Down 40 pounds, healthier . . . then a booby trapped casserole

Paula posted this comment, a tale of skepticism, withdrawal, health transformation, and re-exposure. Because her story captures so many facets of the wheat-free message, I thought everyone would love to read about it.

I have to admit that, when I first met someone who was living “wheat free,” I was skeptical. That was August of 2012. In December, 2012 I picked up a Cliff notes of sorts of the Wheat Belly book. It was very interesting. So I bought the Wheat Belly Cookbook.

Going wheat-free seemed very daunting, since everything I looked at in the grocery store had wheat of some sort in it–-canned soup, cereal, salad dressings, etc. I thought we ate pretty healthy and that I just ate too much. But no matter how little I ate, eating what a conventional nutritionist tells you, I couldn’t lose weight because I’d give in at night since I was hungry!

The first week was pure HELL! My body reacted to the caffeine and sugar withdrawal [WD: actually gliadin withdrawal, though the caffeine and sugar likely made it worse] and my mind wanted to eat all the time because that’s what it was used to. But I made it 7 days and shed 8 lbs. The 8 lbs was the motivation I needed. I found that, by adding a bit more fat (butter, avocado) into my diet, I was not hungry and the cravings were going away. I was feeling better.

Now at 5 months I’m down 40 lbs. My heartburn is completely gone. I no longer have headaches. I no longer have muscle twitching. My body doesn’t ache. I can do more active things with my kids. I’m less tired and able to concentrate better. My moods have improved and I don’t fly off the handle as quickly with my kids and hubby. I still have some pain and stiffness in my ankles in the morning, but I attribute that to all the scar tissue from having sprained and broken them a number of times over the years.

I did make the mistake of eating a casserole my mother-in-law made one evening a few weeks back. It was a hamburger, potato, mushroom with canned soup. Now I know there is wheat in the soup but I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. OMG . . . I must be sensitive to gluten because, within 3 hours, I had the worst gastrointestinal pain of my life, worse than any actual illness. I won’t be making that mistake again.

Wheat-free is the way for me. My whole body is better because of it. I even had a man tell me he thought I was late 20′s, when I’ll actually be 42 soon.

Paula rejected conventional health advice to eat more “healthy whole grains” and rediscovered health, slenderness, and freedom from a variety of aches and pains. Critics of the Wheat Belly arguments would say that Paula is either experiencing an elaborate deception or just got better because she reduced calorie intake. One story does not make a case–but how about thousands? And the phenomenon of re-exposure: Is that pure imagination?

Anyway, Paula found that the message to eat more “healthy whole grains” is not only ineffective for maintaining health, it destroys health. And it should come as no surprise that Paula, a fine specimen of Homo sapiens, not a ruminant, i.e, a creature possessing specific adaptations to allow it to consume grasses, would experience a return to the natural human state of slenderness and health by removing the seeds of grasses, especially the most destructive grass ever created–modern wheat–from her life.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Congrats lady ! One day back I had semolina dish (its called paani poori in India ) as I didnt have protein whole day at my inlaws place I just fell for the temptation.Since yesterday! i am feeling so lazy and I had gastrointestinal pain which was bad..I did have much so i thought it won’t affect me but it did..or it might be some other reason because pain started the next day .

  2. Rick Calandrello

    Did you ever get : ” Oh you can eat it, it’s not going to kill you” or “Well you’re just being difficult”? What these people don’t know is that when you wean yourself off of wheat completely, then eat some, your body has a really hard time digesting it. Believe me, I found out the hard way like you Paula. I am actually “afraid” to eat any kind of wheat just so I don’t have to go through that painful ordeal again. I’m down 85 lbs from that fear and I am loving every minute of it!

    • Rebecca

      Hey Rick,
      You will have a lot of those ” but it’s only one bite or it’s not going to kill you” moments. Peer pressure wheat eaters are the worst because the have a veil of healthy to hide behind. I have celiacs so I can often tell them the long list of toxic effects gluten has on me plus show them pictures of my skin after exposure, but I often don’t go that far. But it doesn’t get easier because wheat eaters are addicts, my mother in law ask for a doctors note to state that I couldn’t eat gluten after six years of successfully being healthy from no gluten in my diet. I laughed and said I don’t need the doctor to tell you I can eat that, I pick what goes in my body and I say no. So just keep saying no:) to wheat!

