Wheat Belly Cookbook Recipe: Chicken and Dumplings

If wheat can do it, we can do it just as well without. And in this recipe, dumplings are back! Just as you would ordinarily make dumplings using wheat flour, we use almond meal. The end result is every bit as good. I like putting a teaspoon of dried rosemary in my biscuit dough for a bit of added flavor.

PREP TIME: 10 minutes
TOTAL TIME: 1 hour 5 minutes

Makes 8 servings

2 tablespoons butter or coconut oil, divided
8 boneless, skinless chicken thighs
2 onions, chopped
2 carrots, sliced
2 ribs celery, sliced
3 cups chicken broth
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1 recipe Basic Biscuits (below)
1/2 cup sour cream or canned coconut milk

Preheat the oven to 350°F.

In a Dutch oven over medium-high heat, heat 1 tablespoon of the butter or oil. Cook the chicken, turning occasionally, for 5 minutes, or until golden on all sides. Remove to a plate and set aside.

Heat the remaining 1 tablespoon butter or oil. Cook the onions, carrots, and celery, stirring occasionally, for 5 minutes, or until the onions start to soften. Add the broth, thyme, the remaining 1/8 teaspoon salt, and the reserved chicken. Increase the heat to high. Bring to a boil. Bake, uncovered, for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the biscuits. Remove the Dutch oven from the oven and stir in the sour cream or coconut milk. Increase the oven temperature to 400° F.

Dollop 8 biscuits onto the chicken mixture. Bake uncovered for 15 minutes. Cover and bake for 15 minutes, or until a thermometer inserted in the thickest portion of the chicken registers 170°F.

PER SERVING: 342 calories, 23 g protein, 15 g carbohydrates, 23 g total fat, 6 g saturated fat, 7 g fiber, 810 mg sodium

Basic Biscuits
Sometimes uncomplicated is best! These simple and wonderfully uncomplicated wheat-free biscuits will do the trick when you have an appetite for sausages with (wheat-free) gravy and biscuits or require something to accompany a turkey dinner,

Easy variations include adding ¼ cup grated cheese, Italian seasonings, or cinnamon with your choice of sweetener.

Makes 8

1 cup almond meal/flour
1 cup ground golden flaxseed
4 teaspoons baking powder
4 tablespoons cold butter, cut into cubes
4 egg whites

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

In a large bowl, mix together the almond meal/flour, flaxseed meal, and baking powder. Cut in the butter until combined.

In a small mixing bowl, beat the egg whites with a hand mixer until soft peaks form. Gently fold the egg whites into the dry ingredients until combined.

Spoon the dough into 8 rounds on the baking sheet. Flatten to approximately 3/4” thickness. Bake for 15 minutes, or until golden brown.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Teresa

    I make these biscuits all the time and I am embarrassed to say that I have never thought of making sausage gravy to go along with them. And biscuits and gravy is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE meals. Well now…I think it’s time to do some cooking!

    • Donna

      I made the bisquits just the basic recipe and found them really bitter tasting, not good at all. Double checked on ingredients, everything was exact.

  2. Loanne

    I haven’t tried making any “bread” things yet, especially sweet bread things! But this sounds wonderful! Thanks, Dr. Davis, for post this.

  3. stephen ottridge

    we tried making pancakes with coconut flour but the flour really absorbed all the liquid. Are there some rules of thumb comparing wheat flour with coconut flour/

    • Kate

      Hi Stephen,

      Try these: wellnessmama.com/7924/easy-almond-flour-pancakes/
      We think they’re really tasty, easy, and very versatile. Spice them different ways or leave them plain. Make them thin and they will act like crepes or blintzes, too. You can even use them for “wraps” in an enchilada casserole.

    • JillOz

      Apparently with coconut flour you have to use extra egg yolks. Plenty of web refs around but can’t recall offhand.

    • Dr. Davis

      I find it better to combine other flours with coconut flour because, as you learned, coconut is too hygroscopic (water absorbing) by itself.

      A typical pancake-friendly mix would be 2 cups almond meal/flour + 1/4 cup coconut flour, then eggs, etc.

    • Nancy M.

      I like to let coconut flour stand until it absorbs all the liquid, then add more. Keep doing that until you get the consistency you need. Might take 15 minutes or so of standing. Check it every 5 minutes.

      Sometimes I’ve kept coconut flour mixed with water in my fridge so I don’t have to go through that routine. Then I just add in eggs and whatever else is needed.

