On again, off again; on again, off again

A reader who calls herself “Geisha” left this interesting comment on the Wheat Belliers Share Their Wheat Re-Exposure Experiences blog post:

It’s been enlightening reading this blog again–after 6 months absence.

I started wheat free early 2012, lost lots of weight, felt great, flat tum, food cravings under control.

Unwittingly, I started eating wheat on holidays in Japan at Christmas. Big bowel problems followed that re-exposure. Incredible how much energy I’ve lost this year, put on 8 kgs [17.6 pounds] in recent months, big bloated belly, up two pant sizes, sinus infections (never had sinus probs in my life), constant hip pain, facial pimples all over. Instead of walking/riding to and from work, I have been catching taxis for 6 am starts M-F.

Well, immediately after reading this site Friday, I stopped wheat: pain-free Sunday, bowel working, walking to work again this week, energy returned.

I’m kicking myself that I didn’t realize it was WHEAT!! I really thought I was on the way out, afraid to go to a doctor to be diagnosed with some dreadful disease. This is a magic cure, just had to stop the wheat. Incredible, except skin problems still evident. Thanks everyone for sharing.

This sort of experience confirms the effects of wheat in an individual: on again, off again. Lose weight, regain health by stopping wheat, all the problems come back with a vengeance when you resume. This is inarguable evidence of a cause-effect relationship in this person.

It really should come as no surprise that this grain–the seed of the grass plant, wheat–has toxic effects in humans. Wheat was never appropriate for human consumption. 10,000 years ago, we observed the grass that ibex and aurochs grazed on in the Fertile Crescent 10,000. When increasing temperature and dryness caused a shortage of foods of the sort we had consumed for the preceding 2.4 million years, in desperation we turned to the einkorn grass for food. If we consume the roots, shaft, or leaves of the einkorn wheat, we get nausea, diarrhea, and stomach aches, then pass much of the plant undigested, since we lack the digestive apparatus of grazing creatures. We somehow figured out that the only digestible part of the einkorn wheat plant was the seed, once the husk was removed, seed pulverized with stones, then heated (in primitive pottery). This food of desperation allowed us to survive another day, week, or month, but we unwittingly invited a staggeringly foul thing into our dietary menu.

The shenanigans of geneticists and agribusiness got into the act, making something bad into something far worse. Something that, even in its native state, untainted by human intervention, was inappropriate for human consumption, now dominates 20% of all human calories. With corn and rice, the seeds of these three grasses now constitute 50% of all human calories. We have become a race of grass seed-consuming creatures.

Such a situation is consistent with the grand design set for the world as dictated by Big Agribusiness, commodity grain traders (a HUGE world all of its own), and politicians. It allows top-down control over the world’s food, converting food from a local phenomenon to that of a commodity, permitting futures trading, hedges, and other complex derivative investments, ways that large sums of money can be made from food. (Can’t do that with green peppers!) If Russia wants 1000 tons of hard winter wheat, it can be shipped by ocean tanker and stored–transportability and shelf-life that few other foods can provide.

Cheap, scalable, transportable . . . and hugely profitable when traded on an international scale. Our own government tells us that we should eat this thing and it should dominate our daily meals. But when you eat it, you get sick. When you stop eating it, you get better. On again, off again–no further proof needed in an individual’s experience.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Charla

    I experienced that exact same phenomenon when I reintroduced wheat. But now, even after being wheat-free again for a couple of weeks, I’m still dealing with food cravings…this stinks!

    • Lindsey

      I didn’t fall off the wheat-free wagon, I fell ONTO the ‘substitute other grains’ wagon last year. I’ve been substituting other grains (read that as eating carbs in abundance) for a while now and I’m up an embarrassing amount of weight as a result. Now, cravings be darned, I’m back to wheat free low carbing WITH (because I have a totally jacked up system) calorie control. Don’t give into the cravings, it’s not worth it.

  2. Kerry

    Giving up dairy as well as wheat has eliminated my skin breakouts! I can now have full fat dairy in small doses, like cream in my tea, with no adverse effects.

