I will be speaking at the 7th annual Health and Wellness Expo, Ottawa

I will be speaking at the 7th annual Health and Wellness Expo, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on Saturday, January 12th, 2013. More information, location, and tickets obtainable at their website here.

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  1. Robert Lewis

    Dr. Davis – My daughter is 13 and has Type 1 diabetes, diagnosed at 2 years old. Do you know of adverse effects of wheat on insulin dependent diabetics? What about positive benefits of eliminating wheat for Type 1 diabetics?

    Thanks very much –

    Robert Lewis

    • Dr. Davis


      If you’ve read the book, you will see that type 1 diabetes is, in many (though not all) instances, is caused by exposure to wheat, especially the modern varieties. Kids with celiac disease are 10-20 fold more likely to develop type 1 diabetes. Kids with type 1 diabetes are 10-fold more likely to develop celiac disease.

      Likewise, the rat and mouse models for type 1 diabetes: eat wheat-free chow, 15% of animals develop type 1 diabetes. Eat wheat-containing chow, 73% develop type 1 diabetes.

      The evidence suggests that type 1 diabetes is a disease of wheat-consuming humans. The type 1 diabetics who have eliminated it, while it cannot undo the pancreatic beta cell injury, enjoy far better blood sugar control and do not develop the insulin resistance that type 2 diabetics typically have (that type 1 diabetics can acquire through grain and sugar consumption).

    • Tanya

      Same here! I’m all the way in Brantford & have no vehicle. Hopefully someone will tape it and post it on Youtube?

  2. kara

    Hi Dr. Davis,

    Just wanted to let you know that I am a HUGE fan and think you are brilliant! Any chance you might be heading out West to speak, say…Edmonton??

    Thank you for all you do! Keep up the great work!


  3. Kathy, Wheat Free Dietitian

    Wow, Dr. Davis, that is a short distance from us, but we will be out of town. Otherwise I would be there! Congrats and I’m sure it will be a wonderful presentation. Hope many of you on this blog can be there!

  4. I just came onto your blog and clicked on January. Imagine my surprise to find out you are coming to Ottawa!!! I can’t wait. I’ll definitely be there :D

  5. Maria

    Hi Dr. Davis,
    I purchased your book and cookbook (the ibook version on my ipad). The recipes for bread, tortillas and flax seed wrap is not on page 225 or any of the pages in the cookbook ibook version. I paid for something that is incomplete. How do I resolve this and get the recipes? I have tried contacting the IStore people but just get the run around.
    My next question, I eat Bob Red Mill wheat free oats. I am concerned when I read your book and cook book about oats, quinoa, corn, corn flour and rice and potatoes which are alternatives to wheat but that produce such a spike in blood sugars when eaten. Oats are supposed to be good in that they help lower cholesterol by 27%. I am a holistic nutrition consultant and am a bit concerned. Is it okay to eat some of the above wheat free alternatives and how much at a meal…is 1/2 cup serving at a meal safe or acceptable? will it still help with the weight loss, lowering glucose and cholesterol profiles?
    There is diabetes and heart disease in my family. I have a healthy cholesterol profile but am 50 years young and want to lie a healthy, long life. I am doing things that I in my educational knowledge will help mitigate the big bad stuff such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease etc….but eating eggs, full fat dairy and all the meat that are in your recipes as well as the coconut milk etc… goes against the school of thought that these fats are bad for your plaque and arteries. One who is predisposed to heart disease or diffuse coronary artery disease such as in my family, then are these ingredients to be avoided? Is low fat plain yogurt, skim milk and low fat cheeses good to eat? Calcium is important to bone health and weight management and healthy heart rhythm.
    The University of Ottawa Heart Institute which is the best in Canada has their nutritionists giving advice that is totally the opposite of what is in The Wheat Belly. What are your comments on lowering cholesterol and a safe way of doing it without clogging arteries? The atkins diet is one of the diets that is high protein, low carb but is not heart healthy.
    I look forward to your reply. Sincerely, Maria

    • Dr. Davis

      Sorry, Maria, but you will have to speak to the retailer and/or publisher of the version you purchased. This is something that I have no control over. However, I am sure that the retailer/publisher will be more than willing to resolve for you.

