Feeling good–for the first time . . . ever!

Asha posted this wonderful tale of life and health turned around minus wheat.

I am so excited! I am in my 5th or 6th week of Wheat Belly.

I was so sick. My life was all about seeing the next doctor. My earliest memories are sitting in a hospital or doctor’s office with my mom. Actually, until now I don’t ever recall feeling good. One illness after another. The doctors I went to could not figure out what was wrong, or did not have time to take a deeper look.

I saw an episode on the Doctor Oz Show a couple of months ago on wheat and Dr. Davis’ testimony about his patients, so I thought I would give it a try. My life changed forever that day. Within a week I was free of medication for diabetes, asthma, and acid reflux. My swollen joints are almost gone, even my huge swollen knee replacement knee is much smaller.

Last week I went to see my doctor about my falling blood pressure. Since I started Wheat Belly, I was having a huge blood pressure drop when I took my meds for the day. My doctor took me off one of the main blood pressure medications and I feel great! I couldn’t help but go on and on at the doctors about my Wheat Belly success. They want to keep tabs on me every 2 weeks to regulate my medication as I get even better!

I tell everyone about this wonderful change in my life. My sister and her husband are wheat-free now. Whenever I share, someone in the room has heard about it, so the word is spreading. One night while watching television I counted the commercials with wheat products that were obvious, so much is hidden in products. I could not even keep up, it was like 40 an hour.

As I share with them, I hope that they pass this on since they are seeing my results. I thought I would have high blood pressure forever because most in my family have it. I thought it was genetic or something, that my fate was to be on medication for it the rest of my life.

Diabetes, ashthma, acid reflux, hypertension–GONE within a few weeks? I’d say for a “fad,” that’s pretty darned good! Let the Wheat Lobby and nutritionally ignorant talk about the importance of a “balanced diet” and “everything in moderation,” while advising us to follow a diet dominated by grains—a style of eating for which there is virtually NO human evolutionary precedent.

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  1. Jeanine says:

    I happened to read a comment by Dr. Oz that unless you have CD or other gluten issues that wheat is fine. Of course, I disagree, but I also thought Dr. Oz was open minded. I was wondering if Dr.Davis and Dr. Oz have ever talked to each other about this and why Dr. Oz doesn’t seem open to Dr. Davis’ assertions about wheat.

    • Boundless says:

      > … was wondering if Dr.Davis and Dr. Oz have ever talked to each other about this …

      • Jeanine says:

        Thanks. Apparently Dr. Oz isn’t convinced.

        • Boundless says:

          > Apparently Dr. Oz isn’t convinced.

          … or can’t afford to admit it. Yep, his web site still advocates “whole grains”.

          Based on watching the Davis interview, and on what little exposure to broadcast TV I get, I suspect that Dr. Oz needs to be very mindful of his advertisers, who sort out something like:
          a. 30% packaged foods that will main and kill you
          b. 30% meds needed to manage the symptoms of a.
          c. 10% products you simply don’t need, and
          d. 10% products that are mostly harmless

          If Dr. Oz advocates low-carb grain-free paleo, 90% of his show’s financial support could vanish.

          Also keep in mind that it’s not really a health show. It’s an entertainment show. Without the miracle food / health threat of the hour to discuss, there’d be a lot less content.

          Nonetheless, we need to applaud Dr. Oz for having Dr. Davis on. That must have rankled at least a few advertisers. And did he really run a segment on mercury amalgam fillings? That’s nervy.

          • Jennifer says:

            Remember when Oprah got attacked on the whole beef thing. Taking on a product is one thing taking on an entire industry is career suicide.. Obviously Dr Oz believes in it to some extent because he had him on the show n that’s how I discovered this miracle. I just started about 3 weeks ago n right away felt my hands were smaller/ less swollen, my knee problem that had been hurting since dancing at my work Christmas party basically disappeared, n my feet/ ankles are smaller/less swollen, I also dropped about 10lbs that would never come off before. I was at my highest weight of 225 (5’3) and I worked out n thought I was eating “right” before wheat belly. Aside from a serious sweet tooth, I didn’t drink soda, I didn’t eat fast food, I worked out, I love veggies n fruit and couldn’t figure out the problem. I was so stressed/ depressed over this issue. I felt fat, ugly , tired(fatigue), n helpless. I would wake up on the morning n still feel tired after many hours of sleep. Since giving up all breads, pasta, sweets I feel smaller n see a decrease in weight. Can’t wait to be under 200lbs with an ultimate goal of 141 (healthy bmi of 25). Work outs (treadmill) is so much easier without the swelling joints.. I feel lighter n workouts are easier. I am so excited for the first time in a long time!!! 34yo n I feel like I’m living for the first time in a long time… After my goal weight is reached in about 9 months or less I can’t wait to start a family n hopefully increase my chances of becoming prego.. Fingers crossed.. an exciting journey to weight loss has finally begun!!

  2. Kat says:

    I certainly recommend going wheat free , it does involve some hard work at worst , but the benefits are worth it.