Interview with Wheat Free Market Foods

To help everyone get better acquainted with Wheat Free Market Foods, the company commercializing foods consistent with the Wheat Belly arguments, I asked Gary, founder and CEO, to tell us more.

WB: What made you decide to start this company?

Gary: Well, I happened to be one of the early readers of Wheat Belly back in 2011 and experienced tremendous success with it very quickly. In a matter of months, I dropped 55 lbs, but before that I was most amazed by the lack of hunger I was experiencing. I soon realized that this was a game-changer. I posted this on your blog on September 22, 2011.

The health benefits I experienced are too numerous to list, but included many of the “typical” things, like vastly improved energy, better sleep, no afternoon fog, hip pain went away, and clearer and smoother skin. But, most of all, I experienced relief from what must have been irritable bowel syndrome. Heck, I didn’t even know I had it until I realized what “normal” felt like. I tell people I would give it all back, even the weight loss, if I could just keep the digestive relief! At the end of the day, I thought that, if a guy like me could have this kind of life-changing success, many others could as well, but people would need help with convenient food products and there were just none out there, thus Wheat-Free Market Foods.

WB: How is the launch going?

Gary: It is going very well and the response on the whole has been very favorable and we are getting repeat orders, which is very validating A few people have some issues with sweeteners, generally, and we are working on products using different sweeteners or even none at all.

WB: Which product is the biggest hit?

Gary: I’d have to say either the granola or the chocolate chip cookies. The response was so positive for the granola that we are currently working on adding another flavor, a blueberry vanilla. People have been coming back and ordering anywhere from 4 to even 10 bags at a time!

WB: Why hot sauces?

Gary: I am originally from Texas and spicy and flavorful foods are a way of life for me. But the longer and further I went down this path of healthy eating, I realized that I was getting reactions to many of the hot sauces and other condiments and dressings out there and they are just ripe with chemicals such as dyes, preservatives like sodium benzoate, and thickeners like modified food starch and maltodextrin. As much as I like all of our products, I would have to say that my favorite is the Chipotle Hot Sauce. It is simple and natural and that really comes through in its flavor. One woman wrote to me that her husband said it is one of the best hot sauces he has ever had.

WB: What is next?

Gary: In the next week or two, we should have some real Wheat Belly favorites: a flaxseed wrap mix and three “Muffin Makers.” They are all single serving mix packets and are ready in minutes if you use the microwave. Our “Muffin Makers” are based upon the muffin-in-a-minute recipes that so many people enjoy. The flaxseed wrap mix is cool in that you can make a wrap, or double the cooking time and have pita crisps, or re-bake it with your favorite toppings for a small pizza. We are also working on crackers and a baking/coating mix.

WB: Do you plan to be in stores?

Gary: Absolutely, but we have to learn to walk before we can run, and it takes a lot of capital to have that kind of production capacity. With the support of Wheat Bellyers on our retail online platform – and may I repeat, WITH THE SUPPORT OF WHEAT BELLYERS (did I say that loud enough?) – we should be able to get the necessary capital to broaden products and get into stores. That is, that we can show there is a demand for our products.

WB: What about shipping to Canada?

Gary: We are trying to get a handle on that – costs, shipping times, etc. In some respects, it’s easy to just box something and mail it to another country, but what are the ultimate costs to the consumer? If it takes much longer, are there product integrity issues related to shipping? So there is a lot to consider. We just shipped a few cookie packs to a well-known Wheat Bellyer from the Facebook page to see how things would go. It took seven days, but all arrived in good condition and he and his wife loved the products. But it cost roughly $13 in postage for what amounts to $15 of cookies. We are exploring shipping our products in bulk to either Toronto or Montreal (where my son and Wheat Free Market Foods order fulfillment summer laborer extraordinaire will be in college in the Fall) and then handling shipping by Canada Post. That may ultimately make it a more affordable proposition for Canadian customers. I recognize our Canadian friends’ contribution to the Wheat Belly movement, and I really want them to have access to our products, but we just happen to be in the US as that’s where I live.