  4. Todd

    I purchased the ibooks version of the book. Hard back copy of the cookbook. I recently made the Apple Walnut Bread and the Pumpkin Spice muffins from the ibook recipes in the back of the book. Both recipes resulted in AMAZING tasting sweet breads. Even shared them at work and they were well liked! I am not finding the nutritional information on these recipes like the one above. Is there a place I can find the nutritional info for these recipes or the glycemic index?
    I read the book and purged my pantry and kitchen a little over three weeks ago. I have lost 12 pounds already and have SO MANY positive changes to the way I feel. Having this information will only help me take a deeper dive into what I am eating!! Thanks for your help!!!!

    • Dr. Davis

      Wonderful, Todd!

      RE: nutritional composition. The Wheat Belly Cookbook should list all compositions at the end of each recipe. I purposefully left this out in the original Wheat Belly as part of an effort to discourage people from counting calories, but too many people really need their “net” carb count, so we put it into the Cookbook.

  5. Holly

    This HAS to be a great recipe judging by the ingredients and I can say the basic biscuits are GREAT. Made them for strawberry shortcake and it was delicious. I have to admit, all of the doctor’s recipes are keepers in my opinion.

  6. Ben

    I am extremely allergic to all nuts, so can’t use almond flour. I would like to be able to make more of the recipes from your books that i bought. What can I use instead of almond flour?

    • Barbara

      I think you need to start experimenting with combinations of coconut flour, garbanzo, fava’ mung bean flours, sunflower seed flour, hemp seed and chia seeds and the like. There are other non nut flours available. Dr. D. has answered this question many times, so just start reading the blogs or even do an internet search. Many of the paleo sites address this common issue. The Nuts.com web site sells many different non nut flours. A combination of seed/coconut/bean flour will keep the glycemic value low and keep the taste nuetral. Each flour has different characteristics and you must experiment to see which cominations are to your liking.
      Don’t forget to try the sharitaki noodles!

  7. Barbara

    Seems that WB style recipes are becoming more and more available. Today’s paper has a peanut-coconut crusted scallop recipe to be served over a bed of sauteed spinach. For about a 1/2+ lb. of scallops or even shrimp, finely chop 3 TBS. peanuts and 1/4 Cup coconut flakes. Roll scallops into mixture, making sure you cover all sides. Saute in olive or coconut oil about 1 1/2 -3 minutes per side until opaque. Remove to dish.
    Saute about 3 cups spinach in same pan adding about 2 TBS coconut milk. Cook until wilted. Place in serving dish with seafood on top. Serves 2. Yum!

    Also, the Wall Street Journal reported that Sugar sales were up 15% year over year, Splenda sales were DOWN 40% yoy and Stevia/Truvia sales were UP an astounding 289% yoy!

    The WB message is growing rapidly. Fads don’t happen like this. Thank you Dr. D. for your courage!

    • Dr. Davis

      Interesting figures, Barbara! And, yes, I believe you are absolutely correct: More and more people are jumping on the no-wheat bandwagon with skinnier waists, more flexible pain-free joints, and happy gastrointestinal tracts along with it!

  8. Anna

    Dr Davis
    Can I use a cup of flax seed as flax seed contains a lot of the poison cyanide?

    • organicguy

      Never heard about that before. But i switched to chia seeds anyway. Will have to google flax seed. I was going to buy flax seed karma milk beverage,but i dont know now.

    • Boundless

      > Can I use a cup of flax seed as flax seed contains a lot of the poison cyanide?

      Are you planning to eat it all at once?
      And how are you preparing it? Some processes rinse away the cyanide.

      2 tablespoons is the recommended allowance for no observable harm, but in a quick search, I didn’t find any evidence for harm at portions 3x larger than that. I suspect you’ll encounter unpleasant laxative effects before you reach significant levels of cyanide.

