First for Women: 13-page Wheat Belly feast!

Before it goes off newsstand shelves, be sure to see the huge spread of Wheat Belly Cookbook recipes in First for Women magazine. They did a wonderful job of whipping up a number of the new wheat-free, sugar-free, no gluten-free junk carb featured in the new Cookbook, like Banana Chocolate Nut Loaf, Bruschetta Chicken over Angel Hair Pasta, Mini Mocha Cakes, and Zucchini Gratin.

And, yes, Matthew: Guys can buy it, too!

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Comments & Feedback...

  1. Melissa

    I have the magazine, so I thought I would try the brownie recipe first. I decided to use a bunch of different chocolates, as I had bits and pieces to use up, so maybe that’s where I got messed up, b/c the batter was very dry, even so I followed the recipe as written, and melted my chocolate when asked to. I think I had read somehwere,that for every 1/4 cup of coconut flour, a batter would need at least 3 eggs. So then I decided to add more eggs, 5 to be exact and now at least the batter was spreadable. And I had so much batter I put it in a 9-inch square pan instead. Did not have xylitol, so used 1/2 cup erythritol and 1/4 tsp. stevia. I have to say, even my husband will eat these, so they didn’t turn out half bad, but I wonder if anyone else will have issue with a dry batter as I did. The brownies after cooling were moist enough, and I think should be stored in the fridge.

    • Marv

      We made the Rye Bread recipe this weekend and enjoyed an astounding Rueben Sandwich!

      Like Dr. Davis warns, my labs went crazy for the first few months off wheat, but between October and now my A1c went from the 7’s to low 5’s, Triglycerides and HS-CRP have DROPPED BY FIFTY PERCENT (crp 0.85)!! Now if I could only find a cholesterol particle size test…

      Thank you Doctor, for the best present ever! (Health, not the Rueben).


      • Kathy

        To get your own tests done, try I don’t know where you live, but there are a few states where they don’t do business. You order the test(s) online, pay Direct Labs and go to a local lab for the blood draw, then access your results online in a few days. I’ve done it – super easy. They even run monthly specials to save even more over their already low prices. I may sound like an ad, but I’m really just a satisfied customer.

  2. Melissa

    The other thing worth mentioning about the spread in the magazine is this, an advertisement for a gluten free flour blend is at the bottom of the page that holds the brownie recipe. “Even easier,” the caption reads, “a gluten-free baking mix worth every penny,” then when you check out that gluten free blend you see if it’s full of cheap starches, everything Dr. Davis advocates against!

    • Tanya

      I noticed that too! Hopefully people ignore that or better yet go buy the book to find out why that’s not good!

    • LorLor

      He theorizes that some people metabolize fats better, and some do better with carbs, etc. and offers different eating plans for each type. Can’t say I was especially impressed with his names for each type – what does a Tigress or a Fox have to do with anything?

      The full-color photos of the Wheat Belly recipes had me salivating, though. My cookbook should be arriving at my house today along with my latest order of almond flour, woo hoo!

      The magazine did offer a tidbit about certain foods being detrimental to people with thyroid conditions, which was interesting; first time I’d heard that spinach and strawberries are not my friends.

  3. Boundless

    As I mentioned in an earlier thread:
    Not all of these FfW recipes are from the WBCB, and some may require caution. The FfW pullout features two tiny ads for the WB books, but is vague on the provenance of the individual recipes. They do include macronutrient breakdowns, however, and cooks need to read them.

    The Banana-Chocolate Nut Loaf, for example, is not from the WBCB, and is 25 grams carb per serving, 19 grams net. We made it. It’s tasty, but it’s higher in carbs than one would assume for a real WB recipe, probably due to containing 3 bananas.

  4. Anthony

    These photos are making me hungry. Oh wait I am no longer addicted to wheat and sugar I guess I can eat it without over doing it.

