Food from Hell

Wheat Belly has inspired a number of creative efforts: the wheat belly portrait by artist Lesley Spanos; bread art; the song and video, Wheat Belly Blues, by James Winningham; and an irreverent poem.

We now add this gem of dark poetry from poet, Prodos:

By Prodos

Oh Prince of Darkness
Your scheme is exposed
Your buns and bread rolls
Shall all be deposed!

The innocent lives
You callously take
Down your serpent of dough
That’s kneaded and baked!

Oh Satan be warned!
Now don’t get me started!
Your croissants and pastries
Are the Hell you’ve imparted

On the feeble of spirit
And the flesh soon departed
Oh Satan be warned
Now don’t … get me … started!

What’s next: The Wheat Belly ballet?

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Loretta

    I am assuming that “whole food supplements” that contain wheat, buckwheat, oats etc fall into the same category as regular wheat, which we are all trying to avoid. I was recently prescribed some whole food supplements that contain these things. They are in everything! Trying to improve my health only to find out that this ingredient is in it. Frustrating.

    • Boundless

      > I am assuming that “whole food supplements” that contain
      > wheat, buckwheat, oats etc fall into the same category as
      > regular wheat, which we are all trying to avoid.

      Anything containing wheat, rye or barley, I avoid entirely.

      Buckwheat and oats are merely very high glycemic, so quantities need to be limited. Trace amounts in supplements aren’t a real problem.

      • Loretta

        Thanks Boundless,

        So I’m safe in assuming then to avoid the wheat infested supplements.

        • Boundless

          > … avoid the wheat infested supplements.

          They are an acute reaction risk for 6% of the population, only a fraction of whom are celiac.

          They are an acute re-exposure reaction risk for everyone else who has been free of gluten-bearing grains for any length of time.

          They might not cause a problem for some individuals, but why risk it. The products were obviously formulated by incompetents or charlatans.

    • Dr. Davis

      It is indeed frustrating, Loretta . . . and I believe it’s on purpose!

      Wheat is put there to stimulate your appetite, applying the opiate effects of the gliadin protein to increase calorie consumption, thereby increasing sales. Have NOTHING to do with it!

      • Penny

        Let’s try this again. I am not sure where I can find an answer to my question and I pray someone will answer me. I have been on Wheat Belly for about 3 weeks now and I have never felt better in my life since I was a little kid. I have more energy and someone actually said the sparkle is back in my eyes. My concern is my blood sugars. I am a type 2 diabetic and was on diabetic medications but after starting Wheat Belly I started having really really bad lows into the 70s so I gradually stopped taking and sugars were doing fine. Now I am off ALL medications and the numbers are creeping back up on me. I am not cheating at all. I have ver rigid on this and not eating any wheat or grains to speak of that I am aware of and I really read everything. My fasting is around 150s and in the evening tonight it is 168. Is this a patience thing or am I doing something wrong. I am still losing inches, and percentage of fat. I have lost 6 pounds total. Please anyone to shed light on this for me would be greatly appreciated. I am starting to worry I have to go back on the side effect causing meds. I have lab coming up in May and I don’t want an ear full from the doctor!!!! Thank you!!!

        • Boundless

          > … and not eating any wheat or grains to speak of that I am
          > aware of and I really read everything.

          What is your net carb intake per day?
          Total carbs minus fiber carbs?

          • Anna

            If carbs are so bad then please explain why Dr. Neal Barnard’s vegan, low fat diet reverses diabetes within days?

            Juice fasts even produce great results for type 2 diabetics.

            Something tells me we don’t have this all figured out, not even close.

          • Boundless

            > If carbs are so bad then please explain why Dr. Neal
            > Barnard’s vegan, low fat diet reverses diabetes within days?

            I can’t quickly find any summaries of his diet details, but the broad strokes suggest “low glycemic index”, and I’m going to guess, it ends up being low net carb. That would be effective in managing diabetes. The question then becomes: is it otherwise ideal and sustainable (and vegetarian has some real challenges). Without further data, I’d just be guessing (if I’m not already :)).

        • Dr. Davis

          I believe what you are describing are the temporarily high blood sugars that develop as you flood your bloodstream with fatty acids due to ongoing weight loss. These fatty acids antagonize insulin, thereby raising blood sugars.

          In other words, the flood of fatty acids that must accompany weight loss can be expected to keep blood sugars higher for several weeks. Once weight loss slows or subsides, then fatty acid release slows, blood sugars drop.