      • rose

        Hello, I find the almond meal flour VERY filling…due to nut/nutrient content high in calcium, iron, fat …..,plus …and having anti-inflammatory properties it is what I like to call a staple food. * nutritiondata.self.com has a lot of nutritional info. as well as a bunch of other sites on google. I like to stick to more university type studies and publishings. Think of each biscuit as having one eight of a cup…roughly around around 2T daily …as everything in life we must use in moderation-too much of a good thing ……is still to much……..as for chemical content…KNOW YOUR SOURCE/buyer beware kinda thing. I use HODGSON MILL -milled flax seed, gluten free, nongmo (not genetically modified organism), no sugar, no chol., no salt, good source of fiber. Be sure to refrigerate after opening. The only meat we should be eating is nongmo grass fed types.. do your own tests in your own kitchens. The animal kingdom is not doing any better then we are with utilizing the frankenfood their being fed … nongmo grass fed meat fats do not block your arteries it’s all the synthetic crap your body doesn’t know what to do with that does (such as fake fat substitutes and processed crap) and the crap that the animals couldn’t digest/process we are now buying in animal forms at regular markets (gmo -chicken -beef pkgs etc. at local chain markets) and cooking it up for our families. YUK! -to say the least. I have been off fake fats, refined sugars, grains, and gmo meats since Nov 1 2012 and have lost 49 pounds without trying, my blood work is back to normal, no sugar cravings, skin cleared up and my energy is slowly coming back to say the least ….hope this helped. Stay well one meal at a time…. choose wisely…

  9. organicguy

    I have given up thighs. I tried to remove the fat from it. Was very surprised to see how much fat it had. I gave up after trying to defat one thigh. I will stick to breast.

      • organicguy

        Its the fat that will block the arteries . Its like eating chicken skin, most people remove the skin before cooking.

          • organicguy

            You should be a brain reader if you know what i read. The last time i checked no one is telling people to only buy chicken skin and order chicken skin as a main dish.

        • Boundless

          > Its the fat that will block the arteries …

          Entitrely false. You have been mislead by this fatally flawed notion, one that I see as the #3 factor in our modern diet-fueled health disaster:
          #1: gluten-bearing grains (mainly wheat, for multiple reasons, not just gluten)
          #2: high-glycemic carbs generally (primarily sugar, esp. fructose)
          #3: insane low-fat mania

          • organicguy

            Well if you and everyone would have read my posts,i said i use organic red palm oil and organic dme coconut oil. I just will not buy chicken skin. Maybe people like chicken skin. But i like my arteries clear.

          • Boundless

            > I just will not buy chicken skin. Maybe people like
            > chicken skin.

            If you don’t want to eat chicken skin or fat, that’s not a problem (I’m not fond of the skin myself), but you don’t need to justify your decisions with …

            > But i like my arteries clear.

            This is flat out incorrect, but is common “wisdom” based on fraudulent cherry-picking of what was flawed data to begin with. Dietary fats, and even dietary cholesterol, do not clog arteries. What clogs arteries is small LDL particles provoked by elevated glycemic metabolism (carbs, not fats).

  10. Peggy Holloway

    Making this for dinner tonight with green beans instead of carrots (too starchy) for my paleo daughter and gluten-sensitive son-in-law – and for my partner and I who eat very low-carb all the time.

  11. Loekie

    February 2012 I stopped eating wheat products but I could not resist corn cakes – a sort of rice cakes made of corn – and suddenly, in april 2013 I thought by myself: lets keep out the corn cakes too, to make my waist of little bit more smaller and I had no problem with it! My last temptation was milk chocolate and a few weeks ago I thought: hmm pure chocolate with nuts makes me feel better. Now I am free of all addictions. So it took one and a half year to make myself free. This post is for everyone who cannot leave out all the carbs at once, I would say, be kind to yourself, give yourself time and in the end you will reach your goal. Health? In my case: neurologic problems leg almost disappeared – I don’t need an electric bike in the city anymore to climb the bridges in Amsterdam -, more energy, two or three powernaps a day not necessary anymore, bruising on legs are gone, heart beats normal, skin better, and ‘I have my brain back’ like someone here described it.

    • Boundless

      > My last temptation was milk chocolate and a few weeks ago I thought: hmm pure
      > chocolate with nuts makes me feel better. Now I am free of all addictions.

      What do you imagine the problem is with chocolate? In limited quantities (due to omega 6 fats), and with low sugar content (80% cacao, or an alternative sweetener), it seems to be fine. See:
      and any number of recipes on the blog and in the books.

      • Loekie

        I did not like pure chocolate that much as milk chocolate. But somehow now I feel better after eating pure chocolate with nuts – I still don’t like pure chocolate without nuts – than after eating bonbons of milk chocolate and the like. That means that I am content nowadays with less sugar.