WB: Is there anything you want your customers to know?

Gary: That we hate shipping charges as much as anyone and that we do not make any profit on shipping. We made a decision early-on to price our products where they need to be relative to how much they cost us to make. There is a propensity for e-commerce businesses to trump up prices and then not charge for shipping. But we would like to be in stores so we believe the retail price point needs to be what it needs to be, regardless of how the product gets to the consumer. We decided to just charge a flat rate and see what happens. On average, we are spot-on postage-wise, but subsidize a couple of dollars on most orders either on excess postage or packaging materials.

WB:Thanks, Gary. Congratulations on your successful launch! The Wheat Free Market Foods website can be found here.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Becoming an enrolled Amazon seller would also be worth a look, just due to the search exposure.

    AMZN constrains S&H charges to some extent, so be sure to run the numbers.

  2. I guess they’re still quite far from having their products in Europe, but it’s still good news. It’s excellent to see this other side of the food industry, where it aligns with health.

    • Catherine

      but when they’re ready to tackle the old continent, I’ll be the first one to order :-)

  3. Julie Hickey

    I love the flavor the Wheat Free Market Foods. I especially love the granola but have also ordered shortbread, almond spice and choc chip cookies. To me they taste so good that it is like having real sugar. I will continue to order from them as they are fast shippers and a responsible company.

  4. On future products, this thread is apt to attract some traffic from people with wish lists. I’d like to encourage them to focus on things they’d actually order. Here’s one …

    Meal replacement bars.

    There really aren’t any on the market. There are supposedly two keto bars out there, but last I looked, one would only sell to “health care professionals” (keto is so dangerous, don’t you know :)), and the other wouldn’t tell what was in it (right, sure). All of the available brands are contaminated by one thing or another. I see that Zone, which I used eat, is now backing away from 40-30-30, but not fast enough or far enough, and they are still clueless about wheat, soy and sugar.

    Quest Bars are sort of OK (too low in fat). They are not found in stores within 100 miles of here, so we keep at least one carton of all the non-peanut flavors on hand at home. Even in carton quantities, they are $2 per bar. Consider that a benchmark price for a new bar with correct macronutrient balance, high omega 3/6,soy-free, sugar-free, wheat-free, non-GMO, etc.

    I would easily pay $3/per for an optimized product with at least a 6 month shelf life.

    The product opportunities for WFMF are legion. I’d suggest focusing on things that are challenging for people to make and package by themselves.

    • Dr. Davis

      I will pass this on, Boundless. And I believe you are absolutely right, a notion I share with you!

  5. Fred Dempster

    I have tried all 3 cookies and the chipotle hot sauce and will be reordering and trying new stuff. The hot sauce is a fav with roasted red pepper humus. Keep ‘er rolling!

  6. HS4

    I’ve ordered cookies and granola from WFM. I haven’t tried the granola yet, but have some issues with the sweetener used in the cookies which I find too sweet. I emailed WFM with my reactions to their products and received a nearly instant reply from Gary. Since that time I’ve had a few more email exchanges with him. The customer service at Wheat Free Market is second to none – absolutely stellar. I am hoping the granola will be more to my taste but I am also looking forward to new products from WFM. I encourage everyone to give their products a try!

    • Jess

      I thought the same thing with the cookies. I bought all 3 flavors and then gave them away or threw them away. The granola is very good, but I have to make sure to measure out the serving size or the artificial sweetener tears up my belly.

    • Dr. Davis

      Good to hear, HS!

      There doesn’t seem to be a sweetener that everybody likes, except perhaps for the monkfruit. I think that’s as close as we get to a non-nutritive sweetener without any aftertaste. Personally, I sense no aftertaste with any of the sweeteners, but some people (like my wife) do sense it.