  3. Bruce

    I met a friend for lunch the other day. I have been avoiding wheat, but not 100% wheat free. We had one of our long lunches including 3 or 4 beers,which I have not had for quite a while, plus a fish fry (breaded) (sounded good at the time…D&*n beer) Got home and the wife came home later with burgers. Yes, I’m hungry!! (D&*n beer) So I eat. fall asleep at 10 with much burpage going on. I wake at 12:45 AM and feel like someone has been beating me with a bat while I slept. All of my joints, especially legs, hurt. Plus my sinuses are plugged up bad. Could not get back to sleep for 3 hours. Not a hangover, I’ve had them in the past, but I do not indulge in enough to get “hungover” from the alcohol. So I’m guessing it is the wheat from the breading and the bun and the beer. Gained 4 pounds overnite too….D&*n beer.

    • Dr. Davis

      This is why I believe it is NOT a stretch to call wheat a “perfect chronic poison.”

      It ruins health in so many ways, while enticing you in so many tasty forms.

      • SusieW

        I saw something you had written recently about the health system existing to compensate for wheat consumption, or words to that affect. What was it exactly?? I’m going to memorize it.

  4. Carole

    I too started eating wheat again…no energy..weight gain…etc..etc.
    Believe it when Dr. Davis tells you it’s an addiction. Wheat is worse than alcohol, cocaine..or any other vice.

    • Dr. Davis

      And, of course, the USDA and other agencies don’t tell us to make alcohol or cocaine the dominant part of our diet!

  5. Ann

    If only I could get instant negative feedback. I am told by a local chiropractor/naturopath that wheat can suppress the thyroid. My internist says that my recent bout of pericarditis (fluid in the pericardium, or sac around the heart) was due to low thyroid. Ego, wheat was partially responsible for my emergency surgery last November. There are other details and other apparently concurrent contributors, but a case can be made for the connection, nonetheless. I would trade instant negative symptoms for this stealthy damage, any day.

  6. Theresa

    I have been wheat free for almost 2 years. I’ve lost 60 # and throught this time, I’ve had occassions where I’ve indulged in wheat lasting anywhere from 1 day to 1 month. The longer I eat wheat, the more sick I feel and more sypmtoms I get. At first, I thought it couldn’t be the wheat, just can’t blame all this on wheat. I get joint pain – knees and fingers, weight gain, gas, anxiety, heartburn come to mind right now. The last time I was off wheat for about 2 weeks and was all set to start on a Tuesday so that I could have my house stocked with what I needed, but by Saturday night, I was so sick, I knew I needed to start right away. It has now been 3 weeks of no wheat, grain or sugar and am feeling so much better. Another symptom I had for years was a pain in my upper left quadrant, right below my ribs, that disappeared as well. I had so many tests done by doctors and they could never find the reason for that pain. So that birthday cake, or celebration meal isn’t worth all that comes with it afterwards!!

    • Dr. Davis

      You’ve got all the proof you require, I believe, Theresa!

      And very nice with the 60 pounds lost!

  7. Margaret

    I’ve been idly wondering about wheatgrass juice. Does anyone have an exposure story where that was the only wheat in an otherwise wheatfree life?

