Depression lifted, no more stomach pains, 90 pounds down!

Here’s Rachael’s wonderful story of marked improvement in longstanding depression, along with getting slimmer by 90 pounds!

In December/January just past I started eating to Wheat Belly guidelines. I’m no longer depressed, stomach pains from wheat are gone, I’m healthy and happy. I went from 250 pounds to 160. And still dropping.

I did this for my health and concern for Frankenwheat, not solely to lose weight. They just happen to go hand in hand.

Ever since I was little, I’ve suffered from depression. When I was 18, I was admitted to hospital for about three months. Drug after drug and trial after trial I felt like a zombie. After about four years on the drug, I stopped. I didn’t want to feel like I was just sitting and watching in my life.

The next 1.5-2 years were a struggle. I practiced all of the techniques that I’ve learned (cognitive behaviour therapy, etc.). I finally reached my ultimate low past January. I went researching what can cause such bad depression in people. Somehow I ended up reading about the genetic makeup of wheat, which led me to Wheat Belly.

I had nothing else to lose. I was already at rock bottom, so I cut it out. My withdrawals were awful for the first two weeks.

After the first 30 days, I could see my eyes getting clearer. My mood was changing. By month two, I had more energy. I wanted to start exercising, whereas before I wanted to, but was always too lethargic.

Now, 8-9 months later and 90 pounds thinner, I’m doing great. My depression is at a tolerable level where it’s not to the extreme. My outlashes are gone. I wake up wanting to nourish my body with healthy foods that will fuel me.

And I spend less money eating this way than I did eating before. I stay full and content throughout the day, whereas before I would eat pasta or something, be full, bloated, stomach pains and hungry in thirty minutes!

Rachael’s form of depression is labeled “unipolar” depression, to be distinguished from “bipolar” depression, i.e., a condition characterized by “highs” as well as “lows.” As Rachael experienced, a marked lifting (though in her case, not complete) is common; some people do indeed experience a complete lifting.

Let’s extend this to other forms of emotional/psychological struggles, such as eating disorders (especially bulimia and binge eating disorder) and schizophrenia, and increased behavioral difficulties and shortened attention span in children with ADHD and autistic spectrum disorder. ALL of these conditions are unmasked or worsened by the gliadin protein of wheat, the protein degraded to small polypeptide opiates that bind to the opiate receptors of the human brain and exert a variety of emotional and psychological effects.

As Rachael’s substantial struggles highlight, this is no small matter. Wheat can literally ruin a life. Only a minority of people are able to pinpoint the thing that makes their condition so much worse . . . then remove it. And they generally do so against the advice of their psychiatrist, primary care doctor, dietitian.

We are advised by our own government agencies that ALL Americans, without exception, benefit by loading their diet up with “healthy whole grains.” After all, whole grains are less harmful than white flour products! Can you appreciate the enormity of this blunder when it comes to mental health issues alone?

If you, like Rachael, experienced an emotional or psychological effect by banishing modern wheat from your life, please share your story here!

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  1. JillOz says:

    My mood has definitely improved. Stress/ anxiety not as indepth as it was, much easier to improve a mood.
    Still sensitive to certain things, but the difference is perceptible, to me anyway.

  2. Deby says:

    I tried this over a year ago, but think I overdid it on the cheese…
    The weight has piled on….
    Starting back tomorrow….with hope and hoping I can DO IT this time
    This is a VERY encouraging post !!!!

  3. Loretta says:

    Dr. Davis,

    Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I have not been able to find anything about it. I was reading the label on my shampoo the other day and one of the ingredients was “hydrolyzed wheat protein”! Is this something I should be concerned about and change shampoos? This darn stuff is in everything!


    • Boundless says:

      > … shampoo … ingredients was “hydrolyzed wheat protein”!

      Check all your lotions, potions & toothpaste too.

      > Is this something I should be concerned about and change shampoos?

      People have reported skin reactions. I would change shampoos whether I reacted or not. The people who formulated that stuff are criminally incompetent at the very least. You may assume the other ingredients were selected with the same level of care for your health, The makers need to be sent an economic message.