  12. organicguy

    I will worry about both because most people dont go out to buy a plate of chicken skin or a plate of fat thats around the steak. Yes i know there is good fats,i eat salmon and egg yolks(free range organic). Not all carbs are bad. The green cooking banana has resistant carbs. I lost 20 pounds since going geen.

  13. rose

    Luv these two recipes…..Thank you!!! Will be making for my family as soon as I can get NONGMO grass fed chicken : ) Yummie!

  14. rose

    ***Just made the biscuits…. tossed in a bit of sea salt ..made one batch plain (as per instructions), another with added organic cranberries and another added minced garlic = DELISH!!!! *made them bite size (meatball size)…one word…AWESOME …THANK YOU!

  15. Darlene

    I continue to be amazed by the wonderful food choices we have as Wheat Belly-ers! In the last 2 days we have feasted on Gourmet Girl’s calzones, and then Maria Emmerich’s “healthified” custard to which I added 3/4c of toasted coconut. This went into a basic Wheat Belly pie crust topped w/whipped cream. Yummy! Happy eating all!

  16. Beth

    Has anyone tried these recipes with a different type of nut flour. I am allergic to almonds, but do okay with pecans and hazelnuts.
    Thanks so much for this book, this blog, this movement. It has changed my life. More on that in another post.

  17. Donna

    I made biscuits and they are so bitter we can’t eat them. I checked ingredients and everything was exact. What could I have done wrong? Everyone is raving about them

  18. Pam

    I just made the basic foccacia which is delicious! Quick question though, What’s the best way to store wheat belly breads as it’s just my husband and myself. Just refrigerate it, freeze it or room temp? Thanks,

  19. Cathy Yearwood

    I followed the link to approved types of flours. Living in a small island in the Caribbean, very little of this is available at this time. I found in the Indian section the chickpea flour, but cannot find almond flour. I did find organic brown rice flour. Is this acceptable? I am really wanting to try the Rye/pumpernickle bread recipe from your book and did not know if this would work.

    • Dr. Davis

      No, absolutely not, Cathy. It raises blood sugar sky-high.

      You may have to rely on ordering over the internet to obtain the necessary products. Or speak to a retailer in your town to see if they would order your foods for you special.

    • linda

      Hi Cathy,

      I make my own Almond Flour or Meal with my food processor. Surely you can buy almonds on your island? If you leave the process on long enough you’ll end up with almond butter – which is also wonderful.

      Good luck.

  20. Bonnie Stretz

    I recently bought your cookbook. I noticed that a lot of recipes call for almond flour or almond meal. I have a severe nut allergy, especially to almonds. Are there other flours that I can substitute and have the recipe come out just as well? Thank you!

    • Barbara

      Lots of seed and bean flours. Coconut flour. Read this blog and lots of the paleo recipe sites for substitutions. Common problem.

  21. unterderlaterne

    Dr. Davis, Maida Heatter is the Author of *Book of Great Desserts*, the best book for baking. I almost cried while dusting the book shelf and finding her book because I love her recipes so much ! And now all these fabulous recipes are *verboten* But then I remembered her F L O U R L E S S recipe called *Queen Mother”s cake! It is simply stunning created with almonds, chocolate. eggs. whipping cream etc. Every time I served this cake I had requests for the recipe. This was Martha Heatters favorite cake of all times! I hope Dr Davis does not mind that I am posting the link to this fabulous creation! Who can complain about this Diet when one is allowed to indulge in food like this.
    Enjoy every body! You will be in heaven!

    • Note that the recipe, although it lack wheat, is still very high carb.

      The total cake has 374 grams of net carbs just from the sugar and semi-sweet choc alone. You’d have to divide that into more than 25 slices to get the carbs down to under 15 grams per slice (the single-meal WB limit).

      There probably are comparable low-carb recipes in the WB books, or you could just use unsweetened choc and replace the sugar with erythritol or xylitol.

      • > … although it lack wheat …

        Actually, it has wheat, as Barbara points out in a disconnected response below. The bread crumbs lining the pan have to go.

        • Barbara

          Hi Boundless,

          Swerve, Just Like Sugar, among many others are good, no or very low carb substitutes for baking things like this cake. Swerve is made of erythritol, oligosaccharides and natural flavors, 180 g carbs as stated in the recipe. This might be adjusted lower according to your batter taste test. Just Like Sugar is made of chicory root fiber, calcium, vitamin C and natural flavors from peel of an orange. Carbs are minimal because of fiber. Splenda, xylitol, stevia would also change the carb count significantly.