  8. Neicee

    Struggling growing up in a family that consumed enough wheat to sink a ship. Every meal, every day. Tragic, because my mother died at 73 yrs. from a stroke and my father died from a brain tumor at 75 yrs.. Even suspecting their conditions had to do with something they were eating didn’t convince me to investigate further. After years of bouts of what was then deemed IBS a lovely little doctor gave me a prescription for it. When they didn’t work, other than shutting off the ability to go to the bathroom at all, she suggested it could be more than IBS. Also, if I was curious, I could simply eliminate all wheat products and see what happened. Back in 1995 or so I guess the way to find out if your gut was damaged was a surgical procedure. I quit, cold turkey, and felt great. But, as time goes on, and we lie to ourselves that we ‘really’ don’t have a problem, you cheat…. then get back to the same routine. The past decade brought more health problems and I knew I had to quit or face some really unpleasant things. Yet, whether it’s IBS, gluten intolerance, or full blown celiacs doesn’t matter. Wheat made me sick, I felt lousy, took a handful of some kind of OTC pain meds and kept on eating it – yet I was never overweight simply because it caused such severe cramping (even passing out a couple of times) the most I ever gained was 10 lbs.. I read Gary Taubes book which led me to WB and Dr. Davis. Since I was still eating high glycemic foods, even when I wasn’t eating wheat, I still had a bloated tummy, some water retention in the legs, and headaches that would knock an elephant down. Before I even finished WB I quit. Then I quit rice, potatoes, corn products and sugar. The weight fell off, I’ve been at 100 to 102 lbs. since, the massive headaches and bloating tummy are completely gone. Now, I’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis (after having first insisted I had hyperparathyroidism and surgery scheduled for within two weeks, but I know now it had to do with the gut and wheat. I’m going to beat this too and have declined to take Fosamax or any of the others recommended. Sadly, finding a doctor in this area is not going to be easy. The only alternative doctor has a huge lab attached to their building where they claim to work up their own vitamins and supplements tailored just for you. I’ll pass. But, I simply cannot thank Dr. Davis and the very knowledgeable commenters in this community enough because they have helped keep me focused. Thank you.

    • Nancy

      Try food grade diatomaceous (sp?) earth to help with the osteoporosis. You’ll find it has other advantages, too. It’s actually a mineral, silica, that our bodies need. It is available online.

      • Neicee

        Nancy, I’ve not heard of it but will definitely research it. I’m taking about double the RDA of magnesium and strangely enough it hasn’t even caused an upset tummy. Course, the 4-5000 mg of Vitamin D3 probably needs that amount. Actually feeling better than I have in a long time. Thanks for the recommendation. My endo thinks I’m a know-it-all or worse, a medical agnostic! :)
        P.S. His main nurse is at least 75 lbs. overweight.

      • Janet

        What kind of dosage and how do you take the DE? I have never heard of this but since I have osteopenia, looking for ways to reverse or help the condition before it turns to osteoporosis. I came to WB by beginning to address the issue.

      • I’ve never heard of food grade DE either……but in doing a cursory search, it appears that (among other things) it helps with calcium absorption. As someone with osteopenia, that could be a plus…..thanks for the tip!

        • Barbara in New Jersey

          DE is used in swimming pool filters and is a safe way to rid your garden and lawn of bugs without those awful chemicals. Good riddance slugs!
          It is cheap too! I have used this for many years.

          Anyone have more info on food grade? Is it too harsh on your intestinal tract? Do you need to drink more water?

  9. Kilo

    I been trying to be wheat free for a while now.

    Couple benefits i gotten from it are easier weight control. I havent really lost much weight, but atleast i have been able to keep it quite steady now. And i think my body looks a bit slimmer so i guess i will get the body transformed from fat to fit even if the weight would stay same because muscle weight more than fat.

    Other benefit is blood pressure. My left arm pressures have gotten to really nice levels of about 120/80 or little less. Right arms still about 140/80 so once that gets into similar levels with the left arm and i can loose some more extra fat from my belly, i think i will try to lower the dose and see if the pressures still stays steady.
    Hopefully someday i could ditch the pills completely or atleast eat much smaller dose. Im still not even 30 and i been eating the pills maybe half of my life so it would be really nice to get rid of it finally…

    On the negative side my latest blood check showed bit more higher cholesterol and sugar levels than last time. The levels were bit high on the test before it so the doc was again trying to give me some cholesterol meds. Anyway i politely declined because im really not that old and i think the levels are just high because im still trying to loose the extra fat.

