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Experience your inner cow

You mean you’ve got an inner version of the domesticated ruminant, descendent of the wild auroch, deep inside you? You mean that you share many anatomical features with this creature with a gastrointestinal system uniquely adapted to consume grasses–a 4-compartment … Continue reading

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Chaz Bono joins the wheat-free movement

Nutritionist Samantha Grant passed this impressive weight loss and health chronicle about celebrity Chaz Bono onto me: In November, 2012, I was approached by The Doctors TV show to work with Chaz Bono. Chaz needed to lose 80-100 lbs in … Continue reading

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Wheat Belly saves a life

Tammy posted this astounding story of a life saved by the Wheat Belly message: I have been off wheat since November, 2012, and I can tell you that it was life changing. September and October were very scary months for … Continue reading

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The perfect Wheat Belly story

Peter posted this wonderful comment that sums up many of the most common positive experiences people have when following this wheat-free lifestyle: I am a 53-year old male who considers himself in good physical condition. However, my weight has been … Continue reading

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Hungry, naked, and desperate

Imagine yourself a primitive member of the Homo species: standing around 4 feet tall, nearly hairless, with limited ability to navigate the trees like the chimpanzees and other apes. You are virtually helpless against the vicious predators of the savannah–no … Continue reading

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Let your stomach do the talking

Janzo posted this interesting perspective on diabetes and blood sugar: I have pre-diabetes, and have tried EVERY popular “change your diet” book published in the last 10 years, with little results: I still fought my lifelong sweet-tooth and cravings for … Continue reading

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Goodbye, nephrotic syndrome!

Joanna posted this intriguing and wonderful tale of nephrotic syndrome reversed with wheat elimination: No more nephrotic syndrome since starting Wheat Belly–this is MASSIVE. I need to share my story Dr Davis. I’m 30, I had heavy proteinuria [protein loss … Continue reading

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Wheat Belly Cookbook Recipe: Chicken and Dumplings

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Wheat headache

Karen tells this story of her son’s 3-month struggle with headache and other symptoms: My son suffered from chronic (nearly daily) headaches and dizziness for 3 months, missing 30+ days of school in that time. Three days after removing wheat … Continue reading

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Unlucky Charms

Are there any HEALTHY breakfast cereals? Simple answer: No. Let’s consider the most common ingredients in breakfast cereals: wheat flour, corn, high-fructose corn syrup, sugar. In effect, they therefore contain sugar, sugar, sugar, and sugar. That ain’t good. It explains … Continue reading

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