      • Rick Calandrello

        Addicts for sure! When you mention to a wheater that this food is good for you, they mindlessly reply “Fat is bad for you” almost as if brainwashed. I watched Dr. Davis on Dr. Oz and I thought maybe Dr. Oz is OK after all. He look genuinely concerned about the facts Doc Davis was telling him. The next day he is back to mindless whole grain kick, can’t watch it. I will tell you this..quitting smoking was a piece of cake compared to quitting wheat, for me anyway.

        • Rebecca

          Well Rick,
          Smoking at least for me is not ingrained into our culture and into pretty much every special moment we have but food is ( and most food has wheat ). So it is a recurring thing, gets easier but still a bit ackward in work related situations hard to avoid.

  3. So glad to have found this post. I’ve been wheat free for just over a year. Haven’t lost weight but digestion is much better and not as much pain in joints. Thought I would try a half piece of birthday cake in March. The next day I was in so much pain I thought my appendix has burst or something. Nothing would touch the pain throughout the night. Aspirin or Tums. I also thought about food poisoning because I could not believe that tiny piece of cake could be the culprit. I barely slept all night and almost went to the emergency room, it was that bad. The next day the pain had lessened but didn’t completely go away for 3 days. Last week, I had another episode with very similar pain but not quite as excruciating. It’s been going off and on for several days now. I’m starting a 3 day detox plan today and right my system again. I have no idea in what it was hiding but I’m pretty sure gluten is the problem and I’m beginning to recognize the awful pain of relapse.

  4. PamLP

    Re-exposure is a bitch!!!!
    I went off wheat 100% this January and feel so much better.
    Then one day I decided to eat a piece of pizza.
    One piece, not that big.
    I spent the next 24 hours with nausea and with bathroom difficulties.
    I have always had NO TOLERANCE for nausea…. I hate hate hate it.
    Haven’t looked at, or thought about, anything with wheat in it since.
    I am happy as a clam eating other foods, thank you.

  5. Sherri Menicucci

    I have been doing this for maybe a week and feel like i am always hungry, is that normal?

    • Julie Stanley

      are you having enough protein and fats in each meal, if not you will be hungry. i am celiac, found out 2 years ago, digestion still a bit iffy, a friend mentioned wheat belly – so i decided to go grain free – wow what a difference. eg. if you have eggs for your breakfast (i have 3, i am only 54kg by the way) sometimes add a lamb cutlet or Bolognese from the night before, also feta, avocado etc. some greens, you need the fats – and dont worry the good fats dont cause high cholesterol. easy get to 1pm and think oh its time for lunch lol

  6. I had a dream one night that I was on an airplane and the stewardess handed me one of those little bags of pretzels and I ATE THEM…..actually, it was probably more like a nightmare!

    • christy kennedy

      I think everybody in my family has had that dream/nightmare and it’s nice to wake up and know you haven’t really gluten-poisoned yourself, which we also all did a few times early on too.

  7. Denise Bricher

    I had a little bit of casserole made with soup and while my symptoms were not as extreme as those of others, I was ravenous and ready to go through my fridge eating. No more! If I don’t know what’s in it, I am not eating it.

  8. Bruce

    Interesting on how after weeks/months of wheat free eating, that a small amount can cause troubles that were not noticeable before. Does anyone know why that is?

    Or did you always feel “crappy” and not notice it or connect the dots? Or figure that was a part of life?

    I’m starting wheat free on Monday. Yeah, I know, why not today? I am traveling out of state for 5 days, and I know already that I can limit the wheat as best I can, but, I will not be able to avoid it entirely. Visiting relatives with a christening and first communion party at the end of it.

    • > Does anyone know why that is?