    Maybe the most annoying things have been heartburn ? or not really sure what the heck it is but just annoying feeling on the chest and sometimes on the middle of the torso so i guess stomach area? I think i get it usually when im very hungry or when i might be stressed out. Not really sure, but just really annoying feeling to have.
    Hopefully that will go away too once the bodys done transforming :p

    • Dr. Davis

      If weight loss is ongoing, Kilo, I would ignore the higher blood sugar and cholesterol values; they simply reflect the disruption of lipoproteins that develops with the release of fatty acids into the bloodstream that characterizes weight loss.

      Also, note that total cholesterol is a silly value, anyway. NOBODY should be telling you things like “You need a statin drug” based on total cholesterol, as it is an exceptionally crude and unreliable value. Have you read the “My particles are bigger than your particles” chapter of the original Wheat Belly book?

  10. Neicee

    Another comment regarding this ability to lie to ourselves….please do keep in mind that the decisions we make today will/can effect our children down the road. We may get away with it for awhile, but can they? My daughter drove herself to the ER the other night because she thought she was having a heart attack. She goes on and goes off WB. Has a very stressful job, and doesn’t seem to take the time to take care of No. 1 ! Herself. Seems her heart and BP is fine, but she’s missing Vit. B12 and folate, has a problem with her white blood cell count and encouraged to test for hypothyroidism. She weighs under a 100 lbs. and rarely eats more than once a day. Yet, the ER docs handed her script for Xanax. I overnighted her a box of supplements, including B12 and folic acid and a slew of others. Unbelievable.

    She has shown the typical symptoms of gluten intolerance since she was a baby. She’s had endometriosis just like her mommy since a teenager, yet refused the surgery to eliminate that problem. Now, these things are rearing up to confront her and I’m afraid their are more to crop up down the road.
    So, if you don’t quit the addiction to wheat to help yourself, do it for your children. Whatever conditions you’ve experienced from this monster they may pay double over and beyond what you’ve experienced.

    • Neicee

      Mary Taylor, Dr. Davis addressed this issue 2/27/2013 titled “Wheat and Endometriosis” and covered it nicely. There is a little search box up on the left side of the page where you can input what you’re looking for and it will bring up the articles to research. He tied the consumption of wheat in nicely with the inflammation issue. I do know that when my daughter stopped eating wheat she no longer suffered a full week of cramping and bloating. I had a total hysterectomy at the grand old age of 26. The severity of it had also spun off a small cancer. After removal, it to date, has not reared it’s ugly head.

  11. ally

    I read your book approximately 14 months ago. I have been basically wheat free for the entire time. I have the odd slip up if I am in a situation where I don’t have any choice; however this is a rare occasion. I originally started this new way of eating because MS runs on my mothers side and Oliveponto Cerebellular Degeneration runs on my fathers side. What could be the harm of going wheat free to try and prolong my neurological health as much as possible? So, I didn’t begin this program because of tummy aches or arthritis pain – nothing like that.

    As a bonus in the past 14 months, I have felt so much better physically. In the beginning, I could have stood to lose approximately 10 pounds which I have done. I have not had one Canker sore in my mouth (they run in my family), and I have battled those painful lesions since I was a young child and I am 46 years old now. Doctors use to tell me to cut down on acidic foods to prevent them, but now I am 100% convinced it was the wheat. Overall, I feel better after I eat. I NEVER get heartburn, or a sick feeling after I eat – no matter how full I am. I have played a lot of sports over the years, and the few aches and pains I used to have are gone! Plus, trips to the dentists always include a clean bill of health now – no cavities!

    I have a question about the organic “gluten free” bread sold at Costco….the ingredients look like they all pass the test, but I wonder about one ingredient “yeast extract”. Is that okay????

    Dr. Davis, I had thought about removing gluten prior to reading your book, but at that time it was just a thought. Your book educated be to the point, where I made a change. I am so thankful to you.