  7. Barbara in New Jersey

    Dr. Davis,

    Another market need ready to be supplied are ready made mixes of dry ingredients and spices for those who either can’t bake, don’t have the time or just want the convenience of pre-prepared mixes. The development and evolution of this company is exciting.

    Future Products Wish list:

    Dry Bread Mix (Add milk, eggs, oil when preparing)
    Dry Cookie Mix No Sweetener Added (Add your own sweetener TO TASTE, milk, eggs, oil, etc.)
    Dry Ready to Bake Pancake/ Biscuit Mix (Add your own veggies, eggs, oil, etc.)
    Dry Cracker Mix

  8. Gary,
    While I previously ordered the packaged cookies, as well as the monk fruit sweetener, the flaxseed wrap mix you mentioned above is the type of convenience food I’m more likely to buy…..along with singularly wrapped energy bars….boxed crackers…..and WB friendly condiments too.

    I wish you great success!

  9. Amy Zesiger

    I am so excited to read this! You can’t imagine, or maybe you can, how many gluten-free labels I have read in the grocery store that still have the other unhealthy junk as an ingredient. You also cannot imagine how many times I have wished that our “healthy” grocery store, or some other company, would begin making products based on the wheat-belly principles! I will definitely be checking out your website and purchasing your products! THANK YOU!!!

  10. Mike

    Dr. Davis: I would like to be informed when WFMF comes out with new products. The question is, how will I get the message? Will WFMF send out E-mail announcements to all its customers? Will I read about all the new products on this website? Will I have to contact WFMF myself periodically to find out about the new products? I’m sure this question is in the mind of your Wheat Belly fans, so please clarify…

    • Dr. Davis

      I will do my best to announce their products here and on the Wheat Belly Facebook page. Look at the top of this blog’s homepage and you will see the link to our Facebook page.

      We will also send out email announcements if you have signed up for recipes; do so along the left navigation bar on this blog.

  11. Wil Bettinger

    Here’s a product I’d like to see wfm offer: real mayonnaise without bad oils such as canola or soy; only olive oil.
    As far as I’m concerned it would be one of their most popular products! In my experience you can’t find such a product in any grocery store……..not even Whole Foods!

    Wil B.

    • Barbara in New Jersey


      Wilderness Family Naturals has a mayo made from extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil and other WB acceptable ingredients. You can search their web site for more info.

        • > Unfortunately, it’s made with evaporated cane juice.

          That’s a double black mark:
          1. Because it’s just plain sucrose, but more sinisterly …
          2. It means the brand is run by scoundrels trying to hoodwink you.

          “All [cane] sugar is evaporated cane juice,” Judy Sanchez, a spokesperson for the , says. “They just use that for a natural-sounding name for a product.”

          • Barbara in New Jersey

            Holy Smokes! I never knew what evaporated cane juice was!
            Thank you Boundless.

            Now you need a computer to reference all the ingredients of even most healthful sounding products. This is followed by having to know what your meat/chicken/fish sources are eating before you can safely eat them without getting a dose of the chemicals and grains they are fed or what the processor has done to them.

            This morning on this blog I had a discussion with Jan of Key West about canned coconut milk products and dry coconut milk. Chemicals! Maltodextrin! Makes you want to buy a whole coconut and process it yourself! This is followed by picking, cracking, soaking, roasting and then milling your own nuts. Of course, dinner will never get to the table because you are prepping your ingredients all day and are too exhausted to cook!

            I guess you just have to decide whether or not you want to eat a small amount of sugar in your mayo or budget for the time and effort to make your own. What is worse – the unhealthy oils or the small amount of sugar? If WFMF can develop a suitable product where all the other companies have failed, they will have a best seller.

          • Dr. Davis

            It reminds me of the “natural corn sugar” trickery, too: Trying to make sugar sound like a natural, healthy ingredient.

            Don’t fall for it!