  5. Gaylyn

    I take 100MCG of Levothyroxine daily. Is it safe to also supplement with iodine tablets? I am starting my Wheatbelly journey today. The number one reason is stalled weigh loss. I am 47 and in the middle of perimenopuase. I also am looking to feel better and have some skin issues that i hope will clear up. My doctor has been pushing Wheatbelly for some time. Thanks for the cookbook Dr. Davis it has inspired me!I

    I am also wondering if there is any harm in eating a lot of eggs. I am making the Focaccia bread today. It calls for 4 egg whites. I hate to waste the yolks so I added them to some peppers and spinach and scrambled them for breakfast. is that healthy? I could eat eggs everyday!
    Thanks for your reply!

    • Mark

      Gaylyn, You are blessed to have a doctor pushing Wheat Belly. Do not lose that doctor! How I wish I had a doctor that understood the danger of wheat and that would be leading me instead of me leading him.

      • JoAnne

        Yes, Gaylyn, you are so fortunate! I try talking with my doctor and he politely listens long enough to let it go in one ear & out the other. My doctor just pushes pills. The only reason I stay with him is because he will ‘humor me’ & write the scripts I request so I can check my cholesterol, HbA1C, etc. , on my wheat-free journey. I’m hoping that as/when Dr Davis is able to implement some changes that have been mentioned, we’ll be able to set up local support groups and also be able to share resources – like posting who & where the Wheat Belly-friendly & functional medical doctors are. I haven’t found any where I live.

    • Gloria Vaughn

      I agree with Mark that you are lucky to have a doctor recommending Wheat Belly. My comment is to the whole eggs that you are using. I have a suggestion – use carton egg whites when your recipe only calls for “whites” because they whip up just as well. I have made a few of the bread recipes in the the cookbook and the breads turn out great. I have found the recipes to be delicious and satisfying.

  6. Maria

    Hi everyone and Dr. Davis,
    I am subscribed to the wheat belly blog and would like to start posting…How do I do this? I have been able to “leave a reply” but I would also like to create a new post. Can someone help me with this?
    Thanks very much,

    • Boundless

      > … would also like to create a new post.
      You can’t. The blog format doesn’t allow that. If and when the blog is replaced by a forum, presumably it will have the capability.

      That said, post whatever you want to discuss as a Reply on a suitable topic thread. If the report or discussion is particularly noteworthy, Dr. Davis sometimes reposts it as a new topic thread.

      Use an external search engine, such as Google, restricted to:
      to find older threads that might be related to your topic.

    • tina


      if you want to ask questions or get feedback from Dr D, I highly suggest going to the Facebook fan page and posting there. It really is a community. Search Facebook for “Wheat Belly” and select the one with over 35000 likes. Dr Davis posts there under the name “Wheat Belly” and often answers questions and comments in fan posts, and there are also a lot of other long time fans of the books that have seen his answers and will provide them to you if he’s answered them before.

      If you just want to share a success story, you can go to the Success Stories page and leave a comment there. As you can tell from that page, he often answers there too.

  7. Nobelly

    Hmmmmn. …..there is dr oz again with diet talk front page and center. I think I see a pattern emerging and it’s not a sudden change of heart about what makes us fat. It is a new realization about TV ratings and how to get them higher. Shame dr oz.

    • Totally agree! Did you see Dr. Davis on CBS yesterday morning with his few minutes of fame? They could have been a little nicer to him also. But at least he got some of the major points out.

      • Nobelly

        Did you see dr oz wrapping himself in plastic and exploding a bottle of coke to illustrate some effect on metabolism? He is playing to an idiot audience. I only watch him to laugh at him, and to hear him apologize to Gary taubes.

        • Tanya

          Do you mean he did apologize to GT? Or you’re hoping he will? I wonder if GT even wants to go back on Oz’s show after the way he was treated last time.. I can’t stand Oz’s silly experiments, a good explanation is sufficient.

        • Christine

          PLEASE keep your toxic comments to yourself. No one really cares about what you think of Dr. Oz!!!!!