    • > I have a question about the organic “gluten free”
      > bread sold at Costco…

      Would that be:

      > … the ingredients look like they all pass the test,…

      They don’t.
      Apple Sauce – sugar, possibly high fructose
      Pear Juice Concentrate – aka sugar, possibly high fructose
      Plum Puree – sugar, possibly high fructose
      Potato flour or starch – high glycemic (a WB “never”)
      Rice Flour – high glycemic (a WB “never”)
      High Oleic Safflower Oil – high Omega 6, zero Omega 3 (avoid)
      Tapioca Starch – high glycemic (a WB “never”)
      Timothy Grass Seed Flour – is that even a human food?
      Organic Tapioca Syrup – aka sugar

      And it’s not just the ingredients. You also need to consider the macronutrient breakdown, particularly the net carbs. As with, alas, most prominently branded “GF” foods today, two of the four products in this group are sky high carb.

      The muffins are 37 grams net each, which is 74% of your entire day’s net carb budget. The brown loaf is 13g/slice, which is 87% of your single meal budget. The others are at acceptable levels, but I suspect its because the slices are really thin, and you are apt to eat more than one, bumping the carb consumption.

      > .. but I wonder about one ingredient “yeast extract”.

      That’s likely just a way of sneaking MSG into the product without having to say MSG on the package. No wheat or carb hazard, tho.

      These bread ingredients indicate that formulators are being creative, and possibly paying more attention to the net carbs, but they aren’t there yet. The hi-gly starches need to go, as do the sugars (which I note are probably deliberately dithered – had they used a single type of sugar, it would be disturbingly earlier in the ingredient list).

      Doing a wheat-free low-carb no-toxin bread, that is shippable, non-refrigerated, has a reasonable shelf life, and delivers a familiar taste and texture at your table, is still a challenge. Even the frozen stuff today still has problems. Your best bread bet is to make your own, for which recipes are available.

        • Loekie

          “High Oleic Safflower Oil – high Omega 6, zero Omega 3 (avoid)”

          Which oils are recommended?

          • Barbara in New Jersey

            Hi Loekie,

            Dr. Davis recommends olive, flaxseed,coconut, avocado and walnut oils in unlimited amounts. Most oils are interchangeable in recipes. It is also recommended that the least amount of heat should be used when using these oils.
            Butter and ghee are also acceptable.

            Corn, soy, cottonseed, grape seed, canola, safflower seed, rapeseed, and peanut among many other oils should not be used at home. Be aware that many of these oils are used and not labeled in commercial food preparation such as nuts.

      • ally

        Hi Boundless,

        Thanks for the info on the bread. I have always wondered what you do for a living! You always seem so knowledgeable on a variety of topics. Maybe you are a professional student. Yes, I’m with you…timothy hay is sold at the pet store for bunnies.
        So, we aren’t talking about the same bread. The ingredients in the bread I purchased from Costco (in Canada) sound better, but you are right….I should be staying away from the rice flour. So it’s a bust. This bread is sold on the shelf but the packaging tells you to keep it in the freezer because the shelf life is so short. I did make an error in my original question. I should have said “yeast” instead of yeast extract.

        For interest sake here are a list of ingredients:

        organic whole sorghum
        organic whole ground chia seeds
        organic cane sugar
        organic brown flax seeds
        organic whole psyllium husks
        organic rice flour
        sea salt

        Calories 80 for 35 gr slice (tiny slice)
        Carbs 18 gr (1 gr sugar / 5 gr fiber)
        Protein 3 gr
        Fat 2 gr

  12. Kathy

    Starting 4th week following Wheat Belly. Cleaned out my kitchen of all products with wheat in them. In the first 2 weeks I lost 4 pounds (68 lbs. to go). Then I wanted to test a personal theory. Would Buckwheat be okay for me? Only because I live in an area that produces a lot of Buckwheat.
    Result: aches, allergies, food cravings, and “mysterious” skin condition all came back, plus a nasty flair up of “bad nerves”. No immediate weight gain, but no more weight loss either. None of these were as bad as when I was eating common Wheat, but it is still not worth it! Dumping the rest of that homemade “bread”.
    Next test: in addition to Wheat Belly, lowering my overall glycemic index. I had no idea how much of my old diet was listed as ‘high’ on these charts. A site called carbs-information has an informative “details of glycemic index” section. Since “healthier” foods are not readily available in my area, I found a site called ‘Bob’s Red Mill’ for many items I will need to keep my diet balanced.
    This journey is really changing the way I look a all foods. No more On/Off again for me.
    Thank you Dr. D. :)

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, getting rid of wheat is the HUGE first step.

