Mucous flows where wheat goes

We’ve heard from many readers who have noticed marked changes in their upper respiratory health, including relief from chronic sinus congestion, repeated sinus infections, and asthma. Here’s another observation from Kayla, who describes relief from nasal mucus production.

“My name is Kayla. I am a 26 year old mother of one and I live in Ontario, Canada. In January of this year, I was given a copy of your book, Wheat Belly, along with the cookbook.

“6 years ago, I went from being extremely fit, playing college volleyball and many other sports in my spare time, including basketball and soccer. I was an athlete my whole life and never struggled with weight. I am 5’9 and I was 155 lbs. To some, that may sound heavy, but my muscle mass was large and even at 155 lbs I had a six-pack.

“I stopped playing volleyball at a competitive level and went to Culinary school. A double negative! Although I loved cooking, within two and a half years time I had gained nearly 40 lbs.

“In January of 2011, I became pregnant with my daughter. I was 192 lbs when I got pregnant with her. By the time I gave birth, I was 212 lbs. Within a week of having my daughter I was back down to 192 lbs. I carried my weight well. No one would have ever guessed I actually weighed what I did, but I still felt awful. Wearing a size 12 was not me. I had absolutely no confidence.

“After receiving your book and reading it, I became completely enlightened. I was 100% committed to taking wheat out of my life. Within the first 8 days, I was absolutely amazed to step on the scale and see that I had lost 9 lbs!! I could not believe my eyes. Even my mind felt more clear.

“When I moved in to our house in May of 2012, I seemed to constantly be congested with mucus. I thought it must be the pine trees upfront or possibly old cigarette smoke from people that lived there 7 years prior. 5 weeks after cutting wheat, I lay in my bed and suddenly I realized “Hey: I have no more mucus. What is different?” It only took me a minute to realize exactly what was different: I had no more mucus because I no longer ate wheat!

“Today, I am happy to say that I have lost 33 lbs. I weigh in at 159lbs and I feel amazing! All this in just 6 short months! Last summer I was a size 12 and now I am a size 6!

“In October of 2012, I started at a boot camp. It was not until I eliminated wheat that I truly started to see the results. Today, I go to boot camp 3-times a week, I eat well for the most part. A diet of low carb, moderate-high fat and high protein.

“I can honestly say I never want to go back to eating wheat. Any time I have had a small amount here and there, I pay for it. I feel foggy, dizzy and, of course, the mucus comes back.

“Thank you very much for helping change my life!

Nobody yet knows exactly what component of the Evil Grain is responsible–gliadin, wheat germ agglutinin, unique allergenic proteins such as alpha amylase inhibitors or omega-gliadin–for the peculiar increased flow of mucous, congestion, infection, airway sensitivity. After all, wheat has SO many undesirable components that it could be any one or some combination. (This also highlights how silly it is to genetically-modify wheat to remove the most destructive forms of gluten–it’s still full of other bad stuff!)

The reduction in mucous production in sinuses and airways is among the more common observations among the wheat-free, along with return of mucous in all its glory with re-exposure. Slender, energetic, freedom from excessive nasal discharge–the wheat-free life is good!

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Ian

    Way to go Kayla, I too have lost all my Asthma symptoms. No more Asthma meds for me. Its been 18 months Wheat Free and 12 months asthma free. Keep it going! Thanks Dr. Davis for keeping the NO-wheat revolution rolling.

      • JillOz

        I still have asthma but have noticed the inflammation is sort of more localised in my airways, if that makes sense. The bodily burden has been eased and I am more mobile, but there’s a way to go.

        I am very happy off the wheat though, whatever my issues.

        Dr Davis, can you suggest any further testing that might be a good idea?
        I have had the prick test for food allergies but since it implied wheat was OK for me I’m looking for something more precise!!


  2. Nick

    Not impressed. This person just may have a wheat allergy; not everyone does. Also, high protein low carb diets were recently studied in Sweden (published in 2012). They ranked people on a scale of 1 to 10 on how strict they were in following a high protein low carb diet. The results? The stricter they were, the more likely they were to develop heart disease. Also, they just this year (2013) linked beef consumption with the proliferation of a bacteria that is implicated in heart disease.

    • Dr. Davis

      I believe you misinterpreted Stan Hazen’s data, Nick. His studies did NOT show that red meat consumption increases risk of heart disease; this was the misinterpretation reported by the New York Times.