      Not yet with certainty. See:

      The leading conjecture is that your post-wheat gut has an entirely different population of bacteria. You’ve lost all those that could sort-of handle wheat. The re-exposure to wheat finds no one home to digest it, and it may even clobber the other guys there.

      Then there’s the sudden relapse into leaky gut, whereas when you were on wheat it was chronic.

      Several posters here have complained about not being warned about the intensity of re-exposure reactions. The WB Cookbook added two warnings not in the original book.

      • stephen ottridge

        After 6 months being wheat free my stool has changed, it is now thicker and more solid. Also I am no longer troubled by haemerrhoids. This proves to me that the gut bacteria has changed. Finally my wife bought some gluten free flour mix to make corn bread to go with the homemade baked beans I made. Now she has made some blueberry pancakes, I’ll get off wheat altogether some day.

    • Neicee

      Bruce, I’m facing running the gauntlet at buffet meals for the next two weekends. Not looking forward to it. One group knows I’m on a restricted diet and have no problem with it. Actually wanted to know if just anyone could follow the same ‘diet plan’? Had to recommend the book rather than just deciding to ‘diet’. The other group will be meeting a whole new group of people for the first time. Both events will be weekend long. Plus, they come from a heavy wheat growing community. I’m sure the bbq will be loaded with homemade bread and other no-no’s. I’m taking bags of nuts, some stable cheese that won’t get green stuff growing, some cut up veggies and such, to snack on in the hotels. In a pinch I’ve usually found full fat cottage cheese, so take a few disposable forks and spoons. Even restaurants in that part of the world are loaded with awful stuff I don’t eat.

      • Bruce


        Thanks for the tips. I am taking some foods for the hotel and the travel itself. I know on Sunday, it will be casseroles and meatloaf and stuff…. I don’t want to venture into the problems some have had here, as after the meal on Sunday we leave on a 10 hour drive back home. Do not want to have intestinal difficulties, so I plan on going
        full WF om Monday. Hoping that it will take care of my arthritis.

        Our hotel does have a free breakfast though. I’m sure it is bread centric, plus the delicious egg discs and sausage patties…YUM!!

        • Neicee

          Bruce, I had to not book a lovely room at a B&B because they’d posted their menu online. It was Croissant French Toast and Juice – none of either would work.

          I have been known to boil eggs, peel them, and seal those in baggies if we were taking an insulated bag. Great in a pinch. Also, some kind of meat. You get really creative after going hungry a couple of times! Little towns may have never heard of gluten free/wheat free/just plain bread/rice/corn/potatoes free – yet, they’ve heard of vegetarian/vegan. Not had one problem in larger cities. They don’t even blink anymore.

    • Nancy M.

      I heard some allergy doctors talk to a man who had had cats and been fine without any allergy, but then he was catless for a while. When he got his next cat he had terrible allergic reactions to it. They said something about allergic reactions being worse after a reintroduction after you’ve been away from it for a while.

      Now, gluten intolerance isn’t an allergy, but perhaps the same sort of thing happens. Your immune system isn’t being barraged with it so when it does encounter it again it reacts more strongly. Maybe it is a good sign that the immune system is able to mount a stronger defense. Who knows? :)

    • LydTN

      Having just gone WF recently, I think honestly that I just always felt crappy and now suddenly feel human for the first time in years, or maybe ever. I used to drink heavily too and when I quit that I realized I had been living with a constant hangover – it just became my norm. I think wheat works similarly on us. We just adjust our perception of health to fit what we’re feeling, until one day we actually feel better and it’s like somebody turned the light on. But that’s just my opinion/experience. I also have no really experienced any particular withdrawal. I had about two days of craving pizza, but I immediately felt so much better (no more knee and ankle pain, acid reflux almost completely disappeared) that I knew I had to keep on keepin’ on.