      But we don’t want to replace wheat with another problem food. You learned the hard way, Kathy. But once you get it, it all falls in place!

  13. AReader

    I just read AL Roker’s new book. He is very interested in obesity. He had stomach surgery to reduce the size of his stomach. He has not yet learned about the problems with the low fat diet, nor with wheat. I find this very interesting. Any comments?

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes: I hope he hears about Wheat Belly!

      He seems like a genuinely nice guy and it’s a shame he put himself through an awful, awful procedure when it could have been addressed by removing this appetite-stimulant from his life.

  14. Nancy

    I had come to the conclusion about a month before I read Dr. Davis’ book that wheat, breads in particular, were really bothering my digestive system. My bowels weren’t regular, and I had the feeling of acid even when swallowing bread and especially once it reached my stomach. I would wake up at night with an acidity that sometimes made me vomit. I hadn’t been able to figure out why I could never eat pizza, when I could tolerate tomatoes, and the other meats and vegetables on it. My daughter pointed out it was probably the crusts. Duh! Anyhow I decided to try going wheat free and soon my bowel movements were normal, the acidity was gone, and as a bonus, the hemorrhoids I had been bothered with for a few years also disappeared. At one family outing I couldn’t resist a few cookies, and my problems returned that night. Dr. Davis’ book completely convinced me I was on the right track.
    Now we are working to make my husband, who has a Parkinsonian syndrome wheat free, hoping that it will help his bowels, the swelling in his feet and ankles, the pain in his hips and legs, and his acid reflux. He has agreed to try it for a month to see if some of these symptoms lessen. He figures he has nothing to lose and much to gain.

  15. Pam

    It may all fall into place – but where? So many naysayers (my doctor included), so many recipes submitted by “those” who say they “know” – but I’m still confused. I was doing great until hubby joined in and decided that “gluten-free” was the food to eat. I told him to re-read the book! He wants bread that he can make a sandwich with and I can’t make the bread work! Then my “team” (family) says they’ve been duped. They want to just eliminate wheat and eat gluten-free.

    I want to keep the newfound benefits and understand more about what to eat. Not what NOT to eat, but what should I eat to maintain health – cuz I’m rarely hungry now. I’ve had heartburn this week (first time in months) but haven’t had wheat! Now I need to find possible other allergies with a small-town doctor that gets upset at “Internet analogies and cures” instead of listening and trying to help.

    All-in-all, thank you for the books, the recipes, and even more – the posts to this blog when someone has more to contribute. It helps weed the negatives and fortifies the positives. I commend households who can work together to conquer the hurdles. Friends giggle and call it a fad diet; family members don’t want to hear about (or read about) the truth, hubby even ate a turkey & dressing sandwich at a graduation party cuz that’s what locals serve! How long does it take for brains to function properly?

    Thanks, Dr. Davis, for a light in this tunnel! I’m loving the vision of my wheat-free future!

    • Jeff

      It is SO difficult as long as you continue to look for processed foods from the store to fill your needs. I must tell you: THEY DON’T EXIST! Eat real, whole foods like eggs, meats, fish, raw nuts, vegetables and some fruit. If you absolutely must have “bread” for a sandwich, the only type I ever trust are made myself. My favorite “bread” is from Richard Nicoley’s “Free The Animal” blog called “Fat Bread” made from ground macadamia nuts, coconut “butter” and eggs. The recipe is found here: http://freetheanimal.com/2012/07/fat-bread-third-times-the-charm-mission-accomplished.html

