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Seeing is believing

Read this wonderful tale of freedom from the bonds of wheat’s grip over appetite, as well as relief from decades of Crohn’s disease. I am 42 years old and I work as a flight attendant. I eat an excellent diet, … Continue reading

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Wheat elimination: A first week experience

Patti posted this wonderful description of her and her son’s experience in their first week of wheatlessness: One week on the Wheat Belly diet has come and gone. Here is how it is working at our house: I (mom) feel … Continue reading

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Hot flashes no more!

Deb posted this comment in response to the Smarter, Faster, Better post describing the transformations in her brother’s life and her own health minus wheat: After watching my 52-year-old brother drop 53 pounds in 6 months, I knew he was … Continue reading

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Down 40 pounds, healthier . . . then a booby trapped casserole

Paula posted this comment, a tale of skepticism, withdrawal, health transformation, and re-exposure. Because her story captures so many facets of the wheat-free message, I thought everyone would love to read about it. I have to admit that, when I … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Wheat Belly?

Wheat-free champion, gentleman, and all-around-nice-guy, Boundless, posted this wonderful insight in response to the last Wheat Belly Blog post about enhanced human performance minus wheat: The unspoken dark side of the Wheat Belly Way: Retrogeria In most adults, there is … Continue reading

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Smarter, faster, better

Given the extraordinary benefits of wheat elimination, it is natural that we begin to talk about how this lifestyle improves performance–performance in learning, work, physical performance, sports. Among the benefits of wheat elimination that improve performance: –Better concentration, less mind … Continue reading

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The monetization of obesity

It’s all over the news: The American Medical Association released a statement recognizing obesity as a disease. Obesity advocacy groups hailed the decision as a major victory. AMA Board Member, Dr. Patrice Harris, said, “Recognizing obesity as a disease will … Continue reading

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They’re finally here: Delicious cookies and granola!

They’re finally here! Wheat Belly helped changed the way we think about food when the book first came out in August, 2011. We’ve witnessed and read about unprecedented transformations in health and weight minus all things wheat. We’ve shared recipes … Continue reading

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How quickly does wheatlessness unfold?

Wheatlessness: the happy, healthy state achieved by not eating wheat. A frequently asked question: Once you eliminate wheat, how fast do the benefits occur? Well, it depends. It depends on what health issue we are discussing, what organ system, and … Continue reading

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“Potato” salad

Just in time for backyard barbecues and picnics! Here’s my version of a delicious faux potato salad using the ever versatile cauliflower as potato replacement. The key to the unique taste of this version are from the rice vinegar, cucumbers, … Continue reading

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