They’re finally here: Delicious cookies and granola!

They’re finally here!

Wheat Belly helped changed the way we think about food when the book first came out in August, 2011. We’ve witnessed and read about unprecedented transformations in health and weight minus all things wheat. We’ve shared recipes to make healthy, problem-free cookies, muffins, and crackers.

But many people asked for the ease and convenience of pre-made products, rather than having to make everything from scratch. This was the motivation for Wheat Free Market Foods.

Their products are now available here: cookies, grainless “granola,” a high-potency sweetener blend (4-fold sweeter than sugar), and wing and hot sauces.








As I have helped this company design their products from the start, I know that they are all consistent with the Wheat Belly message to 1) be wheat-free, 2) use no gluten-free junk carbohydrates (NO cornstarch, rice flour, tapioca starch, or potato starch) 3) limit carbohydrate exposure (2.5 grams “net” carbs, for instance, for each Almond Spice Cookie), and 4) use only “clean” ingredients–no GMO, no unhealthy synthetic preservatives or food coloring. All products are based on recipes in the original Wheat Belly and Wheat Belly Cookbook, applying a similar philosophy and choice of ingredients.

My hope is that these new products (with many more to come, I’m told) will help a lot of people succeed in following their wheat-free lifestyle and expand your choice of healthy foods.

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44 Responses to They’re finally here: Delicious cookies and granola!

  1. WFMF says:

    We are definitely expanding into mixes and crackers – Mixes targeted so far will be savory coatings, pizza dough, a general baking mix (sweet), and a bread mix. In about another 2 weeks we will have three flavors of muffin in minutes and a flaxseed wrap packet. The flaxseed wrap can easily be made into a small pizza crust as well as pita chips.

  2. Michele says:

    Ordered all 3 cookies, granola and the wing sauce and received yesterday. Here are my thoughts.
    1. The appearance, texture and moistness are excellent.
    2. The general taste for me is acceptable.
    3. For me there is an after taste because of the sweetener used, which I don’t get when I personally bake with xylitol. I don’t care for it. They also taste slightly salty, but, my husband says everything tastes salty to me now.
    4. The chocolate chip cookies were my least favorite.
    5. Everything arrived in perfect condition, and your packaging is very good.
    I was really wishing I loved the cookies, I don’t. My husband really liked the shortbread ones so I will reorder more for him to have on hand. I have not tasted the granola or the hot sauce yet.
    I think this was a great beginning to much needed products. I’m a wheat belly convert and have been for 11/2 years. Down 80# and feeling great!

    • WFMF says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Michele! We will make adjustments in flavor, etc as we continue on. There is a lot of individual variability in preference as one would expect. The granola tends to be big hit, and we are working on another flavor right away. We have big plans for products and will make every effort to get it right.

  3. Andrea says:

    The shipment came well packaged. So far we’ve tried the shortbread cookies, the sweetener, and the granola. My favorite is the granola, it is really delicious. The shortbread cookies are very good as well. I find them very rich, and generally have only one with tea. I haven’t opened the spice cookies yet, but looking forward to those. We were all impressed with the sweetener. I previously avoided any sweeteners other than sugar, which I limit. It’s nice to have another option that I feel good about consuming and feeding my family. I made a sweet cream cheese fruit dip using the sweetener, and it was a big hit.

    Thank you, Dr. Davis, for the great products. Looking forward to more!

  4. Peter says:

    Just saw today what could be called, “Anti-Wheat-Belly” cookies.
    A completely different company — I’ll name names.
    But first, ingredients in their recipe:

    – Almond Flour
    – Sugar (listed as “Evaporated Cane Juice”)
    – More sugar (as maple syrup)
    – Arrowroot Flour
    – and a few more thing to make a cookie

    Whenever I see “evaporated cane juice” it makes me wonder what else are they hiding?

    Stressing again, this is NOT the Wheat Belly that we know and love.
    The companies are, Cappello’s and Primal Palate.
    You can read the horror story for yourself at this web page:

    • Barbara in New Jersey says:


      Went to the web site but I couldn’t find the nutritional label listing the amount of carbohydrates. The tapioca flour in the pasta indicates that this is the same as all the other “gluten” free products: highly glycemic. Tapioca is a starch and used as a thickener. So it arrowroot. Remember the syrupy filling in cherry pie that held the cherries together? Both of these are used for that.

      Just another example of skilled advertising.

      You are quite right: AVOID!!!!