          Sweeteners are tricky to use in these conversion recipes. Batter taste tests are very important as your taste buds seem to become more sensitive to sweetness the longer you follow WB diet. The carb count will probably be lower because you might use less sweetener than the recipe calls for.

          The kind of chocolate used will also change the carb count.

          As I remember, this is a rich and satisfying cake. Very small slices, perhaps 12-16, are the norm for the 9″ cake.

          • unterderlaterne

            @boundless, I will use the darkest choco from Trader Joe’s, it comes in 1 lb size! Will you try the recipe?
            Barbara from California..

        • unterderlaterne

          @Boundless, of course the sugar in this recipe has to be replaced, the few breadcrumbs as well! But that is not exactly a difficult to do with the abundance of sweeteners that are available to us! !I am sorry that I did not mention that ! The cake is rally fabulous, every body loves I it! I wish we had an *edit* button. I always need one, LOL. I just was so excited to have found this recipe, I had totally forgotten about it. ‘Dusting the bookshelves comes in handy !

    • klm

      checked it out, looks so yum. a word of caution — in the instructio9ns where it says to use fine breadcrumbs to dust the cake pan, use cocoa powder instead, perhaps blending it with a bit of almond meal or flour.
      also on the saveur site was a recipe for Lamingtons, an Australian favourite, that could
      be easily done Wheat Belly style with the Yellow Cake recipe, for yummy bite-sized
      snacks that would be a flexible and portable treat.

  22. Barbara

    Hi Unterderlaterne,
    Wonderful recipe! Worth the time to make it. Thanks for mentioning this. I, too, look wistfully at my cookbooks and try to adapt my favorites to WB guidelines. Ahh, the age of innocence!

    I was wondering what you used to line the pan instead of the fine bread crumbs listed in the recipe?

    • unterderlaterne

      @Barbara. I have not made the cake a la *grain free* yet, since I dusted only a day ago! I will use almond meal, not almond flour for the dusting, available @Trader Joe’s $3.99 lb. One also could use parchment paper to line the pan, I think that would even be better! Good luck, Barbara from California.(I just like how that sounds, LOL).

      • Barbara from New Jersey

        Thank you!
        I will sign on now as Barbara from New Jersey!
        I was thinking of almond meal, cocoa powder or even coconut flour for the dusting. I guess it doesn’t matter too much because the sides are covered with the frosting.
        Parchment paper should be greased on both sides and dusted.
        I sure miss my Baker’s Joy flour and oil spray! Used to use it for all my baking.
        Never had to use parchment paper then! Now, especially for specialty cakes like this, I think it is important so nothing sticks to the pan.

        I agree with you that this is a cake to use for special dinners and parties.
        Let us know what sugar replacements you use and how it came out. I appreciate the 1 lb size of Trader Joe darkest chocolate tip.

        • unterderlaterne

          Hi Barbara from New jersey , Do you have Trader Joe in your area? They now carry Coconut spray, it is excellent!
          By the way Costco carries a lot of what we use, I was shocked . It pays to go through every Isle and find *our stuff*, I even discovered Almond milk in 6-pcks , and coconut in cans, also as 6-pack. they carry the coconut oil, the chia seeds, the hemp seeds etc. Best is to leave hubby at home so that you can browse in peace! LOL
          I discovered all these items after I had bought them else where and paid for shipping too! I felt sick!
          Barbara from California.

          • Barbara from New Jersey

            Wonderful tips!
            I have been buying the coconut products any everything else wherever I found them, mainly in supermarkets or at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. I will try Costco for these staples. Hopefully, the only thing I will have to mail order is the really fine ground almond flour for cakes.

            I live in foodie heaven with 10 super or specialty markets, not counting farmers markets, within 5 miles of my home so I never felt the need to drive the 14 miles to Costco!

            I am still learning which products I use regularly. I also have made expensive mistakes, but that is part of the learning process. However, after 6 months on WB, I saved enough money off the food bill to treat myself to an ice cream maker. I bring the ice cream as hostess gifts and this has been my dinner party dessert until you posted the flourless chocolate cake recipe. Thanks again! Keep dusting!

