First for Women: 13-page Wheat Belly feast!

Before it goes off newsstand shelves, be sure to see the huge spread of Wheat Belly Cookbook recipes in First for Women magazine. They did a wonderful job of whipping up a number of the new wheat-free, sugar-free, no gluten-free junk carb featured in the new Cookbook, like Banana Chocolate Nut Loaf, Bruschetta Chicken over Angel Hair Pasta, Mini Mocha Cakes, and Zucchini Gratin.

And, yes, Matthew: Guys can buy it, too!

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59 Responses to First for Women: 13-page Wheat Belly feast!

  1. anthony says:

    These photos are making me hungry. Oh wait I am no longer addicted to wheat and sugar I guess I can eat it without over doing it.

  2. Jodi-Anne says:

    I missed this month’s…does anyone have the recipes?


  3. Boundless says:

    Rodale is at it again.
    On the newsstands now (until 2013-05-07) is a “PreventionGuide” with a “Lose The Wheat” subtitle.

    You may need to post an article about it, and a disclaimer.

    The PG includes an except from Wheat Belly on p14, an alleged “Eat Smart” list of foods on p18, and wheat-free recipies on p30. “Low calorie” haunts the entire document.

    The Eat Smart list breaks WB guidance with:
    1 serving per day of legumes
    3 servings per day of fruits

    The recipes have significant problems. Did their formulators even read the book?

    quiche, p33: 20 grams net carb, uses reduced fat cheese (why?)

    carrot muffins, p34: sugar(!), plus more reduced fat nonsense

    eggplant, p41: canola oil, cornstarch, 97% lean beef (why?)

    carb salad, p43: sugar

    soup, p44: 32 grams net carb, corn, black beans, fat-free cream, reduced-fat sour cream

    chops, p46: 23 grams net carbs, sweet potato, canola oil

    chili, p47: 24 grams net carb, corn, beans

    nut mix, p48: canola oil, maple syrup

    salad, p49: more needless low/reduced fat ingredients

    macaroons,p51: sugars

    brownies,p52: sugar

    pudding,p53: 52 grams net carb, sugar, honey, constarch, veg oil

    smoothie,p54: 48 grams net carb, fat-free yogurt

    cider,p55: 30 grams net carb, all from the cider, which may be largely fructose

    None of the macronutrient breakdowns call out sugars specifically. Little wonder why.

  4. lissajean says:

    HI, I just received a copy of the magazine from website- it is called “first for women extra”.
    Scroll to the bottom and click on subscribe, that will bring up how to subscribe, but also- FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. click on that and it will give you an address to get a back copy (only $4.00) the recipes are in : FIRST FOR WOMEN, JANUARY 14, 2013. incidentally you should be aware that I waited patiently for mine to arrive, and after 6 weeks I email them to ask where it was. they wrote an apology back and I got it three days later. There are too many recipes to list – 70- there is no article about wheat belly though, just the recipes.

  5. Mare says:

    I am on the wheat free diet. What do you suggest taking for constipation?

    • Barbara says:

      It takes time for your intestines to heal. You must drink water! At least 48 oz daily, minimum. Taking the 50 billion probiotic pills daily helps too. Magnesium and calcium supplements will help alot.
      Your diet should have a fair amount of fiber in it if you are eating properly.
      There is a category on the left side of this blog page: Nutritional supplements. Read it. These are what Dr. Davis recommends to his patients. Worth every penny you will spend! The magnesium comes in several forms, with some helping to soften stool. Remember, your body is getting rid of accumulated toxins quickly, so help it along.

    • Dr. Davis says:

      Didn’t I answer this on Facebook?

      Anyway, most people do best with a high-potency probiotic, e.g., 50 billion CFUs for 4-8 weeks, to accelerate the repopulation of healthy bowel flora.