      > This darn stuff is in everything!

      Check your pet food too, where wheat is even more destructive to cats & dogs than to humans.

  4. barbp says:

    Last week I was in a local natural foods market about to buy an “organic” lipstick, only to be shocked to see wheat in the ingredients list. And you know we are all eating our lipstick, ladies – where else do you think it goes?

    • vanessa says:

      I would rather have wheat then parabens which is much more common and more harmful risks associated with it.

  5. Alan says:

    Thank you, Dr. Davis, all of your research about wheat and for putting up this blog.

    I decided to try a gluten-free diet after reading in the foreward of a gluten-free cookbook that “non-traditional” symptoms of gluten sensitivity could include acid reflux and brain fog/worsening of ADD – both of which I could see applying to me.

    In doing more research about gluten-free diets, I stumbled upon your blog and learned that it was about wheat, not just gluten – and started seeing some of the dramatic success stories. I feel like I have already become one of them.

    After just 2 days of being wheat-free, I started experiencing a mental clarity that I have (unfortunately) never experienced before. Staying focused on workdays became a breeze instead of a struggle. I’m sure I still have some underlying ADD symptoms, but it is so much easier to manage that it almost doesn’t matter anymore.

    In addition, my acid reflux is mostly gone. My relentless heartburn at the end of the day used to be the reminder to take my heartburn medication – but now I may not even need it. It’s funny how I had “blamed” acid reflux on so many foods – wine, tomato sauce, chocolate, cheese, oils – that now cause no problems for me. I had never thought to question that I was usually consuming each of these with a meal containing a generous hunk of bread.

    I have now been wheat-free for over a week and the benefits go even above and beyond what I could have ever hoped for. Bloating after meals is gone, no more urgent bowel movements 3-4 times per day, and I have already lost a couple of pounds (mostly from my waist it seems) despite not really having much to spare there in the first place. No more cravings for sweets and constant hunger.

    Most of all, though, I feel like the mental benefits have truly changed my life. At the age of 26 I was starting to feel old, tired, and hopeless, and each day I tried to laugh about my lapses in memory, inability to stay focused, etc. to make myself feel better while secretly fearing how much worse it could get in the future. With my newfound mental clarity, I have renewed energy and a renewed sense of hope for what life can be.

    I am so grateful that I found this blog at this point in my life.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      That’s terrific, Alan!

      You can appreciate just how powerful and wide-ranging these benefits are. Not only does wheat ruin health, it impairs our ability to function at our best. No wheat = higher levels of functioning!

  6. the science of everything says:

    When a You-tube-video with the intriguing title “The UNhealthy whole grain” popped up on my screen I immediately asked myself what the United Nations had to do with grains. After I realized that no one was talking of the U.N. I was curious. Not that I really expected whole grain to be unhealthy but since every loaf of bread has its two sides I wanted to know the reason for this blasphemy. Little did I know that this video would never make me McEat (I´m not dissing Scottish food right now…) or drinkola some things again-and that because of cupcakes! A picture of cupcakes to be precise. The one-hour long presentation held by one Dr.William Davis, a cardiologist who explained that due to genetic modification the wheat we consume today is a completely different plant from the wheat from 50 years ago bla bla bla, had some more or less interesting arguments why flour now equals poison what sounded a bit drastic. What finally got me and caught my hungry eye(s), was a picture of some cupcakes that looked heavenly to my dieting, weight-losing, constantly jogging self. Like promised by Dr. Davis I found the recipe for “Lemon Cheese Cupcakes” on his blog that is named after his best-selling book “Wheatbelly – Lose the wheat, lose the weight”. The blog is inofficially run by many very convinced people who feel about wheat like most of us feel about their ex. I looked the book up on Amazon and started reading some of the numerous reviews that dealt with miraculous, effortless weight-loss and an improvement or complete healing from approximately 27.000 different diseases.
    It took me some time to gather enough information on the field of nutrition -which is emotional, controversial, at times scandalous and often simply wrong- to seriously understand how essential it is to know what you eat and to eat what you know. Today I know some things and I eat a lot- if you want to know how it is possible to eat 4000 calories without gaining weight but losing it (does not include vomiting or anything obscure) and why sugar is good for your teeth, read on (and lose the weight).