      I spent two days with Hazen to discuss his data. Long story short: a metabolite of bowel flora called trimethyl amino oxide can be associated with greater cardiovascular risk; one of the precursors is carnitine from meat. Fish has a similar effect. These are explorations of the consequences of bowel flora, an issue that needs far better clarification. And, by the way, the entire process is likely turned off by extra-virgin olive oil.

    • Intuitivegal

      When cows are fed grain they develop bad e.coli bacteria in their gut. When fed a total grass fed diet, the bad strain of e.coli does not cultivate in the cows gut. Probably what is causing the heart disease. Also, when consuming beef, it is a good idea to eat greens (natural b vitamins) which help offset the development of homocysteine levels which are harmful to the heart.

  3. GaryM

    I had what I always thought was a residual “smokers cough” from past sins with tobacco. It is gone. Ears don’t get clogged, sinuses are clear, and eyes don’t get sleepers or “eye crud” in the mornings. I guess that was all wheat-flow!

  4. Donna

    I am still stuffy but not as much as before. Could be due to my cat fur allergy and we have fluffy ragdoll kitties!
    Best things are no body aches, yay!! And not any hunger between meals!

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, indeed: Wheat elimination does not eliminate all allergies. So I am grateful for the times when it does impact substantially.

  5. Janice

    I think you’re doing fantastic! I have been wheat free for about 2 months, maybe a little longer and my weight is still the same. I sorely need to lose and don’t know what my next step is. I feel so much better but I’m still so fat!

  6. Pamela

    I still blow my nose A LOT, however, my mental clarity is really improved (I have a TBI, so for me, this is huge) and my lungs don’t hurt like they usually do in this farming region where so much of that dwarf wheat is grown. I’m not bloated like I used to be, either. At least the nasal thing is usually clear and probably has more to do with how incredibly dusty this area is and windy.

  7. Eric

    I read Gary Taubes first, and went low carb in general before I read Wheat Belly and got serious about avoiding wheat, not just cutting way back. Consequently I wasn’t sure of the exact cause of my reduced nasal congestion once I noticed it. I have allergies to stuff dogs, cats, pollen, etc. I event took desensitization shots for them for several years. I was pretty young when they manifest, somewhere around 1980 give or take, which actually tracks well with the introduction of the new wheat strains. Anyway, the up-shot of that is I couldn’t recall the last time both nostrils were clear. It was a strange experience :-). It hasn’t disappeared, so wheat likely exasperated the existing allergies, but it’s a lot better. Also, I still use some store bought foods, and while I attempt to stay wheat free it’s not always possible to be certain. And there are indications that even small amounts of wheat once in a while can keep your body somewhat irritated.

    • Dr. Davis

      It will be interesting to see whether even further improvements occur when your bowel flora have had a chance to catch up, since they play a role in allergy, too.

  8. Nancy

    I have been wheat free, preservative free (or as close as I can get) and consume few grains at all. In 9 months I have no need for my asthma meds., my reflux meds, and have not taken my blood pressure meds. for 3 weeks now! I have lost 35 pounds thus far, feel great, and continue supporting Dr. Davis’ work. I am working with my husband trying to get him as wheat free as possible so that he can lower his cholesterol. He had liver failure last year and the verdict is still out, but it is strongly believed by his doctor that it was caused by an over the counter supplement he took for 3 months! Yep, he was very close to needing a transplant. Today he is still recovering but his cholesterol remains in the high 200’s which is better than the 309 he had in December of this past year. Because of his liver issues we are not contemplating meds for the cholesterol. Thank you Dr. Davis and for everyone who post their accomplishments. It truly helps.

    • unterderlaterne

      Nancy, may I ask what over the counter supplements they were? (To spare other people from harm).

  9. Loanne

    I’ve always had allergies, sensitive skin, etc., but I was laying in bed the other night and realized I wasn’t wheezing anymore! My chest has been so tight for a very long time that I can’t remember when it first started. No asthma, but lots of allergies. And now, 7 months after beginning WB, no wheezing, no nasal congestion, very little coughing. Very wonderful!!

