Wheat Belly Cookbook Reviews

Here are a sampling of reviews posted on Amazon about the new Wheat Belly Cookbook:

Fabulous gluten free cookbook

Excellent gluten free cookbook. Every recipe I’ve tried has been a keeper and tastes so much like the gluten-ridden foods I have left behind. The rye bread recipe is so much like the original that I will be serving to family and friends without telling them it is gluten free and they will never know the difference. Toasts up great, too. The focaccia and biscotti are excellent, can’t wait to try many more. I have bought many gluten free cookbooks and most of them do not measure up when it comes to bread items…tastes like eating cardboard. This one has delicious recipes for all the bread-like items I have eliminated from my diet.

Freddy L
As good as the first…or better
What he proposed in the first book, he delivers now in this second. There is food and plenty if we decide to eliminate “wheat” from our diet. Again he hits the target with the logic behind his theory: Wheat has been modified genetically, altered to the point in which it’s impossible to go back to it’s original structure. Today what we call wheat is no longer healthy to eat, although certain entities advocate otherwise, and our health is at stake. Again, live prose, witty and funny, a joy to read, great book!

Excellent book!!!

After reading Wheat Belly, I was finally able to understand how wheat has changed and why it causes so much damage to our bodies. It was alarming. But then I read the Wheat Belly Cookbook and Dr. Davis explains in greater detail how wheat and too many carbohydrates, especially junk carbohydrates damage our bodies. He also gives an enormous amount of information on what to eat that’s safe and where to get the ingredients. And, as a former gourmet cook, I can see just from reading his recipes that they’re delicious! Everyone should read this book. I know from my own experience that if people read this their health would improve drastically. . . Just so you know, I quit eating wheat before I read Wheat Belly and wasn’t trying to lose weight. I lost weight suddenly and couldn’t figure it out. After two weeks without wheat I lost the joint pain I was having. I lost the skin rashes and noticed other changes as well. So when I read his book it all made sense.

Science, Good Taste, and Good Health

This excellent cookbook includes a summary of why these recipes are better for you. The tastes and flavors alone are enough to win you over, but the health benefits are the icing on the cake.

Was excitedly awaiting this cookbook

My husband lost 30 lbs on the few recipes in Dr. Davis’s previous book. I was shocked when I first prepared the items and my husband loved them…all. He’s diabetic, and finally his numbers are stable and his doctors are very pleased with his results. It is so nice to finally be able to prepare foods without wheat/gluten in everything. While I did not have the same dynamic weight loss my husband did, I found my IBS symptoms were much relieved. The recipes just taste great and we have not been disappointed. We appreciate all the work that went into developing the recipes and we’re excited to try the new ones. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Davis!

Not just a diet, a lifestyle

Buy this book. Read it. Learn from it. It will save your life. Very rare that I would recommend something that on the surface just seems like a fad diet, but this is an actual diet that people can follow, wean themselves off of wheat and get healty in the process.

The wheat we have today is not even remotely the same as the wheat our parents ate, or even the stuff our grandparents ate. The thing is, everyone points fingers at what makes us fat, yet they consistently overlook wheat. Why? Because it’s easy to ignore things that health professionals and the food industry are paid to use, endorse, and of course ignore the hazards of.

So, I’ve stopped eating wheat and lo and behold the weight has started to come off. I recommend this to everyone.

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105 Responses to Wheat Belly Cookbook Reviews

  1. Julie says:

    I just bought the cookbook. I’m trying out the basic bread recipe. It’s in the oven now. It is suppose to be liquidy when you pour it in the pan? And also I had some on my hand while I was mixing and I just licked it off as I would normally and it tasted horrible. I do hope it’s better once everything is cooked thoroughly


  2. Lawrence says:

    I just started reading the book. I like it. There is one statement in the introduction that says agribusiness Monsanto spends 2 billion dollars per quarter to lobby the federal government to influence policymakers. That is alot of money and I have a hard time to believe it. If it is true no wonder the government refuses to legislate them to state what is a GMO food. The section about the pharmaceutical industry funding the wheat lobby is more realistic.

  3. Enilse says:

    I Do not need to loose weight. Am 104 lbs/have no sign of a wheat belly! But do suffer from head aches accompanied by very loose bowls about once a month that put me to bed for almost an entire day. I eat no wheat …well some times a wheat tortilla …nor doni eat processed foods but do eat spelt on occasion and do eat lots of grains and beans, veggies as a vegetarian . I suspect leaky gut? Or some kind of digestion issue. Also am starting to see sign of arthritis…. Would this way of eating this way help someone like me. But I can not afford to loose weight!
    I am ready to make a change but not sure where to start?

  4. Lois says:

    I had diarrhea for 8 months, but about a year ago my son-in-law took my microwave to replace the light bulb. This required ordering one, so was without it for a week. At the end of the week, my daughter and I discovered that I no longer had diarrhea! This continued for 3 months, then it reappeared in a slightly different form. When gastroenterologist couldn’t find cause, I tried a gluten-free diet. It is working great, with only an occasional flare-up for unknown reasons. I was surprised that the author of Wheat Belly Cookbook would include recipes involving the microwave, considering the dangers. I won’t be making those recipes. Google “microwave oven dangers” for more information. Damage to digestive system is one, not to mention cancer. To me, there seems to be a link between the two–microwave cooking and gluten–similar to chicken pox and shingles. Hope this helps you!