Wheat Tooth

Evie encapsulates the peculiar appetite-stimulating effect of wheat that trumps all other appetite effects, “sweet tooth” included.

I’ve been on the wheat-free plan for four months and have had good results with loss of 12 pounds, total resolution of digestive/intestinal issues, cessation of food/carbo cravings, and diminished arthritic pain.

I am 70 years old and have fought Carbo Hell for most of my adult life. It was called a “sweet tooth” in my day, but I think it should be changed to a “WHEAT TOOTH,” as without wheat, my addictive compulsion to eat the terrible chemical laden sugar bombs pushed by the food industry just up and disappeared.

As a retired mental health counselor, who worked in a MICA (mentally ill/chemical abuser) program, I was well aware of the hypoglycemic and emotional ravages of abusing alcohol and drugs. I also intellectually understood the similar effects of simple and refined carbohydrates, even grains and fruits, but I was powerless to resist the call from Little Debbie and Pepperidge Farm myself.

I was, myself, so frequently depressed and often irritable and anxious, but saw little to no relief from cutting out sweet treats. Every evening at 5 pm, the blood sugar dropped and I, like a food zombie, began my craven search for that evening’s simple carbo of choice. Ice cream, some cookies, a piece of pie or cake, even candy. Somehow, despite my heavy research into the bad health effects of high blood sugar and hyperinsulinemia, no matter that I ate sweet-free all day, every evening I would, sooner or later, find myself with some decadent goodie. Every morning I would wake up in an extremely depressed mood (hypoglycemia?) with very negative thoughts. So, when Wheat Belly arrived into my sphere of awareness, I just did it.

Wow. As long as I “Ate no wheat, I craved no sweet.” Even if I had a little rice or grits occasionally, I was just not hungry. But each time I’d relapse and have a slice or two of sourdough toast, I’d be ravenous that evening again and would wake up next day practically suicidal. I now know that cutting out all the junk sweets and simple carbs, though healthy in itself, is not enough for me. I must abstain from wheat in all its manifestations as for me it is the “gateway food,’ if you will, to Carbo Hell with all its many ill effects, both physical and emotional. Thank you, Dr. Davis for helping me.

Evie experienced exactly what I have witnessed countless times: What people perceive as a “sweet tooth” was really a desire for sweets and carbohydrates triggered by the gliadin protein of wheat. Spinach doesn’t do this; olives don’t do this; beef liver can’t do this–only wheat.

Recall that the gliadin protein of wheat, this modern form of the protein changed by the manipulations of geneticists, triggers appetite and causes people to consume, on average, 400 more calories per day. Appetite is triggered specifically for carbohydrates, such as chips and cookies, not for steak, salmon, and asparagus.

Another interesting aspect of Evie’s experience are the emotional consequences of wheat consumption: Not only did it trigger cravings for junk carbohydrates, but also negative thoughts that seem to go beyond the self-loathing of lost impulse control. (Especially interesting coming from a person with the professional sophistication of a mental health counselor.) This would be consistent with the mind effects of gliadin that can trigger depression in those susceptible. (Time and again, these gliadin effects, often profound influences over mood and behavior, raise the question: How many societal problems–violence, crime, family discord, drug abuse–are really the consequence of this ubiquitous disrupter? I don’t have an answer, but I suspect it is a substantial contributor, one that can be remedied.)

Rarely does the impulse to consume sweets–a “sweet tooth”–persist in the aftermath of wheat elimination: Lose the wheat, lose the sweet tooth.

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  1. Sheila says:

    Been wheat/sugar free for 4 weeks and loving it! Thanks to everybody for their input! I never thought my “crazies” with sugar and carb addition would go away due to abstinence! I am free for the first time in my life! The insane and unexplained addictions have disappeared – even during PMS week! It’s a miracle! Thanks so much to my friend Julie for recommending WB! My weight loss has been 1-1.5 lbs each week and that is so much better than gaining!!! I’m a Dr. Davis and WB believer!!! Thank you! Cheers to sanity and good health!!

    • Dr. Davis says:

      And cheers to you, Sheila!

      Yup: Big Food figured this out 25 years ago, then proceeded to put it in all your food, making you a hungry, salivating, helpless consumer of junk carbohydrates. You have broken the cycle!

  2. Susie says:

    I have also experienced this phenomena…..I never understood why I would sit down and eat a meal and was completely full but within an hour (or less) I would have the urge to grab a snack like crackers, cookies or chips. I knew I should not be hungry….but I wanted something else. My mom used to always say..”I’m not hungry but I want something.” I now understand that was the wheat talking!!!! I have been wheat-free since 2/25/13…..and it has been wonderful. Those uncontrollable urges are completely gone. When I’m hungry…I eat…when I’m not – I don’t. It really is that simple. What I am noticing is all of the situations I find myself in where I would have been eating….For example: I made cookies last week for my honey to take with him on a fishing trip…normally I would have tasted the batter a few times, licked the spoon, and definitely would have had a few cookies after they came out of the oven. But I really had no urge to do so this time around. Also – I was at a little party at my parents house over the weekend, mom put out pretzels, banana bread, and crackers and chips……but I had stopped at my favorite deli on the way to her house and I had some olives, bell peppers, almonds, cheese and salami….so I made up a little tray of those Items and that is what I snacked on. I also would have had a couple beers….good IPA’s……but I was happy to have a glass or 2 of red wine instead. I have lost about 12 lbs so far….much more to go. I finally feel in control of my diet and the food does not control me anymore. It’s a very empowering feeling! A much better high than that of Gliadin! I did try a little experiment on Sunday afternoon…..I actually ate a cookie. I wanted to see the effects. Well suffice it to say my stomach was not too happy with me and let me know within an hour. But that was not the worst part. Since going wheat-free I have noticed that my arthritis in my big toe has been much better and has not flared up or turned bright red and has not been bothering me. Well….by Sunday night I could hardly walk on that toe…..it was really hurting all night and all day Monday. WOW…….all from a stinkin little cookie! Needless to say…….the experiment told me what I already know…….WHEAT is an evil master but I am no longer it’s mistress!

  3. Grammie Vi says:

    Yes, sweet cravings gone and weight going down very slowly since starting 8 wks. or so; after getting Dr. Davis’ book. The other day – ate some carrot cake – avoiding the frosting; then the next day – some legume/grain mix of soup w/turkey – homemade. I thought a little grain would not hurt. Well, my hypoglycemia got worse; I became slightly depressed; then the next day I was so fatigued I dropped into bed and sleep by 8:30pm and slept 11 hrs!! And, bowel “issues” for two days. Can these symptoms all be attributed to my being just a little unwise in my choices???
    If that is the case – then I have become even more sensitive after giving up wheat/gluten. I did not test positive for celiac – but my youngest daughter has. Because of years of digestive issues my Dr. suggested I give up gluten and see how I felt. Then I saw Dr. Davis on Dr. Oz show – thank-you!! and got the book.

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  7. Christine says:

    Dr. Davis,
    I wonder whether Italian imported durum wheat would be any better. How about soft wheat? White wheat? Spring wheat? I am so confused about the variety here. Thanks.

    • Barbara says:

      Good morning Christine,

      A rose by anyother name is still a rose. If you read the book or even just peruse this blog you will understand why.