    • Pat McFarland

      A great place to find recipes and helpful videos is Maria Emmerich’s “Maria’s Nutritious and Delicious Journal” or http://mariahealth.blogspot.com – she has great wheat-free bread recipes and I have easily modified them to make a truly yummy raisin walnut wheat-free bread, a “rye” bread using caraway, coffee, and mustard seeds for flavor, and even an onion-dill version.
      I experiment often and it is fun! Adding back the flavor to your life will speed you past any cravings and they can all be done without using any bad or glycemic substances.
      Don’t go looking in the old places because all you will find is the old ways of living. There is a world of great and healthy food all around you! Jump in and make it your way! Look for real ingredients and the old healthy friends you have always loved.

  16. Phillis

    Just an FYI. The buying, selling, and trading of grains, especially wheat, on a massive scale did not just start recently even though it appears that no lesson has been ever learned from history unfortunately. Ancient Rome’s empire building started when it needed to expand it’s wheat growing in order to support it’s rapidly burgeoning population. Even Rome’s conquest of Egypt was centered about Rome wanting direct control and access to Egypt’s wheat. Funny to look at Egypt now and think that it was THE bread basket for most of the ancient world back in the day. Today we just think of dry desert with a river flowing through it and a lot of political unrest but at one time Egypt was the largest wheat producer in the ancient world. Wheat production, buying and selling was a major industry in Rome and the majority of the politicians (who came from a few elite families) had their hands involved. The ancient Roman wheat industry also was responsible for the destruction of the Roman middle-class farmers and for the rise in slavery (had to do something with the people that they conquered) that also added to their economic mess. Eventually the whole system became unsustainable. Took a long time but eventually it all collapsed.

  17. JillOz

    Dr Davis,

    i read somewhere that having too low a cholesterol count produces violence in people.
    Can you comment on this please? i don’t recall if I read it in your book or elsewhere.

    • It’s pretty easy to find material on that, such as:
      Low cholesterol and violent crime.
      The full text, of course, is locked behind a paywall, so I can’t easily find out WHAT cholesterol number they were watching. I’ll bet it was not NMR LDL-P :).

      What is the specific concern?
      The WB advocacies are not low cholesterol; might even raise the total. It does result in low VLDL.

  18. Cathy Wireman

    I’d give anything to be able to discuss my mother with you!!! 74 yo diabetic taking 4 shots for a total of 155 units of insulin per day, quintuple bypass 8 years ago, stints since then, latest hospitalization 5/13 for high bp and told her grafts were blocked again and thyroid level 8+, creatine 1.7 with gfr in the 30’s. On follow up appt, cardiologist told us, basically, that she’s a walking time bomb. Finally got her to agree to your diet. Since then, her bp is normal, down to 24 units per day of insulin, more active, lost 20 pounds. Today, doc appt with primary care doc who said your diet is a high protein diet and Mom’s creatinine was up to 1.9 with gfr in 20’s and protein spilling. Doc said my mom needs low protein, and whole grains. PLEASE help me!!! Am I killing my mom? I’m scared to death…

  19. Cindy

    Today I received the results of my recent blood work. The dr is recommending I start Metformin 750 mg, as she believes insulin resistance is the cause of my high-risk lipoprotein numbers – apo B 115, LDL-P 1998, Lp(a) Mass 90, and Lp(a)-P 276. Family history of heart disease and diabetes. I have lost 20 lb since following Wheat Belly (March 2013). I bicycle 3-5 x/week. Is there anything else I can do to control my blood sugar numbers, which are rarely under 110, fasting or throughout the day? Is it too soon to begin Metformin? If not, is it possible to restrict carbs even more to reduce the dosage or discontinue altogether? I am having a difficult time accepting the taking of meds. At my next visit, eight weeks from now, I will also receive a prescription for some sort of niacin in order to decrease the Lp(a) numbers.

    • lynn

      I have an identical life to yours Cindy, I am eating small amounts of meat and avocados and desperate to see my sugar numbers come down. I’d love the answer too.