  10. Wanda

    I can so vouch for what happens when I go off the rails and eat something with wheat. Constant clearing of my throat and build up of mucous, swelling in the knuckles of my hand and sore joints. It’s a matter of me learning to cope when I go through a crisis and not reach for what is easy. Plan , plan and plan…

  11. Mary Watson

    I have been wheat free since April after reading the book Wheat Belly. I then bought the recipe book and now follow the blog recommended in the book,
    I am a type 2 diabetic and use to take 26 units with each meal (I am in Canada so not sure how that converts in the USA.) It was quite a lot however that was the only way to keep my sugar level normal. After eliminating wheat I am now on 6 – 8 units with each meal. It depends upon the meal that I am eating. 2 hours after I eat my sugar levels are in the 5.2 – 6.5 mmol/L. Plus my morning fasting levels are now in the 4 – 7 mmol/L.
    As I lose weight I have found that I need to decrease my insulin with each meal and also my long last Levemir insulin. My blood pressure medication has now been cut in half. I am hoping to come off of all my medications . I will not be having wheat ever again.

  12. In the past, spring and summer in the midwest always meant sneezing, sinus drainage, allergy pills and stocking up on kleenex…..and more times than not, it would result in a sinus infection. It took me over a month, after returning this year, to realize I haven’t taken any allergy meds what-so-ever!! I thought it was because I was living amongst the corn/soy/wheat fields…..but all along it was the wheat IN me!

  13. Phyllis

    I have had a problem with light snoring for a number of years now. In the last few months of being wheat free, my husband has not complained about the snoring at all. Except two weeks ago when I had a donut. That night I was snoring again, so I know that wheat has been the cause of snoring for me. Now, if I can just get rid of my belly as nicely as the waist, hips and thighs have reduced, I will be a completely happy person.

    • Janet

      Same with me! No snoring and snuffling and poking by my husband to turn over and close my mouth.

      • JillOz

        (to the tune of Feelings” by the great Barry Manilow)

        Always I was snoring
        Breathing interrupted
        Shallowing my dreeeeams…

        Blocked nose and my sinus
        Teamed up to eject me
        From my dreaming in peeeeeace…

        *deep breath*

        SNOOOORRRRIIING!! *snort* *cough*
        Woah, woah, woah, SNORING…*splutter*
        I wish I could restore my
        beauty-giving sleeeeeeeep
        SNORING *snort*
        my wheaty diet caused this
        my doctor just ignores this
        my pillow shrinks in fright……

        Pouring down on my face *hack*
        Red eyes swelling, bleary
        Nose drips all the while….

        etc. :)

        • Dr. Davis

          Ha ha! Terrific stuff, Jill!

          Now, if you could render us a recorded example, we could play it to the many readers/listeners on this blog!

  14. organicguy

    Thats why i never went to college for a pastry arts, or to be a red seal chef. Schools and chefs dont know about wheat problems.
    Also with the carnatine news,i dont know if i should still buy natural angus ground beef anymore.

    • HS4

      See Dr Davis’ response to Nick, above, regarding consumption of red meat. I don’t believe Angus is grass fed, so look for 100% grass fed beef – it’s becoming more and more available as consumer demand increases. I’ve noticed that prices have also been dropping.

    • JillOz

      What about pastry arts using the wheat flour substitutes?
      Surely that would be growing…?

      • Barbara in New Jersey


        Pastry arts are growing! More and more recipes, cookbooks and products are available on line and in stores. Most are new companies like Wheat Free Market Foods. Julian Bakery offers low carb WB style breads which are frozen. Most startup companies are slowly developing their products to fit the needs of consumers like us. It will take a bit of time to get more of WB acceptable products to market as it is mainly a cottage industry at the moment.

  15. I’ve been wheat-free for almost 9 weeks and there’s definitely a remarkable improvement in my allergies, asthma and general health. I’ve also lost 35 lbs and have tons of energy. It’s amazing. I’ve been trying to lose weight and improve my allergies for years and nothing worked until now. I’ve been recommending “Wheat Belly” to all my friends and clients. I’m hoping that it keeps getting better and better. :-) Thanks, Dr. Davis!

