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Say “no” to drugs!

Tobechi posted this question about emotional and physical struggles just 2 days into his/her wheat-free experience: It’s only the end of my second day of not eating wheat, and I have has this constant headache since I’ve stopped eating wheat … Continue reading

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Wheat Belly Cookbook: High Fashion!

Move over, Elle Macpherson: The Wheat Belly Cookbook has become fashionable! The New York Times Fashion & Style column featured the new Wheat Belly Cookbook: Uncommon Advice for Seeking a Fresh Start “In his cookbook, with scores of grain-free recipes … Continue reading

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Asthma, atrial fibrillation, and attitude

David posted these important observations he made about his own health. I am a 48 year old male and have been healthy and fit for the majority of my life. I am an avid cyclist and have been so for … Continue reading

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Are you crazy?

Heather posted this comment that illustrates why it is so important, once you’ve started the wheat-free process, to stick to it and not give in to the withdrawal phenomenon. I’ve been on a wheat-free, gluten-free, corn-free diet for about 4 … Continue reading

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I will be speaking at the 7th annual Health and Wellness Expo, Ottawa

I will be speaking at the 7th annual Health and Wellness Expo, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on Saturday, January 12th, 2013. More information, location, and tickets obtainable at their website here.

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