      • Barbara in New Jersey

        The fast track to healing your body includes ALL the nutritional supplements recommended by Dr. D. Your body will heal itself as best as possible depending on your age, overall health and the condition/number of the beta cells in your pancreas. Your foods should have the lowest glycemic intake possible during this time of transition. No sugar at all and the only fructose is a small amount of fruit. It is a slow change back to health and not unusual for months and months to go by with small but steady improvements. Consumption of higher glycemic foods and sugars/fructose takes many days, possibly a week or more for your body to recover.
        It has been suggested , but not proven, that artificial sweeteners (even WB acceptable) may hinder keeping your system in the ketogenic state that you want for your exhausted pancreas to heal.

        • Cindy

          According to my test results, the optimal range for vitamin D levels is between 30 and 100. My level is at 53. I am currently taking 4000 mg of D per day. Should I up the amount? I have not taken any pre or probiotics. No stomach/bowel issues since discontinuing wheat. Minimizing sugar has been difficult. I was doing so much better when I first started the WB lifestyle, but the past month my cravings for sugar have returned – tortilla chips, chocolate, and fruit. Giving up fruit has been the most difficult.

          • Barbara in New Jersey

            Read January 2013 archive for the nutritional supplements Dr. D. recommends. Magnesium is very important! Do an internet search for even more info. on this amazing substance. Sometimes more fat like coconut and olive oil helps.

    • Diane

      You might find a ketogenic diet could get your blood sugars under control and reduce your risks of heart disease and diabetes.

      Some good information about the ketogenic diet here:

      Read about Jimmy Moore’ success with nutritional ketosis here:

      Foods to eat on a ketogenic diet:

      • Cindy

        Thanks, Diane and Barbara, for your input. More to read and learn. I am just plain stubborn about being on meds to control my pre diabetes. My family heart history has a lot to do with the doctor’s decision to put me on meds.

  20. I am reminded today of why I quit wheat 1.5 years ago. I have been very careful to not eat wheat, especially in going out to eat. From time to time I do eat some “gluten free” foods that I used to enjoy, as a treat only, and today was one of those days. Except instead of getting the gluten free version of my meal, the waitress accidentally brought me the full wheat version. I had eaten almost half before she realized the mistake. Not much I could do at that point except hope that my symptoms were not that bad. About 1 hour after eating, I felt a little nauseated, and started getting bloated and gassy. Within 4 hours, I had sharp pain in my stomach, and diarrhea. Sometimes Imodium will help, but then it stops me up for days and I end up still bloated and gassy. I chose to ride this one out, and boy oh boy did I pay for it. My joints ache, my head hurts, and I know that the next couple of days I am going to deal with the hunger pangs I get from eating wheat. If you haven’t yet, give up the wheat, it’s not worth the problems.

    • Dr. Davis

      At least the waitress admitted her mistake.

      They need to hear about such things, as there are also chefs and waitstaff who think this is just a bunch of neurotic people, not real issues with real consequences.

  21. Lorraine

    I have been wheat-free for about two years thanks to Dr. Davis. Along with a 25 pound weight loss, ( I am now a slim 130 lbs. at 5’3″ and 50 years young), I’ve also experienced many of the other benefits of a wheat-free diet – no more aches or knee pain, minimal allergies and illnesses, boundless energy, etc. etc. I never gave re-exposure much thought, as I am nearly always very careful about avoiding wheat.
    I made a big mistake two days ago on Labor Day. I was with friends and we went to a couple of wineries and then out to dinner. Between tasting the different wines, my friend handed me some wine crackers, and I ate them without thinking. When I did think about it, I thought, surely a couple of little wine crackers couldn’t hurt me. Then we went out to dinner and when I ordered salad I forgot to specify gluten-free dressing. The salad came with a creamy dressing that almost certainly had flour in it.
    I’ve paid for my mistakes dearly – I’ve had stomach cramps and diarrhea for the past two days. I will take re-exposure much more seriously from now on. It’s not worth the misery!!