The Ultimate Grocery Purchasing System

Some Wheat Belly readers have asked for a better resource to help navigate their grocery shopping experience. Well, I believe that resource is now available!

Jayson and Mira Calton have just released their new book, Rich Food, Poor Food: The Ultimate Grocery Purchasing System (GPS). I am very familiar with their book, having written the book foreword.

True to its title, this new book is indeed an enormously helpful shopping guide, taking the shopper aisle by aisle, food by food, with insightful discussions of how to wisely choose among the mind boggling foods we have available to us. Published by Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint Publishing, thereby declared “Paleo Friendly and Wheat Free,” the teachings of the Caltons (both nutritionists) are largely consistent with the Wheat Belly message. (Just be careful with the non-wheat grains that figure into their approach to some degree.) The Caltons’ area of expertise is micronutrient content of food and their comments reflect this special insight. There is also an especially useful discussion about common unhealthy food additives in their Villainous Variables chapter, citing the problems with such chemicals as azodicarbonamide and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT).

Not a cookbook, not a diet book, but a handy and useful guidebook to help navigate your way through this food jungle we call a “grocery store,” the Caltons have managed to create a useful map to help you succeed in choosing your foods intelligently.

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Brenda

    Does this guide make recommendations on brand names? For example, will it list acceptible salad dressings or canned soups? I’m not really clear on what types of things this grocery guide will suggest. Can you give examples?

    • Jennifer

      II don’t have the book with me right now, but yes it does make brand recommendations. For each ‘aisle’ as they classify them it gives example brands to buy and examples not to buy and why.

  2. Lori

    Go to Amazon and “click to look inside” this book. You will get a sizable sample of the book, took me about an hour to read through it all and I was so impressed I ended up buying it. This is something I have been waiting for because I know that certain additives are bad, but this tells us why without having to navigate though tons of web pages. I get migraines when I eat MSG and I couldn’t believe all the hidden ways this gets into my food. My biggest obstacle will be getting my hubby to read this!

  3. Thank you for sharing this, their book Naked Calories is also great so I can’t wait to get a copy of this. The title of the book is catchy, a clever play on the famous Rich Dad Poor Dad series.

    • Boundless

      What’s in the shake you have in mind?
      Brand? Flavor?

      The name itself is troubling, because a protein-focus implies that there is little or no fat in the formulation. That further implies that the maker is not nutritionally competent. They may just be pandering to the body builders. And I won’t be surprised if the carb content is high, or even includes stuff you don’t want to eat at all.

  4. Nobelly

    I dont think anyone needs a whole book to tell them to eat vegetables and meat, eggs, cheese and nuts.
    Once i started skipping the middle aisles shopping became very easy and fast.

    • Peggy Holloway

      Agree completely. Not sure why this book is necessary and have some concerns that it may promote using packaged foods.

    • Linda

      I agree totally. Doubt I will purchase this book. We consumers need to stop acting like sheeple and start reading labels, using our heads and begin eating the kinds of food our bodies really need.
      We need to support the small family farms and organic producers and quit buying the crap pushed upon us by Big Food, Big Ag, etc. Once you get into the habit of shopping those outer aisles where the real food is kept, it is quick and easy. Just because a food is advertised on TV and/or in magazines doesn’t mean we have to run out and buy it. We need to begin eating intelligently.

    • Boundless

      Anyone wondering can use the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon to find out.

      Having looked, this book would be clearly beneficial to the multitudes of people who ask on this blog “what about substance X?”.

      It would be less useful to the smaller number of people who answer those questions on this blog. I’m one of them, but we’ll probably order a copy anyway.

      • Deborah

        I agree, I initially thought this book would be of limited use to me as I am now mostly buying food with no labels. However, I was still buying a few convenience products with labels such as ‘real mayonnaise’ and some non carbonated beverage mixes that I thought were not too bad such as “crystal light”. I wasn’t entirely sure about these types of products, but from the label they were wheat free and low carb. Being new to Wheat Belly I was trying to stick to the plan but not really knowing what the other ingredients on the label were I bought them anyway. This book is really helpful at explaining just how bad these unknown ingredients are. Reading labels is helpful but if the words mean nothing to you they are of limited use. So for people new to Wheat belly like myself this book is really very useful and educational.

  5. Sharon

    Oh, you guys are so wrong. Please run, do not walk, to buy this book. I have it and it is absolutely invaluable. For a $13.00 investment, you are getting an invaluable guide to healthy eating and exactly what to look for in reading labels. You will be shocked to know things that you thought were healthy but are not. And…absolutely NOT, they do not promote processed, packaged foods at all. EVERYONE should have this in their library, it is your “Bible” to healthy eating.

    Go on Amazon and read the reviews. I have bought four copies to give as gifts. It is THE BEST BOOK you will ever have on nutrition. It’s beautifully done, with very clear guides and even gives you coupons for certain products. I absolutely love it and cannot live without it!