    If you want more, please visit my blog:

  7. Sherry ~Rustique Gal says:

    I went wheat free last October and within 2 weeks noticed the total reduction of arthritis pain. My hands and fingers used to hurt all the time, now only occasionally with bad weather. I am still struggling to lose weight, and having tests to see if my thyroid is okay. Have given up all grains now and mostly eat veggies, some fruit and meat/fish. Recently cut way down on sugar, only some dried fruit.
    As Martha would say, It’s a good thing!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      And feel free to post your thyroid values here for feedback, Sherry.

      It is shocking to me how many people are told they have “normal” thyroid values that are really NOT or the panel is woefully incomplete.

  8. Mia says:

    Hey Dr. Davis,
    this article really made me laugh! You should take a look at it.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Thanks, Mia!

      Some interesting notions, eh?

      • Neicee says:

        I thought it was great. The author has been a fine student and pretty much covered everything from our lies to ourselves to why just one bite is a nudge to take another. Thanks Mia, the author has a great sense of humor as well. All the way through it, I kept laughing because it brought back so many memories.

  9. GiGi says:

    It is almost criminal the way our government recommends 8-11 servings of whole grains daily. What a wonderful story with a wonderful outcome! I am so glad the message you present Dr. Davis is getting out! We all appreciate your efforts…

  10. Alex says:

    I started my wheat free diet few days after watching Dr Davis on CBS morning show last September. As far as weight loss, frankly, I have not noticed much reduction. Main reason: my addiction to damn sugar. I think stop eating wheat is 80% easier than getting rid of sugar. whoever that could develope a new formula, approach or techniques to move people away from sugar, they’ll be super rich. And I mean practical and do-able way to get rid of sugar. Thus far I find it already a losing battle, at least for me.

    The best result of being gluten free for me has been: mental clarity & things like depression.

    One of my old favorite things to eat pre gf was replacing my own chicken broth with those instant Maruchan noodles. Walmart sells various flavors for $0.28 for the last 4-5 years. Inflation does not apply to these noodles!

    A week ago I decided to cheat and have these soups. Taste-wise I loved it. That night, I woke up two times with panic attacks & crying for no reasons! I never had such an episode, since I started gf diet.

    After few days of no panic attacks, I decided to eat the same noodles again!! That night again I woke up with exact panic attacks and crying for no reason!!

    So I’m back to gf again and sleep like a baby.

    • Boundless says:

      Have you seen:

      > I started my wheat free …
      It’s not just wheat free. It’s also very low net carb, and there are some specific weight-magnet foods you also need to avoid, like fructose. Sucrose (table sugar) is 50% fructose, and most sweetened products are using HFCS, which is 60% fructose, and free fructose for extra adversity..

      > Main reason: my addiction to damn sugar.
      Switch to any of several alternatives. See “In Pursuit of Sweetness” on this blog.

      • Neicee says:

        October 1st, 2011 I went completely wheat/grain free. Even with gluten intolerance I would lie to myself, would snitch a bite here and there from my husband’s plate, felt like I’d lost a friend. It was no friend. But, sugar was always my go-to energy booster. Soooo, Jan. 1st 2012 I threw out a 5 lb. bag of sugar (while my husband watched in horror) and anything else in the cabinets that contained it. Haven’t touched it again either. I’m no saint, because once in a while I do have visions of a glorious croissant loaded with butter or a shortbread cookie during the holidays but when reason sets in I don’t. I do have a glass of wine with dinner and it’s not lessoned my attempts to remain as healthy as I can be. Good luck Alex. You can do it and you’ll never look back.
        P.S. = the only time I use stevia/Truvia is when eating fresh berries with cream and they’re just a little too tart. Or, when making whipped cream.

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