  9. Elizabeth

    What an encouraging story!!! I’ve been on Wheat Belly since mid-February of this year. We just returned from traveling for nearly a month to the Midwest (think brats, casseroles etc) for a graduation. I hoped before going it wouldn’t be hard to stay on my program and I will say for the most part it wasn’t hard. BUT I too deviated once or twice and had a similar experience to Paula. I get gastro issues as well and it’s not fun….so it was a good reminder. I’ve been weighing once a month so this morning stepped on the scale. I thought there must be some mistake so stepped off and on again! To my amazement, I’ve now lost 30 lbs!!!! I want to shout from the roof as this is really monumental for me! I’ve done ALL sorts of diets in the past w/o success being insulin resistant!! Wheat Belly is NOT a fad, it’s a way of life and I’m happy that I finally got the mind-set to do it!!!

    • Neicee

      Elizabeth, I’ve been at the same weight for the past 7 months (where I thought I needed to be). The weight and clothes sizes were perfect in my book. Bought tons of new clothes but now find the waist is too big on many of the slacks/skirts. Oh dear… far hubby has kept his sense of humor. ;) Perhaps muscle, rather than weight loss, is now entering the picture?

  10. steph lake

    I love this story, mine is pretty similar starting on 01/07/13 – down 20 lbs so far, feeling so much better! I recently have converted a few friends and family members including my father and father in law with a gift of “The Wheat Belly” for father’s day. If I get glutened (always accidentally), oh man it ruins my next 5 days usually. I get a lot of flack from wheat eaters also, they think it’s silly that I would eliminate wheat, and of course I get the frequent argument, “I don’t eat that much wheat”. I feel like stories like this are just so empowering!

  11. My husband and I have been wheat free since late March ’13. We love it; feel so much better. GI symptoms gone; Hypoglycemia (for me) GONE; arthritis joint pain 90 – 95% improved… We eat nothing processed. My only disappointment is we have only lost about 10 – 13 pounds. We both have more weight to lose. What are we doing wrong? I do not intend to return to eating wheat… I feel too good without it, but I do have an extra 25 pounds hanging around that I desperately want to lose it. Help???

      • Thank you Boundless!! There is a lot of good information here. I can safely say I don’t even take in 20 Carbs PER DAY. Most of the time I would say it is around 10 -15 or less. I recently bought a glucometer, but could not find the WB information regarding what the goal was (no increase in BS within 1 hour of eating). I will closely monitor this. I also have been watching my calorie intake. It is anywhere between 1,100 and 1,400 (rarely up to 1,400). My doctor decreased my thyroid medication in January; I will be getting my thyroid function re-evaluated at the end of the summer. I will take all the information you posted into consideration and closely monitor each suggestion and consider whether or not each additional bit of information you offered could be a factor. Regardless… No Wheat for Me. There have been too many other advantages noted in our life being Wheat Free. Thanks for your time. The information you discussed today is exactly what I was looking for! I had read that information a couple of months ago, but after hours of searching, could not find that post. Thanks so much. ;-)

        • Rashelle

          Barbara, also check out The Paleo Mom. She has loads of info about insulin resistance and also about autoimmune disease. Sadly those of us with an autoimmune disease are “sensitive” to other foods, as well as wheat. She has what’s called an “autoimmune protocol” (AI). We need to eat “clean” for a period of time, eliminating certain foods, such as nightshades, dairy, seeds, nuts, eggs, coffee….I know it’s a lot…but once we repair our guts, we can try to add them back in. Good luck!

          • I will definitely look into this, too. There is so much information out there. I have often wondered how Paleo and WB compare. I guess this gives me the opportunity to check this out. I don’t mind giving things up if there is a possibility it will help. Thank you so much for your information. ;-)

        • Becky

          How do you feel on the decreased dose? Let your doctor know if your body is asking for more or less thyroid medicine. I’ve learned a lot that fits with my experience from . Key for me was reaffirming that going wheatfree was essential, followed (for me) by soy, dairy, tomatoes (they make me itchy!), and many fine print ingredients with unpronounceable names. Now if I eat a little dairy or something unknown, I can tell within a couple hours that it probably wasn’t a good idea. It’s true that when you remove foods from your diet for several weeks or so, you will know when you try them again if your body actually can tolerate them or not.