          • Nobelly

            Dr oz set up Gary taubes for ridicule on his show – totally unwarranted and rude – and yes I would say “toxic”. So yes I am waiting for him to apologize publicly to Gary taubes and until he does I will feel free to comment on every silly action of dr oz.

          • Ev Barney

            I rather like knowing that i’m not the only one who thinks Dr Oz is a total sell-out who cares more about sensationalism and raising his profile than anyone’s health.

          • Janet

            I notice he is smiling at us again from the cover this month on the same magazine. I think he is in danger of becoming a parody of himself. Frankly, perhaps he is already there.

  8. Maggie

    Question about the Wheat Belly Pizza (in Dr Davis’ regular recipe email): It says 3 cups of mozzarella. How many balls is that when each ball is about 200g? I assume this will be pre-torn, as in I’ll tear the ball(s) apart after “sizing”. (Sorry I’m used to using measurements and cups throw me.)

  9. Malcolm


    Indeed the same issue of First for Women that has a big Wheat Belly feature also includes Dr. Oz and his metabolism theory. I have noticed a number of posts here from people that have tried losing the wheat and are having a variety of problems. Perhaps Dr. Oz is on to something. According to his metabolic typing, about 74% of people should benefit from what Dr. Davis advocates, but the remaining 26%, to varying degrees, might not. According to Dr. Oz, my wife is a “Gazelle.” She has 6 of the 7 characteristics of a Gazelle – weak appetite, craves sweets (although never eats them), enjoys caffeinated drinks (can you say Starbucks?), gets bloated from meat, is ambitious and organized but often stressed, and has long limbs built for endurance (she used to walk 7 miles to work). Up to 23% of people, according to the article, metabolize carbohydrates most effectively. My wife could be one of these people, however she does not eat bread or very many high carb foods. She doesn’t eat a lot of meat either. She mostly eats apples.

    Dr. Oz had another interesting guest on his show yesterday, nutrition expert Lyn-Genet Recitas. She takes the metabolism concept one step further. She believes each individual has to determine which foods are right for each person, and she has a system for figuring that out. According to this author (her new book is called, “The Plan”), so called “healthy” foods such as salmon and broccoli could be very inflammatory whereas “unhealthy” items like potato chips or cookies or even bread might be fine for some. She has been successful helping people lose weight and feel better with her approach.

    I believe Dr. Davis has a simple way to tackle weight and health issues by eliminating wheat and using his dietary recommendations, and it will probably work for over 70% of the population. But it might not be for absolutely everyone, and people should “listen” to what their bodies “say” and pay attention to how they feel to determine if eliminating wheat and carbohydrates is right for them. My father will be turning 94 next week and he absolutely must have his bread with every meal. I, on the other hand, have completely eliminated wheat and almost all high-glycemic carbs. Even though someone might be a carbohydrate metabolic type, it would probably at least be helpful (for starters) for them to avoid wheat, as advocated by Dr. Davis.

    • Nobelly

      Yes, we are all different. Two million years of evolution and survival of the fittest has resulted in a body type that functions best on apples and caffeine?

  10. 10044

    Dr. Davis,
    could you please clarify what exactly you mean by “unlimited” when you mention enjoying “unlimited” amounts of walnuts/almonds etc…Reason I ask is, on the walnut pack for example, it says 20 pieces have 200 calories..surely you don’t mean to have 100 pieces of walnuts, I’m just curious to find out what exactly is your accepted “unlimited” amount.
    Thank you.

    • Boundless

      The WB recommendations aren’t a calorie-restricted diet. If you are high fat,, moderate protein low-carb (with no gluten-bearing grains or fructose), calorie intake tends to be self-regulating.

  11. Luna

    Hi Dr. Davis,

    Sorry if this is a silly question. Are green beans considered a vegetable or a legume? [Please say vegetable :) ]


  12. Tara

    Just made homemade pizza from the cookbook. My husband and I agree that this is the best homemade pizza we have ever made!! Amazing! We used the pizza crust 1 recipe. Really enjoyed it, even the kids liked it:)

  13. Ruby

    I look just like the image of the wheat belly at the fullest.
    I don’t consume any diary and I notice a lot of these recipes include dairy. Is there substitutions to dairy listed in your book?