          So it is generally just a matter of time. But very nice on getting off the diabetes meds!

          • Penny

            Thank you so much!!! This is what I was wanting to know. I wanted to make sure that it was normal for it to do this. I will still keep watch! Down another 4 pounds today!!!!!

  2. Dr. Davis,
    I’m unsure where to post this, so will do here. A few hours ago I received a call from my step daughter in regards to an appointment she had today with Dr. Karas, an endocrinologist in Ft. wayne, Indiana. I had mailed her your book a few months ago but she was not jumping on the bandwagon. She has lots of medical issues and to make a long story short……she walked in his office and a copy of your book was sitting on his desk! A kindred spirit! She left with instructions to eliminate wheat! Her parting words were… mother’s gonna love you!

    On another issue, our family doctor left her practice earlier this year to pursue a career in acupuncture medicine so now I’m in the market for a new physician. I’m thinking of posting the following want ad in the local medical trades…..what do you think?

    WANTED: GP, Internist, and/or Naturopathic physician who applies nutritional concepts for optimum health. Prefer an approachable, conversant and savvy individual who is both clever and smart. Must have awareness beyond the prevailing conventional standards and be receptive to the growing body of evidence disputing the outdated 50 yr. old guidelines advanced by the USDA, AMA, ADA and other acronym based charters. If you have knowledge of Dr.Wm Davis and concur with the principles and substantiated theories established in his book, “Wheat Belly”, that would be a plus. I have a curious nature, ask lots of questions and may be challenging at times…..but accompanied by my congenial sense of humor, I feel I would be a welcome (and insured) addition to your client base. Contact info below.

    • Dr. Davis

      A curious situation with your daughter! Surely she will now be more willing to follow these ideas.

      I love your want ad! Should you choose to run it, please let us know what comes of it. It will be quite interesting!

      • The ad needs some tweaking….the health practitioners down here are very open minded but not so much in the north. Will publish it in a weekly business magazine up there…..could be an interesting summer!

        I was thrilled that the doctor I mentioned above was not only open to your concepts, but was actually recommending wheat elimination. Problem was…..he didn’t give any further instructions. He admitted he hadn’t read the entire book yet so I’m tempted to temporarily forgive him his sins!

  3. Carolann

    My husband and I have been following “wheat Belly” for 5 weeks. We eat no gluten (unless we accidently consume) and we have also eliminated all starches. We both have lost weight, have more energy and basically no cravings. The main reason for us starting was the possibility that it helps with my psoriasis. I have had psoriasis for 30+ years and within the last 2 years it has changed, Now instead of only having psoriasis (plaque) on elbows, knees, head I now have it all over my right arm, right leg, buttocks, etc.

    Is 5 weeks enough time to start seeing changes with my skin? Should I also try to eliminate milk products?

    I see no improvement to my psorieasis.

    • Anna

      Definitely eliminate all dairy. Wheat and dairy are the two most common triggers. I started my journey thanks to an odd skin rash that numerous doctors shrugged at, my final diagnosis “dermatitis of unknown cause.” Gee, thanks. Had numerous steroid creams prescribed, none with lasting effect. Not one suggested dietary changes, I was already using the dermatologist recommended soap, Cetaphil.

      So I hit the internet, yes, a Western Medicine doctor’s nightmare….hahahah! But, hey, took out dairy with some positive results then took out wheat. Almost all cleared up but I have to admit that wheat gets in my diet about once a month. I did try raw milk as I had read where some with dairy sensitivities can tolerate raw but not me, still had a flare up.

      There is not a ‘one diet fits all’. We come from different heritages, have different gut flora, different metobolic states. Which reminds me to ask for a discussion on fermented foods, ie kombucha, kefir, etc, in restoring gut health.

  4. Carolann

    Hi Anna

    Not what I wanted to hear. I love cheeses & yogurts especially since i started the “Wheat free”. I will start dairy free this week. I am guessing it could take at least 4 weeks before seeing any improvement. What are your thoughts on this?

    • It took close to 4 months for my sister’s psoriasis to recede after going GF 1 1/2 yrs. ago…..her case was severe as well, arms, legs and even on her face at times. It’s completely gone now leaving behind some white patches of skin (scar tissue?). I don’t think she eliminated dairy but that could have helped speed things up. She’s doing WB now and feeling great!