          • I am a little more sluggish, and fall to sleep if I’m not busy.. so to counter nodding off.. I try to stay busy. ;-) My doctor lowered my thyroid Rx in January because I had been having morning shakes (hypoglycemia?) about 5 out of 7 mornings a week. I was concerned about blood sugar issues. I am not a diabetic (yet), but it runs in my family, and I went to him (the Dr) thinking that is the direction he would take… Instead, he said he felt I was getting too much thryoid and decreased my thyroid medication. :-( My shakiness in the mornings continued until I went wheat free at the end of March. From day 1, I have experienced NO MORNING SHAKINESS! Immediately, they symptoms were gone! I will be having some lab work soon that an endocrinologist has ordered. Hopefully, this dr will get the answer I need.
            There is so much good information you have offered. We don’t eat any processed foods, but I will be mindful of looking at what may be causing the problem. I am willing to try just about anything. Thanks for sharing your information.

        • LydTN

          Have you tried adding more healthy fats to your diet? Maybe check out the Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting. I’m trying it right now and my weight loss, which was already rapid on WB, has increased by about 25%. The programs are pretty similar in terms of eliminating grains and processed foods, but BP emphasizes fat more which might help break through a plateau. I wouldn’t fall for buying all of the products he recommends/sells, but there is plenty of helpful information on the website.

    • Katy

      I have the same issue, I have eliminated all grains and sugar from my diet and have only lost 10 pounds……I need to lose 20 more just to be on the high side of what I should weigh. I am thinking about eliminating cheese and nuts now, but that will be really hard!

    • Liz

      10 lbs since late March is GREAT, don’t get down on yourself! The kind of accepted/sustainable/healthy rate of weight loss is 2 lbs per week, so you’re right on track. Keep it up!

      I’ve also been off wheat since right about the same time, and have lost maybe 8-10 lbs (fluctuates, and I’m not trying to focus on that too much), but I’m feeling physically better, less tired, and not hungry all the time.

    • Heather

      Give it time. I felt like my body was resetting itself during periods of non- weight loss, also seems to be the time I lost inches. Be sure to eat lots of healthy fats, avocados, drizzle good olive oil over meats and veggies, snack on almonds. The more fat, the more weight lost, at least for me. Also, decrease usage of pre made salad dressings, even though low carb and okay once in a while, they are full of junk. We make our own with Daisy sour cream, olive oil, lemon juice, feta or blue cheese and some dill or parsley, salt, pepper. I averaged 4-5 lbs lost per month, but have had whole 4 week periods of no weight loss on scale. Sorry, this is really long winded way to say, stick the course, lots of good fat, walk, if possible, the weight WILL come off, and most importantly enjoy your new health

      • Janet


        what is your recipe using the sour cream–I use Daisy brand also.

        Here is my recipe for salad dressing. I quit the purchased kind more than a year ago and whip up 3 salad’s worth at a time fresh.

        6 T Olive Oil
        2 T stone ground mustard
        2 tsp vinegar (balsamic is nice)
        1 tsp honey (optional, but I don’t have huge issues with tiny amounts of sugar) but could use Stevia or similar.)
        salt and pepper.
        Whisk it all together and serve. This can be messed with (I add some ginger sometimes and even horseradish without the honey) It is an easy peazy recipe I can whip up in a minute or two.
        I brew Kombucha and might try using that for the vinegar part. Will let ya’ll know.

        • Heather

          Ours are much simpler:), We just wisk some good olive oil into the sour cream to loosen it a bit, then add herbs and blue cheese or feta, depending on the type of dressing we want!

          • Heather

            Janet, Another tip from my wheat belly experience, keep some really nice articles of clothing that do not currently fit, in your closet and try them on every 4-6 weeks. I did this for a year & I went through a 4 week period that i did not lose “pounds”, but my “favorite dresses” went from being too tight to too loose! I could not believe it. Its nice to see clothes get progressively looser over a long period of time!!