  23. unterderlaterne

    Hi Barbara, You would be shocked how much cheaper the products at Costco are!
    A propos ice cream maker, which one did you get? I heard that the Cuisinart has an excellent one. My problem is storing all the gadgets. My most recent one is the Spiral cutter for fruit and vegies, it is big! I wish I had not bought my expensive Zojirushi bread maker! That machine is on vacation now! LOL.

    • Barbara in New Jersey

      Nice to be sticker shocked that way!
      I keep looking at internet sites for WB or paleo bread machine bread recipes. No luck so far, but I am hopeful that someone will come up with something and I can use the machine again.

      I like my ice cream maker. It is a Cuisinart, 1.5 quart. Bulky, about the size of a food processor.
      I bought it because I found store bought ice cream was just too sweet for me. Very happy with it.
      The only drawback is that you have to keep the container in your freezer at least overnight before you make the ice cream. Once you mix and refrigerate your ingredients, then you pour them into the container and 20 or so minutes later you have your ice cream. My freezer is usually full and I have a hard time finding room to fit in the container. Lots of wonderful recipes for lemon, blueberry ice creams! I would suggest buying the 2 quart model for incremently more $. Shop around for this.
      You may be able to buy one for $25-75. Dr. D. bought one in Targets and he has posted a good recipe. Many recipes on line and sweeteners work well. Coconut cream, milk/heavy cream and combinations of them are all delicious. I froze heavy cream and will use it with Dr. D’s custard recipe.

      I made chicken broth, the lasagna recipe, Mel Joulwan’s Czech meatballs and other dishes which I just stuffed into the freezer, portioned and ready to defrost. WB loaf breads too! This is all part of the learning curve for me. I just didn’t think about freezer space availability!

      • unterderlaterne

        Hi Barbara from New Jersey,
        If I should get an ice cream maker(probably will) I think I have to settle for the smaller one, because I am running out of places to put all the *stuff*. My freezer is always too full although I have the giant Subzero one.. When you make Ice cream do you add glycerin to keep it from getting too hard? Every time I have to put away my loot from Costco I promise myself to finish everything in the freezer before I buy more….Oh well! But I give a lot away of what I cook because I know hard times.
        Barbara I was thinking could you not create space by filling the ice cream maker bowl with the stuff you have to remove to fit it into the freezer. Just a thought. My husband thinks that I am a genius with finding places to store things. I really wish I were a minimalist !
        I am also new to eating Grain free, have lost a whole of 2 lbs.in two months while everybody drops the weight like crazy! But then I have never been really heavy. Just want to loose these elusive 10 lbs.
        Thank you for mentioning the meatballs, I just visited Google and found the recipe and a neat new place to visit .
        You mentioned bread , my favorite still is the new Zealand recipe, mentioned here, I only use half of the sunflower seeds and add ground caraway seeds and 3 Tablespoons of whole Caraway seeds, I was out of buttermilk, so I used the Whey from draining my homemade yogurt. It turned out fabulously!

        • Barbara from New Jersey

          Good morning,

          It is best to have the feezing air circulate around the ice cream container because the gel insert needs to freeze. However, I made it with a “stuffed” overnight container, then immediately put the ice cream into a 1.5 quart container and let it freeze a bit more. I had to let the machine run for 45 minutes instead of the usual 20 to get it mostly frozen.

          I also used 1 tsp. guar gum in the mix of ingredients so my frozen fruit didn’t get crystals. I have never used glycerin. Also, if using coconut milk, use the cans, buy coconut cream and add that, starting with about 1 tsp at a time until the liquid is thick and creamy looking.

          I will try that sunflower seed bread recipe. I am finding that I hardly eat the bread I make and usualy it is for an open faced sandwich or melted cheese. Smart to use the whey from your yogurt maker. I divide up the quart of buttermilk into 2 oz.containers and freeze it.

          I reached a weight loss plateau, perhaps because I discovered I loved eating nuts out of the container, pigging out on them, and stopped going on my normal walks for a month because of pollen counts. So, I am now portioning out a serving and walking again. I expect to continue the weight loss for about 10 more lbs. I also will double check my carb intake! Also, many people who write in are tremendously overweight and ate just too many carbs so their weight loss is signifcant. The changes in your body organs and cells are unseen but happening! Be patient. 2 months is not very long to rid your system of years of toxins and inflammation. Don’t forget to dring liquids!