  12. Adel de Weever

    I happen to live in Canada and I am so jealous of the US people who can order from this site, If Gary is ever interested in investing in a facility here in Canada, please look me up as I would be very interested in working for him, he sounds like a stellar person and what an opportunity it would be to work for him

  13. HB Desiato

    Kudos WFMF! We could certainly use more wheat free foods and I’m certainly willing to buy. Especially (mentioned above) some kind of meal replacement bar. That would be ideal for traveling or when I’m just too frazzled out to make anything, or in a time crunch. Cookies don’t hold much interest for me, nor cereals. I’ve been VLC for about 2 years now and those things are a distant memory that really should not rear it head(s) ever again… When I have a cheat day and want something sweet, I go for the “real thing”. So, how about something savory? lots of fat/protein, some spices and salt? I tried making my own bars at one point but gave that up pretty quickly, clearly it’s better that I to stick to things I have some facility for.
    I look forward to hearing about future WFMF products.

    • Dr. Davis

      Actually, I helped formulate several bars about a year ago. They decided to table the bars for the present to get the first few products out.

      But the bars, I’m told, are still on the plate for future! I find having a bar once in a while a great way to get some food quickly, with plenty of taste and crunch. All bars, of course, will be formulated following the same nutritional principles.

    • Dr. Davis

      Yes, indeed: Mixes are on the way!

      They tell me they will start with instant single-serve mixes, others to follow. Every product requires a fair amount of design and planning to keep the labels “clean” of undesirable ingredients yet practical in packaged form.

  14. unterderlaterne

    Mayo is so easy to make, it takes me 10 minutes in my Cuisinart-no special ingredients needed. I use 50% olive and 50% avocado oil(Costco), mustard, fresh lemon juice, salt. pepper and a little sweetener and voila- the best mayo ever! Faster than going to the store or ordering on line.

    • Judy B

      Mayo is indeed easy. I use the extra light olive oil and there is NO sugar in this recipe…

      • unterderlaterne

        I do not use sugar -ever! I used Stevia. It balanced the Mayo, everybody loves it!

  15. Dr. Davis,

    May apology that this question has nothing to do with the topic…but you mentioned a new cookbook coming out, so I searched your name on amazon. The new cookbook did not come up, but a journal did! Woo hoo! I love journalling. Right now i am using Dr. Rob Thompson’s Sugar Blockers journal. It helps me track my food, exercise, energy level/mood, etc. It’s a good way of looking back over a week’s worth of eating and seeing what worked for me and what didn’t.

    Are you at liberty to tell us what your new journal will be like? I totally understand if you cannot, due to publishing rights. But in any event, I love journalling my eating. I am a journal nerd! I look forward to your journal!

    Keep those Wheat Belly books coming!

    • Dr. Davis

      Hi, Sheryl–

      The Journal is really quite simple: Some opening notes, then lots of pages to record your experience along with some limited commentary.

      Release roughly coincides with the release of the Wheat Belly 30-Minute Meal Cookbook.

      When I have taken the effort to record what I do, I too find that it reveals lessons that I did not anticipate.

  16. Judy

    Gary & Dr. Davis — I am absolutely thrilled to hear that you will be shipping some WB products to Canada!! I love these recipes but find I don’t have the time to make everything I would like to. Please let me know when this becomes available so I can order these delicious foods.
    Dr. Davis — I have signed up months ago to receive your recipes to my email address but somehow, I am not getting them — plse could you ensure that I receive your recipes to my email address. THANK YOU!

    • Dr. Davis

      Check your mailbox today, Judy!

      While I was writing the new Wheat Belly 30-Minute Meal Cookbook, I fell behind in new recipes for the newsletter. I’ve resumed!

  17. JillOz

    Dr Davis,
    exactly what does one say to someone who seriously says:
    “Eating sugar does not cause diabetes”?
    As in the current CEO of Diabetes Associuation (Australia).

    What would you say? I would like a template!!

    • Dr. Davis

      This is so flagrantly contrary to existing science and understanding that I would compare it to the comments from the tobacco industry like “No, Congressman: We have no evidence that smoking causes lung cancer or heart disease.”

