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Wheat Free Market: Baking Mixes!

Wheat Free Market just released their new Baking Mixes: Ginger Spice, Chocolate Chip, Mixed Berry, and Flaxseed Wrap! Gary at Wheat Free Market sent me a batch to try. These mixes are meant to be quick and easy ways to … Continue reading

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Wheat Belly speaking tour launches in Denver

Wheat Belly is coming to Denver, Colorado! I will be speaking at the University of Denver’s Newman Center for the Performing Arts at 7:30 pm on August 19th, 2013. This begins a series that we call The Experience Wheatlessness Tour … Continue reading

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On again, off again; on again, off again

A reader who calls herself “Geisha” left this interesting comment on the Wheat Belliers Share Their Wheat Re-Exposure Experiences blog post: It’s been enlightening reading this blog again–after 6 months absence. I started wheat free early 2012, lost lots of … Continue reading

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A physician declares a wheat-free success–from Cyprus!

A physician from the island of Cyprus posted these telling comments: I am wheat and gluten free since the end of January, 2013. I suffer from type II diabetes, which was controlled with difficulty and I could not lose weight. … Continue reading

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Zero tolerance for hypoglycemia

Wheat elimination starts you powerfully on the path to reversing diabetes. We’ve seen it many times and it continues to develop in people who kiss their bagels, pretzels, and processed foods booby-trapped with wheat goodbye. But, as diabetics become less … Continue reading

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Fruity Logic

Post cereals made headlines by declaring some of their products gluten-free. This set many in the celiac and gluten-free community abuzz, celebrating Post’s “enlightenment.” Among the cereals declared gluten-free: Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Pebbles, Marshmallow Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles Treats. Let’s … Continue reading

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Mucous flows where wheat goes

We’ve heard from many readers who have noticed marked changes in their upper respiratory health, including relief from chronic sinus congestion, repeated sinus infections, and asthma. Here’s another observation from Kayla, who describes relief from nasal mucus production. My name … Continue reading

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Interview with Wheat Free Market Foods

To help everyone get better acquainted with Wheat Free Market Foods, the company commercializing foods consistent with the Wheat Belly arguments, I asked Gary, founder and CEO, to tell us more. WB: What made you decide to start this company? … Continue reading

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Wheat Belliers share their wheat re-exposure experiences

How do we associate cause and effect? How do we KNOW when acid reflux, bowel urgency, depression, anxiety, asthma, joint pain and myriad other health complaints are due to consumption of modern wheat? Simple: When you can turn them on, … Continue reading

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Deja ewww!

It’s peculiar but instructive: re-exposure phenomena triggered by wheat exposure after being confidently wheat-free. The exposure can be intentional, as in “Just one won’t hurt!” or it can be inadvertent, as in “That gravy looks okay.” Typically, someone will be … Continue reading

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