  16. Sharon Arsenault

    I’ve been following “Wheat Belly” food plan for just over 2 weeks now. I was embarrassingly suffering with IBS for nearly 3 years. I mean really, really embarrassing. Within 3 days of being wheat free, I noticed that my IBS was gone. I used to wheeze every night just sitting on my sofa, and waking up in the morning. Sometimes my wheezing used to wake me up in the middle of the night. No more wheezing. I’ve had an increased sense of taste, for the foods that are so good and healthy for me. No more insane cravings in between meals. Weigh is coming off slowly, have lost 4 pounds already, and believe more will come off. I feel healthier than I have in a very long time. My energy is coming back and my mild depression is lifting. I’m overwhelmed with joy when I think of how well I feel after just 2 weeks.

    • Barbara in New Jersey

      Don’t forget to take the probiotics! This will help your gut heal far quicker than without it, especially since you suffered from IBS and probably allergies that cause the wheezing. See the list of nutritional supplements on the left side of this blog for more information.

      It takes a while for your intestinal flora to rebalance so the probiotics help.

        • Barbara in New Jersey

          Hi Jill,

          The probiotics provide the proper bacteria for your intestinal tract to digest and utilize the food you eat. Flora is different when wheat/grains are eaten in large amounts. Your gut needs to recover from the inflammation even if you don’t have a bowel problem. The older and more health “issues” you have, the longer it will take for the recovery. While not all allergies are cured with eliminating the common food triggers, most people are reporting that the symptoms are greatly diminished. It is important to take as many different strains of probiotics as possible and the higher dosages at first to encourage healing as quickly as possible. As the symptoms of your allergies diminish, you will know that your intestines are working properly. Mucus flows where wheat goes!

  17. Missymonypenny

    Hi Dr. Davis, Hope you having a great birthday week!

    I wanted to ask you about my Diabetic husband, I don’t know if this is the correct place to post questions but here it is.
    He has been a diabetic for about 20 yrs give or take, 51 yrs now 369lbs from 410 a few yrs ago since I found WB. I started to cut out wheat for us when I found your book in 9/11. in a few months he had dropped 20 lbs pretty easy but yo yo’d for awhile. Hes been pretty good the last few months & has lost at least 20 since his Dr. visit in March. He had been scolded since his blood work was so good in May 2012 but went back up end of last year. So we’ve been working on it but he wouldn’t give up his sweets, loves chocolate & McDonald’s dipped ice cream cones. But he promised me last month he would seriously do better. His Dr. has been pushing him towards Gastric Bypass since they have not got his sugar down to the level the Dr. wants.I think its a terrible mistake so I’ve been very diligent about his meals & snacks, I always stay within the 7-15 carbs per meal as you suggest. But now that he is doing better, lost 4lbs just last week we are having trouble with insulin levels. He is prescribed 50 units a few years back but now is 30units of Humalog 3x day with 100 units of Lantus bfore bed.
    How do we compensate the meds with smaller LCHF meals. He feels drained, tired & has lack of energy when he reduces his insulin. I told him if you dont cheat you wouldnt need the insulin. He goes in next week for Lab work before his Dr. appt end of month.His Dr. is useless,he just keeps badgering him & says get yr sugar down! He even wanted to fire him as a patient early this year. Often he is very stubborn & just wants Pizza! 2 weeks ago he ate that & chicken kickers (breaded) & sugar level was 55 that night. Granted the Pizza was thin crust but he shouldve had a different reaction. If he gives in to a burrito he has high sugar levels for 2-3 days.Some wheat items affect him worse than others.
    He is in the Bypass classes right now, but says if he can lose 75lbs on his own before the 9 months he wont have the surgery. He is at 48 BMI, they say he should be 23. but recommend he lose 89lbs.
    Tonite I gave him 1T of coconut oil with pnutbutter after dinner to see if we can effect his nighttime numbers. I saw one of the pst last year stating that adding that bfore dinner successfully lowered his numbers in addition to LCHF WOE. Sorry I’m all over the board here but I’m very frustrated, I myself have done great & still losing slowly but I have been dragging him along somewhat relunctant & cheating alot for 1.5 years. So any info would be helpful. I hope you can give us some guidelines. I will post his labs once I get them.

    • > … ask you about my Diabetic husband …

      This is T2D? (T1D requires a different approach)

      Is he aware that T2D is arguably not even a disease?

      It’s just a 100% predictable metabolic response to a full-time high glycemic diet.
      And yes, the diets advocated by the ADA and USDA are full-time glycemic diets
      that will keep you diabetic and can easily cause T2D.