      Of course sugar causes diabetes! And there is a wealth of data corroborating this. This incredibly idiotic statement, echoed in the U.S. by the American Diabetes Association, reflects their profiteering ways and close ties to the food industry. These agencies have voted themselves into irrelevance–we ignore them.

  18. > “Eating sugar does not cause diabetes”?

    Then why do people on low carb diets, which means little or no added sugar, not get Type 2 diabetes?
    And why are people with diagnoses of metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes or early T2D able to completely remiss it with a low carb diet that includes little or no added sugar. And why are people with later stage T2D able to manage, if not reverse it, using only diet, and no drugs?

    That straw man statement is evidence of either appalling ignorance or willful misrepresentation, and wouldn’t rule out being both. It serves to keep the faithful diabetic and on meds, and keeps the grain and drug industries happy. It is thoroughly destructive to health.

    T2D (not to be confused with T1D) is arguably not even a “disease”. It’s a 100% optional ailment, a completely predictable metabolic response to chronically elevated blood sugar caused by a full time high glycemic diet (which usually includes sugar).

  19. Jamie

    Good to see more produts are coming!

    I would agree baking mixes are a natural. Pancakes/waffles, muffins, bread, food bars!

    Crackers ade REALLy needed. I have found Almond crackers but they also have some other non wheat grains. I’ve tried Flackers, and while ok, they definitely could be improved upon.
    Really just look at any successful “gluten free” produt and duplicate it the wheat belly way!

    I’m glad the wraps are coming but was dissapointed to see the idea of “single serving” packages.
    We are a famy of 5, and although I am the only full time wheat bellyer (1 month), i would like to be able to do a batch of wraps,ratherthan have to make one each time. I am also sure that individual packages will be more ostly then a box that makes 6 or more in a batch. Some kind of bread for sandwhiches would be great as well!

    Can you pass this on?

    • Dr. Davis

      Will do, Jamie.

      View these as starting efforts. Nonetheless, I believe that, after you’ve tried them, you will agree that these are not cardboard, tasteless foods like gluten-free products, nor do they have ANY of the health compromises of gluten-free foods. Many people have, in fact, declared the Wheat Free Market “granola” BETTER than conventional granola.

  20. Sheryl

    Dr. Davis,

    Your cookbook is so awesome, I just don’t know how else to describe it. The recipes are simple yet delicious. I mostly like that they are so uncomplicated. Some low carb/grain free cookbooks I have call for unusual ingredients and complicated methods. I am so grateful to have a cookbook that’s a breeze to use. And I also appreciate that you don’t use honey or Agave syrup like some of these books. I so look forward to your next cookbook and also the journal that is coming out in December.

    Also, I’d like to pass on a tip to your your readers who want to save a bit of money. I really love Xylitol, but in my area it’s expensive to buy compared to Splenda. And I like baking with Xylitol because it has many of the properties sugar has in baking. I’m not crazy about Splenda because I’m no fan of maltodextrin. But I still do use it to save money. So here’s how to get the best of both worlds. I combine equal parts of Xylitol and measures-like-sugar Splenda. I buy the huge bags of Splenda at Costco. The savings is tremendous. Combining the two gives you the nice properties of Xylitol at less cost.

    Here’s looking forward to the next cookbook!

    • Dr. Davis

      Thanks for the feedback, Sheryl!

      A very nice idea with the blended sweeteners. Thanks for sharing it!

  21. Lisa

    Just looking to get a good discussion going on this article/video:

    Also, I downloaded a free kindle article that discusses Monsanto and it’s responsibility for Agent Orange along with other GMOs:

    It’s only free today so download it soon!!

  22. Sheila

    My husband and I are delighted to hear that Canada is a priority for WFM. Almost everyone we talk to here (in southern British Columbia) is aware of the wheat belly phenomenon … and would welcome the WFM products with open arms.