Wheat Belly speaking tour launches in Denver

Wheat Belly is coming to Denver, Colorado!

I will be speaking at the University of Denver’s Newman Center for the Performing Arts at 7:30 pm on August 19th, 2013.

This begins a series that we call The Experience Wheatlessness Tour that will be coming to other major cities in the U.S. and Canada over the next year. Purchase tickets at the Newman Center Box Office (SW corner of University and Iliff) Mon-Fri 10 am-4 pm or order online at www.newmantix.com or by calling 303-871-7720.

Bring your story of wheat-free success with you!

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Lynne Wofford

    I do have a short video, but I do have side by side photos. Can I send those to you via email?

  2. steph lake

    Dr. William Davis, I hope you come to Boise, I know we are small, but I keep trying to share and help others see the truth. I wish you could be my family doctor, because you actually care about people!

  3. I’m sure New York or Philly is on your list – even so, consider a stop in central NJ? New Brunswick is nice this time of year!

  4. Your book has changed our lives!! I recommend it all the time either in person or on our page!! My husband has it on his kindle I have it on mine and we bought a hard copy we loan out for those who don’t have a lot of money!! Would love to come to Denver to see you, will have to look into a little more see if we can swing it!!

    Thank you
    Sharon Hagert
    Our Journey To a Healthy Lifestyle

  5. Debi

    I hope you are coming to Ohio, the Dayton or Cincinnati area. Loved your book and have been wheat-free since May 27th :)

  6. janet

    Chicago on the itinerary? Hope so. I can get on the Metra and come on down! Success in Denver, Dr. Davis!

  7. Culinary Adventurer

    Hi Dr. Davis,
    I am not available to see you in Denver but here is my success story:

    I had many, many of the very same issues and symptoms so often described by others who write in to your blog. Being free of these symptoms has brought such incredible relief to me and to others in my family.
    Most importantly giving up wheat has brought us to a new way of living – a permanent improvement in the quality of our lives.

    Here is how I now think about being wheat free:
    Every time I eat something delicious and healthful, I take a moment to feel grateful to be enjoying the kinds of foods I eat now rather than being stuck with that old bread, pasta, cereal, cracker, empty sweets, wheat way of eating. Food tastes so good now and small amounts satisfy. I don’t crave anything! The energy I have gained adds to my momentum to try new recipes and explore good food!

    All the choices I now make are from good tasting foods, healthy and clean foods! Like clean water and air, like all natural sources, they cannot be substituted. I feel in balance and free to select from the most wonderful foods available. Life is smoother now and simpler. No longer is it a matter of choosing the lesser of evils and suffering the consequences. There is always something good within reach and I can easily pass up the mountains of the old useless foodstuffs with a great feeling of satisfaction.

    The wheat sourced foods I used to eat are not old familiar “friends” that I wish to revisit. Now they have been revealed for what they always were – empty frauds and cons disguised as something “good for me”. Now I know wheat is truly harmful. Things made with this substance are always so available; packaged attractively and ready to tempt us – ready to rob us of our health and make easy wealth for the companies who made them. I no longer give them a place at my table and they do not belong in my home and new community. They can plead they are “healthy whole grains” all they want – I am no longer listening! They are not part of this new way of being.

    My taste for good food has changed to the point that I can no longer even imagine putting any of that bland and gluey, stretchy and bulky, salty and dry, or sickeningly sweet stuff, anywhere near my newly awakened taste “buds”! The desire for wholesome foods has taken me over and I feel evolved. Without any thought I can easily veer away from anything that smacks of wheat or its harmful cousins. I feel too good now to turn back. Turn back for what?

    Now my kitchen contains only good food. My cupboards are stocked with wonderful ingredients and it can be as nutritious to eat most any of the ingredients themselves as it is to make something wonderful by combining them! I have relaxed time to think about my next meal rather than feel compelled to graze or be driven to consume empty and harmful calories. I can always find something good to eat that makes me feel good for having chosen it!

    This is such a great new way to live. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Davis and his books and for the others guiding us along the right path. I love being on this path! So many others are here who likewise have found their way to this path to better health! Let us be kind and encouraging company for each other. Two good ideas: feeling Like-Wise and being Wheat-Free.