  12. Nancy W

    Another question for anyone who may know. I have been making some recipes from WB cookbook and so far I like them, but getting my husband on board is a challenge. In our 33 years of marriage, he has LOVED my cooking/baking..b/c of sugar! Now when I make him a dessert or meal without added flours/sugars (I was using spelt flour and agave nectar, thinking these were good for us!) he is not enjoying these recipes at all. So this morning I made the walnut/raisin bread in hopes of it being something more palatable for him, but upon tasting the batter, found it to be pretty blah. SO…I added some (maybe 1/4 cup) of my homemade applesauce that only has apples and cinnamon in it for some extra flavor interest. My question is, is this okay to use and do many people “modify” recipes with success? As long as modifications don’t include added wheat?

    • Sula

      Hi Nancy,
      I modify recipes all the time, even the wheat belly cookbook ones. I would suggest you get some different sweetners, like stevia and xylitol. Not all stevias are the same get one that is good tasting and or recommended, ask around or ask in you’re local health food store. If you combine two or more sweetners you will get a better taste.
      I use Wheat Belly Cookbook’s yellow cake recipe all the time. I change it to carrot cake by adding carrots and a squeezed orange and cinnamon and nutmeg and vanilla extract and a cream cheese icing. OR, I make it with a squeezed lemon and some lemon extract and vanilla extract and a handful of poppy seeds…. am sure you could use 85% chocolate and some cocoa for a chocolate cake.
      If you used to bake you have a basic idea of how batter should look and how the batter should taste. Use your imagination and whip-up something great! There are tons of recipes out there and the sky’s the limit.

    • Rebecca

      Hey Nancy,
      I use really ripe banana in pancake , cookie and muffin recipes instead of sweetener got the idea from banana chocolate chip wheat belly bread. I find it gives most recipes more then enough sweetness, and my husband has the same sweet tooth for baking. I know some old gluten free recipes before WB I would use a cup to two cups of sugar. I have gone from a size 20 tight fitting( probably more of a 22) to a size ten loose since November. I think adding fruit as sweetener would only be a problem if you eat more then the recommend amount from the book, limited amounts 2-3 berries etc a day. I eat more veggies then fruit for snacks so I don’t find the added fruit in baking add to much stalling in wieght loss.

  13. David

    There seems to be a huge gray scale of responses by different people, so when someone argues just stick with your independence.
    My sensitivity is incidious, meaning not very obvious. I can cheat and recover in a day. My weight loss has also been slow but very real. I dropped below a 20 year weight plateau and my blood cholesteral numbers are all going in the right direction. Like all diet control, I think that it is better to focus on lifestyle changes rather than performance.

  14. Sheila

    How about the “when are you going to start eating regular again?” comments!! Ahh….NEVER!!! This is regular, will never go back to wheat/grain/sugar eating. Much too happy for that!

    • Neicee

      One of the first questions asked by my husband. Yet, he’d been with me during bouts of IBS and attacks in restaurants where I was getting to know their ladies room too well. He somehow thought I’d get better and could start eating the things he loved. Funny, now he orders the same things I do “so not to make me feel bad” eating in front of me. He knows he feels better and knows how he feels when eating with his friends but still won’t admit it. Did overhear him say once how we didn’t have any wheat or grain products in the house….

  15. Nan

    Katy: Well over a year into the wheat-free life, I was able to let go of the nuts after reading that the omega-6s in them are especially fattening. So think of it this way: Nuts have a lot of calories, some carbs, omega-6s (which you should cut way back on), and you can eat a lot of them mindlessly (just like potato chips). They may well be inhibiting weight loss. Also, try not to go berserk with the cheese. :) Good luck.

  16. Mia

    I used to eat the allowed amount of 85% chocolate (40 grams) but one day I ate 100 grams. After an hour or two I regretted it – I threw up and had a massive headache all day long. There was (probably) no wheat in it, so I blame the soy lecithins and wanted to know if you had bad experiences with soy, too.

