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Wheat and endometriosis

Female followers of the Wheat Belly arguments who have endometriosis often report marked relief with wheat elimination. I, too, have witnessed this, though it is outside of my day-to-day experience (in heart issues). There is a recent study that, while … Continue reading

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The happy “coincidences” of wheatlessness

Wheat Belly Blog reader, Limor, posted this triumphant story of freedom from the health-destroying bonds of wheat: You validated what I have felt for so many years!! I read you book and watched your lectures over and over again and … Continue reading

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Chef Pete Evans goes wheat-free!

Australian chef and TV personality, Pete Evans, asked me to write a section for his new cookbook: Over the last 12 months we have been working on a new cookbook, which will be available in about a years time [February … Continue reading

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Healthy again

Kate posted her story describing years and years of suffering at the hands of wheat, only realized when she rid herself of it. I suspect I may be wheat intolerant. That is, allergic. Something that happened to me recently has … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Grocery Purchasing System

Some Wheat Belly readers have asked for a better resource to help navigate their grocery shopping experience. Well, I believe that resource is now available! Jayson and Mira Calton have just released their new book, Rich Food, Poor Food: The … Continue reading

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It’s a Grain, Grain, Grain, Grain World

Worldwide, 20% of all human calories come from wheat products. 50% of all calories come from the Big 3 grains: wheat, corn, and soy. Of all the food choices in the world, from mongongo nuts in western Africa, to seafood … Continue reading

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Mouthful of spirochetes

A just released study conducted by the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Ancient DNA and the University of Aberdeen reports that oral bacteria underwent a change 10,000 years ago with the incorporation of grains into the diet. Analysis of the … Continue reading

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Is gluten on the increase?

I often hear people say that the reason that there more problems today with consumption of wheat products is because the gluten content has increased. I always wondered where that argument came from. I am obviously no defender of wheat … Continue reading

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Prisoner to food

Jacey posted this plea for help in gaining control over her wheat-induced binge eating: I have read your book and have read the blog over and over again. I also attempted to eat wheat-, sugar-, and grain-free over and over … Continue reading

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A drug for every wheat condition

Nina posted this tale of an entire family’s health gone sour, treated with medication after medication, only to discover that it was wheat at the bottom of it all. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your book. So many … Continue reading

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