      Please read the “My particles are bigger than your particles” chapter in the Wheat Belly book. You will find that the notion of “reducing cholesterol” is what I call the kindergarten version of how heart disease is caused. Cholesterol is a convenience of measurement, it is not a measurement of heart disease risk except in the most crude population sense. Oats do indeed reduce Friedewald calculated LDL cholesterol . . . while causing cataracts, insulin resistance, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and dementia. Last I checked, that was not a good thing.

  6. Theresa

    Hi Dr. Davis,

    This is my first comment but I’ve been following your blog since I discovered it in August. My PCP moved from a “traditional” practice to a functional medicine practice early last year. Yesterday I had my first visit with her at the new practice and I was so happy to see your book prominently displayed in the waiting room!

    I’ve been gluten free with occasional cheats since November 2011 when I found out I was allergic to wheat and gluten. I have been strictly wheat/gluten free since August 26, 2012 and I’ll never (knowingly) eat wheat/gluten again. I have been in treatment for low HDL, high Triglycerides for three years and was amazed that my levels improved so much after going gluten free (none of the drugs my cardiologist prescribed in those three years had any effect on my cholesterol levels). I also have chronic Lyme disease and RA. Here are some improvements I’ve noticed since being wheat/gluten free. I know there are more but these are the highlights!

    HDL from 36 to 55
    Triglycerides from 121 to 60
    Reflux gone
    Joint pain significantly reduced
    More energy
    Improved mood
    Gas/Bloating gone

    I’m not totally grain free yet but I’m getting there! I need to find an alternative to almond flour since I’m allergic to almonds.

    Thanks for all you do. Keep up the good work!

    • Dr. Davis

      Terrific, Theresa! You are hereby a wheat-free transformed human!

      Think ground walnuts and pecans, as well as ground golden flaxseed, chia, and ground seeds like sunflower, sesame, and pumpkin in place of almonds.

  7. Sherri-May Timm

    Hello Dr. Davis,
    I have recently read (and now have loaned to a friend :) ) Wheat Belly.
    I am a relatively healthy 44 yr old, but I am significantly overwieght (50 – 60 lbs depending on who I listen to), but do not have HTN, high cholesterol or diabetes. I do have Asthma/Reactive Airway
    I have also been researching quinoa as an alternative. I have been able to find information stating that it has anitoxidant & anti inflammatory benefits, is a high protein source as well as healty fats, and contains vitamens and minerals.
    I enjoy quinoa, and have found a wonderful cook book, but am afraid to go overboard into something that is just as dangerous to me as wheat is!
    Help! thanks :)

    • Dr. Davis

      Unfortunately, Sherri-May, while quinoa is not as destructive as wheat, it’s got its own set of problems, mostly that of generating sky-high blood sugars.

      Note that most people do fine by limiting “net” carbs to 15 grams or less. (Net carbs = total carbs minus fiber.)

      Quinoa: 108 net carbs per cup cooked–FAR too high for health.

    • Dr. Davis

      Thanks for the link, Linda.

      I’m going to post on the Wheat Belly Facebook page for others! But I doubt it was the caffeine!

  8. Susan Myers

    Dr. Davis…..love the cookbook! HOwever, on p277 I’m confused about the ingredients. The top paragraph talks about coconut but there is nothing listed in the ingredients for coconut flour and there is a comment in the bottom note about using xylitol. I would love to make these but not sure about what is included? Please clarify. Sue

  9. Iryna

    I was at your lecture in Ottawa today! I am probably the only person that didn’t read your book YET!
    Thanks a lot for coming to Canada, I hope you liked it here!

  10. Myself

    Hi, I was going to buy the wheat belly cook book today, but I was dissapointed to see that the first 90 pages were just really what was in the wheat belly book. I don’t want to have all that extra stuff, it’s a waste of money to buy what I already have. Are there any plans to eliminate that long section in the beginning? I would buy the cook book but for that.