna

          Hi Linda, I miss everyone too. Makes us realize what a support group we all are! “See” you soon!

      • Deanna

        Thanks Rita! I really was wondering what’s going on…couldn’t figure out a way to contact anyone. Thanks for the info. I’ll check the site later and see if its back online.


      • Ahhhhh, so very glad it’s NOT my computer as I was beginning to wonder!!! Thank you for your hard work as I’d never be able to do a blog much less a social-media site. I will check back a bit later to see if we’re all up and running!!!

    • Was hoping my coder would have gotten to it last night, but he didn’t. Hopefully he’ll be working on it today (monday).

        • Loanne

          I miss all the posts, too! Rita, what a job for you! Well, if no one’s told you lately, you’re doing a great job keeping the site up and running!

  7. Culinary Adventurer

    Dr. Davis,
    How’d it go last night? We are anxious to hear and expecting rave reviews!

      • John

        I attended the presentation last night, and it was very good. Some of the material was familiar – the initial 45 minutes are basically a summary of the initial Wheat Belly book.

        Dr. Davis pointed out that Wheat Belly was not originally intended to be a diet book – the primary book message is the negative health effects associated with wheat consumption. But he did review and answer several questions about diet and which foods/ingredients should be included/avoided in the “wheatlessness” program.

        He also reviewed several case studies of people who have successfully removed wheat from their diet, and discussed the weight loss and positive health effects.

        The final part of the program was questions and answers, and these covered several subjects. Too much to type, but some interesting questions on the books, the “health industry” in the U.S. and the future of the Wheat Belly movement (sounds like a PBS special is on the way.)

        Overall, I enjoyed it and felt it was worth the time/money. Recommended.

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Culinary–

      I believe it went well! I presented some new information, including a slideshow of successes.

      The audience was a very nice bunch!

  8. Trisha

    Dear Dr Davis,

    Your book and seminar was another turn in my quest for a healthy life. I was not overweight, and I had already cut GMO’s, HFCS, trans fats, processed foods, fast foods, and hydrogenated fats out of my diet over tens years ago. I had NO idea of wheat’s health dangers until your book and seminar. Cutting wheat out of my diet has been another significant health improvement, which I am grateful for. I feel better overall, have no food cravings, and the last stubborn pounds I’ve tried to shed for 15+ years have come off effortlessly.

    I recently came across a website with detailed information to their growing of Einkorn Wheat — which was very encouraging. http://www.jovialfoods.com/ Please take a look. I would appreciate your professional opinion. As for myself, I will NEVER touch modern day wheat again – or anything with modern day wheat in the ingredients. Einkorn Wheat, however, is another subject altogether. I am treading cautiously until I find out more about it. My initial research is very encouraging.

    ~ Tricia L.

    • Barbara in New Jersey


      Try reading the book again or even reading this blog to understand Dr. Davis’s basic premise: NO WHEAT IS ACCEPTABLE. It doesn’t matter what kind of wheat it is. Wheat of any kind is not good for human consumption even without the gluten. There are many other compounds in wheat that are harmful besides the gluten. Ask yourself why so many people who do not test sensitive to gluten find tremendous relief rom ailments when they give up wheat and other grains?

      Also, the products made by this company are highly glycemic which Dr. Davis has repeatedly described as foods to avoid. It doesn’t matter if the wheat they are made from grows in Tuscany, is organic, sprouted, non GMO or whatever. It is still bad for you. These product will raise your blood sugar whether or not you are dining in Tuscany or in your own kitchen.
      Jovial Foods has hyped their company with slick advertising and packaging of their high carb products to get on the gluten free bandwagon.

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, Barbara got it exactly right: It is less harmful, but not harmless.

      I would regard it as an unnecessary compromise to your health. This is why I recounted the anthropological record of health destruction when humans turned to even ancient grains: They were NEVER appropriate for consumption.

      • In the past few days, it was announced that the J.M. Smuckers Co. acquired Enray, Inc, a leading organic, glluten-free ancient grain company based in California…..whose product lines are being sold under the flagship brand, “truroots”…..stating that tis acquisition will assist them in breaking into the “rapidly growing gluten-free market”. While I personally think they’re going in the wrong direction…..I find it interesting that Smuckers obviously doesn’t view the gluten-free market as a ‘fad’.