      T2D is 100% avoidable. It is 100% reversible at metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetic stages.
      It is 100% remissible, if not reversible, up until permanent complication damage has occurred.
      It is 100% manageable, without drugs, even after that, if caught before terminal complications.

      The avoidance/reversal/remissal/management?
      Merely a low carb diet, such as that recommended by Wheat Belly.

      People unaware of the above generally assume that as they age, they are probably going to get fatter, probably become diabetic, and maybe even get heart disease – and that the only way to avoid it is starve&strive – adhere to a difficult diet and run your buns off.
      Unnecessary; all of it.

  18. Barb

    My husband and I have been wheat free for almost two years now following tge wheat belly plan. We both lost a lot of weight, my blood sugar is now normal, his asthma (30 years he suffered!) is gone, I no longer take blood pressure meds and his difficult to treat high blood pressure has been rectified. We are in our 70’s and exercise regularly. We have no trouble keeping up with our young grandchildren. Here is my question: we are going on a vacation trip to the NJ shore with our family and are very concerned about what we will be able to eat at restaurants. How can we avoid hidden wheat? Last summer we ate at a restaurant and were told a certain meal did not have wheat but it turned out not to be the case and were we ever sick two hours after consuming it. What can we do so we can have a good time with our family?

    • Barbara in New Jersey

      Hi Barb,

      I have been successful in ordering broiled fish or meats and veggies. Oil & vinegar or just lemon on salads unless the place serves homemade dressings that they can guarantee are gluten free. Usually no dessert. Sometimes restaurants have a meringue and fruit dessert which is typically wheat free, but has a great deal of sugar. Usually ice cream or gelato is safe to eat. More places have a gluten free menu, like mexican food and it is easy avoid the corn items. If ribs or other BBQ items are on the menu, then I ask the wait staff to please check the ingredients for wheat, soy sauce or HFCS since I am highly allergic and immediately get very sick at the table which would not be good advertisement for this restaurant! The waitstaff may look at me funny, but they will go into the kitchen and check. More times than not, I will get a quick and HONEST answer.

      Breakfasts are usually scrambled eggs after inquiring whether or not they put a dollop of pancake mix in them, or sunny side up. Bacon is safer than sausage unless the place will check for ingredients.

      Lunch is often a lettuce wrap of menu items. Perhaps a bunless hamburger, lettuce and tomato.Since the places are often crowded, I tell them not to use the wrap or bun or I remove it myself. Usually cole slaw is OK, especially if it is homemade.

      You will have a much easier time this year since so many people are now gluten free.
      Enjoy your time with your family!

      • GaryM

        Ditto what Barbara says. It is easy to eat. I even go to italian restaurants here in NJ and get sausage and peppers with now pasta or bun, and a side salad with oil and vinegar.

    • Alex

      Unfortunately, eating out is dangerous if one is trying to avoid wheat. Here are some cross contamination examples that while the restaurant workers might consider is “wheat free” or “gluten free” but really isn’t.

      That bunless burger was cooked on the same grill that the buns (or grilled cheese sandwiches) were toasted on. Same with the sunny side up or scrambled eggs. Even if the grilled cheese sandwich is made with “gluten free” bread it is probably grilled on the same grill as the wheat based grilled cheese. And if they didn’t make that sausage in their kitchen it probably contains wheat based fillers.

      The boiled veggies were cooked in the same water that the pasta was cooked in. Common practice apparently.

      As mentioned in other posts pancake dough mixed into eggs to make them fluffier.

      That gravy, or soup, was thickened with flour instead of a proper reduction.

      Eating out as a “wheat free” person is just plain too hard because we don’t know what they are doing in the kitchen. Vegetarians had the same problems a couple of decades ago. It is easier to eat vegetarian now a days and even some fast food restaurants have a separate preparation area for their vegetarian items. But until kitchens incorporate a separate preparation area for “wheat free” I doubt most of the items they serve are actually wheat free. When someone like me gets a small amount of trace wheat anymore and get really sick it just makes me avoid restaurants or try to stick to some places where I can see the kitchen and how they prepare their food.

      My guess is BBQ restaurants probably don’t cook anything but meats on their grills and if you get it “naked” without the sauce you might have some success. But if they cook their Texas toast on the same grill then I guess it is no longer wheat free. The good thing is most BBQ restaurants I go to have open kitchens so you can see where that bread goes.

      Salads with the sauce on the side should be mostly wheat free if they don’t put on croutons.