    • Amy

      I have also recently identified a major sensitivity to soy lecithin….went back to being more diligent at reading labels…and it’s in SO many things. You can’t trust a thing, you have to read your labels. One thing I have noticed; though the reaction to soy lecithin and gluten exposures are the same, at least the soy reaction seems fairly short lived….12 to 24 hours as opposed to 4 to 6 days of agony from accidental gluten exposure.

    • Rebecca

      I find most chocolate makes me have gluten reactions unless it’s Hersey or states gluten free on the label, it could be the soy, but my mother get migraines from most chocolates which is her strongest first sign of gluten exposer mine is gross bumps that form like a rash even from small amounts like say in toothpaste. I got really fed up with the ingredients in even the safe dark chocolate and made my own ” I call WB dark chocolate”
      3/4 cup of cocoa( I use red cocoa 25% fat)
      Sweetener equvailant to 2 tbsp
      1/2 cup of coconut oil not melted mix in with dry ingredients above till its a paste
      1/4 cup of almond milk carton or coconut milk carton
      Vanilla 1 tsp
      Cook for 1:40 minutes or 2 minutes depending on microwave in a microwave safe bowl
      Pyrex works nice. Stir chocolate till smooth and the pour into a pan 9″ x 5″ (I oil pan with olive oil) cool in fridge for one to two hours should be set

      You can add: after cooked can add
      Cinnamon , Walnuts, almonds, etc

    • Dr. Davis

      Peculair, Mia.

      Soy lecithin is actually fairly benign. 100 grams is an awful lot of chocolate, however!

  17. Susan

    Has anyone heard if garcinia cambogia would be helpful if eating grain/sugarfree but not losing weight?

    • Tony

      Hi Susan, I tried it a while ago, before I started the WB approach, and it’s done nothing for me.

  18. Loekie

    It’s difficult to get lost of the decubitus on my legs. Tight nylon underpants has only led to a dent in the fat on my thigh. My weight is now normal, I think it’s not healty to lose a lot more weight.
    Anyone an idea?

    • Rebecca

      Hey loekie,
      If you enjoy swimming I know that the butterfly stroke leg part really works out the upper portion of the leg. Swats, ballerina Swats, and biking help a lot. I know when I was 17 I spent a whole summer on roller blades about two to six hours a day cause it was fun my legs were all muscle. I had the same issue forever with my upper arms but since switching to WB lifestyle I guess the extra protien really made a difference with the toning exercise I do and my arms look model good now. Try focused exercise to build muscles in legs once muscle is developed fat burns from the area quicker. Then all you can do is wait and not worry to much it will work its way out fingers crossed:)

  19. Paula

    Just a follow-up: It was 6 months on Monday that I went Wheat-free. After about 4-5 weeks of little to no weight loss (stuck at the pesky 40), it’s started up again and I’m down 45lbs. I think eating a bit more fat (coconut oil, avocado, my own balsamic dressing with EVOO) has helped. I’ve also cut out a lot of nuts and am limiting my baked goods/desserts to every other day.

    Mind you, I have a long way to go but wouldn’t be this far – actually I would probably be worse off – if I wouldn’t have found Wheat Belly before I underwent weight loss surgery. No surgery needed here anymore! This is the first time I’ve ever been confident in my own ability to lose the weight without the need of pills or surgery.

    I’m trying to focus on my health benefits as well as the weight loss – and that sure helps!

    • Barbara in New Jersey


      Wonderful progress! Keep yourself enthused. Even with your plateau, you have lost an admirable 7.5 pounds per month. You are quite correct in remembering that there are many unseen beneficial changes in your system that are happening in every part of your body. I too had a weight plateau because I was eating too many nuts. I learned to place a portion in a dish and return the container to the pantry! No eating out of the container for me! I become Miss Piggy. A few days after I stopped the nut fest, I started losing weight again. They have lots of carbs and threw off my careful menus of 15 carbs per meal.

      If you haven’t taken the probiotics, you might want to do so. There is a lag time for the intestinal flora to keep up with all the changes in your system. The probiotics really do help while you are in weight loss mode.

      Stay encouraged! You might want to join Wheat Free Forum for more discussions, recipes and advice.