    • Dr. Davis

      Think coconut, Ruby: coconut milk (canned for thickness, carton for drinking), coconut oil, coconut flour.

  14. shannon

    day 10 of no wheat, loved the book. Just went out today and bought the wheat belly cookbook. Heartburn and acid reflux are gone. I am down 5 lbs, headaches are gone from first going off wheat and mood swings are gone.

    I am trying to incorporate grated cabbage as my rice substitute. I am lucky my husband loves to cook and has made this transition pretty easy thus far.

    Started on probiotics today to see if this helps as well. I certainly don’t think it can hurt.

    Is quinoa allowed – I thought the book said limited quantiities but the cookbook says to eliminate it?

  15. Janice

    Is sprouted wheat allowed? I have read do many good things about it and that it’ s not actually a grain anymore once it’s sprouted.

  16. Joanne

    Day 2 for me today. I made the Cheeseburger soup last night, it was delish! I also made the basic bread, not bad at all! Thanks, Dr. Davis

  17. Boundless

    Rodale is at it again.
    On the newsstands now (until 2013-05-07) is a “PreventionGuide” with a “Lose The Wheat” subtitle.

    You may need to post an article about it, and a disclaimer.

    The PG includes an except from Wheat Belly on p14, an alleged “Eat Smart” list of foods on p18, and wheat-free recipies on p30. “Low calorie” haunts the entire document.

    The Eat Smart list breaks WB guidance with:
    1 serving per day of legumes
    3 servings per day of fruits

    The recipes have significant problems. Did their formulators even read the book?

    quiche, p33: 20 grams net carb, uses reduced fat cheese (why?)

    carrot muffins, p34: sugar(!), plus more reduced fat nonsense

    eggplant, p41: canola oil, cornstarch, 97% lean beef (why?)

    carb salad, p43: sugar

    soup, p44: 32 grams net carb, corn, black beans, fat-free cream, reduced-fat sour cream

    chops, p46: 23 grams net carbs, sweet potato, canola oil

    chili, p47: 24 grams net carb, corn, beans

    nut mix, p48: canola oil, maple syrup

    salad, p49: more needless low/reduced fat ingredients

    macaroons,p51: sugars

    brownies,p52: sugar

    pudding,p53: 52 grams net carb, sugar, honey, constarch, veg oil

    smoothie,p54: 48 grams net carb, fat-free yogurt

    cider,p55: 30 grams net carb, all from the cider, which may be largely fructose

    None of the macronutrient breakdowns call out sugars specifically. Little wonder why.

  18. lissajean

    HI, I just received a copy of the magazine from website- it is called “first for women extra”.
    Scroll to the bottom and click on subscribe, that will bring up how to subscribe, but also- FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. click on that and it will give you an address to get a back copy (only $4.00) the recipes are in : FIRST FOR WOMEN, JANUARY 14, 2013. incidentally you should be aware that I waited patiently for mine to arrive, and after 6 weeks I email them to ask where it was. they wrote an apology back and I got it three days later. There are too many recipes to list – 70- there is no article about wheat belly though, just the recipes.

    • Barbara

      It takes time for your intestines to heal. You must drink water! At least 48 oz daily, minimum. Taking the 50 billion probiotic pills daily helps too. Magnesium and calcium supplements will help alot.
      Your diet should have a fair amount of fiber in it if you are eating properly.
      There is a category on the left side of this blog page: Nutritional supplements. Read it. These are what Dr. Davis recommends to his patients. Worth every penny you will spend! The magnesium comes in several forms, with some helping to soften stool. Remember, your body is getting rid of accumulated toxins quickly, so help it along.

    • Dr. Davis

      Didn’t I answer this on Facebook?

      Anyway, most people do best with a high-potency probiotic, e.g., 50 billion CFUs for 4-8 weeks, to accelerate the repopulation of healthy bowel flora.