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“My problem with Wheat Belly”

Rick posted this comment about a dilemma on his Wheat Belly journey: 2 years ago I started the Atkins diet with great success. I was 305 lbs. I lost 40 quick pounds on Atkins and felt great. After a while, … Continue reading

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Newly-diagnosed type 1 diabetes

Suzanne posted this story of her son and family’s experience with newly-diagnosed type 1 diabetes: My young son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 4 months ago. The “specialist diabetes” dietician told us that there is no such thing as … Continue reading

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Depression and chronic fatigue . . . gone!

Cheryl posted this brief but powerful observation that highlights the incredible mind effects of wheat, the unexpected freedom from even incapacitating effects with its elimination: I have suffered with major depression and chronic fatigue for the last ten years of … Continue reading

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Wheat Belly transforms lives in New Zealand . . . and a bread recipe!

Annie posted this story of complete health turnarounds in her formerly ill parents involving diabetes/prediabetes and a condition called Wegener’s Granulomatosis: I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, and saw you briefly on a programme called “60 Minutes” when they were … Continue reading

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Will you survive Wheat Belly?

Dietitian Kristi King reviewed Wheat Belly for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), full text here. Among her comments: ” . . . there is very little guidance as to what are appropriate substitutions during meals, therefore, one who … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a poison

There is a substantial amount of science devoted to characterizing the gliadin protein in wheat. There are thousands of versions of this molecule, varying in amino acid sequence. But there are sequences shared by most forms of gliadin proteins. (These … Continue reading

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Give Harvard Health a piece of your mind!

Harvard Health Publications of the Harvard Medical School just published this bit of conventional tripe, written by Holly Strawbridge, Executive Editor of the Harvard Heart Letter: Going gluten-free just because? Here’s what you need to know Some choice quotes: ” … Continue reading

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1500 calories LESS per day . . . and a question

A reader who calls himself “Not Hungry in NC” posted this wonderful story along with an important question at the end: My story: Was advised to read Wheat Belly by a friend who’d had success with it. Started wheat free … Continue reading

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Experience your inner Homo erectus

In many ways, what we are doing in following the arguments in Wheat Belly is returning to the ways of primitive humans. Humans have adapted to life on earth under a range of conditions, from sub-Arctic cold coastal conditions, to … Continue reading

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Baking industry acknowledges the impact of Wheat Belly

Here’s an interesting piece of news from the baking industry: Almost a third (30%) of American adults say they are trying to reduce or exclude gluten from their diet, according to the NPD Group, which conducted a consumer survey in … Continue reading

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