          • unterderlaterne

            THANK YOU Barbara for all the tips, I appreciate it!
            I have to start walking again too, due to pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis, especially in my feet due to loss of cushioning (fat), I fond an excuse everyday not to do it! I used to work out 2-3 hours every other day, had less pain and felt great, than my gym started remodeling and then it was sold and I lost a lot of money because I had bought a few years of membership, the dumbest thing to do! It is hard to get back to the old routine, especially when one’s body is not the same!
            I think to loose weight I do have to start be more strict with meal portions. I never ever cheat because I love the foods that we are allowed to eat.
            I always forget to drink water! Alright Barbara, let us see what we can do to loose that weight !
            Take care, your Barbara from California!

  24. Trina

    Most of the recipes listed use almond flour. For people like me who are allergic to almonds (but can eat other nuts), is there a substitute with the same wheat-free and weight management benefits?

    • Barbara in New Jersey

      Coconut flour, ther nut flours, bean flours in moderation, seed flours. This is a common problem. Reading this blog and alot of the paleo sites. They will provide more answers for you. Lots of these flours can even be ordered on line.

    • > … allergic to almonds …

      Consider carefully re-challenging this allergy some months after having been totally wheat-free and low-fructose, for either of those agent can cause the intestinal porosity that give rise to needless food allergies.

      A number of people have report such allergies becoming gone-with-the-wheat. Not enough data points to even guesstimate odds of success, however.

      • Trina

        Thanks –I’ll check out some paleo sites :)
        As for re-checking allergies, I never thought of that! All of my allergies (almonds and most tree-fruits) appeared after giving birth to my oldest. I just thought it was a hormonal thing…

  25. Barbara Parry

    Does anyone know if I can substitute coconut flour for the almond flour in the Basic Biscuit recipe?
    I can get the almond flour but I already have the coconut flour on hand.
    PS….my feet and legs stopped hurting at night just one week into the Wheat Belly diet.
    Thank goodness as the numbness was awful and the tingling felt like rubber bands were being snapped on my ankles and lower legs and kept me awake at night.
    Since I’m yet another Barbara, I shall call myself Barbara from Utah.

  26. Hi,
    I am on my way in revamping my cooking/baking to gluten-free. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive bread machine for that type of cooking? I just ordered the WB cookbook and can’t wait to see if there are any recommendations there. Thanks <:

    • Barbara in New Jersey

      Bread machines are not used in most WB approved recipes. They are used with recipes that have high glycemic flours which are not WB acceptable. Ebay and Craig List have bread machines for sale or check your local department store.

      An immersion hand held blender is more useful in this style of cooking.

      • Faye

        ditto the immersion blender. and a food processor because most packaged grated cheese contains potato starch.

  27. Barbara Parry

    I made the chicken and dumplings and it was delicious.
    Also tried the flax wraps and they make great sandwiches or wraps.
    I’m not missing wheat at all and I have lost 2 inches from my wheat belly after being on the diet for 3 weeks.
    My daughter made the cheesecake and that was a hit. The wheat- free crust is better than traditional crust.
    The Wheat Belly cookbook is terrific.

  28. Tracy Lynn Tucker

    I am supposing that you mean to dollop 8 biscuits worth of the dough – rather than 8 already baked biscuits – onto the chicken mixture. Is this correct? I am eager to try the recipe; it sounds great! Thanks

  29. Rosalind

    dr davis,
    thank you. thank you very much. the wheat free program has changed my body and my life. so much so that it drove me to fear that something else was going on. after one too many comments about my weight loss and quizical looks (some folks thought the weight loss was because of illness) i too became concerned. after all, the weight was dropping and i was feeling no pain. so, i gave in to the fear that something might indeed be wrong and started eating to see if i could gain…yep, i brought wheat/grains back…and not in a big way…into my life. this was a couple months ago…i’m now back on the good foot, wheat/grain free and will write a detailed account on my 1 year anniversary: December 2nd. Weight loss so far: 38 pounds. I walk my dog every day, garden in the spring/summer and dance like nobody’s looking. One last thing, Dr Davis. I have a suspicion you awake each morning full of love and laughter. You should. love and peace, rb

  30. I can’t wait to try these. I went on a Gluten Free diet 2 years ago and have missed chicken and dumplings. They’re on the menu tonight, but I have to work late, so I may have to make them tomorrow.

  31. Jeanne

    I thought chicken broth was on the list of things not to eat- this recipe calls for 3 cups. Can someone either confirm/deny whether chicken broth is allowed on the Wheat Belly Diet?