    If these expressions of my new insights are helpful to you, please feel free to use and share them.
    Pat McFarland

      • Culinary Adventurer

        Hi Wrotek,
        My primary issues were digestive, skin, inflammation, and joint pain. Some had been present since my mid-teens. The majority just ceased within four days (yes, four days!) of removing wheat from my diet. There have been continuing improvements since.
        That is why I choose to focus on how good I feel now – it has been such a gift to share with others.

        • green_eyed_leopards

          “My primary issues were digestive, skin, inflammation, and joint pain. Some had been present since my mid-teens. The majority just ceased within four days (yes, four days!) of removing wheat from my diet. There have been continuing improvements since.”

          This was me except for the skin part. My Doctor told me to try gluten free for a month and you are right I noticed a difference with in two – four days. I think what helped my issue was when I got sick the night before I went to the doctor for my ongoing stomach, joint and migraine issues (I am only 33 and was never into sports I shouldn’t have joint issues yet). She asked me what I had eaten the night before and almost all of it contained mass amounts of gluten none gluten free oatmeal), Pasta for lunch, and a Boca burger for dinner (the second ingredient is wheat talk about disguised as healthy) and only made it half way through the sandwich before my stomach told me to stop. I felt so bad until it all got puked up my body just completely rejected it all. I threw up 3 – 5 times that night and even just the last bit of liquid (sorry for being graphic) and once it was all out of my system I felt fine other then weak and shaky. She said she was going to send me to a Gastro to see and highly recommended (almost insisting) to go gluten free for a month. I was devastated for the first 4 weeks but now I am totally on board. A lot of people think it is all in my head because I am only 85lbs and 5’4 (been this tiny my whole life).

          Now I have been eating healthier all the way around. I was craving the crappy food at first with a few gluten free treats now and then. I was upset I couldn’t have a kit kat up until last week but now I don’t think I want one at all. I was excited to see all the fresh foods my husband bought us yesterday.

          • Administrators may want to take steps with the above “reply” from Hardeep Singh.

            It’s a spam from an MLM seller.

            Nutrition Facts are not to be found on the products, but the ingredients touted include soybean oil & protein, high omega 6, fructose and sucralose.

  8. John Baylis

    Looking forward to seeing you in Denver Dr. Davis! I’ll bring the Pop Tarts! Just kidding – its all good in my kitchen now.

    • Neicee

      Lori, thanks for posting the link. Looks like a great blog and wish every success on it. Interesting the number of people going the ‘real food’ route. Heard from a nephew of mine in Oregon that was just diagnosed with hypoglycemia. Guess what? His doctor actually took all wheat/potatoes/rice/ corn and beer off his menu choices! Perhaps docs are changing everywhere? We can hope. Hmmm, wonder if his doc read WB?

  9. Fiona Simon

    Hi Dr. Davis,
    I have osteoporosis, very severe. This was discovered when I was 32. I’m now 48, 5′ 1″, and very thin (87 lbs.). I was tested various times for celiac disease, and every test came back negative. A slight gluten allergy was detected one time. Would eliminating wheat from my diet perhaps help strengthen my bones? My naturopath believes that my low body weight and poor bone health lie in malabsorbtion of nutrients and leaky gut syndrome. I take very high quality bone supplements (Pro Bono), plus added K2 and Bone Up. I exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, and I eat a LOT! Wheat does not make me feel sick at all, yet I’m thinking it could be preventing me from absorbing nutrients. I took Fosamax for about 10 years but decided a couple months ago to quit taking it. I was having side effects, and my bone scans showed no improvement over the years. I want to strengthen my bones and gain some weight, but au natural.
    Thanks so much for all you are doing! Most sincerely, Fiona

    • Fiona Simon

      P.S. I also take a digestive enzyme, Dipan-9, with each meal, to help with digestion of nutrients

      • Neicee

        Fiona, I can equate to your frustration with osteoporosis. I’m betting that a good portion of both men and women who present with it, will be traced back to a problem with absorbing the nutrients we need from childhood in the future – and the culprit will be wheat. I’m small too (4’11”) and now under 100 lbs.. When 1 child in a family does not attain similar height or weight as others in the family, it would seem something is wrong. Yet, no one ever asked why? Turns out my daughter has worse problems than me, and her daughter is worse than she is. A progressive degeneration. Let us know how you’re doing down the road. Oh, I turned down my endo on the Fosamax prescription too.

        • When diagnosed with Osteopenia, I declined the offer of Fosomax as well….I think it was one of the best medical desicions I ever made, other than to eliminate wheat/gluten/sugar.