      • Trisha

        That all makes sense, though I must say I’m skeptical about all grains being unhealthy. I will continue personal research on that subject. In the meantime, I will keep my life wheat-free. As I said, I feel better overall since eliminating wheat and wheat products from my diet. My joints NO LONGER feel ‘stiff’ in the morning when I first get up – very noticeable, especially going up and down stairs. I have NO food cravings and have been sleeping better. I appreciate the information and the work that you are doing to turn people’s lives around, Dr Davis.

        ~ Trisha

        • Barbara in New Jersey


          The proof is in the pudding. The problem with other grains and beans/legumes is their high glycemic value. That is why they should be eaten in very limited quantities.

          Be skeptical and eat large portions of the other grains and beans/legumes. Note how you feel and try to test your blood sugar levels too. This is the way to find out what is right for you.

  9. Ri

    hi there ive been telling my sister to cut out wheat and fructose from my nephews diet -he can be hyperactive a lot of times and has ADD-he eats a lot of breads and sweets. I know if she cuts these out he would be a lot healthier but my concern is that he may lose weight because for us adults thats one of the pleasant side effects but hes a growing boy (8 years old) and is already at a healthy weight so my concern is that if he follows a wheat belly diet he may lose weight. Can someone provide any insights and experiences of theirs of kids on a wheat belly regimen.


    • Dr. Davis

      Yes: Eat MORE meats with the fat, whole eggs, hard cheeses, avocados, vegetables, lots of nuts and seeds, use the recipes from this blog and from the Wheat Belly book and Cookbook. He may indeed lose a few pounds or fail to gain weight for a short period. But remember: We are reverting back to the way humans were supposed to eat before we made this awful compromise in nutrition and incorporated the seeds of grasses, AKA wheat, corn, rice.

  10. Heather

    Dr. Davis,
    I was at the Newman Center and very much enjoyed your talk! Can I get the name of the doctor who introduced you? My family and I would like to check out his practice here in town. Thanks!

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Heather-

      His name is Dr. Jeff Gerber in Littleton, Colorado.

      I spent a fair amount of time with him over a couple of days and found him engaging and knowledgeable. I believe he would be a perfect choice!

  11. Ri

    Peter your daughter is absolutely stunning and looks very happy and healthy -i commend you and your wife for making her health a top priority-health is wealth and i think especially for little girls who grow up and become teenagers and adult women and begin to feel the pressures of being thin which can sometimes leads to eating disorders and a poor self image- you are definitely giving her a good head start to make healthy choices by investing the time now. And thank you Dr Davis for your response!whole unprocessed foods in their natural state is the way the go. Since i cut out wheat i have been eating more rice though as a sort of replacement i know its not prohibited on wheat belly but has to be eaten in moderation. i think it is more easily tolerated by our bodies than wheat because if you look at people of asian decent whos staple is rice they dont tend to have weight issues its very rare and the ones i see who eat a lot of rice are often very thin!Anyways thanks for sharing that post Peter that was great very helpful and informative! beautiful family:)

  12. Ri

    btw Peter im not trying to call you out here or anything by any means but in your link for what your daughter eats you said that when she wants spaghetti you make the sauce with real tomatoes-so does that mean she’s not entirely wheat free? is it ok for kids to enjoy it once or twice a week then I thought it should be completely eliminated please clarify

  13. Ri

    I feel stupid! for some reason I was thinking that ‘Boundless’ was Peter contributing to the wheat belly blog!!

  14. William Zadorsky

    Hello Dr. Davis:
    I live in the city of London in the province of Ontario, Canada. Since reading your book, Wheat Belly in early April I have dropped 40 pounds (from 201 down to 160). More importantly, however, is the fact that I am wondering if there is a connection between wheat and Trigeminal Neuralgia. I have had this condition for the last four years and was on a very heavy regimen of the drugs tegretol(carbamazepine) and baclofen. I very gradually went off both medications by June and have been pain free since beginning Wheat Belly.

    My Trigeminal Neuralgia is idiopathic in nature so I concluded that perhaps the cause may be biochemical but I have no proof. Since beginning “wheatlessness” and dropping this medication I am now wondering if we are the verge of a very important discovery for those of us suffering from the TN condition. Question: If TN patients drop the wheat will those TN patients ( for whom their symptoms are idiopathic in nature) become pain free as I appear to be?

    William Zadorsky