      Indian food generally doesn’t contain wheat but you should check with their chef.

  19. Richo

    Almost exactly the same as my experience. My sinus infections are gone, and I have lost 20kg (40lb). And my bowel issues have been elimated ;-)

  20. deja

    its so good to read positive feed back but I don’t understand, how come everyone is losing weight so fast yet I after losing 6 pounds just stopped losing weight. I do not have any health issues. does this mean that wheat was never my problem? I also have read the blog about not losing weight and I have none of these reasons so what am I doing wrong? helpppppp me dr davis.

  21. Janet

    I was getting serial sinus infections and having to take the big gun antibiotics to even breath comfortably and then I quit wheat: In almost 2 years–not one sinus infection has sullied my life and when I get a cold it is mild and lasts about 4 days. Quitting the wheat for this reason alone was so worth it, but then so many good changes have happened to me without wheat.

  22. Evie

    I, too had all my chronic sinus and nasopharyngeal issues clear up on the wheat Belly plan, not to mention so many other issues. However as a thyroid patient I had an extreme return of the URI like sxs, when my usual replacement Rx , Levoxyl, was recalled/discontinued by Pfizer, and I was placed on generics and then another brand which contains lactose (I also gave up milk) aluminum dyes and gluten. It seems we are held hostage medically and nutritionally by Big Pharma and the food industry, and must stay vigilant always to protect our health. I will continue to try to find a safer thyroid replacement. Continued good health to you.

    • gingerbread

      if you are unable to get a doctor to prescribe a natural dessicated thyroid medicine like Armour, you can get over the counter bovine and porcine thyroid replacement from the health food store. You will have to self-regulate and slowly add capsules until you achieve a basal temp of at least 97.3 or higher upon waking. This could take many capsules because as a supplement the dosage is weaker. I have ordered Natural Dessicated Thyroid online called Thyro-Gold at This works well for me. I have been on it since about April. Thyro-Gold is bovine (cow) and contains all components of the thyroid, T1, T2, T3, and T4.

      • gingerbread

        Also, increase your dosages very slowly. Letting your body adjust to the thyroid medication for at least 2 weeks before an increase. Start small. I’m pulling for you!

    • Michele

      Try Armour – it made a HUGE difference for me. But, it’s hard to find a doc who will prescribe it – it’s the medication that was used before Synthroid was introduced by, you guessed it, BIG Pharma.

  23. Simon Storey

    I’ve been off wheat for almost a year. Normally I would had suffered from two sinus infections by now. Pleased to report no issues since giving up wheat.

  24. Karen

    So I have a question to pose – for all of this – could this be Candida and the removal of wheat limiting the food that Candida feeds on? I removed wheat from my life – but recently when through a really rough period I wasn’t eaten gluten – rather gluten free cottage cheese and grapefruit for breakfast then a salad for lunch and fish for dinner – not an ounce of it….but my nasal issues were back and so was my constipation. I added supplements but to no avail – and then I found out it was candida – the wheat allergy was a side effect of that. Mine is so bad it is in my nasal cavity so I will be on Candidase and a combo of herbal anti fungals for the next 2 months.

    I don’t see candida on this list….why is that?

    • Dr. Davis

      Because these are discussions about the most common problem of all: modern wheat.

      I do believe there are people who have problems with Candida overgrowth, largely due to consumption of wheat, grains, and sugars. But the primary problem remains wheat, grains, and sugar, with candida overgrowth as part of the abnormal response in a minority.

  25. JillOz

    I still get a bit of blockage in my ear/nose/sinus area -still have some dairy and shd probably stop it – but nothing compared to when I was eating wheat.
    I don’t get vertigo in the car anymore, nor those incredibly painful ear pressure/infections.

    The difference is quite incredible.

  26. Connie

    I started on a gluten free diet 3 years ago and kept going back and forth with it until 1 1/2 years ago in January. I eliminated corn as well, and after some great success sticking with it, I was finally able to convince my husband to do the same in hopes that it would help some multiple problems that he had. One benefit that I did not expect was that he has pretty much stopped snoring and sinus infections that plagued him constantly have been virtually eliminated. I find it all very amazing since there are camping stories that go back to his childhood where other family members talk about his snoring. 29 years of marriage and you can almost hear a pin drop in our room when he’s sleeping. Thanks!